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What Lies Beneath Us

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Posted 22 May 2010 - 11:34 PM


Chapter 1: Metanomalies

"It's Tuesday. No wait, probably Monday. Have to check the calender on what day it is again. This is the third time this week this has happened to me." As the doctor walks across his lab, he pushes various trays and counters in order for him to get across the room. Scrolling through the calender, he notices that he has been in his lab for the last week while conducting countless experiments on his test subjects with each one reaching a dead end. "No, no, NO, NOO!!!" The doctor thrashes violently in anger with his equipment getting tossed left and right. The glass test tubes and vials are broken and scattered all over the floor like a waiter who accidentally drops a tray of champagne glasses. He sits on the floor, with his back up against the metal counter-top and his hands clenching his own hair letting out an enormous yell and sinking his head back into his lap. “It’s a dead-end, they’re all dead-ends.” As the doctor pouts, he looks back up and sees a young man entering his lab wearing a white lab coat and looking at him in disbelief. “What do you want, Alex?”

Alex walks over to the doctor helping him up off the ground. “I became worried about you there Hermann. After all, I haven’t heard from you in over a month and every time I tried getting a hold of you, your assistants say that you’re busy in the lab. What happen, did they stop helping you after you were in the middle of one of your breakthrough’s?”

Dr. Von Ibermann cleans himself off and replies back. “First of all, I ordered those useless minions to leave my lab after they were clumsy enough to drop my delicate equipment. Second, ‘worrying’ is for the weak and you of all people should know that by now.” Alex rolls his eyes at Hermann while taking a look around at the doctor’s lab.

He notices the all of the lab equipment scattered all over the ground and the dissected human corpses laid out on the morgue trays. “I see your search for the Metanomaly Theory has reached, yet another, dea...”

“Don’t you DARE say those words!!!” As Von Ibermann interrupts Alex scaring him at the same time. “And the Metanomaly is not a ‘theory’ it is a proven fact.”

“Right a ‘fact’ that your scientist friends, back in World War II, had come to the conclusion that ‘there are certain anomalies, within the human DNA, that gives a person uncanny abilities either at birth or by a freak accident later in life.’ Thus calling these, soon to be, super powered individuals, a Metanomaly.”

Von Ibermann snaps his fingers back at Alex in agreement. “Exactly! And once I am able to locate and extract this DNA, from the human body, I will be able to create and replicate my own formula. Thus, creating new line of instant super powers. Say you want the ability to fly, one injection and you’ll be soaring across the across the Atlantic.”

Alex raises his hands to stop the doctor’s ongoing rant. “Ok, ok, I get it. You want to create new super powered race, I get it.”

“It’s not about creating a new race it’s.......I’m getting nowhere with these human corpses.” As Von Ibermann finally calms himself down and continues to talk to Alex. “Once the body is dead, the DNA dies with it as well. What we need is a live body in order for this to work.”

Alex agrees with him but in a sarcastically manner. “Yeah sure, let’s go around the corner outside, kidnap a homeless person, while avoiding the police, grab a few bagels, and head back to the lab. That’ll be a grrreeaaat study for your resear.....”

The doctor slaps Alex across his face in anger interrupting his sentence. “If you were anyone else Alex I would kill you where you stand. And besides, it can’t be just ‘anyone’ it has to be specifically someone who are a Metanomaly. Which is why I have been following a few of them across the globe.” Dr. Von Ibermann walks over to his various large computers typing in the calculations across a couple of keyboards. That is when he notices, on his screen, that there are several brightly lit dots. These dots represent each potential Metanomaly across the planet. “There are three potential candidates. Two of them are located in Fiji and the third one in the States. I’ll send my men to the islands and you’ll help me acquire the one in the US.”

Alex sighs in agreement with the doctor and downloads the information on the person that could be a Metanomaly. “I’ll give you a call once I made contact with the target Hermann.”

As Alex leaves the laboratory, the Von Ibermann yells to Alex with a friendly reminder. “Remember I want the subject taken in alive.”

Alex replies back, “Yes sir.” The doctor also shouts out one more reminder to Alex.

“And don’t call me ‘Hermann’ it sounds perturbed to me.”

Alex looks back at the doctor, leaning with one hand up against the door, and replies back. “Whatever you say....father.”

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Posted 28 May 2010 - 09:25 PM

Chapter 2: Meet Melvin

“Alright Mel. It’s two against one and there ain’t no way in hell you’re gonna walk away from this fight.”

Melvin’s odds are against him as his right hand is clenched and notices how both Green Arrow and Spider-Man close in on him. Melvin replies back before clearing his throat, “Just because you guys have me cornered, it doesn’t mean that I’m going down like a punk.” He shakes his clenched right hand and throws out a pair of dice landing right in front of the superheroes. The result of Melvin’s roll are two sixes as he, and everyone else, jumps out of their chairs all yelling, at once, in excitement. “OH YEAH MAN!!!”



Melvin smiles, calms himself back down, and replies back to his friends. “Indeed I am gentleman, indeed I am. Which is why I am the master at killing superheroes...at Heroclix.” Heroclix, a miniature game that uses plastic figurines, dice, and a board game to play. Kind of like Dungeons & Dragons, but with comic book characters. His friends congratulate him as they are sitting around a table in their dorm room at San Francisco State University.

One of his friends, that just played against him, was shocked by the result but was upset nonetheless. “That’s some bullshit, Mel. The odds of that roll was like 1 in 36.”

Melvin replied back to his friend, “Hey, you don’t like the fire then get outta the kitchen Raphael. Because yo black ass just got BUUUURNED!” Melvin’s friends look at him and shake their heads at his not-so-funny joke. “Too much guys?” And all four of them had the same response which is a definite ‘yes.’ As they finish up their game and clean up the living room, one of Melvin’s friends looks at his watch and look back at him. “Hey Mel, it’s almost 11:30. Don’t you have a humanities class in a half an hour?” Melvin grabs his backpack and heads out the door, “And not a moment to soon, thanks Farmer and don’t forget to lock the door on your way out you guys.” He heads out leaving his friends behind as they wave back to him. Living in San Francisco, most of his life, has made the life of Melvin Simpson a very blissful person. But despite having good friends, an annoying (but loving) sister for family, and an a inheritance of owning a popular bookstore in downtown on the outside, Melvin sometimes feels a little lost on the inside.

Speaking of being ‘lost,’ Melvin couldn’t remember if he packed his assignments with him as he cuts through the park. He stops for a minute to check the inside of his backpack and decides to sit on a small bench. Before he sits down, Melvin quickly notices a young Asian girl sitting on the bench and decides to ask her first. “'Scuse me, d’you mind if I sit down here?”

She replies, “No.” Melvin sits down on the bench searching for his notes in his backpack. As he separates his paperwork and textbook. The girl notices his textbook on World Civics History and smiles lightly at him. “You take history?”

Melvin stops for a moment to look at her, “MM...?”

“Your book. I couldn’t help but notice that you have a book on World Civics.”

Melvin replies back to her in a shy, but friendly, manner. “Oh...yeah. I just finished finals in the class yesterday.”

She looks at the book and back at Melvin again. “I bet it was a tough class.”

Melvin shakes head as he replies back to her, “Not really. I mean, history is one of my favorite subjects so odds are that I easily aced the class. You planning on taking the class or something?”

The girl brushes her hair back and answers Melvin’s question, “Yeah, I’m going to be taking classes here in the Fall and World Civics History just so happens to be one of my first classes. I just moved into the city last week and I’m trying to get a feel for this place.”

Melvin smiles back at her and replies back, “Well you certainly made the right choice coming to SFSU and living in such a great city like San Fran. A city where anyone’s imagination can become a reality if you try hard enough to achieve it.”

Melvin’s statement puts her in a very positive mood after hearing that. “What’s your name?”

“Oh, it’s Melvin.”

“I’m Judy, Melvin.”

“Pleased to meet you.” After their introductions, Melvin finally found what he was looking for. As he puts everything back into his backpack, the young students stand up together while smiling at each other.

“So I guess I ought to get going. It’s been nice talking to you, Melvin.”

“Yeah, I’ve gotta get going myself. Maybe I’ll see you again sometime.” They both walk down to the crosswalk going their separate ways, as well as, giving each other one last wave. As Judy crosses the street, Melvin notices someone driving a green Lamborghini at a very high speed. The man in the Lamborghini smiles as he sees Judy crossing the road and speeds up his car. Melvin notices this as well and rushes out into the street yelling at her. “JUDY!!!” She looks back and sees the car rushing towards her. At that moment, Melvin manages to push Judy out of the way and takes the full impact of the car. Melvin flies over the Lamborghini landing head first onto the street as the car drives off leaving him in a broken and bloody state.

As the man in the green Lamborghini drove off from the scene and onto the freeway, he calls someone on his cell phone with a smile. “It’s Alex, father. The subject is paralyzed and, as soon as I find out which hospital he’s going to, I’ll be delivering him to you in a couple of days.”

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Chapter 3: Brand New Day (part 1)

5:17 p.m.

-beep- -beep- -beep- -beep-

He hears it. That sound that goes on and on in a never ending cycle that is driving the bedridden hospital patient, aka Melvin Simpson, insane. As he opens his eyes, everything around him is a blur and could not make out anything for the first several seconds. That is until he sees an image of a woman with dark hair sitting in a chair next to him. She looks back and notices Melvin waking up for the first time since the hit and run. She leans over, grabs his glasses on the night stand, and places them on Melvin’s face as it helps put his vision right back to 20/20. The woman, that is sitting by him in the hospital, is his sister as she smiles for joy but also with tears coming from her eyes. “Jesus Christ Mel, I am so glad you’re alive, but what the hell is wrong with you?”

Melvin smiles back at her replying back while still writhing in pain. “Hey Carol, good to see you to. Why didn’t you call ahead? I could’ve cleaned up a little bit.”

She smiles a bit, wiping away her tears and carrying on the conversation that she started. “Seriously bro, I was preparing for a deposition when I got the call that you where in the hospital in critical condition. When I finally got here the doctor said that, after 2 hours of emergency surgery, he wasn’t 100% sure that you would recover, let alone, wake up on the same day.”

Melvin looks around and sees his hospital room, as well as, himself with several casts around most of his body. He looks back at his sister with a reply, “I guess today’s my lucky day.”

Carol replies back, “Yeah I bet. The eye witnesses said that you talking to a girl before you saved her from being a fly on that asshole’s windshield. So tell me, was she worth it?”

Before Melvin could answer his sister’s question, a doctor in scrubs steps halfway into the room by knocking on the door with his finger. Both siblings stop their conversation to look at him. While Carol is somewhat glad to see the doctor, Melvin on the other hand isn’t quite sure as he thinks that he may have seen him somewhere before. “Sorry to interrupt, I just wanted to see how our patient was doing. And from the looks of it, I’d say you’re doing pretty well Mr. Simpson. Oh wait, where are my manners, my name is Dr. Alexander Winston, but you can just call me ‘Alex.’ Everyone else does around here.”

Melvin couldn’t quite put his finger on it his face looks very familiar to him. Especially when the doctor gives out an eerie smile towards both him and his sister. “So what’s his prognosis, doc? Are my brother’s injuries permanent or not? What about the shithead who ran him down and drove off?” As Carol’s questions become more serious. The doctor calms her down and answers her questions. Dr. Winston gave Melvin the rundown, on his condition, and the results were not well. Apparently the impact from the car snapped his thoracic vertebrae, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. Not only that but Melvin’s right leg has stopped circulating blood flow losing all feeling. Because of this, the doctor’s plan on amputating Melvin’s leg sometime after 2 a.m. before it would spread throughout the rest of his body and kill him. Carol tries to hold it together, but it was obvious that her sorrow for Melvin is to much. After Dr. Winston explained the situation to them, he would be back to assist in Melvin’s surgery and left the room. As the hours go on throughout the day, and into the night, Melvin now wonders why something he did, that was so noble, could leave him spending the rest of his natural life in a condition like this.

12:05 a.m.

He can’t sleep. No matter how hard he tries, and how much medication they give him, Melvin knows full well that today will be the day he will live the rest of his life like this. Paralyzed, amputated, and no to care for him except for his sister. As he prepares to loose his leg, in a couple of hours, he sees someone entering his room. At first he thought it was sister coming back from the cafeteria, but it was not. It was man, in fact, a small Asian man between 5'6"-5'7" that looks a bit like Pat Morita, but with a longer beard that reached down to his chest. As he walks towards Melvin’s bed, he also notices that the old man is walking with a cane but does not appear to have a limp. “Who...who are you? What do...do you want fro--” Melvin’s questions are interrupted by the old man as he places his index finger on his mouth and places his cane on top of Melvin’s body. The next thing Melvin feels is a painful surge rushing throughout his entire body. Not only that, but the surge lit up a purple aura that illuminated within his damaged body. Melvin feels every part of his body being twisted inside out and before he could let out a scream, the old man stops leaving Melvin both exhausted and sweating profusely. “What...what the hell was that? What did you to me? I don’t what know you did, but now I--”

The old man interrupts him holding his head. “I YAH! You Americans. You don’t know when to, how you say, stop and smell the roses. Just stop talking for a moment and feel this.” The old man lifts his cane and, with three swift swipes, cracks open all of Melvin’s casts. At first he felt scared, but after taking a moment of silence he feels it. Melvin can move his arms, neck, and even his right leg. The very same right leg, that was once dead, is now fully healed. The expression on Melvin’s face is nothing less than both joy and satisfaction, along some tears trickling down his eyes.

Melvin wanted to ask the old man how, but it seems that he already knew that something greater was in the works for him. “Thanks.” That is he could say to the old man as he smiles back at, the now fully recovered, Melvin.

“Yes, ‘Thank You’ for saving me the trouble of fixing him up myself.” Both Melvin and the old man look behind them as they see Dr. Winston standing at the doorway with one hand behind his back along with that eerie smile.

That smile, on Dr. Winston’s face, finally hits Melvin’s memory like a ton of bricks. Melvin points at the doctor with the simple conclusion. “It was you. I saw your face inside that Lamborghini. You tried to run Judy down before I pushed her out of the way. Why her?”

Winston smiles as he chuckles and pulls out a 9mm silencer from behind his back. “Oh don’t be so modest, Melvin. She wasn’t my intended target...you were. That stupid bitch was just bait for me to lure you in.” After hearing those words, the old man became furious and raised his cane at Alex. But he was not quick enough as Alex shoots the old man in the shoulder, taking him down and dropping his cane on the floor. Alex stands over the injured old man and cock’s the back the trigger.

Just as he takes another shot at the old man, Melvin grabs a hold of the cane saying, “Hey asshole” and takes a swing at Alex like a baseball bat.

As the cane strikes the left side Alex’s face, the cane lets out a large burst of fire that severely burns Alex as he drops his 9mm and grasps both his hands, screaming uncontrollably, in pain. “YOU PRICKS!!! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU’VE JUST DID? DO YOU? DO YOU!!!” Melvin looks at the cane and realizes that this was no ordinary walking stick. The cane turns into a gray staff with a red orb on the tip.

But before Melvin could think twice of what’s going on, he feels his shoulder being grabbed by the old man. “I was not expecting this to happen.” As the old man states out loud, he raises one hand and, with a blinding flash of light, teleports himself and Melvin out of the hospital leaving Alex writhing in pain as security rushes into, the now vacant, Melvin’s room.

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Chapter 4: Brand New Day (part 2)

12:37 a.m.

A bright light flashes, once more, as it drops two people inside of a two-story duplex. Those people just so happen to be Melvin and the old man who is now holding the strange staff in one hand and placing the other hand on his shoulder, suffering from a gunshot. As they both get up in a exhausted way, Melvin (wearing nothing more than a patient gown) looks around the room and notices the old man is still injured and decides to walk over and help him out. “Jesus Christ. Are you alright?”

The old man replies to him, in a serious tone. “What do you think? I yah, there’s a first aid kit in the bathroom. It should have the supplies for this.” Melvin nods in agreement, heads over to the bathroom, grabs the first aid, and heads back to the old man.

As Melvin checks the old man’s wounds and starts cleaning & bandaging it up, Melvin starts asking him the questions that he needed answers to. “So, just out of curiosity, who are you and where am I?”

The old man decides to answer him truthfully, but in calm manner. “My name is Chian Hanh and we are still in San Francisco...on Union and Kearney Street to be exact. I know you have more questions to ask so allow me to tell you a story. A story that you will come to learn and accept in due time.”

Hanh holds up the staff and blows lightly into the red orb on top of it. The orb projected purple light, into the air, as it forms into a projection screen like in the movie theaters. As Hanh begins his story, it shows everything in great detail like in a movie as Melvin watches and listens in awe. “Long ago, before the creation of man, there were four creatures that roamed the land of China. They were more than just animals...they were celestials, with each one corresponding with a season, color, element, virtue, and other traits. Further more, each corresponds to a quadrant in the sky, with each quadrant containing seven seishuku, or star constellations. By the beginning of 2nd century BC, my people started to recognize these creatures and realized that, each one, was guarding a different direction on the compass. The Dragon of the East, the Suzaku from the South, the White Tiger from the West, and the Tortoise of the North. When the four creatures came together, the people of China called them by many names. My people called them ‘Si Shou,’ in Japan it was ‘Shishin,’ and in your English language it was known as the ‘Shijin.’ After a while the Shijin would start destroying villages, all over China, believing that their once great land was being threatened. My people tried to hunt them down either by sport or food. So one day, a sorcerer named Ji-Yeon, used his power of the dark arts to bring the four creatures together and trap them into a staff. The very same staff, that I have used tonight, to heal you back to health. As a result, the powers that once surged through the Shijin, now reside within this staff. As the centuries passed, whoever wielded the staff would serve as a protector to its people of China. Whether it was handed down from one generation to another, teacher to student, or by the Shijin’s decision. Anyone else who was not worthy of the staff, and tried to possess it, would result in the loss of their hand. The very same hand that will touche the staffs uncanny power. The protectors played key parts throughout China’s history as they all served in fighting its various battles and wars. From fighting the nomadic Rong people between 976-877 BC, to protecting the emperors from assassination attempts, and even battling great rulers like Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Empire themselves. The Shijin’s were there as the land’s silent protector for many more years and the people honored them as heroes. But, by the late 19th century, lands were forming into countries, the world was beginning to discover itself, and my government wanted more than just guns and cannons for weapons....they wanted magic. With the staff of Shijin, the Guangxu Emperor wanted to use it as a weapon to conquer the entire Asian continent. My great-great-grandfather knew that, the staff could not be used for one’s personal gain or desires and decided to disguise himself, as a peasant, and hopped on the next boat that sailed to the new world. Since then, my family has been keeping the staff hidden from the rest of the world.”

As the projection dies down and the purple light retreated back into the red orb, Melvin finished bandaging Hanh as he sees, in Melvin’s face, that he has more questions for him. “So...if your family did not use the staff in years then why now, and of all the people in the world, why me? Why am I so important that I needed to be healed by a sorcerer?”

With a smile on Hanh’s face, he stands up, walks into the living room, and sits on his couch as he explains to the young man holding up three fingers. “Three reasons; The first is that I am the only one, in my entire family, to wield the staff at seventy one-years-old, second the staff projected an image of yourself, just last week, and the location of where to find you, and third...*cough* *cough*...damn bullet.”

As Hanh stops to check on his wound, Melvin grew impatient as he waited for his final reason. “What’s the third, Hanh?”

After Melvin said his question, a female voice comes behind Melvin explaining why. “The third is that you saved my life.” Melvin turns around to see Judy, the girl that he saved yesterday, right in front of his eyes. Melvin becomes speechless as he sees her for the second time as she walks over to Hanh and checks on him. “Are you alright grandpa.”

Hanh replies, “I’m fine. Melvin this is Judy, I take it that you two have already met.” She gives Melvin a smile as he tries to talk but nothing comes out except for one word sentences.

“You, but...I...me on a staff...grandpa!?!” Judy tries to calm Melvin down by letting him sit on their couch and sink in everything for a minute. As he does this, Melvin takes one deep breath, exhales, and begins to start again. “Ok...so what you’re saying is that ‘your’ staff has chosen me to be the next Shijin sorcerer, you people stalked me for the last week, and you want to do what, exactly. Go to China and protect people there? I mean, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not Chinese. Hell, I’m as white as any white boy can be. How is it that I’m suppose to...to...I can’t breathe. Oh my god, I can’t breathe. I need to go out. I need to get out, NOW!” Melvin rushes to the nearest door, but all that did was take him to the roof. He was not quite expecting this, when he is having a panic attack, but it helps nonetheless.

5:10 a.m.

Melvin is still sitting on top of Hanh’s roof as he sits on the ledge and looks East. As he continues to look East, Judy finally comes up to the roof, walks over to Melvin, and sits next to him. They look at each other for a moment and look back over the horizon. After a minute rolls by, Melvin begins his conversation her Judy. “This may sound stupid...but, when I was a kid, my folks use to bring my sister and I to Pier 39, before sunrise, just to get a good view of all the sea lions. But I never did care much for the sea lions. What attracted me was sun rising over the valley mountains. When I saw that sun rise, I knew everything would always be a great day.”

Judy replies, “I don't that's stupid...and I wasn’t spying on you. I mean, the truth is that my grandpa did tell me about ‘someone’ appearing on his staff, but it was just your face. When you saved me yesterday, it was all over the six o’clock news. They called you, ‘A brave hero who saved the life of that high school graduate’ and after your picture was shown on the news, my grandpa recognized you immediately and headed out the door to meet you in person.”

Melvin asks her, “And when we first met at the park?”

“I really did move here to San Francisco last week and, while I was at the college, I thought you were some cute guy that I wanted to talk to. I swear, I did not know who you were until a few hours ago the you were going to be the next protector. You have to understand." Judy replied.

As the sun starts to rise, Judy looks over to Melvin as he starts to smile a little bit. “A hero...they really called me that.”

As he looks over to her, Judy smiles and nods back to him. “A ‘brave’ one at that.”

“Don’t forget ‘cute.’” Melvin replied. Judy drops her jaw and gives him a playful slap on his arm as they both laugh at the joke. As they stop laughing they both look at each other, but this time, in a more emotional way. Melvin moves in, brushing back Judy’s hair, as she bites her lower lip little bit. They share a kiss, one a lot more lighter than the next, until they stop by the sound of Hanh “Ah-hem! I hope I’m not interrupting anything. I take it you have come to a conclusion.”

Melvin and Judy both stand up as he begins to talk. “Yes...and I will accept your offer. I mean, ever since read comic books as a kid, did I ever wanted something like this. It would be an honor...to become the next Shijin.”

A small smirk is shown, on Hanh’s face, but quickly disappears as he begins to talk. “Good then starting tomorrow, I will begin training you in order for you to become the next master of the Shijin. But today, we have to get you back to the hospital and come up with a good explanation for this.”

As the three of them walk down the stairs, Melvin snaps his fingers. “I think I may have an idea.”

As Hanh teleports Melvin back to the hospital, he told the doctors, his sister, and the police that that he saw the man who ran him down and posed as a doctor to take him down. As for the bright light and being fully healed, he told the authorities that it was a blessing from God as he took Melvin away to save his soul and gave him a second chance at life by curing all of his injuries. Since both the doctors and the police were on the ups and downs about this and, thanks to a vast majority of Christian believers supporting Melvin, had no other choice but to let him go. During the next several weeks, Melvin has spent the entire summer being trained by Master Hanh, keeping up with his social activities with his friends and sister, and started a fruitful relationship with Judy. After all, he did take car shot for her so it’s the least she could do. Even though his training is still far from over with Master Hanh, Melvin Simpson now dons a new super hero persona for himself. While prowling, both day and night, all over the city of San Francisco and defending the good people in it. The citizens will look up to this new hero and will remember his name, once more, The Shijin

End of First Arc

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Chapter 5: Epilogue...Prologue

Three days later

At the corrections department in San Francisco is a man who almost had what he was looking for, but lost it in the blink of an eye. He lies there, in the trauma ward's bed, where Alex is strapped down as he screams in agony because, not only did he fail his mission, but as a result the upper left portion of his face is burnt off leaving him with nothing but charred dead skin and blind in one eye. Burned away like a third degree victim, he still feels the burning sensation since his fail kidnaping attempt. As the man known as Alex continues to scream in pain, he is tightly guarded by two highly armed correctional officers and two more from inside the security room. The doors for the outer room open as the Warden Moss is being escorted into the trauma center by three well-suited agents wearing sunglasses with one of them carrying a folder. Before they enter the ward, all four are stopped by detective Lucille Knowles. “Hold it! Warden, who are these people and what do they want with my suspect.”

Warden Moss tries to calm her, with his hands raised to his chest as he replied, “Now, now, Knowles. These men are from the International....I’m sorry what was it called again?”

The agent, with the folder, steps up to introduce himself with an English accent. “Pardon the interruption, my name is special agent David Whale and these are agents Fredericks and Kimball. We are from the International Criminal Police Organization. Otherwise known as Interpol, and we are here to extradite this prisoner from your country.”

Knowles looks at the middle age agent as she stands her ground, still not letting them in. “Look agent Whale, in the course of 24 hours, this man has wrecked havok all over the city from grand theft auto with a felony hit and run, murder in the first degree of two doctors and a nurse, and concealing a firearm with the attempt of murder inside of a busy hospital. If you ask me, I say he deserves more than just an extradition and a burnt face.”

The agent smiles at her as he tries reason with her. “I understand what you are going through and what he has done to this city ma’am. But the fugitive–”

“Winston?” As Knowles interrupts agent Whale and continues with Alex’s alias, “Alexander Winston he is called...or should I say ‘Alex Pittman, Alexander Green, Alex Thompson, Alexander McCready’ the list goes on and on ever since we sent his fingerprints and DNA through CODIS. We have no idea who this man is and until we do find out, he is not leaving this building.”

Agent Whale becomes frustrated and decides to save everyone time by showing her Alex’s dossier and explains who Alex really is. “His real name is Alexander Ibermann, 33-years-old, born in Selfoss, Iceland, and wanted for various criminal charges all over both the European, African, and North American countries. These crimes include smuggling, extortion, kidnaping, sexual assualt, human trafficking, torture, and most importantly murder.”

