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Your own comic book characters

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Posted 30 June 2009 - 07:08 PM

If you could make your own comic book super-hero, who it be? I know this is like the FPL, but all my life I always made up characters by drawing them, and giving them backgrounds. My character would be called the Guardian. I gave him a long character description, but haven't made one of those FPL profiles for him. Here is who he is:


The Guardian/Jack Colt:

*Powers-He is an arch-angel with an unknown number of abilities.

*Description-The arch-angel was sent to Earth thousands of years ago to protect humanity from evil and from itself. Over thousands of years though the arch-angel developed human emotion and forgot who he was. He has had many human vessels over time, which age over time. His current vessel is a young man in the special forces, who's family was murdered, and he didn't know how to deal with it, so he joined the military. In the military he was hurt pretty badly and was inches away from death, but he willingly became a vessel for the arch-angel.

*Story-Trying to discover one's self. At the same time he travels through the world fighting the darkness, and protect humanity from the evils in the world and itself.


Chaos/Caleb Moss:

*Power:Mind Control, Super-human strength, teleportation, fire manipulation, weather manipulation, telekineses, electrical blasts from hands, can cause earthquakes, and can cause the seven deadly bibical plagues to break out.

*Description-Mother died at child birth. Abusive father, no friends, fights with everybody at school including teachers. At the age of fourteen killed his father in his sleep. Days later he was found playing with his father's body parts. Locked up into a mental hospital. Years later, a mysterious man that was covered in a black suit broke in the facility and let Caleb drink the blood of an unknown entity. The blood gave him supernatural abilities.

*Story-Insane guy that is trying to bring chaos on the Earth.

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