Gender: Male

Kit: Divine

Location: Richmond, Virginia


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: weak (rank 0)

Agility: superior (rank 2)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: weak (rank 0)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 15

Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 29

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Blocked

Trojan Man

Bishop used to be a part of the Christian community as a member of the choir. He had grown up as an only child to a single mother. On September 1st, his first day of his junior year in high school, his mother became sick with breast cancer. At first, he looked toward God and began praying all the time. However, two years later, on December 15th, when he had just started going to college for religion, his mother died.

He became furious that God would allow for something like this to happen and so he began exploring other religions including witchcraft. He headed to his nearest library and found several books about witchcraft.

On December 22nd of the year his mother died, at 10:07pm, Bishop had been heavily drinking alone when he began reading the witchcraft books. He followed their directions in trying to raise his mother from the dead. When he completed making a pentagram, the house began to shake as a bright light shot out from the floor where the pentagram was and shot through the roof of the house. Suddenly, three witches appeared in front of him and used their power to fuel Bishop's anger allowing him to use magic.


Unable to find the answers he wished for using the books on witchcraft, Bishop decided that he would create his own religion with his own moral codes and laws. Convinced that he is God, he believes anyone that won't follow him are evil and must be eliminated.



     Phasing: standard (rank 1)


Bishop has started to learn phasing which means he can walk through walls. He likes to use this ability to escape any fight he doesn't think he can win.



     Decay: superior (rank 2)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Long Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect
  • Super Area of Effect
  • Multi-Attack
  • Target Seeker


He uses this power to attack and kill people. He attempts to torture people into joinging his religion known as Bishopinity.


Battle Axe

     Weapon Master: standard (rank 1)


Bishop has also recently been training himself to use a Battle Axe because while he believes himself to be a God, he also has an underlining worry that someday he will loose his powers. Also, the Battle Axe is used to intimidate people who join his religion.