The detective looks at the folder and back at Whale while becoming disgusted as she sees pictures of the mutilated corpses Alex leaves behind. “My...god.”

Agent Whale continues, “Despite his last name aliases, the very few people who survive to witness Alex’s destruction all call him by the same name...the Harbinger.”

Detective Knowles looks at the Whale curiously, “As in, ‘A sign of things to come.’ Who can possibly be worse than him?”

Agent Whale smiles and tells Knowles about Alex’s father. “His father, Dr. Hermann Von Ibermann. Excelled, with top honors, at the University of Berlin, cultivated in many advanced technologies over the last 50 years, and (above all else) a pure sadist. He is ‘the Man Behind the Curtain’ in selling weapons grade technologies to various terrorist organizations, mob cartels, and even super villains that he has made with nothing more than scraps of metal and his own two hands. Among other things, Dr. Ibermann’s true passion is dissecting super powered individuals so he could take their powers and create some sort of ultimate ‘superman’...or something like that.”

Detective Knowles becomes interested in Ibermann’s small portion of history. “So you believe he sent his son, to this city, to retrieve someone?”

Whale nods in agreement with Knowles, “That’s what we’re here to find out Ms. Knowles. Now Mr. Moss, would you mind if we have a moment with the detainee before we take him out.”

“By all means agent Whale, right this way.” Moss pushes Knowles aside as he lets the agents walk into the trauma ward.

Whale looks over at the two security guards, that are still standing by the doorway, and at his two agents nodding in agreement with each other. Alex is now quiet, but breathes both fast and heavily from the pain on his face, as he and Whale look at each other. Whale asks him a question, “Sind Sie bereit, mein Sohn?” and Alex nods his head in agreement. Whale places one hand over Alex’s face, tells his agents in a calm voice “Aktivieren Sie das Signal.” and with one push in the inside of his ear, everyone freezes where they stand throughout the entire building. The device Whale activated caused everyone, within the entire building, to go temporarily brain dead leaving security standing completely still. Everyone except for Whale, Alex, and the two agents. Alex smiles and begins to speak in English.

“Good to see you again, Hermann. What took you so long?” Whale was just an alias, to which, Ibermann and his men were undercover.

“It’s been over 38 years since I’ve been back to the States, let alone, San Francisco. So excuse me, son, if I do not remember certain addresses especially when people build new buildings and roads along the way.” He looks at the pain medication that they are giving to Alex and tosses it aside. Ibermann then pulls out a device, that looks like an iPhone, and scans the injuries on his face. Ibermann’s eye brows rise up, in satisfaction, “It seems to me that you had quite the encounter with this Metanomally. It says here, that you got hit in the face with a class three Arcane spell. My, my, oh my. How impressive this is. That explains your constant pain, but I can fix that.”

“Finally! I’ve been dying for the last three days here.” Alex stated as Ibermann injects him, in his charred face, with a syringe. “Great, thanks. Now get these straps off of me and let me rip that little prick’s throat open.”

Ibermann checks his watch as his other two guards look outside the trauma room. “Ooh...not...quite...yet, son.” As he continues to time his watch.

Alex becomes confused, “Wha-what are you talking about? Why not? Why can’t I...wait...what the hell did you just give me?”

Ibermann’s watch continues to tick away as he talks to his son. “Do you remember...those subjects I told you about in Fiji? Well, as it turns out they were siblings, fraternal twin siblings, to be exact. The sister had this ability to...how do I put it, slow or stop time and create phantom visions of past events. She was a bit tricky to catch until we flanked her, but her brother...her brother’s abilities were...quite beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that he took out six of my men before we gave him enough tranq to put a full grown elephant to sleep.”

“What...did you...GIVE ME!!!” As Alex’s anger grew, he became stronger with rage. Strong enough to rip the straps off of his bed. Just as Alex is about to rip off the last strap, Ibermann turns off his device and everyone inside the building retains their normal brain functions again.

Ibermann resumes his role as agent Whale as he cries out for help. “Guards! Guards help me, please!” As security try their best to take down Alex, using lethal force, they all utterly fail in the end. Security guards being tossed around, ripped open, and eviscerated as Alex left trails of dead bodies all over the place and leaving Ibermann quite satisfied. Just as both Alex and Ibermann are about to leave, detective Knowles comes out of hiding and shoots both of Ibermann’s guards dead. As she takes several shots at Alex, he slows down time to the point where he merely dodges the bullets with ease and lunges towards Knowles knocking down her gun and grasping her throat. As Alex is about to snap Knowles neck, Ibermann shouts out to Alex. “Alex, NO! Let her go.” Alex agrees as he drops Knowles to the ground.

As she is coughing and gasping for air, Ibermann kneels over and smiles as Knowles glares angrily at him. “You son of a bitch. Why let me live?”

Ibermann holds up three fingers in front of Knowles. “Three reasons my dear; One, I want the media to know that I was here. Two, I like it when people take an interest in my work, like yourself. Three, I need you to send this letter, personally, to this young man. His address is on the front of the envelope.” As Ibermann hands Knowles the letter, stands back up, walks outside the corrections department with his son, signals with his fingers, gets inside a black Lexus, and drives off from the crime scene. As the sound of police sirens and EMT’s approach the building, detective Knowles looks at the back of the envelope and flips it over face up. She sees the address which is clearly labeled to someone that she has already met once before.

Two months later

Darkness, on a warm summer night, as two men sit inside their pickup truck. They wait, with packets of various drugs in their pockets, as several of the local junkies stop by their truck to buy teeth after teeth of the illegal substances. After several hours into the night, no one else is shows up to buy their product. So they decide to wait a few more minutes before they call it night. As they wait a little longer, the dealer’s partner becomes annoyed as he looks over and notices that his partner is singing out loud with his headphones. “...I seen her in a smoking room...”

The driver tries to get his partner’s attention. “Merle.”

Merle does not hear his partner, “...smell of wine and cheap perfume...”

The driver becomes even more annoyed than before. “Merle!”

Merle continues to sing, “...for a smile they can share the night, it goes on and on and ON AND ONN!!!”

The driver smacks Merle, in the chest, to get his attention. “MERLE!!!”

Merle finally snaps out of it, takes off his headphones, and replies back, “What Bill?”

Bill becomes frustrated towards Merle. “You’re doing it again. Stop singing out loud. Actually, put that away. We have to stay sharp out here.”

Merle turns off his iPod and places it in the glove compartment. “What’s the big idea anyway? It’s not like anybody’s going to jump us. Especially out in the middle of Hickman, Kentucky and my super human strength as heavy muscle.”

“Super strength, my ass. Besides, ‘Never judge a book, or a town, by its cover.’ Just like my daddy use to say.” Bill states to Merle as he looks at his watch for another five seconds. “Well, it looks like no one else is comin’ by. Let’s call it a night.”

Merle nods, in agreement, as Bill starts up the car. As the pickup’s lights flash on, they see two men walking towards their truck. The men wave down the dealers, as they both jog over to them. Bill stops the truck as he recognizes one of the junkies rushing to his diver side window. “Hey Jim, how’s it going man?”

Jim replies back to Bill in a antsy manner, “Not too bad, except for the fact that I’m starting to come down and I need to get back up. You know what I mean?” As Jim smiles while he scratches his arms and neck.

Merle notices Jim’s friend as he stands next to the passenger side window of the truck, and asks Jim about his friend. “Hey Jim, who’s your friend here?”

Jim replies, “Oh tha...that’s my ol’ buddy Nate. Don’t worry about him, Nate’s cool, we go way back. Now how about that stuff Bill, come on now.”

As Jim and Bill make talk and make their exchanges, Merle looks back at Nate. Nate just stands there, in his dark colored trench coat, sweating like he just came out of a sauna. But acting calm about everything around him. So Merle asks Nate, “So what do want.”

Nate replies, but in a raspy voice manner, “What do you have?”

Merle shows Nate his product. “I got E, Hawaiian ice, H, eight-ball, blue glass...Whatever you want man, I got it.”

Nate looks down, looking and caressing his hands. “Whatever ‘I want,’ huh? What if all I want...is you?” Nate quickly grabs Merle’s face and slams his head through the back window of Bill's truck. Bill, himself, pulls out his gun, but was not quick enough as Jim quickly pulls out his knife and slit Bill’s throat. Nate continues to beat down Merle until he finally stops. Nate then places both of his hands between Merle’s head and absorbs the life out of Merle. Merle’s body quickly rots away, until he looks like a five-year-old corpse, leaving Nate feeling completely satisfied and refreshed. Nate looks over to Jim, as he ransacks both the bodies and the pickup truck for drug’s, money, and other various item’s that he can use or sell. As Jim packs everything into a plastic bag, he rushes over to Nate where he is waiting for Jim, as he smokes a cigarette. “Let’s go.”

Several minutes pass and the two junkies head into an all night café. As Nate orders a couple cups of coffee, Jim sits in the corner table of the café and counts his earnings inside the plastic bag. Jim becomes excited at everything that he collected from inside the truck. “Oh boy! Look at this haul Nate. These boys were busy tonight, there’s over $400 and 15 baggies of different shit in here. Not to mention this cool looking iPod they had in the glove compartment.” Jim listens to the music, but becomes disappointed and takes off the headphones. “Who the hell listens to Glee? Any way, I got what I wanted and you got what you wanted. I told you Merle had some sort of super strength power in his system when you fed offa him. Now you look like million bucks and more refreshed than ever before.”

Nate lights up another cigarette. “Shit.”

Jim looks back at Nate. “What’s that?”

Nate replies back again to Jim. “That ‘Merle’ was shit. Sure it held my hunger back, but it wasn’t enough. I feed off people with super powers for a reason Jim and that is because I do not want to die of hunger. Sure it held me back, but how long do you think will this one will last? We need a new plan. We have to get out of Kentucky and find more powerful super powered beings so I can feed off of them.”

Jim scratches his head as he tries to think. “Well...damn Nate. There’s not a lot of people that I could think of, off the top of my head, but...” Jim becomes speechless as he sees something on tv. A television show, that features various super heroes and their recent activities. What really catches Jim’s eye, is this week’s feature on the Shijin. As they show amateur videos of Shijin, in action, taking down muggers and crime figures, to rescuing people from falling off of buildings. All Jim could do, at that moment, is lift up one finger and point at the television. “How about him? He looks like an obvious target.”

Nate sees the Shijin on television and smiles in a sadistic way. “Yeah. Yeah, he’ll do. He’ll do just fine.”

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Chapter 6: Femme Fatale for Hire

Rio Grande, the industrial capital of the Tierra del Fuego Province of Argentina. It is also a growing population as many people are coming from the northern parts of Argentina to work in factories that offer higher wages than other parts of their country. Apart from the workers who come down here, there is also a younger crowd who come down here and enjoy their summer vacations. Both young adults and teenagers alike would hit the beaches of Rio Grande and the nightclubs to have a time that they will never forget. One nightclub in particular shows two young people coming out of the place both inebriated and aroused towards one another. Despite meeting each other just an hour ago, they decide it would be best to finish their night in a dark alley. As they drunkenly kiss each other and grind very heavily up against their bodies, the young man thinks it would be best to have a little dirty talk with his long haired brunette lover. “¿Quieres tenerlo en bruto, nena? Puedo ir realmente duro para usted.”

She replies back to him with satisfaction. “Oh sí, me gusta áspero ... y sangrienta.” Just as the young man stops to look up at her, the brunette slashes the young man’s throat and quickly pushes him aside. As he collapses to the ground trying to stop the bleeding from escaping his neck, the brunette looks over him As he bleeds to death she pulls out her cell phone, takes a picture of his dying body, and sends it to an anonymous number. Two minutes have passed and her cell phone goes off with a text message that says, “Good job. The trees will be sent over to your acreage.” She smiles and walks away from the body while cleaning the blood off her knife, breaking her cell phone in half, and removing her brunette hair colored wig. As she unfurls her green hair, she walks over to an outside bar while throwing away her wig and broken cell phone in the trash can. “Tequila, por favor.”

As she takes a shot of tequila someone sits down next to her. “Make it a double. Hello Marzanna, how’s the ‘Murder for Hire’ business?”

Marzanna looks over to see Von Ibermann as she rolls her eyes back at him takes another drink. “Fine...until you came around Ibermann, and I’m not interested in what you have to offer so don’t even try using your mind control tech on me.”

Ibermann chuckles as he takes a drink. “Oh my dear, I may be a man of persuasion but that only works on the weak minded. Besides, I have an offer that even you could not refuse.”

Marzanna takes her shot of tequila as she tries to refuse Ibermann’s offer. “Why should I? Ever since that stunt you pulled, back in the States, everyone from Interpol to every three lettered government agency are hunting you and your son down. From what I hear, they raided your labs in Berlin and the media is now calling you one of the most prolific serial killers of all time, dubbing you as a modern day Dr. Frankenstein.”

“Is that what they are calling me?” As Ibermann chuckles from what Marzanna told him. “Oh...mercy, that is rich. Nevertheless my current situation is nothing more than...a minor setback, but I always have contingency plan for every scenario that comes my way. Which is why I need your services again. Only I know that you would be the perfect person for this particular job. I am willing to pay you double your usual price, half of it now and the other half when the job is done.”

Marzanna raises her left eyebrow as she is interested in Ibermann’s job offer. “So who’s the unlucky bastard you want me to off this time?”

“Not ‘off’ or ‘kill’....but follow.” Ibermann hands Marzanna a dossier of the person that he wants her to keep an eye on. “He is a young man of special interest to me and I need you to keep close tabs on him. In it, you’ll find everything you need to know from his medical records to his Facebook and Myspace accounts. Normally I would send one of my lieutenants to do this, but all of my...employee’s are setting up my new base on one of the islands out here. The job will last for about three to four months as I need you to gather personal information on him.”

Marzanna flips through the pages, in the folder, as she becomes curious. “So it’s pretty much a stalk and protect job for double the usual pay. Why do I believe there’s a catch in all of this?”

Ibermann clears his throat as he orders up another round for himself. “As I said before, this young man is special. So special, in fact, that I need him watched over and protected for the next three to four months. If he dies or is injured in any way, during your watch, your payment will be withdrawn and I will either kill you or turn you over to Interpol. I’m sure Agent Dawson will be quite pleased to see you again.”

Marzanna thinks about it for a moment and replies back to Ibermann. “So my options are accepting the job, and get paid a lot of money in the process, or deny your offer and go into hiding with a 95% chance of being dead within a week or so. Hmm...decisions, decisions.”

Ibermann takes one more shot of tequila as he stands up, pays for his drinks, and pulls out a handkerchief to wipe his mouth. “Last call, my dear. What is your final decision?”


It’s another summer morning in San Francisco as Melvin Simpson steps off the trolley to open up the Hallowed Grounds Café. After a half an hour of setting everything up, his employees enter the building as he greets them this morning. “Morning guys, good to see you both showing up on time for a change.”

Christine, one of the café employees, replies back to Melvin. “Tell me about it Mr. Simpson, traffic was really light coming in this morning.”

“Hey Christine, just because my sister and I own this place doesn’t mean you have to call me ‘Mr. Simpson.’ It sounds too cartoony to me.” Says Melvin as he turns on the espresso machine.

Christine replies as she brushes her short blonde hair back. “Right, sorry Mist- I mean, Melvin.”

“Hey, it’s alright.” As Melvin smiles at Christine and continues to work.

Melvin’s other employee/friend, Robert, prepares the coffee as he asks Melvin why he came in early. “So Mel, why did you come in so early this morning? Nothing good on tv or what.”

“Nah. Just wanted to get everything done before noon, clock out, and spend the rest of the day with Judy at Baker Beach.” Melvin replies.

Christine holds both her hands together as she smiles delightfully at Melvin. “Aww! That’s soo sweet that you and Judy are still going out even after how you two met.”

Melvin grins a little bit as he is smitten by Christine’s response. “What can I say? We seem to hit it off pretty well together...and I’m a sucker for a damsel in distress. Any way I gotta setup the tables outside, so would you two finish up in here? Thanks guys.” As Melvin sets up the circular metal tables and chairs outside, he becomes distracted as he receives a text message from Judy. The young couple continue to exchange texts, for another five minutes, until Melvin accidently bumps into someone dropping his cell phone and glasses. “Oomph! Ah, sorry about that. I didn’t see you there.” As Melvin tries to look for his glasses but all he sees is a blurred images including the woman’s face that he just bumped into.

The woman kneels down to pick up Melvin’s glasses. “That’s ok, no harm done. Here, let me help you out.” She hands Melvin his glasses as he puts them back on, his eyes refocuses as he sees Marzanna’s face smiling back at him. “Did that help?”

Melvin replies back in a calm manner. “Yeah, um...thanks.” He notices a folder that Marzanna is carrying, in her hand, and realizes that this was no accident. “Is there something that I can help with?”

Marzanna smiles back at Melvin. “I certainly hope so.” She opens up her folder and hands Melvin an application and resume. “My name is Amy McCready and I am here about the Barista position that you guys posted on Craigslist last night.”

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Chapter 7: Partners

It’s as busy as always inside one of San Francisco’s busiest police stations. Cops are checking in and out for the morning shift, criminals are being passed around through the jail cells, and out of all the detective’s that are sitting in their desks looking through various cases, Detective Lucille Knowles is hard at work doing what she does best which is solving cases in her homicide division. As she is looking through one of the latest homicide files, she becomes interrupted by someone approaching her desk. At first this gentleman, wearing a police visitors badge, looks like something out of a GAP model ad wearing a bellow two-pocket blazerand bootcut jeans. But at second glance, she knew this gentleman is taking himself seriously by the way he was walking and serious look on his face. Knowles stands up to greet this man. “You must be Special Agent Michael Dawson of Interpol, I presume?”

Dawson nods back in agreement while shaking her hand speaking with a slight Australian accent. “Indeed I am Detective Knowles, pleased to meet you. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure you would remember my visit after our phone conversation two days ago.”

Knowles smiles back replying back to Dawson. “I’m like an elephant Agent Dawson, I never forget. So what can I do to help out one of Interpol’s top field agents three years running?”

“I see you’ve done your homework, I’m impressed.” Replies Dawson as he and Knowles sits down in chairs on different sides of her desk.

Knowles replies back in a calm manner. “After what happen two months ago, I think that it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

“So I’ve heard, which is why I need your help in finding someone that could be a huge benefit for the both of us.” Dawson replies as he begins to Knowles about his situation. “You see ever since that grizzly attack from the Ibermann’s, which you survived from. Our division followed up on your description on what they look like and, with a few reliable tips, we were able takedown all of their operations in central Europe, but to our dismay, we were unable to find them. As you may have seen on every news channel across the globe, both father and son are now the two most wanted men in all seven continents. Officially, according to our press release, Interpol is narrowing down their search and will apprehend them in the following weeks to come. But unofficially...we have no freakin' idea where they are.”

Knowles smirks at Dawson’s last sentence. “How unfortunate to hear that Agent Dawson.”

Dawson continues his conversation with Knowles. “So after many dead ends, I decided to cross reference Ibermann’s personal accounts with several other known suspects in our database. Low and behold I found a match to someone. Before he closed out his accounts, Ibermann made an $4 million transfer to a Marion Johnson of San Francisco.”

Knowles eyebrows lift up with curiosity. “So she’s from here...ok, I’ll just have patrol pick her up and–”

“Don’t bother, I already tried it and led nowhere.” As Dawson interrupts her. “The name ‘Marion Johnson’ is one of many aliases by that is used by a professional assassin name Mazanna.”

Knowles is already confused on how to pronounce the name. “Marza-what?”

Dawson takes a deep breath and explains to her who she is. “Marzanna, which is the Slavic goddess of death. We have no idea what her real identity really is, but for almost seven years, she has left a path of bodies in her wake. Whether it was from contract kills or one of our own trying to apprehend her. My partner and I came close to taking her down in Sicily last year, but she got the drop on us with an ambush. I barely got myself out of there alive but my partner wasn’t so lucky.”

Knowles scratches her chin and replies back uninterrupted. “So...you’re telling me that the good doctor’s work isn’t done here and has hired an outside source to kill someone?”

Dawson nods in disagreement with her. “That’s what I thought at first, but then I realized that there are some things that didn’t quite add up. For the price of $4 million you could use that to either blow up a famous landmark, a good portion of people in downtown, or assassinate the president himself. But I did a little digging and found out that there are no politicians making a trip here anytime soon and my suspect isn’t the demolitions type. Also I’ve cross referenced all six homicides in San Francisco, within the last 2 months, and none of them match any of Marzanna’s calling cards.”
Knowles begins to see the bigger picture from Dawson. “So (what you’re saying) is that the money is a little bit of an overpayment for something else? Something more personal that Ibermann wants take make sure the job get’s done correctly. What kind of high paying job are we talking about that doesn’t involve murder?”

Dawson looks back at Knowles and answers her questions. “If I were a paranoid mad man, like Ibermann, then it would have to be one thing...protection. Not for himself, but for someone else that does not know he’s being protected. An everyday person who is considered to be a real asset to Ibermann, but no one else knows about this but Ibermann himself.”

Knowles pretends to look skeptical at Dawson’s explanation. “I see where you are going with this, but out of six and a half million people in this city, who could Ibermann possibly want to protect?”

“Come on now, detective.” As Dawson lean forward in his chair towards Knowles. “I think you already know the answer to that question. I read the report, no one survives an attack like that unless Ibermann wanted you to do a favor for him.” Dawson already saw through Knowles facial expressions on her face, but tries to remain silent. “Look Knowles, I may be a bit of an hard ass, but I’m also on your side in all of this. The sooner we start helping each other out, the better it will be for both of us take down these international criminals.”

Knowles thinks about this for minute as Dawson leans back into his chair trying to make Knowles feel more at ease. “If I tell you what I know, I want to be part of this investigation. Everything we do, and everywhere we go, we do it as partners and none of that top secret ‘For your Eyes Only’ government bullshit either.”

Dawson smiles at Knowles joke as he agrees to her terms. “If that is all it takes, then you have yourself a deal...partner.” Dawson leans in again to shake Knowles hand. As the two exchange handshakes, Dawson continues with the job at hand. “Also, I don’t know where you get these undercover ‘government only’ rules but not everything you see in spy movies are a hundred percent true. So...now that we’re both in cooperation, what do you got?”

Knowles smiles at Dawson as she pulls out a folder from her desk drawer. “Melvin Theodore Simpson.” Knowles opens up the folder in which it shows several paperwork’s on Melvin and hands Dawson a sealed envelope. The same envelope that Ibermann gave to her so that she could give to Melvin. “Two months ago, I survived Dr. Von Ibermann’s attack because he wanted me to deliver this letter to him. As you can see, I never gave it him because wanted to find out why.”

Dawson looks at the sealed envelope, for a moment, and hands it back to Knowles. “And what did you find out about Mr. Simpson?”

Knowles begins to tell her side of the story about Melvin Simpson. “What I found out was that Ibermann’s son turned him into road kill, two months ago, and tried to finish him off at the hospital posing as a doctor. According to hospital security, there was a bright flash of light coming from Mr. Simpson’s room followed by a man screaming. By the time security got there Melvin was nowhere to be seen and Ibermann’s son, Alex, was lying on the floor in pain with a chunk of his face burnt off. After five hours of searching the entire hospital, the flash of light came back into Melvin’s room with Melvin, himself, reappearing in perfect condition. As lead detective of the investigation, Melvin told me that he saw an angel from Heaven aiding him in his time of dire need and would give him a second chance at life. I had my doubts but since Melvin is nothing more than a victim in all of this mess the chief decided to cut him loose, because we already had our primary suspect.”

“So you think that Ibermann was interested in him because Mr. Simpson has super powers?” Dawson replied.

“Why not?” Knowles replies as she pulls out today’s newspaper and shows it to Dawson. On the front page it shows a few headlines about super heroes. “I don’t know if you noticed, but there has been a surge of super heroes popping up all over the world this year. We got reports from London to New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and even in this city of some Chinese...magic guy who’s beating up criminals and drug cartels, calling himself Shijin. My guess is that Melvin Simpson is one them and Ibermann’s trying to abduct these people for his own personal experiments.”

Dawson doesn’t say anything for the first minute until he nods in agreement with Knowles. “I guess that makes some reasonable sense. Ibermann runs all types of experiments, for over sixty years, it was only a matter of time super powered beings would be next on his list. Where can I find Melvin Simpson right now? Maybe he knows more about Ibermann’s agenda than he’s letting on.”

“That we can both agree on. Luckily I’ve been keeping tabs on him since our hospital chat.” Knowles turns to her computer as she clicks away to find out where Melvin is.

Dawson stands up and walks around Knowles’s desk to look over her shoulder. “So what do you use to keep track of him? Transponder? GPS?”

“Facebook.” Knowles answered as she smiles, looks over her shoulder at Dawson, and back at her screen. “Budget cutbacks are making it that much more difficult for cops to get their job done. Here we go, he just blogged about going with his girlfriend to Baker Beach today at noon. So what do say Dawson, you up for a California tan?”

Dawson smirks with delight, “Lead the way...partner.”


As Knowles and Dawson head out of the precinct, to follow their first lead, a janitor is making his usual rounds, from desk to desk, emptying out trash cans. As he finishes up he sees a man, wearing white colored clothing with a hoodie, going through the drawers of Knowles desk. The janitor tries to confront the man. “Hey buddy, wait do you think you’re....Oh....” The janitor is speechless as the white hooded man turns out to be Ibermann’s son, Alex, with a bandage wrapped around the left side of his face. But it was not the bandage that made the janitor speechless, it was the look on Alex’s face. A look, that he gave the janitor, of pure anger. Almost as if Alex was going to rip the janitor’s throat out right then and there in the middle of a police station. But Alex did not as the janitor walked away, forgetting that he was ever there. “Ca-Carry on, sir.”

Alex continues to look through Knowles desk only to find nothing that he was looking for. That is until he saw the newspaper lying on top of her desk. The newspaper shows a front page picture of the Shijin taking down a group of drug dealers in an alleyway. But what really made Alex’s day was the staff that is shown with Shijin. It is the exact same staff that was used against him, two months ago, leaving him permanently scarred and blind on the left portion of his face. He smiles as he begins to talk to himself. “Father says I can’t kill the little prick, that’s fine. But he never said anything about the Shijin.” Alex accidently bumps Knowles computer desk to see the screen saver turned off showing a Facebook profile of Melvin Simpson. Alex smiles with satisfaction as he looks at the screen. “And the people around him as well.”

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Posted 18 July 2010 - 07:24 PM

Because of your sheer dedication to this, I will definitely take a break from my War of Drekis time to read and hopefully review this.

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Posted 18 July 2010 - 08:42 PM

Because of your sheer dedication to this, I will definitely take a break from my War of Drekis time to read and hopefully review this.

It's something that gives more of an in-depth look into my characters. Frankly, with almost 300 views in 2 months, I must be doing something right with this story. I just don't know what.

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Posted 20 July 2010 - 12:11 PM

The fact that you wrote a story is half the battle. Seriously, creating a character is one thing. A body of text that portrays this character is a whole different matter. That alone strengthens your character. I haven't read most of them, but now I need to read them to get the whole picture. It acts as advertising. It creates a world for your otherwise, standard FPL character to live in. Long story short, Fics = good.

As for the fic, It's cool. It's a little storybook basic, but it is doing what it sets out to do: which is introduce the reader to your characters. What I mean by storybook basic (and mind you, I'm not finished), is that it's like a paint by numbers story. I can almost guess where it's going to go. Naturally, any person that has read a lot of fiction is going to have a hard time not doing this, but it's something to think about. Again, it works for it's purpose.

I don't think it can be stressed enough to proofread your work. Over and over again. Spellcheck/Grammar check can't catch everything. You have to physically read your own work...slowly to catch minor things. These things aren't a problem until they start to fill your whole work. Go back and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's just little things. I try to read every paragraph immediately after I write it and then again later. Then once more to figure out a way I could have said something better. Really Ivan put that part best:

You have good ideas, but unless you make it enjoyable to read nobody is really going to be interested in your character.

Look at the difference here:

"Perish is extremely manipulative he can pretend to be your friend but he is just using you. He used this to try and infiltrate the cult." (paraphrase)

"He sidled up to the countess, his eyes welling with genuine concern. What a pair, a broke man and a broken woman. In one unspoken moment they locked eyes, and she could feel his heart breaking for her. Here was one of the good ones, she thought, and as her small frame sunk into his shoulder the flood gates opened and the cult's secrets came one at a time until there was nothing left but empty tears. A poisoned smile crept across his face then, as he held her close. Her pearls would fetch enough to get him back to the states. When the police found her body in the morning, charred beyond recognition, he'd be sipping champagne in first class over Boston."

See how the second one creates a picture?

That's the difference between good and great. Like I was told once, we don't just want to just know about it, we want to smell it, see it, feel it and experience it. I'm still working on capturing that myself, so don't feel pressured. Again I'm not finished, but I'm interested.

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Posted 21 July 2010 - 08:41 AM

As for the fic, It's cool.

YAY!!! :(

It's a little storybook basic, but it is doing what it sets out to do: which is introduce the reader to your characters. What I mean by storybook basic (and mind you, I'm not finished), is that it's like a paint by numbers story. I can almost guess where it's going to go.

Damn. How did you know I was going to kill off all of my characters and let them meet up in an elaborate purgatory?

I don't think it can be stressed enough to proofread your work. Over and over again. Spellcheck/Grammar check can't catch everything. You have to physically read your own work...slowly to catch minor things. These things aren't a problem until they start to fill your whole work. Go back and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's just little things. I try to read every paragraph immediately after I write it and then again later. Then once more to figure out a way I could have said something better.

I know what you're saying and yes I have done these methods over and over again. This may come as a shock to everyone but English was never my strongest suit. Although, thanks to this site and the colorful group of people on here, I have been trying to improve myself in the art of writing.

That's the difference between good and great. Like I was told once, we don't just want to just know about it, we want to smell it, see it, feel it and experience it. I'm still working on capturing that myself, so don't feel pressured. Again I'm not finished, but I'm interested.

I see what you mean Treacherous, add more details to everyone and everything. Thanks for your 2 cents and I'll try to improve a little more as the days go on. As for everyone else, thanks for viewing into my lovely little stories in the FPL universe. Stay tuned for more love, violence, betrayal, and midgets. Starting with Chapter 8: Fun under the Sun

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Posted 18 August 2010 - 12:26 PM

Chapter 8: Fun under the Sun

Baker Beach is one of the most popular public beach areas on the peninsula of San Francisco. Every summer more than one million people, both tourists and San Francisco natives, converge on this location to unwind, relax, and have fun as they enjoy the cool summer weather. Among the beach goers playing volleyball and the swimmers enjoying the ocean water, is the young college student Melvin Simpson as he emerges from the ocean feeling refreshed and revitalized while wiping the water off his face and brushes his hands on his green swim shorts. He looks around for a bit until he finally sees his spot where he and his girlfriend, Judy Hanh, laid out their towels amidst the entire crowd of beach goers. Melvin sees Judy lying on her front side, as she gets a tan on her back while wearing her favorite blue bikini. As Melvin sneaks up from behind, he slowly kneels over next to her and slowly caresses the back of her shoulders. Judy smiles, with enjoyment, as she doesn’t mind the little massage. “Mmm, baby. Your hands are so cold; it’s giving my skin goose bumps.”

“Yeah, but you know how much you enjoy getting a rub down from me.” Melvin replies as he leans in, brushes Judy’s dark hair over to one side, and kisses the side of her neck.

Judy smiles once more with enjoyment. “That is true.” She rolls over and sits back up on her towel looking at Melvin. “But you and I both know where your massages lead to and I don’t wanna get caught in the middle of broad daylight.”

Melvin gives her a nod of agreement as he puts on his glasses lays down in the sun. “Yeah you’re right, babe. Maybe we’ll do it later on at night.”

“Ah! You suck.” Judy gives Melvin a playful hit at his chest in response to his joke. Melvin rolls over to Judy as they both wrestle each other on their towels. After several seconds pass, Judy manages to roll up on top pinning Melvin with both her hands on his shoulders. “Now I got ya.”

“You certainly do have me.” Melvin replies as the two young lovers look at each other for the longest time while ignoring everything else that is going on around them. They smile at each other until Melvin spoke out to Judy. “You know what I just realized? That no matter how powerful I might become or wherever the road takes me, I would give it all up just to make this day last forever with you.”

By that, Melvin means his alter ego as the Shijin. Judy knew what Melvin was talking about since it was only two months ago that her grandfather, Chian Hanh, came to Melvin to tell him that he would be the next protector to wield the staff of Shijin. At first, Hanh was doubtful towards Melvin because he is the first Caucasian to posses the staff. But after many weeks of rigorous training, Hanh became to appreciate Melvin’s dedication into being what the Shijin was suppose to be for the first time in over one hundred ten years which is a protector to its people. Throughout the course of Melvin’s training, Hanh’s granddaughter helped him out as well. What started as two pupils in training, turned out to be two people that fell in love with one another. Judy smiles as she heard Melvin’s honesty towards her. “Oh my god, really? That is so sweet; it makes wanna blog about it.”

“Just leave out the whole ‘superhero part’ out of it. I’m still trying to maintain one of those secret identities like what most superheroes have.” Melvin replies as he still remains pinned under Judy’s body.

Judy leans over to grab her purse and pull out her cell phone while still keeping her upper body on top of Melvin with both of her legs gripping each side of his body. “Don’t worry about that. By the end of the day, the only people who will know about this will be you, me, my grandpa….and a few hundred of my profile friends online.” She bites her lower lip smiling as she starts pushing the buttons on her cell phone.

“Oh no, you don’t!” Melvin pushes his back up to lift Judy up off the ground and put her slender body over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. Judy yells as she drops her phone in the sand and tries to pound the backside of Melvin to no prevail. Melvin takes her for a spin once or twice until Judy yells again in laughter. Melvin begins to speak in a German accent to Judy while still holding on to her. “Now you must pay for your actions, herr voman. I sentence you to be tossed into the cold depths of the ocean.” Judy begins to beg not to but cannot help herself while still in laughter.

As Melvin begins to walk out towards the beach, a male voiced is heard from behind him. “Tossed into the ocean huh? I didn’t know the Germans had that kind of fun during World War II.” Melvin turns around to see two people standing next to each other. The first person is a black woman with long straight hair and dressed like as if she is going undercover. The second person, a white man with no hair at all and dressed as if he was about to go to a photo shoot. Melvin takes Judy off his shoulder and places her on the ground. The man begins to speak to Melvin again. “So you must be Melvin Simpson, the miracle blessed by God himself. I have to admit, you do look taller in person.”

Melvin is confused by what is going on as he asks the two a question. “I’m sorry I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Melvin stops to look over at the woman and points at her to remember. “Oh…I remember you! You’re detective…uh, detective Knowles. You interviewed me the day before the hospital released me.”

Knowles nods as she and Dawson pull out their ID badges to show it to Melvin and Judy. “Good memory, Mr. Simpsons. Detective Lucille Knowles of the SFPD and this is special agent Michael Dawson of Interpol. He’s liaison with an ongoing joint investigation that we need to talk to you about. Can we talk somewhere a little more private?”

“Yeah sure.” Melvin replies as he looks over to Judy. “Hey Judy, you mind grabbing all of our stuff and wait for me in the car.” Judy nods in agreement as Melvin hands her the keys. Melvin grabs his gray tank top and puts it on as he, the detective, and the agent take walk down the beach and away from crowd. “So what can I help you two with today?”

Knowles begins to ask Melvin the questions while showing him pictures of some familiar faces. “Do you remember Alexander Ibermann?”

“How could I not forget him?” Melvin replied as the three continue to walk to a more secluded part of the parking lot.

Knowles begins the conversation by explaining the situation to Melvin. “Well, as you may have heard on the news a while back that his father, Hermann Von Ibermann, broke him out of prison. We also have reason to believe that not only is Dr. Von Ibermann the mastermind in your attempted kidnapping but plans to do so again sometime real soon.”

Melvin pauses for a second as he tries to reel the information in. “I…I don’t understand. Why would he come after me? I’m a nobody to the rest of the world.”

“Bullshit you are!” Dawson replies as he folds his arms and his demeanor begins to grow. “One second, you’re in a crippled state with a sociopath sticking a gun in your face. The next a bright light flashes from your hospital room, that same sociopath is on his knees with a burnt face, and no one could find you for five hours until reappear back into the same room healthy as a horse. And you say God helped you in all of this?”

Melvin scratches his head as he used the same lie like before. “It wasn’t exactly God, more or less, but an…an angel that-”

Dawson interrupts Melvin as he chuckles at his explanation. “Yeah right, and Elvis is still walking around singing in casino shows in Las Vegas.”

“Really? I didn’t know he was still alive.” Melvin replied in a sarcastic manner. His reply ticked of Dawson as he drops his arms and takes two steps towards Melvin.

Before either two could start anything, Knowles steps in between the two to stop them in their tracks. “That’s enough. Mr. Simpson, I’m sorry about my partner. Look, as I said before, we believe that Ibermann will be coming after you and we think that it would be best for you to come with us to the station. We’ll put you in witness protection and sort out all of this mess if you can help us answer some questions.”

Melvin knows where this is going and does not want be a part of it as he rejects Knowles offer. “I’m sorry Ms. Knowles, but I can’t do that.”

As he walks back to the parking lot, both Knowles and Dawson try to stop Melvin by talking it out with him. “Mr. Simpson, if you do not take our offer your life may be in danger again! They may even harm your friends and family just to get to you! Do you really want to take that risk?”

“That’s a chance I’m willing to take!” Melvin replied as he shouts back at Knowles and Dawson. He quickly rushes into his car, with Judy already inside, and drives off.

As Melvin quickly drives out of the parking lot both Knowles and Dawson look on. As they calmly walk back to their car, Dawson gives off a snide remark. “Well that went well.”

Knowles looks back at Dawson brushing her hair back in frustration. “It could have gone a lot more smoothly if you didn’t press on him like that. Besides, I wasn’t planning on doing the whole good-cop bad-cop routine today. Just a friendly talk so he could earn our trust and hopefully answer our questions.”

Dawson lights up a cigarette and begins to smoke it with very little enthusiasm. “Yeah well, we can’t always get what we want out of life.”

“Like you trying to find your female assassin for the last year?” Knowles replied.

Dawson smirks at Knowles as he inhales the smoke and breathes out heavily. “Yeah…just like my assassin. But one thing’s for certain, that kid knows something about Ibermann, Marzanna, and that night at the hospital. We just need to dig a little deeper into this investigation.” Just as finishes his last sentence, Dawson’s cell phone rings as someone is calling for him. He looks at his phone and back at Knowles. “Excuse me for one second.”

Dawson answers his phone and begins to walk in the opposite direction away from Knowles. As Knowles walks back to her car, she realizes that she still has the envelope in her pocket. The very same sealed envelope the Ibermann gave to her so she could deliver it to Melvin. She stares at the envelope wondering what’s inside that could be so important for him. It would be so easy for Knowles to just open the letter herself, but something inside her mind tells her not to and decides to place it back into her pocket as she waits for Dawson to finish up with his phone call.


As the sun begins to set over the city, Melvin and Judy finally make it back to their college dormitory. As they walk down the hallway, Judy looks back Melvin several times realizing that something was wrong. “Is everything okay, Mel? You have been quiet ever since the entire ride back.”

Melvin snaps out of it and shakes his head. “Yeah…yeah I’m fine.”

“Well it doesn’t look like it. What did those cops say to you that would get you so rattled?” Says Judy as she continues to ask the questions. Melvin deflects her questions by not responding to anything at all. As he approaches the front of his door, Judy halts Melvin by placing her hand right in the middle of his door. Melvin looks at Judy’s hand and turns his head to the left looking at her brown shorts, then up at her white tank top, and finally at her face. The look on Judy’s face becomes serious as she wants to know what is going on. “Look Mel, I love you. I really do, but if you can’t let me in on what’s going on then I don’t how else to help you.”

Melvin turns to Judy while, leaning to the side of his door, and becomes honest as to what is going on. “The detective’s are digging into that night at the hospital and they believe that the people who were trying to kidnap me are not done. They suggested that I go into witness protection with them while they figure out this whole mess.”

Judy’s eyes light up as she drops her hand off of Melvin’s door and folds both her arms in shock. She looks up at Melvin with a concern look on her face. “How much do they know about that night?”

“Not much.” Melvin replied. “They know something happened that night and it's not the 'God giving me a second chance' stroy like I gave them. But right now all they are doing is what they call ‘fishing.’ A classic tactic for police to try and see if they can find something of use. Like a clue into…” Melvin stops his sentence as he hears something through in his dorm. He presses his ear up against the white wooden door only to hear music coming from inside. “Did we forget to turn off the stereo when we left?” Judy shrugs her shoulders as she has no idea. Melvin opens the door to see his CD player on. They walk into the dorm to turn off the music and as Melvin does so, a swift rush blows right by them closing the door.

Both Melvin and Judy were surprised to see Alexander Ibermann standing right by the front door. “Hey! I was listening to that.” Melvin rushes in to attack, but Alex simply grins as he delivers palm thrust to Melvin’s chest knocking him across his room and landing right through his coffee table. Alex speeds on over to the CD player to turn back on the music and rushes over to Melvin placing both hands around his neck. As Melvin tries to fight Alex off Judy grabs a wooden baseball bat, which was lying upright in the corner of the room, and delivers a swing to the back of Alex’s head. The impact from the bat did not faze Alex as it breaks the bat in half. Alex looks back in anger, curls his hand into a fist, and back hands Judy knocking her unconscious. Melvin manages to use both of his legs to kick off Alex knocking him on the ground. Both men stand up, staring at each other, until Alex quickly grabs Judy by the hair and pulls out a knife pressing it up against her neck. “Oh no. No more games Melvin. Now we talk business.”

Melvin lifts up both of his arms. “You wanna kill me, go ahead. But leave her out of this”

“Oh I will kill you Melvin, but not until you do something for me first. Something that only you and the old man could fix.” Alex replies as he pulls off his white hoodie to reveal the bunt scars along with the worn out bandages that are still wrapped around the left side of his face. “Every single day I have look into the mirror and see this…this freak of nature that you made me into. There’s also the pain, this burning pain where the burnt scars are and there’s not a single pain medication on Earth that can stop it.”

Melvin knows that he could not do anything else at the moment except to talk it out with the deranged sociopath. “So what do you want?”

“I want whatever Houdini magic, the old man gave you to heal your crippled condition, to heal my face and take away the pain.” Alex replied still holding the knife up against Judy’s throat.

Melvin agrees to Alex’s terms. “Fine, just tell me when and where Alex.”

Alex grins once more as he is finally getting what he puts the knife back into his pocket and wraps his left arm around Judy’s waist. “Now we’re talking. Horseshoe Bay, tomorrow night at ten thirty p.m. At the very far dock on the edge of the Presidio Yacht Club. Also, just make sure you’ll live up to your end of the bargain, I’m going to take her as insurance.”

"NO YOU WON’T YOU F*CKING PSYCHO!” As Melvin yells out in anger.

As Melvin takes a few steps towards Alex, Judy stops him by speaking to him calmly. “Melvin please…I’ll be alright.”

Alex grips Judy even tighter to silence her. “Just remember the time and place and if for one second I see any kind of law enforcement. Well, let’s just say that she’ll make a perfect addition to my snuff film collection on the internet.” As Melvin nods in agreement with him, Alex uses his inhuman-like speed to leave the dorm, along with Judy, and out of everyone’s sight in seconds. Thus leaves Melvin standing there for a few minutes until he walks into his room to pull out the staff of Shijin grasping it angrily in his hands.

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Posted 28 August 2010 - 10:39 AM

Chapter 9: The Calm before the Storm

It’s not everyday that a family member receives the news that one of their own becomes a victim of kidnapping. It’s even worse when they receive the news from someone who is not even related to them. In this case Chian Hanh just heard the news, from his pupil Melvin Simpson, that his granddaughter had been taken by a deranged sociopath who is hell bent on being healed with the same magic that burnt his face off. As Melvin tells Hanh everything that went down just two hours ago, Hanh reels in everything as he sits in his brown plush chair and uses his left hand to cover his mouth and most of his beard. Melvin, on the other hand, paces back and fourth inside the living room of Hanh’s house. They are both silent for the next five minutes until Hanh says the only words that could come out of his mouth. “I cannot do it.”

Melvin looks back at Hanh, with his eyes wide open in anger, and begins to talk back to his mentor. “What do you mean you can’t do it? Is Judy not that important to you anymore?”

“That’s not what I meant.” Hanh replied as he raises both hands to calm down Melvin and explains why. “What I am saying is that the staff only heals people whose essence is pure at heart and not corrupt. In Alex’s case, if I tried it on him it’ll do the complete opposite. By the time he realizes this he will kill us all the instant he feels is skin starts to rot.”

“Well that’s just great.” Melvin answered as he flops onto Hanh’s couch. He becomes frustrated as he takes off his glasses and rubs his face with both of his hands. “I have a psychotic killer, with speed like the Flash and the PMS strength of the Hulk, who has my girlfriend hostage and the only way to get her back is to heal his burnt face…and we can’t even do that! So what’s our option now Hanh? Just count our losses with Judy and move on?”

Hanh stands up from his chair and walks over to Melvin smacking him in the back of the head. “Don’t you dare talk about my only granddaughter like that!” As Melvin places one hand behind his head, Hanh continues to argue with him. “All she ever wanted out of life was to move out of her pissant neighborhood in Stockton and start fresh with her own life. But her parents, on the other hand, were more traditional did not want that for her. They wanted their only daughter to meet some rich Chinese brat and have an arranged marriage for her.”

“She told me this story before.” As Melvin interrupts Hanh and finishes his story. “Judy’s folks wanted her to be told what to do by getting married, have a bunch of kids, and always obey her future husband no matter what. Everyone agreed to it except for you and Judy, herself. By the time Judy turned eighteen and graduated high school, she ran away from home to come here and attend SFSU. Everything else you and I already know about by now.”

“I do.” Hanh nods in agreement as he continues to stand right next to Melvin. “The staff turned on showing me an image of your face, you and Judy met by fate, you saved her life, I healed you, and two months later you somehow became the most popular superhero on the West Coast.”

Melvin stands up as he takes a few steps away from Hanh and turns back to him. “Between you and me Master Hanh, at first I thought it was the coolest thing. Finally being the popular one for once where everyone respects and looks up to you every day. I never had that growing up as a kid and a teenager. The kids at school use to call me ‘Little Orphan Melvie’ up until the twelfth grade since my father died in a house fire, when I was eight-years-old, on Christmas Eve.” Melvin stops for a second as he sits back down on the opposite side of the couch. “We were neither rich nor poor, but before he died, my father did muster up enough money to buy his own coffee shop near the university. My mother couldn’t handle the stress of running a business and raising my sister and I so she left us one morning with a note that said, ‘Good luck kids.’” Melvin stops for a minute as he takes off his glasses again to wipe away the small tears from his eyes.

Hanh grabs a box of Kleenex, off of his coffee table, and hands it to Melvin. As Melvin grabs a few tissues from the box, Hanh places his hand on Melvin’s shoulder. “I see what you’re trying to say. You lost two people that were important in your life and you do not want to lose another one.”

“She’s more than just an important person to me.” Melvin replied as he looks up at Hanh. “I…I’m in love with her…and if she dies tomorrow night, my biggest regret would be not telling her that myself.”

Hanh takes in a big breath and exhales as he sits down next to Melvin. The two become silent for a moment until Hanh looked over to his student. “If she really means that much to you, then we have to find a way to even the odds.”

Melvin’s eyes light up as if something just hit him like a bolt of lightning. “Or…or we can overcome them. This may sound crazy, but I got a plan.”

“Oh yeah?” Hanh replied. “No offense Melvin, but your last plan did not fair too well last week when that villain used his powers against you at the Mall of Khazan."

“That was different.” Melvin explained as he stands back up putting his glasses back on. “If reading comic books taught me anything, it’s that every superhero (and villain) has a weakness. Edward Yore got the better of me with his psychic blasts. As for Alex Ibermann…he’ll rely on his brute strength. I mean, his speed’s one thing but Alex is a narrow minded person and if he wants to finish me off, he’ll do it up close and personal.” Melvin stops for a moment to pick up the staff. As he views into the orb, it glows from a dark red to dark green while projecting an image of a dragon flying inside the orb. Melvin looks back at his mentor with nothing more than a grin on his face. “Master Hanh, I think it’s time you taught me how to use the power of The Dragon.”

“You do realize what will happen to you if I teach you this?” Hanh asks as he stands up off of his couch in shock. “Are you sure you’re up for it Melvin?”

Melvin replies back to Hanh with the upmost confidence. “Quite honestly, that’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

“Now that’s what I like to hear.” As Hanh smiles and heads into his hall closet. After rummaging through his junk, Hanh pulls out an old leather bound book that is written in Mandarin Chinese. “Well it looks like I have twenty four hours to teach you two new powers that would normally take a month to learn.”

“Yeah, that does…wait what?” Melvin’s excitement quickly drops as he becomes confused from what Hanh just said to him. “Did you just say ‘two’?”

Hanh opens up the book while looking back up at Melvin with a serious look on his face. “Melvin, in order for yourself to fully become the Shijin, you have to always have the staff with you at all times. No matter where you go or what you do, you must always be prepared to answer the call whenever danger is rears its ugly head. This is why I am going to teach you the art of concealment.” Throughout the entire night, and into the early morning, Melvin tries his best to study two new magical abilities without a single wink of sleep. Although the strain gets the better of him, Melvin pushes on with every fiber of his being. Knowing full well that the girl he loves is counting on him to deliver what Alexander wants for the last two and a half months.


As the day goes on into the afternoon, the SFPD’s most thorough detective, Lucille Knowles, looks over various files in the archives room trying to piece together any type of connection between Melvin Simpson and Dr. Hermann Von Ibermann. To no surprise, each path has led her to a dead end. As Knowles looks into the tenth folder today her partner in this investigation, Special Agent Michael Dawson from Interpol, walks into the room with a cup of coffee in each hand. Knowles takes one of the cups of coffee from Dawson’s hand and takes a slow sip out of it. “Amazing Dawson, one second you step out to take your eighth phone call today and the next you bring back coffee. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’ve grown way too attached to that cell phone of yours.”

Dawson gives off smirk to Knowles as he takes a large sip from his coffee. “Funny, that’s what my ex-wife used to say to me. Besides while you were digging into the local stuff on Mr. Simpson, I made a few calls from Interpol to see what they can dig up on Ibermann over the last eighty years. You wouldn’t believe what they found out.”

“Try me.” Knowles replied as she closes one of the folders and looks up at Dawson.

Dawson pulls out his cell phone and uses the touch screen menu to show Knowles a slideshow of pictures from various decades. “Here’s a security image of Dr. Von Ibermann, from your first encounter with him, just over two months ago. A tourist in 1980 took several pictures of the Great Pyramid of Giza with Ibermann standing in the background. Now here he is again, walking by a concession stand, at Woodstock in 1969.” Knowles eyebrows are slowly raised as Dawson continues to show her more images of Ibermann from historical points in time. More importantly are the pictures showing Ibermann looking exactly the same, as if he never ages a single day. “…and last but not least a group photo shot with himself, Erwin Rommel, Wilhelm Falley, and Adolf H*tler on Omaha Beach one week before D-Day in 1944.”

“So what are you saying, the doctor is an immortal being?” Knowles asked as she looks over the pictures from Dawson’s cell phone.

“All I know is that Ibermann has some sort of uncanny ability that doesn’t make him age. But what I also found out was that there was a gap of inactivity from him between 1981 and 1990.” Dawson shows Knowles, on his cell phone, old files on Ibermann from the agents of Interpol back in the early eighties. “According to these reports, investigators believed that Dr. Von Ibermann’s supreme intelligence brought about a paranoia which made him believe that mankind’s personal gain would one day bring about the destruction of Earth. It goes on to say that Ibermann would rather seek shelter for himself, and his people, than to watch the rest of the world destroys itself.”

Knowles looks back at Dawson with in confused at what he just said. “Wait a minute. What do you mean by ‘his people’?”

Dawson looks over the files one last time to answer her question. “What Ibermann meant by ‘his people’ was, what he called, the Metanomalies. People that appear as humans on the outside, but on the inside they would have uncanny…abilities.” Dawson becomes speechless as he and Knowles realized that they just put together one piece of a giant puzzle together.

“Like super powers. It’s starting to make sense now.” Knowles replies in excitement as she rummages through a box of folders she already looked through. “Ibermann is attempting to round up as many super powered humans as possible. This is why Melvin Simpson is next on his list.”

“Ok, but apart from that, why him?” Dawson asks, “There are over a dozen superheroes that are a lot more powerful than him. What makes him so special?”

Knowles pulls out a folder, from a box on the ground, and opens it up as lays it on top of the table. “You said there was no activity of Ibermann between 1981 and 1990, correct?” Dawson nods in agreement as Knowles continues to explain while looking over an old police report. “In March of 1990, Melvin Simpson was born at around three in the morning to a Jack and Noreen Simpson. According the police report, during the time of delivery the Simpson’s had a 5-year-old daughter, named Caroline, who was lost while she was wandering around the emergency rooms. As security approached Caroline, they were halted by a man claiming to be her uncle. It wasn’t long until the father came back for her daughter and told security that he was a family member.” Knowles smiles as she finishes up the police report from that night. “You’re not gonna believe this but the uncle’s description was Caucasian, dark with lightly gray hair, early to mid forties, and wore glasses. Upon first contact, Caroline called the man ‘Uncle Hermie.’ That sneaky son of a bitch, he was watching this kid from the very begi--” Knowles sentenced becomes interrupted as her and Dawson’s phone both ring at the same time.

As they both answer their cell phones, an unknown voice speaks talking in a low mumbling tone. “You’re digging into things that should remain buried. You must stop your investigation at once before everyone will suffer from his wrath.”

Neither Knowles nor Dawson could make out his voice as they try quickly ordered the other police detectives, with their hand signals, to trace their calls. In order for them to buy more time, Knowles asks the questions to the mumbling man that no one else could. “Listen…sir, we know that lives are going to be on the line but we can’t let something like this big go away. Why don’t you tell us who you are?”

The mumbling man continues with a straightforward tone. “You already know who I am and lives are already on the line. I know you people are tracing this number so I’m going to tell you to meet me here at ten forty-five p.m. Not a minute earlier and just you two only. If anyone else shows up, heads will roll into the bay area.”

The phone goes dead as Dawson walks over to the female police officer who was tracing the call. “Did you get the location?”

The female officer replies while writing it down on paper. “The call came from a pay phone at the Presidio Yacht Club on Horseshoe Bay.”

Dawson waves to Knowles as she walks over to him. “Where do you guys keep your armory room?”

“In the sub-level basement…why?” Knowles asked.

Dawson walks to the elevator with Knowles following right behind him. “Something tells me that we’re not the only ones invited to this mystery man’s private party. If I’m going somewhere tonight, I want to be prepared for it.” As the elevator door opens up Dawson steps in and pushes the button for the basement floor. “Are you coming?” Knowles smiles at Dawson as she steps into the elevator just in time before the doors close on her.

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Chapter 10: High Noon (part 1)

Just across the water from the city of San Francisco lies the Presidio Yacht Club. A social organization where both the rich and boat enthusiasts, alike, come here to park their expensive yachts into the Horseshoe Cove and pay high prices for security to watch over them. The club is also famous for holding annual races in the Bay Area, in yacht racing, power and sail cruising, and the local, regional, and international boating. But tonight is a different story as Chian Hanh and his student, Melvin Simpson, sneak around the security fences and guards in order to make a deal with a sociopath who’s holding someone that they both care deeply for. Just twenty four hours ago, Alexander Ibermann wanted to kill Melvin Simpson for permanently burning off a portion of his face. He then realized that not only was Melvin the crime fighting superhero, the Shijin, but the staff itself has mystical properties that could heal anyone. Alex decided to use this opportunity by kidnapping Melvin’s girlfriend, Judy Hanh, and began bargaining with him to heal his face in exchange for her. As Hanh climbs over the last fence, he tosses Melvin a black duffle bag as he catches it on the other side. Both Melvin and Hanh reach the dock as they both look at each other. Hanh notices something on Melvin as he tries to talk to him. “Are you scared, my pupil?”

Melvin looks back at Hanh while holding the black duffel bag in his hand. “Yeah, I am. How can you tell?”

“When you get scared, you tend to stand still and take a few deep breaths.” Hanh answered, “It’s okay if you are.”

Melvin chuckles nervously as he nods in agreement with Hanh and pulls out a red rubber ball, from his pocket, to try and relieve his stressful situation by squeezing it. “Thanks Master Hanh. How about you? Are you scared?”

“Yes….yes I am.” Hanh replied as he places his hand on Melvin’s shoulder. “Come; let us not keep him waiting.” Hanh and Melvin continue to walk down the dock passing the berths and various yachts. By the time they almost reach the end, they see Judy at the end of the pier. She sits there, on a plastic folding chair, with her arms crossed and her head looking down.

Melvin calls out to Judy as he quickly rushes over to her aid. “Judy!”

As he makes his way over to her, Judy looks back up to Melvin and smiles as she is overwhelmed to see him. “Melvin, oh thank god. I knew you would come.” They give each other an emotional hug as Judy still remains seated in her chair.

Melvin places his right hand on Judy’s cheek as they begin kiss each other with joy. “Are you alright? He didn’t do…anything to you, did he?”

“What do you mean? Like he... Oh, oh god no! Uugh!” Judy replied in disgust to Melvin’s question. “Is that what all guys think about in hostage situations?”

“Statistically, only seven out of ten do.” As Melvin answered her question, he places hand Judy’s shoulder lightly griping it. “Come on; let’s get you out of here.”

“No wait!” Judy shouts as she pulls Melvin back in towards her. As Judy slowly leans to the left side of her chair, she shows her boyfriend what appears to be a metal plate. In reality it is a landmine that Judy was sitting on. “It’s a trap.”

“Actually, it’s more of an insurance policy.” Alex replied as he startled Melvin from behind and stands back up. Alex continues to cover his face by using the same white hoodie that he wore the other day. “It’s nothing fancy, just your standard landmine that you could get at your local black market gun store. If she gets up, it’ll be free chum for every fish in the Bay Area. I am the only one who is fast enough to deactivate the device, but that’ll only happen until I get what I want.” Alex looks around to see if anyone else is around the pier. “Now where is the old man?”

“I am right here.” Hanh answered as he comes out of the shadows to reveal himself. As Hanh walks over to Alex, he notices the black duffel bag that Hanh was carrying with him. Hanh places the duffel bag in front of Alex to unzip it right in front of him. As Hanh pulls out the magical staff of Shijin, from the black duffel bag, Alex’s eyes begins to open wide with excitement despite it being shadowed by his hoodie. “This is what you want…correct?” Hanh asks as Alex nods a definite yes to him. “Alright, let us get this over with by cleaning up your mess Melvin.” Hanh replied as he begins to lift the staff in front of Alex’s face.

“Excuse me!?” Melvin shouts as he walks over the Hanh and Alex. “What do you mean ‘my mess’ Hanh? If I remember correctly, it was you made who the trip to the hospital to tell me that I was the chosen one. I didn’t ask for any of this!”

Hanh lowers the staff as he looks back at his pupil. “Well I’m sorry if you feel that way, but you seem to have a knack for starting things that you cannot finish! Like your training, for example, you only finish half the tasks because you are too preoccupied with other meaningless things including dating my granddaughter!”

“Hey!” Judy shouts as she continues to sit in the rigged chair.

“DON’T YOU SAY THAT ABOUT HER, OLD MAN!!!” Melvin yells as he and Hanh start to argue with each other, for over a minute, until Alex grows impatient with anger.

Alex takes in a deep breath and lets out a thundering yell silencing both the teacher and student. “SHUT UP!!!” They both stopped their arguments as they look over to Alex fuming with anger. “You know what I just realized?” Alex asks as he looks over to Hanh. “The only person that I really need is you old man. As for you…” He replied looking back at Melvin while taking the student’s glasses. “…well, I honestly don’t really need you anymore.” And with a smile across his face, Alex delivers a powerful palm strike to Melvin’s chest sending him over thirty feet into the bay water.

“NO!” Judy shouts as she tries her best to stay in the chair. “You f*cking MONSTER! I’ll kill you! I’ll KILL YOU for what you just did!”

The sociopath looks over to Judy as he gives her a smirk and back to Hanh. The look on Hanh’s face is nothing more than a blank, but angry, stare. Alex’s smile drops as he begins to reason with him. “Listen to me very carefully, old man. Your student is gone, but you still have chance to save your granddaughter. Now give me what I want! HEAL MY FACE!!!”

“Alright!” Hanh shouts back and takes a second to calm himself down. “Alright…I will do it. Now just stand still, close your eyes, and take off your hood.” Alex agrees to his terms as he pulls off his hoodie to reveal the third-degree burn marks on his face. Hanh begins to raise the staff, once more, in front of Alex’s face and begins the process. Hanh waves the staff in front of Alex as it glows various colors in front of the sociopath’s face.

Several minutes pass as Alex begins to grow uncomfortable standing in one place with his eyes closed. “I do not feel anything different old man. What’s taking so long?” Alex asks as he opens his only one good eye and sees Hanh starting to sweat from his forehead. He quickly grabs Hanh, in anger, by his shirt collar. As Alex lifts the teacher off the ground, his body begins to grow in size as he becomes angry with impatience. “Why is it not working? Tell me! WHY WON’T YOUR STAFF HEAL MY FACE?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because you’re f*ck ugly.” A voice answers from behind as Alex turns around to see a very wet and drenched Melvin standing next to Judy. As Alex tries to comprehend how he is still alive, Melvin gives Alex a smile as he pulls out his little rubber ball and hurls it into the face of the mad man. As the ball strikes Alex’s right face, with a blazing burst of fire, it forces him to scream out in pain and drop Hanh from his grasp. As Melvin’s rubber ball bounces right back into his hand, he kneels over next to Judy as she is speechless by everything that is going on. “Are you alright Judy?”

“But how…I mean, that…what the hell was that?” Judy exclaimed as she looks in front of her to see Alex falling to the ground, writhing in pain, and her grandfather running over to them. “I thought he hit you hard enough, to crush your lungs, and made you drown in the middle of the bay.”

Melvin smiles as he explains to Judy what happened. “Well he would have, if I didn’t pick up some new moves from your grandfather. I’ll explain later.” Melvin looks down to check on the landmine, which is still underneath Judy, and looks back up to her. “Listen Judy, I know this sounds crazy, but I need you to stand up for me.”

Judy’s eyes open wide with shock as she shakes her head. “Are you CRAZY? You do realize that I am on a FREAKING LANDMINE and if tha…”

Judy is quickly interrupted as Melvin places his index finger on her lips and uses his other hand to hold her hand. “Don’t think, Judy. Just trust me.” Judy nods as they both stand up together very slowly. As they both stand up together, side by side, Judy looks back down at the landmine as it still lies there on top of the chair looking seemingly harmless as it did not explode in front of them.

Judy begins shedding tears of joy as she wraps her arms around Melvin. “I thought I was done for baby.”

“Not while I’m around you’re not.” Melvin replied as he holds Judy close as well.

As the young couple share their brief reunion with each other, Hanh rushes in to tap Melvin’s shoulder. “Sorry to break this up but we have to go, now!” Hanh, Melvin, and Judy rush to the far end of the pier. “I have enough energy in me to teleport the three of us back to my duplex.”

By the time they reach the end, Judy notices that her grandfather did not have the staff with him. “Hold on a second, what about your staff?”

“That was not my staff back there.” Hanh replied back as the three of them look back to see Alex finally getting back on his feet.

“That tall drink of sh*t! I’m gonna…” Alex becomes silent as he sees the staff, that still glowing, on the ground. He walks over to pick up the staff only to see what was labeled on the bottom part of the staff. “Made in China? A GODDAMN TOY?” Alex realizes now that the staff was nothing more than a plastic toy as he breaks it in half and screams into the night sky.

Melvin gives off a pleasant smirk after hearing Alex’s wailing. “Only eight ninety-nine for a Shijin toy staff with glowing orb action. I’m surprised they didn’t ask me for any royalties.”

Judy becomes confused as she down and back up at Melvin. “If that was a fake staff back there, then where’s the real one?”

“It was with me all along.” Melvin answered as he pulls back out his little rubber ball and slams it into the ground. As Melvin does this, a bright white circle surrounds the young man as he pulls the ball back up to reveal the glowing orb along with the rest of the staff. The staff transforms Melvin manipulating his genetic structure and clothing into the superhero that everyone in the city of San Francisco knows as the Shijin. He pulls himself back up as the Shijin holds the staff in his hand and quickly explains to Judy. “Master Hanh taught me that there’s more than one way to conceal the staff rather than transforming it into a cane.”

Hanh becomes impatient as he quickly grabs the staff from Shijin. “I do not mean to be rude, but we have to leave before we are all dead.” Shijin and Judy nod in agreement as the three of them stand together while Hanh opens up a bright portal.

Before they could enter though the bright light, Alex rushes in from behind and grabs the back of Shijin’s black coat and hurls him across the opposite end of the portal. “I’m not done with you yet. If you leave now, everyone you’ll ever know will be ripped apart by me and the blood will be on your hands. Starting with your older sister who just so happens to live in downtown.”

Shijin stands back up, brushing off the dirt from his clothing. As he stares down his nemesis, Hanh throws the staff into Shijin’s direction catching it in the air. Judy looks back at Shijin as her grandfather pulls her into the portal while closing it up leaving Alex and Shijin to face off against each other. Shijin sets himself up in a kung fu style stance with his staff in hand. “You want me? Come and get me, Alex.”

Alex smiles with joy as he pulls his hood back over his head. “Since we are going to play ‘Superhero vs. Super villain,’ call me...the Harbinger, Shijin.”

To be continued...

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Chapter 11: High Noon (part 2)

(10 minutes earlier)

"This is the place.” Says detective Knowles as she and agent Dawson drive their car into to the parking lot of the Presidio Yacht Club.

As the two exit the car, Dawson takes a quick look around while admiring the place. “Nice place. I bet it looks a lot better during the daytime.” Knowles smirks at Dawson as she walks to the trunk of her car to open up the back. Inside her trunk is a small arsenal of weapons that they borrowed from the police armory. As they strap on their bulletproof vests and load up their ammo, Dawson notices his partner looking a little nervous as sweat starts to bead from her forehead. “Are you okay there Knowles? You seem a little a quiet since the drive over here.”

Knowles looks back at up at Dawson as she loads a magazine cartridge into her SIG short assault rifle. “Just anxious is all.”

“Why is that?” Dawson continues to ask as he loads up all of his shells into his M1014 combat shotgun.

“It’s just that…” Knowles pauses, for a minute, as she answers another one of Dawson’s questions. “It’s just that, after two and a half months of mayhem, I feel like tonight we’re going to find the answers that we have been looking for.”

“Be careful what you wish for, Knowles.” Dawson replied as he holsters his 9mm pistol. “Sometimes finding what we’re looking for doesn’t always answer our questions. It just keeps piling up with more questions than answers.” Just as agent Dawson finishes his sentence, they both notice a bright light that is beaming at the far end of the pier.

“What the hell is that?” Knowles asks as she looks over to Dawson.

Dawson replies back to his partner with uncertainty, “Beats me. Let’s go over there and find out.” Dawson pumps his shotgun once as he and Detective Knowles begin to make their way over to the closed pier. After the two climbed over the fence, they begin to move in slowly watching each other’s back in a standard tactical side-by-side formation. As the two reach the beginning part of the pier, the mysterious bright light, that lit up at the far end vanishes leaving the two in the dark once more. Dawson looks over to Knowles as he speaks to her. “Lights on.”

Knowles nods in agreement as they turn on their flashlights that are mounted onto their guns. They continue to walk down the pier until Knowles notices a dark object flying right towards them. “Get down!” Knowles exclaimed as she ducks while pulling Dawson down the ground. The dark object nearly misses them as it collides into the harbor and crashing into a private yacht. Both Dawson and Knowles quickly stood up as they look in opposite directions from where it came from and where it crashed. “You think that’s what we’re looking for?” Knowles asks as she still remains on guard next to her partner.

“Probably, but let’s not get our hopes up.” Dawson replied as he gives Knowles her orders, “Check out the harbor to see what that was while I find out where it came from.” He begins to walk slowly in the opposite direction as Knowles walks into the harbor.

Knowles makes her way over to the harbor and onto the ruined yacht while keeping her assault rifle close to her in arms. As Knowles looks around the yacht, she notices a person dressed in dark clothing lying on the boat with body facing the floor. With curiosity in her mind, she turns the body over revealing the superhero Shijin in an unconscious state. Knowles searches his body until Shijin quickly grasps her wrist while waking up in shock. “It’s alright.” Says Knowles as she tries to calm Shijin down. “I’m Dective Lucille Knowles of the SFPD and we’re here to help.”

Shijin let’s go of her wrist and slowly gets back on his feet. “You can’t help me with this. No of you can against Alex.” Shijin replied as he walks off of the yacht.

“Alex?” Knowles exclaimed as she follows the hero. “As in Alexander Ibermann? He’s here at this pier?”

“Who else could’ve thrown me like that?” Shijin replied as he continues to walk out of the yacht harbor. “He’s lost it. All he wants to do is kill the people responsible for his disfigurement.”

“You mean Melvin Simpson? Is he connected to all of this?” Knowles asks as she continues to follow him.

Shijin stops as he looks back at Knowles and answers her questions. “Yes…I mean most of it. I have been…looking into him for quite some time ever since his so called ‘miracle’ at the hospital. When you guys tried to interview Melvin at the beach yesterday, it only escalated things between him and Alex.” Shijin looks around as he scratches the back of his head. “Have you seen my staff around here?”

“Have you tried the lobby?” A voice replied from behind as Shijin turns around to see Harbinger as he quickly grabs the Shijin, by the collar of his coat, and delivers a thundering blow to his face. The punch sends Shijin into the building of the yacht club leaving Knowles to defend herself against Harbinger. The Harbinger’s dark red eyes light up as he rips the rifle away from her. “Detective Knowles, it’s so good to see you again. How did you know I was going to be here?”

“You don’t remember?” Knowles replies as she takes a few steps back from Harbinger. “We received an anonymous tip telling us to be here at ten forty-five. I’d assume that call came from you.”

Harbinger becomes perplexed as he has no idea what Knowles was talking about. “I didn’t make any calls to you people. Why would I do something like that? That’ll just ruin everything unless…unless he called you. But why would he call you? It doesn’t make sense.” As Harbinger continues to ramble on to himself while looking at the ground and grasping his white hood, Knowles slowly grabs her 9mm from her holster. Harbinger quickly sees this as he uses his ability to slow down time to zip on over to her disarming the gun from her hand. Harbinger’s inhuman-like strength lifts Knowles up, by her wrist, as he begins to question her. “You said, ‘We got an anonymous tip.’ So tell me something. Who’s we?

Just as Knowles was about to reply, a loud booming sound is heard as Harbinger drops Knowles and falls to the ground with a giant hole on the back of his clothes. The sound came from the smoking barrel of a shotgun as Agent Dawson appears from out of the darkness as he pumps his round to reload. “That would be me. Oh, and by the way, you’re under arrest.” Dawson extends his hand to help give Knowles a hand, but she refuses as the stubborn detective gets back up on her own.

“I don’t…think so.” Says Harbinger as he stands back up facing his attacker. Dawson unloads two more rounds into the Harbinger’s chest, but it does not faze him as the sociopath quickly grabs the shotgun and crushes the front barrel as if it was a piece of tin foil. Both Dawson and Knowles try their best to fight off Harbinger using their skills in hand-to-hand combat, but it was useless as their punches had no effect against his brute-like strength. With a single blow from his hand, the Harbinger easily knocks out both law enforcers in an unconscious state. As Dawson and Knowles lie on the ground, Harbinger walks over to agent Dawson as he lifts one foot up over his head. “I told him not to bring the cops. Now he will pay. THEY ALL WILL PAY!” As Harbinger is about to crush the skull of the Interpol agent, a sudden burst of fire hits the back of him knocking the villain off balance. Harbinger turns around only to see Shijin walking out of the building, which he threw the hero into, with his staff in hand.

“No!” Shijin exclaimed as he continues to walk closer to Harbinger with determination in his eyes. “No one gets to die. Not tonight or any other night, as long as I am around.” Shijin stops walking, just ten feet from Harbinger, as he holds his staff in the traditional defensive shaolin stance. “This ends tonight, Alex. No more distractions, no more excuses.”

A small grin can be seen on Harbinger’s face as he finally gets what he wanted all along for the last two months. “I’m gonna enjoy watching you die, Melvin Simpson.” Harbinger rips off his tattered hoodie as he throws his clothing to the side and charges at Shijin with full force. The impact is loud as Harbinger tackles Shijin while sending them both to the ground. Harbinger lays on top of Shijin as he begins to lay several punches his chest and abdomen, like a sledge hammer wailing on a piece of dead meat. Shijin manages to finally block and counter the punches by dropping his staff, using both of his hands to grasp Harbinger’s fists, and curl up his leg in order to deliver a kick to the chin of the mad man while pushing him off of his body. Harbinger is knocked several feet back as Shijin quickly gets back up on his two feet. The kick from Shijin was hard enough to dislocate Harbinger’s jaw as it hangs from his mouth, but it does not last as Harbinger uses his hand to push his jaw back into place and uses his speed to charge at the hero once more. Shijin sees his foe coming towards him, this time, as he quickly takes off his trench coat uses it like a matador throwing his enemy off course. Harbinger falls for the trick as he charges into the coat while Shijin wraps the coat around his enemy’s head and throws him to the ground. “Not bad.” Harbinger says as he rips the dark coat off of his face and stands back up, facing the Shijin. They begin to start a fist fight with each other all along the pier. Their fight is like something out of the last ten minutes of an action movie as the Harbinger’s sixth sense and strength is matched only by Shijin’s speed and martial arts in kung-fu. The fight lasts for several minutes with every blow that is exchanged, between the two, as they become more and more drained as they both become bloody and bruised. Shijin suffers more damage from the fight because of Harbinger’s superior strength. Harbinger finally gets the upper hand as he strikes Shijin, in the chest, sending the hero on to the side of the rocky edge of the pier. With a bloody smile across his face, Harbinger walks over to Shijin and grabs him by the collar of his shirt, leaving him to dangle over a fifty foot drop into the rocks below. “I’ve been waiting for this moment!” Harbinger exclaims while still leaving Shijin to hang from the sociopath’s hand, “The moment where I finally kill the only person who was able to stop me! Funny isn’t it? That without your staff, you’re nothing more than powerless piss-ant college student.” Shijin laughs as Harbinger becomes perplexed from his laughter. “What’s so funny?”

“I got news for you Scarface!" Shijin replies as he pulls himself closer to Harbinger’s face. “After the last two months, I’ve come to realize now that my powers don’t come from within the staff!” Shijin pulls his head back and rams it forward into the nose of Harbinger. The impact forces Harbinger further inland pulling Shijin back onto dry land. Harbinger falls onto the ground as he looks back at Shijin as he stands back up on his feet while spitting out some blood and finishing his sentence. “The powers come from within me!”

The headbutt, from the Shijin, breaks Harbinger’s nose as he gets back up, covers one hand over his bloody nose, and becomes shocked as he tries to put the pieces together. “But…how’s dis bossible? You din hab dis before!”
“I didn’t, up until yesterday.” Shijin replies as he walks closer to the crippled Harbinger. “What you forget to remember is that the power of the Shijin has four special abilities. Each one corresponds to all four of the celestial animals.
“But…but Ibe seen only dree of dem.” Harbinger says as he crawls back from Shijin as he becomes a little scared. “Turtle is cold, pheonix is fire, and…and diger is medal. What could bossibly be de fourd?”

Shijin smiles back at his foe as he spits out a little more blood and continues to answer Harbinger’s question. “The one ability that everyone over looks, but they know it’s there after the fight is over. Whenever the Shijin is under attack in hand-to-hand combat, their body metabolizes kinetic energy into greater physical attributes with every hit they take. Afterwards, they rechannel this energy into their own temporary physical strength. This is the power…of the dragon and I’ve been saving up my energy since you knocked me into the bay.”

“No.” Harbinger replied as gets back up in anger. “Dat’s not fair. Dat’s not fair at all!” He puts down his hand, which was covering his broken nose, as Harbinger grips both of his bloody fists. The rage from within Harbinger grows even greater as his eyes turned bloodshot red and lets out a deep growling tone that made Shijin a little uneasy. “This was not supposed to happen.”

Shijin smirks as he notices the anger and desperation on Harbinger’s face. “Face it tiger, this just isn’t your night.” Harbinger lets out a loud roar as he uses his full speed to rush into the sorcerer. Shijin quickly reacts by creating an ice slide in front of him forcing Harbinger to slip up and fall over on the ground. With nothing more than blind fury in his eyes, Harbinger stands back up once more and begins to throw a flurry of wild punches at Shijin. The Shijin deflects his punches as he strikes back by hitting him in several vital parts on the Harbinger’s body. The damage that Harbinger takes overwhelms him as the sociopath finally realizes what it’s like for his own powers to be used against him. Shijin uses the last of this energy by delivering a kick to the back of Harbinger’s knees and hitting him with a knee strike to the face of his enemy. The man that had plagued this hero’s life, for the last twenty-four hours, is finally defeated as that last hit from Shijin forces him to drop dead to the ground. Shijin looks over the unconscious body of Harbinger as he breathes in a deep sigh of relief knowing one thing as he leans into his enemy’s ear. “This…this is how it ends. It’s over.”

“You got that right.” Dawson replied from behind Shijin as he and Knowles walk over to handcuff Harbinger. “We can take care of the rest from here.”

“Not before I get some answers.” Shijin exclaims as he raises his hand in front of Dawson. “I want to know what’s so important about Melvin Simpson that you had to look into his personal life.”

Dawson snickers back at Shijin, “Well…‘officially’ that is classified. But ‘unofficially’ none of your goddamn business. So take your pick.” Shijin grabs Dawson by his bulletproof vest as Dawson quickly draws his gun into Shijin’s face while they stare into each other’s eyes. “You wanna try something ‘hero?’ Go ahead…”

“Stop it, both of you!” Knowles exclaims as she pushes herself in between the two in order to break them apart. “Jesus Christ! We should all be on the same side here. We got Alexander Ibermann, let’s leave it at that!” The sirens from the police cars can be heard from miles away as Knowles notices Shijin picking up his staff and dark coat. She rushes over to the sorcerer has he is about to leave the scene. “Wait!” Knowles manages to grab Shijin, by the arm, as he looks back at the detective. “I’m not really good at saying these sorts of things but…thanks.” Shijin nods back at Knowles as he disappears into the night.

As the police and paramedics arrive at the yacht harbor, agent Dawson tries to interrogate Harbinger as he is strapped and handcuffed onto the gurney of the van while detective Knowles gives out her report on tonight’s events with the chief of police. After several minutes have passed, both Dawson and Knowles meet up once more. “So did you get anything out of Alex over there?” Knowles asks as they both walk back to the parking lot.

Dawson shakes his head as he replies back to his partner. “He couldn’t say anything even if he wanted to. Paramedics say that the beating he took gave him a fractured jaw and several broken teeth. His jaw is going to be wired shut for a few months.”

Knowles stops herself from walking as she halts Dawson to talk to him for a minute. “Can I ask you something? What the hell is wrong with you? We were this close to having an alliance with one of the superheroes, and you pissed all over that with your stubborn macho bullsh*t! Just what exactly were you thinking?”

Dawson does not answer her question as his cell phone begins to ring. “Excuse me one second, I need to answer this.” Dawson walks away from Knowles as begins to talk into his cell phone. “Yeah? Alright, but that will take some time. I understand…I’ll give you a call when he’s about to be transferred.”

“Good, just make sure where and when so my men can extract my son from the city.” Dr. Ibermann replied as he hangs up his cell phone from inside of a private Learjet. He redials his phone to call for his hired help. “Marzanna, I need you to meet me over in the college district in two hours. A new problem has come up and I need you there.” Ibermann hangs up his cell phone, once more, as he views at a holographic map of San Francisco with two red dots that are moving slowly west of the city.

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Chapter 12: Aftermath

Restless, bloody, and beaten with an inch of his life, this is what the superhero Shijin is going through after fighting an enemy that was three times stronger than him. Shijin stumbles down the dark alleyways of San Francisco as he tries to find someplace to hide and recuperate from the brutal fight that he underwent earlier tonight with the sociopathic Harbinger. As the hours pass, Shijin transforms himself back to his alter ego, Melvin Simpson, and manages to come across the Hallowed Grounds Café that he works at. Melvin decides that his work will be the best place to hide out as he uses his keys to enter the closed building. But it does not take long as Melvin begins to loose conciseness and collapses to the ground after taking just two steps inisde the coffee shop. The fall that Melvin took forces him to drop his staff and leave the back door wide open as he tries to fight with every inch of his being to stay awake, but utterly fails. He closes his eyes as he wants this night to end already, but knows deep down that the night is far from over.

A female voice shouts, in the distance, as she makes her way to the back of the coffeehouse. “Melvin?” She sees the back door open as her instincts tell her to check it out cautiously. She peeps around the corner to see Melvin lying perfectly still on the ground. “Oh god, Mel!” Melvin begins to wake up, once more, as he hears a familiar voice coming towards him. He looks over to see his girlfriend Judy kneeling over to him as she slowly lifts the upper portion of his body up against the wall. “Shit, I can’t believe you actually fought him.” Judy says as she takes off his shirt to check on his wounds. Melvin’s body is riddled with severe cuts and bruises as Judy grabs the first aid kit and begins to treat his injuries.

Melvin coughs several times as he tries to muster a question from out of his mouth. “How…how did you know I…”

“Don’t talk baby.” Says Judy as she interrupts Melvin and continues to wrap bandages around his arms, shoulders, and chest. “When my grandpa and I got back to his house, we heard on the news that Harbinger psycho was already arrested and the Shijin had left the scene. We tried calling your cell, but there was no answer. So we decided to split up to look for you.” Judy goes on by using some antiseptic wipes on the cuts on Melvin’s abdomen and face. “I still can’t believe he did all of this to you.”

“You think this looks bad, you should…you should see the other guy.” Melvin replied as he chuckles at his joke while making Judy smile and laugh a little at the same time to lighten the mood. Melvin coughs a few more times as he slowly pushes himself closer up against the wall and slowly places both of his arms on his lap. “I hope you don’t mind Judy, but I feel like I need to rest my eyes for a little bit. I feel like this has been the longest two days of my entire life.”

Judy leans in next to Melvin as she softly whispers in his ear. “You go right ahead, baby. I’ll take care of everything.” She kisses the side of Melvin’s cheek as he begins to close his eyes falling to sleep. This leaves Judy to finish up treating his injuries without any more interruptions and closing the back door of the coffeehouse so she can be alone with Melvin for the rest of the night.


As night progresses into the next morning, Melvin finally wakes up to see himself bandaged and stitched up from his injuries. He slowly gets up from off of the ground, puts his shirt back on, and looks at his watch to see that it is almost six-thirty in the morning. As Melvin walks out of the back room and into the front area of the empty coffeehouse, he sees Judy sleeping in one of the plush chairs. The way she sleeps is somewhat peaceful as Melvin quietly walks across the room to fire up the espresso machine and make some coffee for the both of them. After a several minutes have passed, Melvin manages to make two cups of espresso and brings one of them to his girlfriend. Judy’s nose perks as the smell from the coffee slowly wakes her up and sees Melvin as she smiles at him with delight. “Hey you.”

“Hey yourself.” Melvin replied as he hands over her morning cup of joe. As Judy takes a sip from Melvin’s espresso, Melvin caresses the left side of his shoulder. “I have to say Judy; you did one hell of a job patching me up. Where did you learn how to do that?”

“Most of it was self taught when I use to take in sick animals as a little girl. The other half was from watching one too many hospital shows.” Judy replies as she takes another slow sip from her cup and places the espresso on the table adjacent to her. She looks over to Melvin and notices a look of concern on his face. “What’s the matter?”

Melvin turns his back from Judy as he walks several feet away from her and turns back around. “I screwed up.” Melvin answered as he grips his right fist and presses it up against his own head. “I mean, I should have been more cautious about my identity, but now I got law enforcement looking into my personal life and a super powered psycho who nearly killed the three of us last night.” He slams his fist up against the counter as he becomes frustrated by the events that have happened. “I’ve seen this before in a lot of comic books that I have read. Once the villain finds out about the hero’s secret identity, they’ll either go public or after their loved ones.”

“But you have beaten the snot out of him.” Judy replied as she stands up from her chair. “Doesn’t that count for something? Like he’ll stop coming after us?”

“Yes and no.” Melvin answered as he rests his legs on the corner of the counter. “It counts for scoring one for the good guys, but fuels Harbinger’s hatred towards me and will find some way to recover, break out, and repeat the process all over again until one of us winds up dead.” Melvin places his palm over his face as he becomes stressed out from the possible situations that are going through his head. “But then again, if it’s not some super powered asshole that comes after you or me, there’s always somebody else. Like an assassin, a mad titan-like god who has a grudge against The Sentinels, or worst of all some two-bit criminal with a gun that I use to put away.”

Judy walks over to Melvin as she places her hand on his shoulder. “Hey…” Judy simply replied as she takes her boyfriend’s hand out of his face so Melvin can look directly at her. “…I get it; the Shijin will always have enemies in his life. I knew the risks the moment I found out about this and so did my grandpa. And these are the risks we are willing to take…I, am willing to take.”

Melvin uses his hand to brush back his girlfriend’s long dark hair as he leans in and gives her a passionate kiss. After their kiss, he pulls himself back and looks at Judy, “Are you sure about this?” Melvin asks with serious tone.
Judy gives off a little smile as she places her index finger on Melvin’s lips and uses her other hand to hold his hand. “Trust me.” Judy answered, “There’s not single thing in this world that will drive me apart from you. Besides, you’re not the only one that can hold your ground in a fight.”

“So I've been told.” Melvin replied as he smiles back and the two young lovers continue with their kiss. The couple intensify their moment as Melvin tightly grabs the back of Judy and starts throw her on top of the counter. Judy bites her lower lip, in excitement, as she slips her hands under Melvin’s shirt. “Ah…ow! Dammit!” Melvin exclaimed as the two quickly stop, in their tracks, as he places his hand on his abdomen and sits in one of the chairs.

“Oh crap.” Judy says as she jumps off of the counter and kneels next to Melvin with concern. “Are you alright?”

“I’m good.” Melvin replied as he grunts from the intense pain. “But I think it’s too early for…that.” He looks back at the front of the closed coffeehouse as the couple forgot about the giant windows out in front. “Besides we wouldn’t want to put on a free show for everyone out there.”

Judy looks at the windows and back at Melvin covering her mouth in shock. “Oh my god! We almost…and the windows are right there.” The two laugh together as they stand back up, grab their possessions, and begin to walk out the front door. “It’s alright. There’s more than one way to celebrate our victory. We’ll just stay in the dorm, eat some junk food, and watch cable TV all day. I heard they’re running a Super House marathon today.”

“Sounds like a good plan.” Melvin replied as he walks into the back to lock the door that he entered from last night. After Melvin locked the back door, he sees his staff lying up against the wall. He picks it up to see the colorful celestials flying around, inside the orb of the staff, while looking back at him. He smiles at the magical animals as they look directly at him, “I have a feeling that we’re all going to have some good times.” Melvin then converts his staff into a green rubber ball and walks out the front door with Judy, holding hand in hand, back to their dormitory.


“That’s him?” A voice asks as he hands over the binoculars to his partner with a perplexed look on his face. They view from afar as they stalk Melvin and Judy from across the street on top of a building. “I don’t get it, Nate. Shijin is supposed to be asian, but all I see is a white guy.”

Nate views through the binoculars as he replies to his partner in a raspy voice. “Probably some sort of shape shifting ability. What’s the point of fighting crime if you don’t wear a mask? I’ll have to say, it’s a damn good idea.” Nate places the binoculars on the ledge as he pulls out a small revolver, from his leather coat, and hands it to his partner. “So here’s the plan, Jim. Mugging is out of the question, so you are going to approach them from the front and put two rounds into his girlfriend’s head. The shock will overcome him as I quickly grab the kid from behind and…and…” Nate pauses, for a minute, as he senses something. He looks behind him to see Dr. Ibermann standing twenty feet from the two individuals. A look of frustration appears on both Nate and Jim as Ibermann crosses both arms behind him. “Hello Hermann, it’s been awhile. Twenty years is it? My, oh my you haven’t aged a day.”

“Neither have you…or James for that matter.” Ibermann replied sarcastically as the three stare each other down. “I guess you’re wondering how I tracked you two down this time, Nathan. After your feast in Hickman, Kentucky, your abilities were activated through Oracle and I simply followed you to this exact place.”

“F*CK MAN! We’re screwed! SCREWED I TELL YOU!” Jim yells out as he aims the revolver at Dr. Ibermann shaking his hand around.

“You got that right.” Marzanna replied as she appears from behind Jim pressing a desert eagle up against his head and a smile across her face. “Nice pea shooter by the way. Care to see mine?”

As Nate is about to turn around, Interpol agent Michael Dawson appears as well with a Glock 17 to the back of Nate’s head. “Don’t you move asshole.”

Nate let’s out a small chuckle as he stares back at Iberman. “You hired humans to block out our senses. Bravo to you Hermann, but what makes you think a bullet to our heads will put us down. This hasn’t exactly worked in the past.”

“You’re right, it hasn’t.” Ibermann replied as he slowly walks up to Nate. “But they are there so I can have your undivided attention. You see, I have come here to offer you and James the one thing that you truly want…a truce.”

“Truce?” Jim says as he lowers his revolver and starts laughing. “And I thought I’m dumb when I’m high.”

Nate and Ibermann look at each other as Nate can clearly tell that he was not lying. “Why now?”

Ibermann walks back from Nate as he explains his reason. “I made a promise, to an old friend, that I would look after his children from the likes of you. You remember Jack Crawford? That’s his son you were planning to feed on.”

“That is Crawford’s son?” Nate replied as he looks over the ledge, one last time, and looks back with a smirk on his face. “You’re right. The kid almost looks like him unlike his old man who had that stupid mustache and ponytail. What a hippie he was. Although he did tasted just right when I murdered him.” Ibermann rushes up to Nate and delivers a hard punch to his jaw. Nate spits out blood and several teeth as he grins with satisfaction. “Thanks buddy.” Nate raises his hands and mentally pushes both Marzanna and Dawson up against an adjacent concrete wall while Jim raises his revolver back up and points it directly at Ibermann’s head.

Ibermann looks at Jim as he unbuttons his suit to reveal an explosive device around his waist. “You sure you want to do that James? We’ll all go and there will only be one left.”

Jim cocks the trigger back, but his gun is quickly pulled away by Nate’s telekinesis. “So what’s the truce, Hermann?”
Ibermann smiles as he finally gets what he wants out of the two. “You leave Crawford’s children alone and I’ll stop hunting both of you. It’s as simple as that. Do we have a deal?”

Nate walks up to Ibermann and extends his hand out in agreement, “Deal.” As the two shake hands, Nate mentally drops both Marzanna and Dawson to the ground. “Come on, Jim. Let’s go the Tenderloin district and feed off of some homeless people.”

As Nate and Jim begin to take the stairs, Ibermann shouts back at the two. “You know…it’s not too late! You and James can come back to The Town anytime! We can help try and cure both of your addictions!”

Nate and Jim chuckle, almost in unison, as Nate shouts back to Ibermann. “You couldn’t help us twenty years ago, so there’s no point in helping us now! I guess, if the five of us had never stumbled upon that tablet, our lives would have been a lot simpler!” With that said both Nate and Jim walk downstairs and onto the ground floor.

As Ibermann looks over the ledge to see Nate and Jim walk in the opposite direction, both Dawson Marzanna walk over to Ibermann. Dawson scratches his head as he is perplexed from what Nate said. “What does he mean by a tablet?”

“That is none of your concern.” Ibermann replied as he looks back at the two. “What’s the status report? Starting with you, Marzanna.”

Marzanna takes a deep breath and sighs as she gives her report. “The job interview went off without a hitch. Amy McCready will start working as a part-time barista girl on Tuesday.”

Ibermann nods as he looks over to Dawson for his report as well. “Your son is currently arrested, but cannot move due to his injuries. By next week, Interpol will extradite your son back to Europe where he will face crimes against humanity. As for Melvin Simpson, there will no longer be any type of investigation on him since the primary suspect is in custody.”

“Good.” Ibermann replied as he gives them another round of orders. “Agent Dawson since this case is now closed, I want you convince Ms. Knowles to hand that sealed envelope over Melvin Simpson and take my son off of their hands. When he gets to the airport, my men will know what to do from there. As for you Marzanna. Develop a friendship with Melvin as you are working with him. If any life threatening harm befalls him, I want you to take them out. Do you two understand your orders?” Both Dawson and Marzanna nod in agreement as they walk away from Ibermann’s sight. As the two leave his presence, Ibermann looks back over the ledge of the building and turns on a holographic projection of the world from his wrist. He becomes exhausted as he sees red, blue, green, and yellow dots scattered all over the globe. “Perhaps it is time to hire more help from the outside.”

End of Second Arc

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OOC: This story arc is a collaboration between myself and KevinDWolf93


Chapter 13: Greetings from The Town


"My god, what a slow graveyard shift." Says one pudgy security officer as he takes a swig from his warm cup of coffee. He sits in a large dimly lit room with his small swivel chair as he monitors more than a two dozen security cameras which shows different parts of every neighborhood street. As the officer continues to view the security screens, he sees that his co-worker entering the room as he brings in a pink box of donuts. The pudgy officer looks at the clock and to his partner, as he makes his way over to him while grabbing a bear claw from the box. "It's three minutes to six, Larry. If I didn't know any better I'd say that this is the fourth time, this week, that you were cutting it pretty close."

Larry looks at his co-worker, in annoyance, as he fills out his time-sheet card. "I made it here and that's what matters Ben. Besides, you still owe me a hundred pounds from that World Series bet."

"Hey, how was I suppose to know that the Giants were going to be the Rangers?" The two laugh at Ben's comment as the corner of the control board lights up with several red buttons. "What the hell?" Ben says to himself as he and Larry both notice the security alarm going off with a voice message repeating itself. "Warning. Warning. Intruder approaching from the outer southwest sector." Both Larry and Ben walk over to the control board as they mash several buttons to get a view from one of the outdoor security cameras. "I see...what appears to be a wolf coming this way. That's funny; I thought all the wolves were extinct on this island."

"I don't think that that's a wolf, Ben." Larry replied as he zooms the camera for a tighter shot. "Look a little closer at it." He points to screen as he sees the wolf walking on two legs. They both look at each other and back at their control board continuing to mash more buttons. "It looks like we have ourselves a Code 32. When he gets close enough, I'm gonna hit him with the sentry turrets."

"That won't necessary." Ben says as he stops Larry and points to another computer screen. On that computer screen, there is facial recognition software that matches the unknown wolf man to the program. "It says here that Dr. Ibermann invited him to come to the Falkland Islands and we are supposed to open the front gate." They both give each other a simple shrug as Ben hits a few more buttons on the control board. "Well Mr. Remington, hope you enjoy your stay in ”The Town."


Rob would be walking through the forest in that time. He glanced around eagerly, the note he received from Harbinger clutched tightly in his hand. The wolf-man would be mid thought when he was made aware to the opening gates. "Ok, so coming alone might not have been my best idea. I-...Well. If that's not a welcome wagon, I don't know what is." Rob snarks, before walking through the gates.

As the gates open up, Rob would see a nicely paved road which leads into to a suburban neighborhood. Each house has nice modern tone to itself along with a standard two story floor followed by different color schemes. Several people look outside of their homes, and front yards, as they stare in awe at Remington passing through the gates. Before anyone could think about approaching the nine foot wolf, a dodge challenger turns the corner of the street and drives toward Remington. Decreasing its speed until coming to a grinding halt, the man gets out of his car with an enthusiastic smile across his face. He looks exactly like Alexander Ibermann but without the burnt scars on his face, having a full head of brown hair, and dresses himself like a male catalogue model from Miami. His white suit flashes against the morning sun as he greets himself while extending out his hand. "So you must be Mr. Remington, how are ya? The name's Patrick, Patrick Henry von Ibermann."

Remington glanced around at the quality of the place. It was quite impressive, to be honest. He would take several steps, before noticing all of the staring. It took a second to register that it would be directed at his unusual appearance. A common thing the wolf-man himself would forget from time to time, ironically enough. Likewise, before he could say or do anything about it, his ears would pick up a car. He instantly took a defensive position. He stared down the car as it came to a stop, not breaking focus at all. He would remain combat ready as Patrick stepped out of his car. The resemblance to Harbringer would be in the back of his head, however seeing how polite he was lowered Rob's guard. At the sight of the Dr.'s hand being out for a shake, Rob would switch to a normal posture, before taking Ibermann's hand in his own large one. "Umm, yes I am Robert Remington. You can call me Rob, if ya like. That's what everyone else...does. I’m doing well...it’s a pleasure to meet you too, Dr. Ibermann. You people seem to know everything about me already." Rob replied, apprehensively, unsure how to react to all of the formalities.

"Please, Dr. Ibermann is my father's name." Patrick replied as he shakes Remington's hand. "I, on the other hand, am his son. Younger than my father and a lot more handsome looking than my twin brother Alex." Patrick joked as he gives Remington a hard pat on the arm walks him to his car. "Would you like a ride to the main building Robbie?"

Rob would force a laugh at Patrick's jokes. If for no other reason than a quick reminder that he was stuck on an island that his father owned. The wolf-man humored Patrick further, putting on his best behavior by letting the slap on the arm as well as being called "Robbie" slide...not that he had a problem the name, it just felt odd, especially coming from him. When asked if he wanted a ride, Rob nodded and smiled. "That would be great. It's where we're heading after all, right? I bet I can even fit in this car!" Rob nervously joked. He still had no clue of this guy's intentions, though the trip would hopefully beat wandering around aimlessly.

Patrick smiles at Remington as he presses a button on his key chain. The charger instantly transforms itself as it extends the lower part just a little longer and removing the top part of the car roof into a convertible. "You do now." Patrick replied as the two get into the car and drive out of the suburban neighborhood. As Patrick continues drive down the streets of The Town, he stays on the proper speed limit as he lets Rob view the magnificent landscape from the general stores, to the banks, and even the family restaurants and bars. The Town was not something Rob was expecting at all as this place looks exactly like something out of any other civilized town with the people bustling to get to their morning jobs and the local law enforcement patrolling the streets. "Nice place, don't you think? If you have any questions, feel free to ask away."

Rob would be busy sightseeing as they drove on. Stunned at this little "Utopia", cut off from the rest of the world. As Patrick left himself open for questions, Rob took the bait and asked what was on his mind.
"It's...amazing. All of it. Though I've got two questions: One. Who are all these people? Something tells me not just anyone can rent a condo here. Two. Why did your dad lead me here? According to Harbinger, he's had an eye on me...for awhile."

Patrick laughs at Rob's comments as he begins to answer his questions. "All of these people are Metan's as well, Metanomalies of short. But they are all class one Metan's, like myself. Which is a Metan who has the gene, but does not have the acquired super powered abilities. They were all invited, like yourself, to come here and if they decided to stay here, they are more than welcome to stay. We give them the appropriate accommodations with work, a place to live, etc. As for your second question, my father invited you here not only to show you what we have to offer but to see what a class three Metan, like yourself, is capable of. Not only that, but my father wants to hire you for your unique set of skills in finding some people for us. But more on that later Robbie, because we are already here." They finally make it to a large building that looks similar to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. But the exterior looks a little lighter and the ground building is surrounded by a lush green park which is two acres long, in diameter. The only way someone would be able to drive up to this building is a single two lane road which leads to the front of the building. Patrick drives up to the front as he gets out of his car and tosses his keys to one of the valet men. "Listen up because this is a one of a kind car, my amigo. You scratch this, I'll scratch your ass. Got it?" The valet nods his head as Patrick smiles and gives him a light slap on the cheek. As he walks to the front of the revolving glass doors, he turns his head around to see Rob still sitting in his car. "Come on, Robbie! Here boy, time's a wasting!" Patrick exclaims as he claps his hands twice.

In the car, Rob would be thinking everything over. He would gladly help where he could, but would he consider living here? It looked nice enough, and according to him there may be people like him. Rob was still drawing conclusions about the decisions when Patrick called him over and clapped. At that, the wolf-man made a low growl in annoyance. Patrick's words had gone from sounding weird to demeaning in record time. Still, Rob got up and followed Patrick to the door. Though his mind is still full of questions as he followed along. "One last thing. What exactly is a level 3 metan...and how do you know I'm one?”

"What are you kidding me?" Patrick replied as the two entered the large building. "Just look yourself, dog. You're so huge that I think..."

"That would be enough Patrick!" Dr. Ibermann exclaims as he interrupts his son's words. He walks over to his son and places his hand on his shoulder while talking to him in a calm manner, "I can handle the rest from here, my son. Why don't you take care of that assignment at the Compound while I take care of Mr. Remington from here."

"Sure thing old man." Patrick replied as he heads out the front door. "I'll catch ya later, Robbie."

The doctor scratches the back of his lightly dark hair as he makes his way over to Robert. "I swear, if my enemies don't kill me first. It would probably be one of my kids." Ibermann jokes as he extends his hand to Robert. "Mr. Remington, I am Dr. Hermann von Ibermann and I apologize for my son's...arrogance. I did not know you were coming this late and I was just finishing up some previous work in the office."

Rob would take Dr. Ibermann's hand. "Heh. It's quite alright. He seems like a decent guy...anyways he gave me some details, but I'm still kind of in the dark. Would you mind filling me in?" Rob bluntly asks.

"Of course, of course. But let's discuss this a little bit more privately." Ibermann replied as he gestures Robert to come with him. "Follow me into my office."The two walk pass the giant lobby filled with various well dressed people & armed security guards dressed in dark tactical gear and into one of the elevators. Ibermann uses a special key card and slides it into the slot, thus overriding the elevator to the appropriate floor. As the two exits the elevator, Ibermann looks over Robert as explains the situation. "What I am going to tell, and show you, is something that is highly classified information. This cannot be shared by anyone no matter what the circumstances. Do we understand each other?" Ibermann asks as he and Robert stand right outside of a sealed door.

Rob nodded and quietly followed along, curiously glancing around. Once they exited the elevator, Rob stared at the door as Ibermann explained. "I understand. My snout's sealed." Rob jokes, as he glances back towards the door.

"Good, because this..." Ibermann replied as he pauses for a moment to slide his card next to the sealed door. As the door slowly opens up, Ibermann continues to finishes his sentence. "...is how we found you." The door opens up to reveal a large room which is covered, from wall to wall, with computer screens showing different parts of the world with colored dots scattered all over the map. In the middle of the room, there is a holographic projection of the world as it slowly rotates on the pedestal. Along with the high tech computers in the room, there are several scientists and technicians wearing white lab coats as they monitor different computers. "Welcome to the Oracle, Mr. Remington."

Rob looked on at the machine, jaw dropped. "Oracle, eh?" is the first thing he says. There were about a million things he could ask about it, and he was sure at least half would be skirted around or flat-out ignored. Not to mention expecting some kind of long speech, he settled for a few simple questions. "So is this what told you guys I’m a level 3 metan? Whatever that is, still in the dark there to be honest. How did the thing lock on me? Lastly...which of these blips are me?"

Ibermann’s smile quickly drops as he hears the questions coming from Rob. “That…is a little complicated to explain. So why don’t I let my assistant, Stephanie, tell you the simplistic details on how this works.” He introduces Rob to Stephanie as she brushes her short dark back and introduces herself.

“Hello Mr. Remington. There is no doubt that you have many questions that need to be answered. So why don’t get started, shall we? ” The two walk over to one of the computer screens as she zooms in on the The Town, itself. Stephanie pulls out an electronic pen, from her white lab coat, and uses it as a touch screen to point out the different colored dots on the map. “The metan DNA emits a small pulse out of our bodies that is invisible to the naked eye, but visible enough to be seen on a special infrared camera. We then use a special infrared satellite, orbiting around the globe, to pinpoint the location of where the metan’s, like yourself, are located.” She pulls up the screen to show Rob five different colored dots which are located in The Town. The screen begins to separate the different colored dots as it is easier for Rob to see and for Stephanie to use her pen as she points to the different circular colors. “There are five different classes for metanomalies, so it makes sense that we code these classes by colors. The thousands of yellow dots, which you see in The Town, are the class one metans. People who have the DNA, but did not underwent any dramatic events which gave them any special abilities. These people are no different than your everyday human. These thirty-three purple dots are the class two metans. They acquired their abilities, but it’s your basic one super power like enhanced super strength, optic laser eyes, flight, etc. You see where I am going with this? Any who, the eleven green dots are class three. They are the more stronger individuals, like yourself, who can inherit multiple abilities. The four blue dots, scattered around the place, are class four metans and this single red dot is a class five. You see, Mr. Remington, the higher the class the stronger they are and a class five is the most powerful of them all.”

"Makes sense, I suppose. Thank you Stephanie." Rob would reply, taking a look over at the Level 3 dots. Turning back to Ibermann, he nodded. He had about a few guesses about what ranks Harbinger and the doc himself were. With that in mind he respectfully told Ibermann. "That answers the questions I have, thank you as well doctor. Umm, I'll let you talk now."

Ibermann nods back to Robert while smiling politely. "Thank you Mr. Remington, now would care to step into my office for a moment? We have so much work to do with very little time." As Ibermann leads Robert into his office, he looks back at his assistant Stephanie as they both nodded at each other. The office is neatly clean with files and folders in an organized setting. As the two take their respected seats on opposite sides of the furnished oak desk, Ibermann pulls out two shot glasses and a bottle of whiskey. Ibermann serves himself and Robert a small glass as he pulls out several red folders. "Tell me something Mr. Remington, despite what you hear about me on the news what do you think of me?"

Rob stared at the folders, passing away the drink. "No thanks, your asking the wrong Remington to enjoy a drink. Despite what you might hear about me, I don't go to bars for the booze. Stupid body doesn't even let me enjoy it." Rob jokes, before continuing. "Truth be told, I haven't really followed the news much...never really have actually. Though most press is bad press I've figured out, heh, I like to form my own opinions. Right now, I can't say much. Though I'm willing to listen to you. As well as take a gander at what’s in that folder you'd like to show me."

Ibermann smiles at Rob as he takes a swig from his glass and hands over the folders. "Very well." He pours himself another drink as he begins to explain his situation. "As you may have figured it out by now, I am a class five metan. Which makes me the first...well, one of the first at least. There are five of us out there and when we first came together, we all had a goal. To find out the mysteries of our kind and to find a way of how we can benefit the rest of the world with our...unique abilities." Ibermann opens up the four red folders to show Rob a dossier of each of his friends. The dossier's reveal four pictures of different men along with basic information about each individual. "The first person is James Daniels. A hotshot who is more bold and daring than anyone else you would ever meet. But despite his attitude, he is always balanced out by his good friend Nathaniel Raynes. Patient, quiet, calculated, and spoke in a way that would make your skin crawl. This next fellow was good a friend of mine in which we shared the same ideals. Jack Crawford was his name...and if you ever met the guy, you knew right away that he would be someone that you could always count on. And the most important one of the bunch is Jonathan Levingston. A true leader in his own right. Together...we were the men behind the curtain in shaping this world for over a hundred years."

"That's pretty damn impressive if I may say so." Rob replies, eying the drink. He doesn’t take it, but he could use something in his stomach, he realizes. "Though, to be both respectful and understanding, I would like to know why exactly this involves me. These four very powerful men and me."

Ibermann pulls his chair up as he separates three of the folders and hands one of them over to Rob. "This man, Jonathan Levingston, is your great great ancestor." Before Rob could muster any type of response, the doctor quickly raises his hand in order for him to complete his explanation. "You see, when my people discover new metanomalies, we do a thorough background check on them as well. Everything from their occupations, to their credit card history, and even every branch of the family tree. As it turns out you are a descendant to Jon and I guess he failed to mention that to us in the past. I guess it was a good thing since you weren't around here twenty years ago. Boy, were those dark times for the five of us."

Robert's eyes wouldn’t have left the folder for a split-second, once Ibermann let the surprise out. He heard every word from the Dr., and was sure another speech was coming about that, but this seemed more pressing at the moment. The man in the picture did bear a bit of a resemblance to Rob...well, before he got wolfed anyways. His dad's side of the family was Irish who immigrated back in the 20's, though it was obvious Ibermann went back further. That left his mom's side, native Texans, which was possible. However that left the question of whether or not she knew, and if she didn't how far back that knowledge did go before getting lost. By the time he got around to wondering about Mr. Levingston himself, the wolf-man's head started hurting from over thinking things. He decided to let Ibermann do the talking. "I'm sorry; this is a lot to take in, Dr. Ibermann. Did he know about me...in particular? You only found out recently so who's to say he even knew where his lineage went." Rob begins. The question was a legitimate one, though it hid something deeper. A thought: If someone can live forever, would they even care about something like family.

"He did know about something." Ibermann replied as he continues to sit calmly in his chair and sip the last of his whiskey. He pours himself another glass as the affects of the hard alcohol did not seem to affect him at all. Ibermann continues to remain as sober as a Mormon on Sunday as he answers more of Robert's questions. "Jonathan led more of a different life than the rest of us, juggling a family in one hand and a mistress in the other. In 1902, Jon's wife and children left him after learning about Ms. Nora Lambert, your great great grandmother, and her pregnancy. Afterward Jon became furious as he blamed everything on Ms. Lambert and wanted to never see her, or the unborn child, for as long as he lived. Which is...quite a long time." Ibermann jokes as he finishes up the rest of Jon's story. "As for the rest of his family offspring, they all died tragically here twenty years ago. But that's a story for another day."

Rob looked up and listened intently. Once his family’s origin was revealed he began to grip the dossier on Levingston very tightly. His question was answered, but he didn't seem to apply regardless. Once Ibermann finished, Rob stared him down before opening his mouth.

"With all due respect Mr. Ibermann, how the f*ck did you think I was going to take hearing that?!?" Rob yells, as he lunges to his feet and tosses the wrinkled file on the table, several feet in front of him. "That I'm alive, and my family exists because of a secret? Some guys mistake? I'm sorry, but was there a reason for sharing this...beautiful story? Or did you think that telling me that there's some immortal running around who hates my family's guts would be a good conversation starter?" By that point Rob had sat back down and toned down his volume, though it was obvious he was still plenty upset over the revelation.

Ibermann remains calm throughout Robert's explosive reaction to the truth. He gestures his hand over to Rob's drink, encouraging him to take a sip to calm his nerves. "My apologies Mr. Remington, I was merely trying to tell you the truth about your origins. I did not expect your reaction to be quite...impulsive. As for the 'immortal' part, well...let's just say that even gods can die as well. Which brings me to the final reason why I brought you here. You see, Mr. Remington, my life is in danger and I want to hire the RPA for protection."

Rob would take a deep breath to calm down, before waving away the alcohol. "No thanks, it won't help much. Also, I should apologize for the outburst...I can be an impulsive guy. As for Levingston, I will admit it was very engaging. I'd like to have met that man...well, I would have up until the last part of that story. Though the feeling would probably not be mutual to begin with, considering things." Rob says, as he begins to rub his temples. "But to change the subject, I'd be happy to help. Who's got it out for you? I'll do what I can, but compared to you and guys like Harbinger...I wouldn't be all that impressed by what I bring to the table."

"Oh...I have a feeling that you will be my ace in the hole if you accept my offer." Ibermann replied as he gets out of his chair and walks over to pick up the crumbled folder that Rob threw on his desk. "Because the man who wants me dead is the same person who neglected you and your family for a very long time." The good doctor opens up Levingston's folder, once more, and places it right in front of Robert on the desk. "So what do you say, Mr. Remington, are you in or are you out?"

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Posted 29 November 2010 - 09:55 PM

Chapter 14: Meet the Gang

The alarm in The Town's hotel would be blaring. The wolf-man would lazily wake up. The bed in the hotel room was both his size and very comfortable.

"I'm up." Rob would say aloud as he turns off the alarm. Hopping out of the bed, he would head towards the shower. Ibermann really had all the accommodations set. After finishing up, Rob would look at the time. Ibermann's assistant would be coming by about now. Realizing this, Rob hurried out his door and rushed downstairs at top speed. "Sh*t, she's already probably waiting!"

Much to Rob's speculation he is right as Ibermann's most loyal assistant, Stephanie, waits patiently outside of the hotel parking lot while wearing her favorite black business suit. Stephanie leans back on the trunk of her car as she talks to Dr. Ibermann from her cell phone. "I don't like this at all. It's one thing that he accepted your job offer yesterday, but training him with the Trackers is insane. What if they go too far with him?" Stephanie asks as a look of concern grows on her face.

"They will not, otherwise they will have answer to me." Dr. Ibermann answers as he looks outside his office window that is overlooking The Town. He walks back over to his chair and takes seat as he looks over several dossier's. "Besides, Mr. Remington needs the training if he is going to fight people like us in the following days to come. Now I want you to follow through on today’s task. Can you do that for me?"

Stephanie hesitates, for a second, as she sees Rob coming out of his hotel room. "Yes...yes, I will. I have to go now, he's coming down stairs. I love you, bye." Stephanie quickly hangs up her phone, stands straight up, and waits for Rob as he rushes down the stairs.

Rob would have rushed through the lobby as a furry black and grey blur, making sure not to collide with anyone. After stepping out of the hotel's front door, he would spot Stephanie and groan. "Dammit Rob". Heading over to the assistant, the first words out of his mouth would be an apology. "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, I overslept."

That's alright," Stephanie replied as the two walk over to her car. "I was just finishing up a phone call with someone." As the two get into the car, Stephanie hands Rob a pink cardboard box. "Since you were in a rush this morning, I figured you needed some breakfast to keep your energy up today. I hope a box of mix donuts is alright with you." Stephanie pulls out of the parking lot and starts driving down the road.

"Wow, thanks." Rob said appreciatively, instantly opening the box once it was in his hands. Before he would begin to chow down he would ask Stephanie about the details. "So, Ibermann gave me the jest of what does gonna happen today, but I was wondering if you were allowed to say anything else." Rob said, immediately before forcing a twist donut down his throat. He'd begin chewing, waiting for an answer.

The wind blows past Stephanie's short hair as she drives cautiously while trying to answer Rob's question. "Well...as you know by now, we're heading over to The Compound right now. It is both a rehab and a training facility for metanomalies. There are some metans out there who tend to abuse their abilities for their own benefits. We hunt them down and bring them in to our facility where we teach them to harness their powers and channel them without causing any collateral damage. Our studies have shown much success, over the years, in teaching these people the right way to use their abilities. Because of this, we have established a team who specializes in bringing in corrupt metans calling themselves Trackers."

The wolf-man nodded as Stephanie spoke. "Right, right, and I'm gonna be doing some training with these ‘Tracker’ guys, right? How are they like?" Rob would ask curiously as his fur blows in the wind.

"They're...a colorful bunch." Stephanie replies as the two finally make it to the facility. "Here we are, Mr. Remington. Welcome to the Compound." The building looks just like something out of a state prison with several barbed wire fences surrounding the area and half a dozen security guards patrolling the complex. As Stephanie drives into the complex, she stops next to a guard post and pulls out her security card. The guard views Stephanie's card and nods back as he gestures his hand to make her move along. The two pull up to the front of the Compound as two more security guards stand in opposite directions of the front door. As Stephanie and Rob get out of the car, she walks over to Rob and leans into him whispering in his ear. "Just a little word of advice, don't get gullible around them. Otherwise they'll eat you alive."

The last sentence visibly unnerved the wolf-man a bit. The Tracker's were sounding very dangerous about now...maybe even too much for Mr. Remington. However Rob shook it off, to give Stephanie confidence. "Thanks for the advice. I’m really grateful for it, you’re too kind...*ahem* shall we continue?" Rob asks.

Stephanie smiles at Rob until she snaps out of it, "Oh, um...yeah sure. Right this way." She continues to lead him inside the Compound as they walk down several narrow corridors. Stephanie opens the door and gestures Rob inside a large gym. The room itself is filled with treadmills on the left side of the wall, weight machines neatly organized in the middle of the room, and free weights at the far end of the room. Along the right side of the room lies a group of people who are sitting in several chairs and tables discussing amongst themselves about different subjects. As Stephanie and Rob approach the group, they turn their heads to look at the nine foot wolf-man. Most look in awe at the mass appearance of Robert, while others just shrug and chuckle under their breath. The group straighten themselves up as Stephanie begins to introduce the team. "Mr. Remington, meet the Trackers. Kable, Wraith, Quartz, Toro, Gluttony, Ghost, Tech, Remedy, Sparrow, Psychol, Rolling Thunder, and Stephen Sauvé."

Robert's eyes would follow the individuals as they were introduced. He held back on chuckling at the names, thinking them all weird and a few downright corny, partially out of wanting a good first impression and partially out of fear of pissing off these guys. He had no clue what level they were...let alone what the levels even meant in a practical sense. To be fair, the wolf-man had always gone by his name Robert Remington, not opting for any kind of code name, thinking the whole concept redundant. Especially in his case where he was stuck looking how he does. Smiling once they were all acquainted, Rob nodded and introduced himself, holding out his large hand. "I'm Robert Remington."

Among the group of twelve the leader of their group, Stephen Sauvé, stands up from his chair and walks over to Robert. Stephen straightens out his maroon and black leather jacket and brushes his dark hair, with red dye streaks, back as he looks up to Robert ignoring his large hand. "Hey, um…me and the gang were wondering about something." He looks over to his group and back at Robert while caressing his handlebar mustache. As he leans into Robert's ear, he asks him a question which can be clearly heard across the room. "Can you blush?" Most of the group chuckles at Stephen's joke as most of them whisper and give each other a fist bump.

'Perfect. It's high school all over again...except this time with super powers' Rob silently thinks to himself, as he continued to look over Stephen. However his face doesn't break the light smile that he put on earlier. Actually if it had been back then, his answer would have been in the form of a left hook to his face. Remembering Stephanie's words Rob instead merely nodded, swallowing his pride all the way through, replying in an upbeat tone. "Actually...yes. Though it's kinda of difficult to see through all of the fur." Afterwards he would contemplate shooting Stephanie a quick glance, his hand still out.

"Well then, um...now that we're all acquainted. Let's get into the sparring room shall we?" Stephanie quickly replied as she gestures everyone into the next room.

"Lets..." Robert mutters under his breath as "the hunters" move ahead of him. He registers the bump if only just, being a large werewolf after all, as well as the looks. It was official: in any other situation he would have started knocking some teeth in, ASAP. Though due to the circumstances the wolf-man only gave a passive glare as they went into the room.

As the group follows Stephanie into the training arena, Stephen gives Robert a smirk as he bumps Robert's arm while passing by him. The others give Robert the same type of snide looks as they pass by him as well. Although, not everyone gives Robert the same bullsh*t treatment as the youngest member of the group, a teenage girl dressed in gothic clothing, smiles at him and shakes the wolf-man's hand. "Hi, I'm Mary. Or...Ghost is what they call me around here."

Robert was so focused on the group, that he didn't notice Ghost until his hand was grabbed and was directly spoken to. He turned in surprise towards the gothic teenager. Returning the smile and shaking her hand, he replied. "Oh, umm, hello Mary. A pleasure to meet you?"

"I hope so." Ghost replied as felt a little nervous around Robert's appearance. "Come on; let's not keep the rest of the them waiting."

As the two walk into the sparring room, Ghost is quickly halted by one of the Trackers before she could enter the room. He appears slightly bigger, looking like a body builder, wearing a gray tank top and olive cargo pants. "Sorry lil' lady, but orders from both Stephen and your old man say that you're not coming in here today."

Ghost's eyes open wide, in shock, as she becomes frustrated from what she hears. "What? Why not Adam?"

"Hey! First off, it's Quartz to you." Quartz exclaimed as he ushers Robert inside the sparring room. "Second, this session is going to be rough for some people over twenty-one. Since you're under the age limit, you can’t be allowed in here."

"That is bullsh*t and you know it!" Ghost replies back as she shouts over Quartz's shoulder and directly at Stephen. "I am nineteen years old and there is no way you're going to leave me in the dust out here. Especially since I--" Her words are quickly interrupted as Quartz shuts the door in front of Ghost.

"Blah, blah, blah." Quartz says to himself as he looks over to Robert. "F*cking rug munching emo. Come on big guy, let's get this over with."

"...right." is all that Rob verbalizes to Quartz, before joining the others. He would have protested in Ghost's favor; however he wasn't exactly sure what was going to happen in the first place. Might as well save the one who was nice to him the beating. There were questions about all of the Trackers, though Rob was most likely gonna have to hold them for later. [/quote]

"Okay fellas." Stephanie says as she walks over to the opposite end of the large sparring arena. The arena is a large dome, covered in white walls, and massive enough to where over five hundred people could easily fit in here. As Stephanie activates a computer on the side of the wall, the entire room flashes into an illumination of different holographic backgrounds. "Mr. Remington, welcome to the sparring room. A training facility where it creates realistic holographic projections for metans during their training sessions." Stephanie presses a few more buttons, on the computer, as the bottom floor of the room transforms into the top of a skyscraper and the walls into a nice view of a large city landscape during the middle of the day.

Rob marveled at the change of location. He would be distracted and begin to look around. "Wow. This is crazy...hey, so can we like fall off or something like that?"

"You can." Stephanie replied, "It provides all of the realistic simulations without any of the major side effects. Like death, for example."

Robert would have been peering over the edge of the building he was closest as Stephanie replied. Instantly he would have backed off, and into the center of the building. "Uh, ok...good to know. So, who's up first?" Rob replied, eyeing the Trackers.

Stephen smiles as he answers Robert's question. "Glad you asked. BOYS!!!" The Trackers surround Robert with each one preparing them selves for an attack. As the group encircles the large wolf-man, Stephen's hands light up with a blazing blue heat of fire. "This scenario...is King of the Hill. Last man, or woman, standing wins. Toro, Gluttony, and Psychol...You’re up first." Stephen orders as the first three members charge at Robert.

Gluttony was up first to take the first swing. His morbidly obese body is massive in size as he clutches both of his hands together and swings at Robert's face. “Huragghh!”

Rob would look around at the Trackers as they surrounded him. As Stephen ordered everyone around Rob gave off a wide smirk of his own. As the first foe charges at him, a very ‘large’ man, Rob would use his speed to sidestep the charging man and deliver a kick to his knee to knock him off his balance, before facing the other two charging enemies. "Game on." Rob yells, in excitement.

The clumsiness from Gluttony forces him off balance, fall onto the ground, and roll his enormous body off the side of the holographic building. As he falls off the edge, the computer goes off with a pleasant tone. "Gluttony has been eliminated. Ten more contenders remain."

Toro and Psychol are up next. Toro, a very strong looking Hispanic man, rips off his shirt and transforms himself into a giant bull with a pair of horns growing out the side of his head. He begins to charge at Robert as Psychol stays back. She presses the side of her dark skin temples as she gets a reading on Robert's mind and trying to predict what move he will make next.

Rob saw Toro transform and was intrigued. As he began to charge, Rob would be thinking of several ways he could outmaneuver the beast...however at the last second he decided to do something ‘fun’. Dropping low, he would attempt to grab the bull head-on at an angle, overpower him, and toss him off to the wolf-man's side.

As the bipedal Toro gets knocked to the side, Psychol delivers a psychic blast to the mind of Remington. The force knocks the big dog down to his knees as Toro delivers a thundering charge to Robert's chest while berating him. "That's right! F*ck this perra up, mi señora!" The rest of the Trackers continue to look on as the two-on-one assault continues.

Sensing the charging bull heading his way, Rob's next move would be acting purely on instincts due to the effects of the mind blast. Trying to rise to his feet when Toro connected, Rob would stand firm as best as he could against the charge albeit he would do everything in his power to move the horns out of the path o his chest to avoid being gored. Afterwards, Rob would ignore the pain from the strike and keep his grip on the bull's head. From there Rob would try to bring up his knee into Toro's face to make him more compliant for the next action. He needed to take out Psychol, and he had an idea on how to do it using Toro.

"Take 'em down guys!" Stephen exclaims as he continues to watch on. What he fails to see is Robert's momentum in grabbing the bull by the horns and throwing him directly at Psychol. The impact connects as both Toro and Psychol are knocked across the room. This catches the attention of Stephen as he notices his two members come flying right at him. "Oh sh*t! Heads up!" The leader shouts as they narrowly avoid their teammates, but one of his own did not hear the warning as Remedy notices this at the last second and is sent flying out of the arena as well. Now three more are eliminated from the sparring as the computer's voice chimes in once more. "Psychol, Toro, and Remedy are now eliminated. Seven contenders remain."

"No sh*t." Quartz replied as he laughs his ass off from what he just saw.

Stephen becomes frustrated as he walks over to Quartz. "You think that's funny? Well guess what? You're next!" Stephen shoves Quartz into the arena as he gestures Sparrow and Tech to fall in as well. Quartz, Sparrow, and Tech surround Robert, in a triangular formation, and prep themselves for an attack. Quartz starts by slamming both of his fists turning his entire body into the very hard mineral composed of silica, that his codename was given. The young Native American, who is called Sparrow, stretches out her arms as a pair of giant white and brown wings burst from her one-piece spandex suit. As she takes to the air, Tech lifts up his bionic arm and presses several buttons calculating the best overall strategy to defeat Robert. The gadget man then pulls out a very unique gun and starts shooting at Robert with energy based projectiles.

Rob would take a defensive stance. He was doing well so far, but he didn’t want to be cocky. Another big hit like that could be the end for him here. As he was surrounded, again, Rob would observe as everyone got ready for combat.

"Cool." He would say, impressed a bit by the show, but he didn’t have long to think as he would be shot at. Rob would take evasive maneuvers, trying to keep out of the man's line of sight. He would eventually try and take refuge by moving to attempt to vault over Quartz.

Quartz moves in as he throws a few punches at Robert. "Let's see how you do in hand-to-hand combat." As the two square off, Quartz briefly looks up at Sparrow giving her a nod. Sparrow stays up in the air until she begins her descent onto Robert from behind. Tech hangs back and aims his gun waiting for the right moment to take another shot at the wolf-man.

Rob would block a few shots with his arms, though a good strike to the ribs would get past his defense. Backing off, he would rub his torso, before nodding at the challenge. He would take a boxing stance, before smirking. "I warn you, I'm an accomplished brawler." Rob boasts, before duking in range of a hook to Quartz's chin.

"And I'm an accomplished ass kicker!" Quartz exclaims as he takes the shot to the chin and sways back holding Robert with a bear hug. As Quartz holds Robert in one place, he shouts out to give his order to his teammates. "Sparrow, move in! Tech, blast away!"

Rob would try and struggle free, to no avail. Quartz's grip was too much, even for the wolf-man. As Quartz gave out the orders Rob would, in a panic, struggle even harder as well as grip Quartz back in attempt to use the stronger foe to his advantage like he did with Toro. Rob would try and put Quartz off-balance enough so that he could whirl the rock man between him and his allies' attacks to absorb the damage.

Much to Rob's success, it works out perfectly as he whirls Quartz's body into the oncoming energy blasts from Tech's gun. The energy blasts combined with Quartz's hard skin, reflect the laser and deflects them directly at Sparrow's chest and Tech’s face knocking them both out in an unconscious state. The computer chimes in to announce the status, "Sparrow and Tech are now eliminated." The expression on Quartz's face is shocking as he could not believe what is going on around him. "What the hell?" He looks back at Rob and begins to charge at him once more. "That's it! No more games! You're going down, Fido!"

"Heh, you make a half decent shield too, buddy." Rob snarks as he pulls off the trick. As the voice chimed in the status, Rob would be even more shocked than Quartz over the matter. "Holy sh*t! That was lucky...hey are they gonna be ok?" Rob asks, worriedly, as Quartz unknowingly rushes him. Rob's ears would pick up his heavy steps at the last second and his reaction was instant, if stupid. Rob sidestepped Quartz and delivered a vicious haymaker to the side of his foe's head. Regardless of the damage done to Quartz, Rob's fist would audibly crack from hitting the hard surface (twice), possibly breaking a few finger bones. "Hold up, I want to see if your friends a-*crack* AUGH!" Rob yelled before clutching his fist in pain.

The full force from Robert's punch not only broke his hand, but knocks Quartz hard enough to where he would fall backwards, tripping over one of the metal pipes, and fall right off the edge of the holographic building. "Quartz is now eliminated. Four contenders remain.” As the next three move into the arena, Stephen walks over to control panel and notices Stephanie beginning to turn off the program. "What are you doing?" Stephen asks as he looms over Stephanie.

"I'm shutting it down." Stephanie replied as she feels a little uneasy next to Stephen. "Your team has made its point, now call them off. Dr. Ibermann didn't hire Robert to be your team's punching bag; he hired him for protection against Levingston."

Stephen pulls Stephanie's arm, away from the computer, and forces her to look directly into his eyes. "Nobody tells my team what to do. Besides, he's already lookin' like he's gonna pass out any minute. Now let my team finish him up." While Stephen is giving out his two cents, the three remaining members join the arena. Both Rolling Thunder and Wraith stand next to each other as they pull out a pair of double edge katanas. Kable, on the other hand, ties her blonde hair into a ponytail and extends both of her hands out with palms facing Robert. After a few seconds, a small harpoon bursts out of her hands along with metal towing cable that is connected to the harpoon.

In that time Robert had forced his fingers into a straight position so they'd be aligned, gritting through the pain as he did so. It would make the regenerative process easier, though small bones tended to be complicated. Afterwards Rob's ears picked up the arguing between Stephanie and Stephen. He turned his attention towards the two in time to see Stephen grab her arm. "Leave her alone!" Rob angrily yells, pointing with his good hand. "Stephanie, keep the programs running. I'll be with you in a minute, Stephen. Get ready ‘cause now I'm really mad." Rob growls, before facing the final three between him and their leader. "I'm real sorry about this..." Rob says calming down somewhat though the tone in his voice would still make a normal person wet himself. After grounding his legs, Rob moves his bad arm in line with his hip. Then he would put his arm outward to where overall it would resemble a karate stance, albeit a bit rough. "...or at least I will be afterwards, but what happens next, you can blame on your boss."

"There's no need for that." Stephen replied as he pushes Stephanie to the ground and makes his way into the arena. "Let's see how you do against the four of us!" Stephen exclaims emitting an enormous blaze of fire, from his hands, and manipulates the fire encircling Robert and two of his sword wielding members. Both Rolling Thunder and Wraith almost resemble one another except for the fact that they are opposite in genders. Wraith begins his assault on Robert by running to the right side of the big dog while Rolling Thunder lowers both her body and arms walking to the left side of Robert.

Rob eyes the fire ring that is surrounding them, cautiously. Eyeing where each member was he would nod. "Lets." is all he says, before acting. In a flash, he takes a half-step towards the charging Wraith and delivers a straight kick at his mid-section. He would keep an eye on Rolling Thunder, expecting her come in and take the opportunity to attack.

Meanwhile, just outside the Sparring Room, the gothic teenager Ghost looks on as she views the match on a television screen along with Dr. Ibermann. "You see what's going on in there? You have to stop this before they kill him or Stephanie for that matter!" Ghost says to Ibermann.

"They will not." Dr. Ibermann replies as he calmly watches on. Ghost becomes frustrated and finally decides to make her move by phasing her body through the sealed door. Ibermann looks over to Ghost, "Just where do you think you are going?"

Ghost looks back at Ibermann in anger, "If you're not going help him, then I guess I will." She gives Dr. Ibermann the middle finger and walks through the sealed door with ease.

Wraith would take the hit as Rolling Thunder continues to distract Robert. The distraction would be for Robert to pay attention to the female ninja while Kable shoots her metal tentacles, bursting through the flames, and wrap both cables around Robert's neck. This forces Robert to struggle for oxygen as Rolling Thunder delivers a dropkick to his chest, knocking him to the ground. Rolling Thunder then rams both of her katanas into Robert's shoulders while slowly twisting them deeper into his muscles. As this is going on, Stephen smiles with delight as he continues the inferno circle outside.

Rob struggled and gritted in pain as he laid on the floor in a very compromising situation. The only things keeping him from screaming in pain are his pride and the tentacles around his throat. His grip only barely kept on the tentacles as the blades were driven into his shoulders; it was obvious he had to take out one of the two chicks. Despite the pain, he figured Kable was the more long-term threat and acted accordingly. He would try and kick Rolling Thunder off him. It'd be far from a knockout blow, but he just needed a few seconds. Doing his best to ignore the damage from the katanas, Rob would try and re-grip the tentacles around his arm. He would pull everything he had into a final tug, hoping to at least unbalance her.

Kable feels the weight being pulled from her hands, but continues to hold onto the cables. As Stephen and Kable continue to hold their ground, Ghost rushes into the arena phasing her entire body while jumping through the ring of fire. The heat from inside the fire becomes intense as everyone begins to feel the pressure sweating out of every pore of their skin. "Oh god, this is a bad idea." Ghost says to herself as she wipes the sweat from her forehead as she walks over to Robert, grabs onto his arm, and makes both of them completely intangible. The intangibility from Ghost helps Rob relieve some of the pressure as both of the katanas stuck in his shoulders and the noose around his neck seemingly drop from his body and collapse to the ground. "This may sound cheesy but...'come with me if you want to live.'" Ghost says to Robert as they both jump through the fire and make it out the other end without a single burn mark. As Ghost lets go of Robert's arm, he becomes tangible once more as his body returns to his solid state. Ghost reverts to her tangible self, as well, and begins to tear up and cough loudly from the smoke inhalation.

'F*ck.' That was the only thought going through the wolf-man's head as his last ditch attempt failed right before his eyes. He would begin to start blacking out, his eyes closed trying to avoid the smog, when he felt...different. Lighter and free. Rob would begin to wheeze and gasp for breath, as a familiar voice called out. Opening his eyes, he saw Ghost. As she helped him out of the fire ring, he would wonder many things and as he becomes solid again the pain returns, though he ignores it. Giving his injuries a backseat so he can check on his rescuer. "Mary are you ok?" are the first words out of his mouth, in a caring tone at that, as he tries to help her cough out the smog with a few pats and wipe her eyes. "I appreciate the assistance, but why did you help me? You’re on their side...and it was a damn risky move." he finally asks, confused, albeit thankful, over the turn of events.

"Call it, 'foolish naive hope.'" Ghost replied as gets on one knee and continues to cough a little bit more. "That if I'm ever that far up in up sh*t creek, somebody might do the same for me. Guess that makes me a bigger dumbass than you." Ghost jokes as she smiles back at Robert.

The wolf-man would eye Ghost, before giving a small chuckle and smile back. "Sorry, I'm still king there Mary..." Robert says as he helps Ghost to her feet, with the upmost of care. "...after all, I'm the kind of dumbass that would return the favor." Rob joked. He would then instinctively move in front of Ghost as if she was a client protecting client, before turning to try to pick up the remaining hunter's locations. "You may wanna head for the hills now...can't imagine your 'friends' are too happy about the save." Rob says, worried about her safety.

"There will be no need for that." Dr. Ibermann exclaims as he presses a button, on his remote, and the entire holographic simulation switches off turning everything back to an empty white dome. He continues to walk over to the two and looks at Mary’s direction slightly pressing his hand against her cheek. "Are you alright, Mary?"

Mary knocks his hand away from her face while replying back. "No thanks to you, dad. Jesus Christ, what were you thinking? They could have killed him in there."

"If there were any problems between Mr. Remington and the Trackers, Stephanie would have ended the simulation herself." Ibermann looks over to Stephanie as she walks over to them while covering her arms with her sleeves. The rest of the Trackers slowly get up off of their feet and begin to walk over to the crowd as they realize that this session is over.

Stephanie walks over to the group as she pulls down her sleeves to cover up the bruises on her arms. She would briefly look over into Stephen's direction and back to Dr. Ibermann as she made up her excuses. "It's true. It was my fault for not seeing the warning signs earlier. My apologies Mr. Remington and to you Dr. Ibermann for not being able to stop the simulation when I had the chance."

"That's quite alright, Stephanie." Dr. Ibermann replies, "We all make mistakes sometimes, that's what makes who we are." He makes his way over to Robert to check on his wounds. "My, oh my, those are some nasty cuts. Stephanie, I want you to go upstairs and meet me in the prep room. Trackers, give yourselves the rest of today off. Except for you Remedy, I want you to heal up Mr. Remington's wounds back to a hundred percent." As everyone begins to leave the sparring room, the young man Remedy walks to Robert as he presses his hands up against the wolf-man's body and rapidly heals him at an accelerated pace. Ibermann smiles at Robert as he pats him on the back of his shoulder. "Quite the workout, don't you agree Mr. Remington?"

"Yeah. Yeah, it got the blood pumping." Robert offhandedly remarks, his attention on the leaving Trackers. "I can't wait for round 2." Rob snarks, almost directly at the leaving team, before facing Ibermann.

"Look, Dr. before we continue I don't want anyone getting in trouble for this. I agreed to keep the battle going, and what happened was...what everyone thought was in best interest. Both the Trackers and..." Rob would stop his words, though he would instinctively eye Stephanie and Ghost. "...I know how it is, and uh, I just want any issues to be water under the bridge. Ya know?" Robert compounded the pleading by forcing a smile.

“Of course, Mr. Remington.” Dr. Ibermann replies as he removes his hand from Robert’s shoulder. “Although I have to admit, my team has not been themselves since their former leader, Harbinger, went off the deep end by going AWOL and tried killing a value asset of mine in San Francisco. But that was six months ago, and now he’s in lockdown for the duration of the period. Oh, that reminds me of something.” Ibermann pulls out a brown dossier, from his white lab coat, and hands it over to Robert. “We have a lead on Levingston’s whereabouts. My man on the inside has told me that he’s recruiting a great number of metans to start his own militia. A lot of these recruits are mostly class one’s and two’s, but he has one class three as his loyal lieutenant.” Ibermann opens up the folder and points to a picture of a baldheaded, rough shaving looking, biker in his mid-thirties. “His name is Anthony Rosenberg, a former member of the Hellfire MC who now goes by the alias of Nomad.”

Rob would eye the picture, intently for a few seconds. "This guy can take me to Levingston?" was all that escaped his mouth.

"Yes." Ibermann simply answered. "But only if you make him come out in the open." He gestures his hand to Remedy as an order to make him leave the sparring room, leaving just the two of them alone in private. "Next week, my daughter is going back to her university in Sacramento. Levingston's plan is to order Nomad to kidnap her, torture her in order for him to force me to come out in the open, and kill me the second he gets the chance. I need you to keep an eye on Mary and use your friends, back at the department, to intercept this biker."

Rob would growl at that. "If he goes anywhere near Mary, he'll be shipped back to you in two pieces...one of those will sing any info you want. I'll watch her personally. My men will be around as needed."

Dr. Ibermann smiles at Robert's determination, "Now that is what I like to hear." As the two leave the sparring room, Ibermann turns himself around while tapping his bottom lip with his index finger. "Oh, and there are two more important things that you should know Mr. Remington. The Town is a private society that very few people know about. I would be greatly appreciated if you kept this secret to yourself, and only yourself. Second, if you are going to be shadowing my only little girl in public, I would suggest going a little bit more...inconspicuous. It's not everyday that students see a nine foot wolf walking around on campus and think that is normal."

Rob listened as Ibermann explained. "Right, I can keep a secret, I’ve mentioned this before. I’ll give a cover for why I’m watching Mary. My men won’t ask questions. As for the second thing..." Rob said, glancing himself over. Sheepishly he continued. "Well, I can keep hidden. Very hidden. Any other ideas would be appreciated."

"Not that I could think of at the moment Mr. Remington." The good doctor simply replied as the two begin to walk over to the exit. "Now, upstairs, I want you to meet with my assistant so she can give you all the details on your assignment. Just take the elevator to the second floor and look for the third door, on your left, which is labeled 'Prep Room.' I'll be right behind you; I just need to look over some glitches in the main frame." Robert nods at Ibermann as he makes his way over to the elevator. As Dr. Ibermann closes the door behind the wolf-man, a dark mist begins to flow into the atmosphere and forms itself into an image of a human being. Ibermann notices this and calmly turns around with a small smile. "I take it that you saw the entire fight."

"Indeed I have." Says the dark mist as it speaks like it has broken glass in its mouth. "He may be just what I am looking for in a host."

Ibermann continues to press several buttons on the computer. "Then he will be yours, but not until I have Jonathan Levingston delivered to me. That is the deal."

The dark mist begins to dissipate in front of Dr. Ibermann, "Just remember that I have waited centuries for my time rise from the pits of Limbo. When that time comes, there will be no force in the universe that will stand in my way. The mist disappears leaving Dr. Ibermann alone, once more, as he wipes the sweat off of his forehead. He leaves the sparring room with a big sigh of relief.

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Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:00 AM

Chapter 15: Sons of Metanomalies

It is every young student's dream to choose a university to which they can acquire the knowledge and freedom to expand their horizons. In the case of Mary Ibermann, her choice is anything but that. Since coming back from vacation, she has had very little freedom ever since her father decided to hire the Remington Protection Agency to keep a watchful eye on her in fear for her safety. For the past week, Mary has done very little except attending classes back-to-back at the Sacramento State University and quickly returning to her dormitory only to be greeted by her roommate who quickly startles the gothic teenager by jumping in front of her, in a cheerleader outfit, waving her pom poms in front of her face. "GO STATE, GO!!!"

Mary drops everything has she grasps her chest by the sudden surprise, "God dammit, Heather! How many times do I have to tell you not to do that?" She picks up her textbooks and black satchel as she walks over to her desk taking several deep breaths.

Heather lowers her pom poms as she watches her roommate sit down on their desk. "I'm sorry Mary, but tonight is the big football game. Sac takes on San Fran for the state sectionals and everyone on campus is gonna be there. The offer still stands if you want to come."

"Thanks, but no thanks." Mary replies as she continues to rest on her desk. "I have to meet my study group in an hour and we have to go over some questions in Prof. Taylor's calculus class."

"Have it your way. But you don't know what you're missing tonight." Heather says as her cellphone rings on the side of her hip. She pulls it out to read a text message and slips it back into pocket. "Gotta go. Coach Swanson wants us to go over our routines on the field, later."

As Heather rushes down the hallway, Mary closes the door leaving her alone inside their dorm. She walks over to the window to see her roommate meet up with a few other bubbly cheerleaders. Mary smiles, for a brief second, but quickly fades as she looks around her room. "Alright Robert, you can come out now. The coast is clear."

Some rustling would be heard in the room's closet before the large wolf-man stepped, out brushing away some loose clothes that had stuck to his fur. He would eye Mary, before giving a small smirk, having seen the whole thing go down.

"Sorry. I would've warned ya or something, but your father said to stay hidden. So when she barged in, without even knocking I might add, I just…well you know. You think he would've rented out a solo room or something." Robert says, as he stretches out to his full height. "You wont want to know how long I was stuck in there...cheerleaders take forever to get read-...I didn't see anything if your wondering" Rob quickly tries to cover up the statement, getting a bit embarrassed by the slip of tongue.

Mary chuckles a little bit from Robert's little slip up. "Frankly, I don't really care. Even if Heather knew you were in there I doubt she would care since most her of life revolves around undressing in front of random guys." She begins walk over to her night stand, grabs a bottle of pills, and takes two for her medication. As she places the bottle back down, Mary sits on her bed while looking back up at Robert. "So...has your team found any leads on this 'Nomad' guy yet?"

"Well most people would find a guy and...well me, two very different things to undress in front of." Rob said, relaxing about the subject. His eyes would follow her as she took the pills, however at the mention of Nomad, Rob would get a bit serious. "Not including what your father told us, not much. I got people working around the clock though, we'll get him, and don’t you worry." Rob says, before moving in a bit closer. "Look, I know this schedule's a bit much for you, and I'm sorry...maybe if I could arrange for one of my top guys to watch you wile they hide in plain sight, you could be a bit more free with what you could do around here." Rob says, trying to make it easy on the girl. "I know it's not much..."

"No, it's not!" Mary quickly exclaims interrupting Robert's sentence. She gets up off of her bed and walks over to the opposite side of the room while phasing through Robert's body. "That's the last thing I need right now is another pair of trained eyes watching my every move. You know something? I thought leaving The Town, after I turned eighteen, would give me freedom from my folks. But instead I still have a controlling father who won't leave me alone, two older brothers (where one's an assh*le and the other's a psychotic killer), and an older sister who doesn't even acknowledge me anymore." She walks, once more, over to the mirror as Mary looks at herself for over a minute until she calms herself down. "You know what the funny thing is? Out of the five of us Ibermann's, put together, I feel like I am the only normal one." The mirror starts to sway a little bit as Mary continues to look into her own reflection. But it becomes too much for her as she sits on the ground with her legs crossed and her back up against the door. "The only...normal…one. I guess in every group of five, there's always that one person who is the normal one. Like my dad's old friends. Did he ever tell you about them?"

Rob would be speechless at Mary's outburst. At that point, he really began feeling like crap about the whole thing. He would hear her out, before replying. "Yeah, he gave me some files. Basic stuff, ya know...only because apparently I’m somewhat related to one of them." Rob says, gloomily. He would then walked over to Mary, before kneeling down and putting a hand on her shoulder lightly "Look, Mary, I’m sorry, I didn't mean it like that and I'm sorry that I offended you. But, I thought it best, and the person I had in mind wouldn't have been anything like that. She's a good person." The wolf-man said, though he realized that may not cut it. He would look into her eyes. "..Hey, I know I shouldn't, but if there's anything I can do to make you feel better...relax security for a few hours, or something? Anything."

Mary looks over to Robert, as she heard his suggestions, and smiles at the wolf-man. "A couple of hours would be a good thing. Also, there's one more thing I need you to do for me." She stands back up, walks over to her night stand where she phases her arm into one of the drawers, and pulls out a manila envelope. Inside the envelope, she pulls out a videotape and hands it over to Robert. "When I was seven-years-old, one of my father's old friends gave me this tape. He said, 'Not everything is what it seems to be when it comes to family.' He told me to watch this tape and to see what kind of men our father's truly were the day when The Town was nearly destroyed. If anything happens to me, I want you to watch this tape and tell me if you still want to want to work with people like them."

Rob would grasp the tape. He looked it over, before eyeing Mary. He didn't know, what to say, but he nodded. "I'll give it a look over...though which ‘friend’ was this, just so I know?" Rob asks curiously, placing the tape on Mary's bed. Rising to his feet, he continued "...anyways I'll call off the team for the day, on one condition. My personal cell number is on your phone. If anything happens, even something that seems the least bit suspicious, give me a text. I'll be there faster than you can finish saying RPA. I trust you this much, so be careful...just do your phasing thing.” Rob smirks.

Mary places her hand on Robert's arm as she looks up and smiles at the giant wolf man. "Thanks Rob." She then grabs a few textbooks and places them in her bag. "I'm just gonna go across campus, for an hour, to meet up with some classmates for a study group. I won't be long." As she heads out the door, Mary stops herself and looks back over at Robert with curiosity on her face. "You know, there's something that I have been meaning to ask you Rob. How exactly did you get your abilities?"

Rob would eye Mary as he wondered over why his question was ignored. As Mary asked, Rob would look her in the eyes for a few seconds, before nonchalantly replying. "The not so glamorous short version is that I picked a fight with someone I shouldn’t...but they hurt my friend so I wasn't gonna let ‘em get away with that. Next thing I know I’m in a hospital bed with a few extra feet, several hundred pounds, fur, a tail and a snout. Hey, who gave you this video again?" Rob said picking up the tape and moving over to the TV, trying to change the subject.

The cell phone rings in Mary's pocket as she quickly answers it interrupting her answer. "Hello? Oh, hi Allen...Yeah, I'll be right there. Ok bye." Mary slips the cell phone back into her pocket and looks back at Robert with her hand on the doorknob. "I got to get going. My...study group is waiting for me. I'll tell you all about him later. Is that ok with you?"

Rob would growl a bit at the coincidence, though he would wave her off with his large paw of a hand. With a light tone he replied. "It's fine; go do your thing...whatever it is. I don't want to hold you up, plus I'll be busy with this." Rob says motioning to the tape, before deciding to watch it after Mary left. "Have fun, and do be careful." Rob said one last time with a smile.

"Gee whiz dad thanks." Mary jokingly replied as she heads out the door and out of her dormitory building. As she makes her way across the campus grounds, she stops to notice the night sky and the clouds encircling the full moon. A smile grows across her face as only two words come to her mind making her say it out loud. "How ironic."

As Mary made the final comment, Robert would have been already texting the security on-campus to disperse. Take a break guys. Mary's in room, I got it from here. Enjoy California or somethin’. A deal was a deal after all, and he wasn't technically lying to ‘em. Before Rob's attention returned to the tape, he would take a second to lock the door in case Mary's roommate came back. The tape back in his hand, he would walk back over to the TV, only to realize that there was no VCR attached. A quick search of the room didn't fix that dilemma.

"What's ironic?" A voice asks from behind Mary as she is quickly startled and turns around only to see a familiar face. A gentleman, wearing a long sleeve pinstripe shirt and red tie, who jumps a little as well from Mary's sudden shock but quickly calms her down by resting his hand on her shoulder. "I am sorry about that, Mary; I didn't mean to startle you. Especially with your bad heart condition."

"It's ok, Allen." Mary replies, "I've just been having a rough week is all." She looks up to Allen, leans in, and gives him a small kiss.

Allen returns the favor by showing his affection by wrapping both of his hands around Mary's waist and kissing her back as well. They both stop, for a moment, as Allen brushes Mary's hair back. "I thought I wasn't going to see you again since you got back. You didn’t reply back to any of my texts all week."

Mary smiles, at Allen, as they both lightly push each other away and begin walk next to each other. "It's not you, it's me. I mean...wow that sounds so cheesy. Any way, I was having some family problems all week long and the last thing I wanted them to know was me going out with someone in my class. I hope you can understand."

"It's fine, Mary. But I don’t see why that could be a problem." Allen replies as they continue to walk the campus grounds. "Any way, all that matters now is that we have some time to ourselves. Especially since the entire college is at that football game." Mary nods, in agreement, as the two make their way into the empty faculty lounge. As they are about to have some alone time, two Hispanic custodians interrupt them as they walk into the same room that they are currently occupying. Both the students become startled standing back up as Allen makes his way over to the two custodians. "Hey guys, look...everything's fine no need to clean up in here."

The custodians look at each other and back at Allen. One of them spoke in a broken accent. "That strange, 'cause our boss said that there's a big mess in here that we need to clean up." Allen looks around the room as he couldn't find a single stain anywhere. As he scratches his head in a perplexed way, Allen turns back to the two custodians only for him to stare down the barrel of a gun. The custodian pulls the trigger blowing out a good chunk of Allen's skull. Allen falls to the ground with most of brains, and a lot of his blood, scattered across the room floor.

"ALLEN!!!" Mary shouts witnessing the horrific event in front of her eyes. After seeing her boyfriend drop to the ground, like deadweight, she feels a presence from behind and her neck tightening up. She pushes herself away from whoever is behind her and notices an electronic collar wrapped around her neck. Mary tries her best to pull it off but, to no prevail, it does not work. Apart from being unable to take it off, she also notices that her powers did not work as she is unable to phase through any walls.

"It's no use sweetheart. You're stuck like that." Another voice says as Mary looks up to see the appearance of Anthony Rosenberg, who also goes by the alias Nomad. Mary is speechless as Nomad walks over to the frightened gothic teen and continues with his speech. "We don't want to hurt you, but we will unless you cooperate with us. Okay?"

Mary looks back at Nomad as her eyebrows narrow in anger with one single reply. "No." She pulls out a butterfly knife, that she hid in her sleeves, and stabs the biker in the arm. After Nomad kneels over from the knife blow, Mary uses the emergency exit door sounding off the alarm.

Nomad pulls the knife out of his arm and looks over to his hired help. "What are you waiting for dumbsh*ts? Get her!" His men quickly follow his orders as the two rushes out of the building.

As Mary rushes down the maze of narrow hallways, she pulls out her cell phone and dials Robert for help. She stops, for a moment, only to catch her breath and for Robert to pick up. "Robert, it's me. They're he--"

"Oh no, you don't." Another biker says quickly grabbing Mary's cell phone and smashes it on the ground. This other biker is much older than Nomad and has a long gray beard down to his neck. He is also accompanied by three other bikers as they corner Mary. "The name's Billy White and I'm more of a 'hands on' kind of guy. Whether girls do cooperate with me, or not. Catch my drift?" Billy asks as Mary nods, in agreement, with them. The pot belly biker smiles as they escort her across campus. As they reach the middle of the campus, Billy stares at Mary body as he licks his lips in a perverted manner. "You know, for being the kid of the original five, I thought you would put up more of a fight. Or at least have some kind of 'round the clock security."

"I do..." Mary replies as she looks up at the full moon, once more, while smiling back at the four bikers. "...and he doesn't like it when his clients are in danger."

"Someone didn't think this through." Rob snarked aloud. Mary was long gone by that point, but the wolf-man felt like vocalizing his problem anyways. "So much for being busy." Rob says as he places the tape on top of the TV for later. Despite the possibility of finding one somewhere on campus, he figured it'd be better that he not test the theory that ‘everyone’ was at the big game. After deciding to not leave the dorm room and that he shouldn't interrupt Mary, Robert would simply rest on the bed in the girls' room with his phone next to him...the girls were very lucky Mr. Remington wasn't "that" type of guy, instead he turned the TV on, and began flipping channels aimlessly. Rob's phone would eventually ring, and considering that he told Mary to communicate via text, he assumed it was someone else as he picked up the phone. He didn't even have a chance to say hello, before a panicked Mary pleaded for help. Rob tried to say something, but the line had gone dead already. Rob took a second to go over his options; see if any of the RPA security was still on campus, have James trace the call to a location, or try and get the local police on the phone. However in the wolf-man's head all of those options were to way too slow. Instead, without another word, Rob bolted to the door. He had forgotten that it was locked, though even that it posed no problem, and he smashed the door right off its hinges like it wasn't a problem. Before the door had even clattered to the floor, Rob would begin to sniff out Mary's scent with his wolf nose. Dropping to his knees to get a better grasp of her scent wasn't exactly something Rob enjoyed, but he had to find her quickly and self-respect wasn't a luxury he had. After getting it, Rob would try and find the quickest path out of the dorm building. The elevator was too slow and, even with his speed, the stairs didn't seem much better of an option. Glancing around the hallway, Rob saw a nearby window. Without hesitation Rob crashed through the window and rolled on impact with the floor.

"Where are you Mary?" Rob mutters to himself as he tries to re-acquire the scent. He manages to do so, however his ears would prick up as he heard an alarm in the distance. Sensing that she was in that direction, Rob took off at top speed.

As Mary tries to bide her time by stalling the bikers in the middle of the empty campus, Nomad makes his way over to Billy White and the rest of the group. "What's taking you guys? The cops are going to be here any minute!"

"This bitch says she's protected." Billy replies while holding Mary by the arm. "Apparently Ibermann hired a giant wolf or so she's been telling us."

"Fine, don't believe me." Mary sarcastically says, "But any minute now, this wolf will tear each and every one of you from limb to limb, rip the organs from your chest, and eat the very body parts from your bodies." She tries her best to spread the fear into each of the bikers, but did not seem to work as they shrug in disbelief. Mary realizes that it is not working, but continues with her rant. "Oh yeah, I'd watch out if I were you. Because the fat lady is about to sing. Right...about...now!" The bikers continue to look around as they see and hear nothing, but the sound of the fire alarm that continues to blare in the distance. As they look back Mary, she couldn’t help but smirk feeling a little embarrassed. “Ok, this is awkward.”

The giant wolf was running on all fours, to pick up a full head of steam, as he followed his nose toward the group. One of them was definitely Mary, as he could also make out her voice in the empty campus. As he neared, he saw several thuggish looking guys near her. Robert gave off a loud continuous and menacing growl at the sight. At the speed he was going, that would be the only warning to his presence, before he struck. He would aim for the one physically holding Mary. Rob got tunnel vision for this particular person, wanting to cause him all sorts of pain.

The full force of the wolf man’s charge knocks Billy to the ground. "AHH!! GET HIM OFF! GET HIM OFFA ME!!" The rest of the bikers look on in shock as they watch their fallen member getting the crap kicked out of him. Billy becomes furious as his hands glow red, "You wanna see who's the big dog around here? Fine!" He discharges two energy beams, from his hands, blasting Robert off of his body and into a brick wall. As Billy gets back to his feet, he looks over to Nomad giving him orders. "Take this bitch to the truck. Me and the boys will settle with him."

"You got it, brotha." Nomad replies taking Mary by the arm and hauling her into far end of the campus which leads into the parking lot.

As Nomad and Mary disappear into the corridors, Billy and the rest of his fellow bikers pull out their pistols and sawed off shotguns in preparation of Robert's attack. "Alright boys. I don't care who, or what, he is. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, messes with the Hellfire MC and gets away with it!" The bikers agree with Billy as they cock their guns and wait for the wolf man’s next move.

Rob would quickly recover from the energy blasts, though he did hold his side and check for damage. He looked at the group that remained, and Nomad ran off with Mary. That made him very angry. Glancing back to the others, he saw that they had drawn guns on him. Rob merely smirked menacingly at that at the attackers. "You guys picked the wrong girl to f*ck with". As Billy began talking Rob singled him out. "Just for that, you’re last." Rob says before charging the nearest shot gunner. He would grab the gun and tear it out of his hands, before putting all his strength into a powerful kick to the man's lower knee as to subdue him. Then Rob would move on to the next man and smash him in the face with a precise elbow strike.

"Get 'im ya slack jawed f*cks!" Billy shouts as he orders his men around. They try their best to hit their target, but it is no use thanks to Robert's inhuman-like speed to dodge the bullets as he takes down the first two bikers. They continue the assault as Billy gestures his hands, to his men, to go around the giant wolf man and try to flank him. "Jose, lay down suppressive fire!" Billy orders as he grabs the sawed off shotgun and gets behind the Robert aiming the barrel directly at his back.

After elbowing the second man, Rob would ‘feel’ Billy raise the shotgun up to his back. Relying on his instincts he whirls around, now facing Billy eye-to-eye, and grips the shotgun barrel with his hand. As Billy went to pull the trigger, Rob would try to redirect the gun away from his body. Rob would then grab the gun out of his hands, before staring at Billy menacingly. He would begin to growl, coming closer, when he would feel some handgun rounds rip into him. After stumbling a bit from the pain, he would shove Billy to the floor before going back towards the rest of the bikers. He would start by swinging Billy's shotgun, butt and grip first, into one of the gunner's heads.

Billy watches another one of his fellow members get their head smashed in from Robert's new melee weapon; he pulls himself back to his feet and delivers several more energy blasts to the wolf man's back. "Come on, boys! It's time to put this bad dog to sleep!" By any normal standards, Billy's abilities would put a hole through any human being. But due to Robert's thick rough hide, his blasts are more like shots from a bb gun penetrating the skin. It is nothing fatal, but it sure does hurt like hell to the werewolf's body.

As the remaining bikers continue their fight in the middle of the college campus, Mary's captors finally make it to the parking lot where their ride was waiting for them. A giant moving truck, that is big enough to fit all of a families living room furniture, is what Nomad uses as he tosses Mary in the back and handcuffs her to a pole on the inside of the truck. "Now listen up, we're going to be leaving right now. If you make any noise, while we pass the college security, I'll put a round in each of your kneecaps. Got it?"

Mary looks up at Nomad replies back to him with a bit of sarcasm. "Seriously? I thought the idea of a kidnapping someone was to bring them in with little damage on them as possible."

Nomad smirks as he replies back to her, "Jon Levingston says that he wants you alive. No matter if you're walking with two legs or not. Just as long as you're still breathing." He looks over to the front driver and nods over to him. "Drive us out of here, but do it slowly. We don't want to draw any attention to this truck while we leave."

Rob would be forced to one knee from the repeated attacks to his back. Growling in annoyance Rob would toss the shotgun with all his strength at Billy to make him stop. "Stop f*cking doing that!" Rob yells. Then, sufficiently angered now, Rob would then turn to the remaining bikers and rush them all. Before they could fire at him again, he aimed a flurry of knees and punches in a fit of rage at the group, as well as realizing that he needed to hurry up and chase down Nomad. "As fun as this is, I gotta tear apart your boss."

Billy realizes that this was a losing fight as he sees Robert's fury taking down his final two henchmen. With the police sirens growing louder and louder, Billy decides it is best to flee and fight another day. "I'll catch you later, big dog!" Billy shouts to Robert as he rushes over to the exit and escapes into the nearest parking lot structure.

Rob would have given chase to Billy; however time was of the essence for getting Nomad. He could wait. The wolf-man would follow the path Nomad had taken, though the scent was weak as he neared their destination. He would come across the parking lot, which seems fairly busy. "Aww f*ck," Rob mutters. He didn’t have the best grasp on his powers, so he couldn't rely on them for a place this crowded. Being seen would be somewhat of an issue as well, depending on things. Robert would stick to the shadows as best he could as he tried to smell them out, to no avail. He would need some kind of clue, and it was then his phone went out.

"Hmm?" Rob grunts. Surprised he answered it, again without checking Caller ID, hoping it would be Mary or one of the agents still on campus. "Hello," Rob asks in an anxious tone.

"Rob, what’s wrong?" a female voice came over the phone. It would be Karen Fox, Rob's best friend and co-worker who handled information...among other things.

"Oh..nothing." Rob said quickly, not wishing to swallow his pride, as he continued to frantically search. Karen would get suspicious, though she would continue.

"Right, anyways I found a link to Nomad." Karen says, noting Rob's lack of attention he was paying, before explaining. "An associate of his, one Billy White...” Robert would freeze in place, knowing full well of that name.

"Go on." Rob states blankly interrupting her as he begins to scan the parking lot again. Karen would give herself a pat on the back finally having Rob's attention.

"Anyways, according to my sources one Billy White rented a moving truck that he entered Lodi not too long ago. If that's not a kidnapping vehicle, then cut my pay cause, and then I don't know what one would be. Now if I can cross-reference that type of vehicle with..." Karen snarks as she trails off. As luck would have it, Rob would see one of those very trucks moving away from him, almost to the exit to boot.

"Karen, I love you." Rob says, noting the happenstance.

"Of course you do, anyways I also found out some stuff about these Ibermann characters. I rea-" Karen would begin, as Rob cut her off.

"Sorry, gotta go, keep it for later." He says, not even listening anymore, tunnel vision kicking in. With ideas of subtlety out the window, Rob would take a leap of faith, both literally and figuratively, to cut off the car. Landing several yards in front of the vehicle, the large wolf-man would yell out, as he held up his clawed hand. "STOP! RPA! I NEED TO CHECK YOUR CAR!"

"Boss! Hey boss!" The Hispanic driver shouts in order for him to get Nomad's attention. As Nomad walks up to the front of the truck, the driver points outward seeing the nine foot wolf standing right in the middle of the road.

"You gotta be kidding me." Nomad says to himself while scratching the back of his head.

Mary overhears Nomad's frustration as she smiles, "Now you guys are in big, big trouble."

Nomad looks back at Mary in anger, "SHUT UP!!!" He sits in the passenger seat of the truck until he looks over to his driver giving him one simple command. "Floor him." The driver hesitates, for a brief second, until Nomad pulls out a gun and jams the barrel into the side of his temple. Nomad's face becomes blank as the driver sees the seriousness in his eyes. "This is how it's going to go, amigo. Either you do as your told and road kill this motherf*cker or I'll do it myself after I put a bullet through your taco shell skull. You got it?" The driver nods to Nomad's orders as he begins to press the gas pedal down hard. As the moving truck accelerates faster and faster into Robert's direction, Nomad buckles his seat belt in preparation for the worst.

Rob stayed, full height and hands outstretched at the truck. He was a bit annoyed that he couldn't think of anything less corny to say though it was better than nothing. After all, maybe they wouldn't get too freaked out if he said something non-threatening. As Rob thought all of this he would see that the car was picking up speed. "Well, sh*t." Rob mutters. He begins to move out of the way, when he sees Nomad in the passenger seat. He gives off a smirk that he picked right. Then his smirk reforms itself into a scowl. "Payback time." Rob mutters, as he stands his ground. Overturning a car wasn't the easiest thing to do, though if you knew the right technique almost anything was possible. Playing a game of chicken, Rob would wait until it was too close to turn before heading off to the side of the vehicle and slamming into its side with everything he had. That model was top-heavy and would hopefully turn with all the forces at work.

The impact between wolf and machine was both loud and thundering as Robert made contact, with the two ton moving truck, and manages to turn the vehicle on its side. As he flips the truck on its left side, the momentum sends the driver flying through the side window with half of his body being crushed between the truck and the concrete street. Nomad, on the other hand, still remains safely secured in his seat because of the seatbelt that he wore, but remains unconscious due to one of the flying tools knocking him out cold. As the moving truck flips over, Mary braces herself by gripping tightly onto the pole and leaves her hanging on the right side of the truck while still being handcuffed with her arms around it. She starts kicking the back door in hopes of someone hearing her while screaming out for help. “I’M IN HERE!!! SOMEONE OPEN THE DOOR!!! I DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER I CAN HOLD ON TO THIS POLE!!!”

Rob would be reeling from the impact as well, being knocked to the floor with quite a bit of force, Newton's law and all that. He grasped his shoulder and gritted his teeth in pain for a couple of seconds as the truck fell over onto its side. He took another few seconds to get himself to his knees. He would be recollecting his thoughts when his ears pricked up. Mary's pleading would kick some sense into the wolf-man. He would be on his feet in no time and heading to the trucks rear door, ignoring the pain of any injuries he might’ve sustained to the best of his abilities. "I'm coming Mary! Don't worry!" Rob says assuring as he uses his good hand to rip open the rear of the vehicle.

Mary becomes relieved as she sees Robert tearing through the metal door. The expression on her face quickly fades when she hears a rustling in the front of the truck. "Robert! Look out!" Mary shouts, but her warnings are too late as Nomad throws a small pen at Robert. At first it seemed like nothing more than desperation from the biker, but as the pen strikes Robert's chest, it sizzles and quickly explodes sending the nine foot wolf man out of the truck. Nomad then gets out of his chair, picks up a tire iron from his dead driver, and walks towards Robert while wiping away most of the blood and glass from his face. As he passes by Mary, who is still hanging onto the steel pole, she lifts both of her legs up wraps them around Nomad's throat in an attempt to break his neck. "Get away from him, you Ron Pearlman f@ggot!”

"That's...IT!!!" Nomad chokes as he swings the tire iron knocking her out cold. He would pick up a loose hubcap, from the moving truck, and grip it tightly in one hand along with the tire iron in the other. The biker waits for Robert to get back up. "You think just because you work for Ibermann, and his organization, it makes you better than all of us Metans?" Nomad shouts, "I got some news for you, big dog, you're wrong!"

Robert would be clutching his chest and wondering what the hell had just happened as he sat up from being knocked back by...a pen. As Rob caught his breath to assess the damage he would have noticed the tail-end of Mary trying to stall for time, namely Nomad knocking her unconscious. This angered the wolf-man to the point that he stood up, ‘forgetting’ his injuries. Nomad's little speech would merely add fuel to the fire as Rob growled back. "Listen buddy, first off I don't think I’m better than anyone! Second, I don't work for his organization. I just got hired to protect her...and you are making that job far too complicated for my taste. Now for what you just did, I’m gonna have to kick your ass." Rob says as he begins to walk over to Nomad, waiting for a first move.

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Chap 16: The Rise, The Fall, and The Fallen


Ten Minutes Earlier

The excitement is in the air for tonight's football game as thousands of college students slowly move and cram their way into the stadium. Among the crowd, are a group of friends that have been waiting all season long to see one of their state team making it to sectionals. As they wait in line, one of them notices that their friend is constantly checking his cell phone. "Mel...Mel..." He finally gets his attention by quickly snatching his cell phone from his hand. "Hey, Earth to Melvin Simpson! Take five minutes outta texting your girlfriend and focus the next four hours with your buddies. We got an important game tonight."

"Sorry Mike." Melvin says as Mike places his cell phone into his pocket. "Tonight's all about our team winning and rubbing it in these HALF SACS!" Melvin shouts in the middle of the crowd as the opposing fans booed the group of friends. They smile and laugh on as Melvin and his friends continue to wait outside the stadium. As the gates open up to let the crowd inside, a large crash can be heard from a distance with most of the people turning their heads. Several college students rush out of the bushes from the college parking lot. "Hey man! What was all of that?" Melvin asks.

The students look exhausted, but ecstatic at the same time. "FIGHT!!! There's a superhero fight going on right now! A werewolf up against a biker blowing shit up...and it's F*CKING ASWEOME!!!"

Most of the crowd becomes intrigue as they break away from the line and follow the two into the parking lot. Melvin looks over to his friends, "Hey guys, can you save me a seat? I gotta check this out." They nod at Melvin as he begins to follow the crowd.


Nomad stares down Robert, in his battered state, as he grips the hubcap very tightly and throws it into his direction. "Alright boy, catch!"

Robert Remington, despite the numerous injures he has sustained, would have dodged the hubcap easily enough. Afterwards he would glance over to the car. That was his priority at the moment, however Nomad was proving difficult. Stalking the biker down, he growled. "Got any other tricks? Because I’m getting tired of your crap."

The biker smiles as he begins to charge at the wolf. Just as he is about to hit Robert with his tire iron, Nomad quickly stops, kicks up some loose gravel, and uses his hand to smack most of it in front of Remington's face. The gravel ignites letting off small sparks and pops confusing Remington's senses. Nomad uses this opportunity to wail on the already battered wolf with his tire iron on his face, chest, and legs for the final blow. As Remington kneels to the ground, with Nomad standing right over him, they both look around to see various pedestrians watching on in shock and awe while recording these events on their cell phones. Nomad looks down at Remington while raising the tire iron over his head. "It's time to put this 'bad dog' to sleep...FOR GOOD!!!"

Remington had been stunned by the gravel explosion. He broke off from the attack to regain his senses and was open to Nomad's attacks. The first strike to the chest sends the air right out of the werewolf, rendering him incapable of any counter-attacks for the moment, and while the wolf man tried to cover up he had sustained too many injuries through the night to stand up to the flurry of tire iron shots for long. His senses still fuzzy and body aching, Rob dropped to his knees panting from exhaustion. He heard Nomad's taunts, but was too busy trying to catch his breath to do anything about it. He braced for the worst when he heard another familiar voice.

As Nomad is about to deliver the final blow to Remington's head, his weapon is blocked by a metallic staff. Nomad looks to his right only to see Shijin standing right next to the biker. "I don't think so," Shijin says as he delivers a palm strike, to Nomad's chest, sending him several feet down the road and into the ground. "Don't you know he's been a good pup lately? I mean look at him, he's just learned to be house broken." Shijin looks over to Remington and extends his hand out, "Hey dude, it's been awhile since Mexico."

Taking the break to regain his senses, he would look up to see Shijin holding out a hand. Breathing a sigh of relief, Rob took the hand and helped himself up. "Yeah, and your jokes are as cheesy as ever..." Rob says with a smirk as he stretches out his body. "...all in all though, thanks a lot for the save. Getting a cheap shot by that bastard is pretty low on my 'how I want to die' list".

Glancing around, Rob would have barely noticed the gathering crowd. He didn't like the collateral potential. "Alright from what I've seen this guy, Nomad, can make stuff explode by touching it. Also, I've got a VIP in that overturned truck back there. You’re the official superhero, so I was hoping to know how you wanted to go about this." Rob asks, fixing his gaze back on Nomad. With a scowl, Rob took a fighting stance once more.

Shijin scans around the area to see Nomad standing right back up and Mary who is still hanging from her handcuffs inside the truck. "Alright, it's been awhile since I teamed up with someone who didn't have any guns, so here's the plan. We split up in opposite directions and while I distract him, you hit him from the other side hopefully knocking him out of commission. After that, we will--"

"You're gonna regret that Chinaman!" Nomad exclaimed as he interrupts Shijin and points his tire iron into the hero's direction. "You should never stick your business where it doesn't belong."

Shijin looks over to Nomad and yells out to him. "HEY! Would you mind? We're trying to talk about how we could kick the crap out of you! So would you mind laying off the racial slurs and let us finish? Thank you!" Shijin turns his back over to Robert, "Any way, we will then--"

"You ching chong CHINK!" Nomad exclaimed interrupting Shijin's sentence once more.

Shijin's eyebrows grow narrow as he is becomes angry from Nomad's words. "Alright, here’s the new plan. I'll kick the shit out of him while you go rescue the damsel in distress. How's that sound to you?"

Robert nodded. "I'll be a few seconds. Have fun, but leave a piece for me." Rob says as he beelines straight for Mary, hoping Shijin can sufficiently watch his back.

As Shijin watches Robert dart his way over to the truck, he turns his attention back to Nomad and unleashes several hail bursts at his chest. Nomad gets hit, but quickly recovers and uses the tire iron to swat away the ice shots as if they were baseballs. Shijin becomes annoyed, from Nomad deflecting the hero's shots, and extends out his hand pulling the tire iron out of the biker's hand. "You know, you could really poke someone's eye out with this."

"This coming from a guy who walks around with a magic stick?" Nomad asks as he continues to stand his ground. "I bet you don't have the balls to fight me like a real man."

"Is that a challenge?" Shijin asks as he sees Nomad nodding his head with a smile across his face. He slams the staff into the gravel and begins to walk over to the biker. Nomad wastes no time as he charges at the sorcerer and the two begin a fist fight with each other. As the two exchange blows, the large crowd encircling the group begins cheering for the Shijin.

Rob would have made his way to Mary who is still hanging from her handcuffs. "Mary?" Rob asks, trying to see if she was still awake. Even though he would not wait for any type of answer before cutting her loose. Cradling her body in one arm, he would yank the handcuffs attached to the beam with a powerful tug. He didn’t particularly care which broke so long as one did. Once that was done he would lay Mary on the floor, and see if she was ok. "Are you alright? Come on speak to me." Rob asks worriedly. As he did that, his ears would pick up the noises from the scuffling back over by the crowd.

As Mary begins to come to her senses, she slowly opens her eyes and sees Robert looking over her. She smiles and places her hand on the Robert’s cheek. "Hey you, I guess this makes us even now."

Robert would smile at the gesture. "Don't worry, I'm not keeping score." Around that time the wolf-man would have turned back to where Shijin and Nomad were fighting. Propping Mary against a wall with care, he would stand up with intent. "Stay right here Mary. I got some business to take care of. You may wanna look away...or not." Rob smirks as he begins to walk over to the crowd.

"Wait!" Mary exclaimed as she feels the electronic collar around her neck. "The key...I need the key from Nomad to get this collar off of me. You think you can get it, Rob?" Mary asks slowly getting up to her feet.

Rob would motion for Mary to sit back down. He did not want her getting hurt, as Nomad could still be trouble. "Yeah, I think I can manage that. No problem Mary, just wait here a sec. Best you’re not seen." Rob says as he continues towards the group.

Mary nods and sits back down inside the truck as she watches Rob walk away from her. As Rob makes his way over to the fight, Shijin finally gets the upper hand by getting Nomad on the ground, placing his knee on top of his head, and putting him in an arm lock. Shijin looks over to Robert breathing heavily and wiping away the blood from his lips. "I hope she was worth it while I got my ass kicked over here. But at least I'll get some face time on the 'net tonight." Shijin says as he looks around to see the large crowd people recording the events from their cell phones.

As he came upon the injured Shijin, he would smirk. "I said I'd be right back. You could've waited if you really wanted help...and yeah I suppose she was." Rob snarks as he looks around at the gathered crowd. "I suppose your fame is all well and good, but perhaps we should clear the area of these stragglers...before anything else goes wrong. I had taken out a few guys like him, but at least one got away. One Billy White, you ever heard of him?" Rob says as he goes over to Nomad.

"Only by reputation," Shijin replies as he lifts Nomad off of the ground with his hands tied behind his back. "He's the newly appointed Vice President of the Hellfire’s Motorcycle Club. A nasty group of bikers from the west coast, that make the Hell's Angels look like the Harlem Globe Trotters. I've been trying to take them down for months and now that I got their top soldier, I'll finally be able to put all of you bastards behind bars."

Anthony laughs at Shijin's comment as he spits blood out of his mouth. "You can try and take us down, but I doubt you'll be able to stop all of my brothas including White and Levingston. They'll tear you apart like hungry dogs going after a big piece of steak."

"We'll see about that." Shijin says, "Not before I contact the rest of the Sentinels for a little backup." He looks around to see the swarm of people looking on and cheering for both Shijin and Remington. Shijin looks over to Robert and hands him over to the wolf man. "Hey, do you mind keeping an eye on him for a sec while I get rid of this crowd? Thanks man."

"No problem, I’m not much for cameras anyway. Hey ask ‘em if any of them got my good side." Rob snarks.

As Shijin grabs his staff and disperses the large crowd encircling them, Nomad lets off a small chuckle and begins to talk to Robert. "Levingston told me about you people. You do realize that eventually he'll kill Ibermann, everyone else in his private organization, and especially you."

Robert would try and not react, but the last words struck a cord with the wolf-man. After making sure that no one was looking, Robert delivered a swift ‘response’ to Nomad's gut to make him more compliant. As he steered the biker over to Mary's location he would begin to search Nomad's pockets for the key to the collar. Only then did he give a proper verbal response. "Oh really now? Why would he want to do that to his old friend? While were on that subject, why does he especially want me dead? I'm curious."

Nomad chuckles a little more after listening to Robert’s questions, “You’re kidding me, right? The Ibermann’s are the enemies in this Meta-war and you’re their little lap dog, no pun intended. You will soon become one of them.”

"Meta-war? Lap dog? Listen buddy, what makes you think I have any pa-" Robert began to say, before Mary interrupted his sentence.

“God, do you two ever shut up?” Mary asks as she crams a dirty rag down Nomad’s throat. She pats him down until she gets what she wanted which is the key to the collar. As Mary unlocks the collar she caresses her neck feeling a bit relieved. “Thank god, now we gotta get him out of here before the police arrive. My dad has a safe house, not far from here, we should get going.”

Robert wanted to keep pressing Nomad for info, however Mary had a point. Sighing in disbelief, Rob figured it could wait. Grabbing up Nomad he nodded. "Right, lead the way."

"Who's 'leading the way,' huh?" Shijin asks startling both Robert and Mary from behind. As the three of them turn around, they become speechless while Shijin steps inside the truck. "And what's this I hear about a safe house. You're not taking him are you? This guy is in my custody and I'm taking him in."

"Like hell you are!" Mary exclaimed pushing Robert and Nomad behind her and walks up to the hero face-to-face. "Too many people have died already because of this and I'm not going to hand him over to some...emo Sentinel dressed in black!"

Shijin lifts his finger pointing angrily at Mary in her face. "HEY! First off, I am not an emo. This clothing represents the traditional eighteenth-century Chinese sorcerery. Second, you will hand him over to me or I will inform both the FBI and the Sentinels that you and Remington failed to cooperate and will be considered wanted by the authorities." The two continue to argue between each other as Robert stands by as he still holds on to Nomad.

As the two argue, Rob would snap them both out of this. Walking over he would hold out a hand between the two, the other firmly holding Nomad. After trying to break up the arguing he would tell Mary to let him handle it. Turning to the hero he would begin to talk calmly. "Shijin, there's no need to do that and you know it. I know you need this guy, but so do we. This thing is much bigger than a biker gang. Please, you gotta trust me. You know me well enough that I wouldn't be begging if this wasn't the case. I promise to bring him back, on my parents' graves."

Shijin thinks about it for a minute, until the police sirens in the background snap him out of his train of thought. "Robert, I know you mean well and I really mean that, but I have a duty to uphold when it comes to being a Sentinel. I'm sure we can work something out down at...at..." His sentence is cut short as the left side of his face goes numb along with a small stream of blood coming out of his nose. As Shijin collapses to the ground, Mary phases her arm out of the hero's chest feeling no remorse.

She looks at Robert while wiping the blood off of her fingers. "What? I pinched one of the arteries in his heart valve to give him a small heart attack. He'll be fine in an hour. Now let's get out of here, the police are closing in."

Rob was shocked at the move. He stared down Mary. After nodding his head in disagreement, he would sigh. "If you’re sure he'll live." Rob snarks he tells her to head off. Making the best of the situation, he would ready Nomad to move, but he did leave a small note in Shijin's pocket. Not sure what happened. No time to explain, so left with Nomad, really sorry. I will bring him back. I Promise. The first part was a complete lie, and the second might be as well if he's not careful, though it was part of an apology and part cover up Mary's show of force. Once that was done, Rob would take Nomad and follow Mary. As he caught up he would reply simply and coldly. "Don't do that ever again."


As night progresses into daytime, both Remington and Mary wait inside a living room. The safe house is a condo which is thirty stories from the ground floor of downtown Sacramento and one of the most expensive places in the city. As Remington and the captured Nomad sit on the couch and wait patiently, Mary paces back and fourth from across the room while glaring at the biker with anger. "You should be dead right about now. I can easily rip any bodily organ out of your body. I would start with your heart, but something tells me that you never had one to begin with." The gagged Nomad chuckles, through his rag, as he listens to Mary's death threats.

"How much longer, until they show up?" Rob would ask as he watched the back and forth with Mary and Nomad with some interest, though he was still worry about Shijin. Eventually he would sigh before standing up. "Mary I know I said not to, but let me at least show you how to give a good threat...to pass the time." Rob says sarcastically, as he turned to Nomad. Getting down to his level, he would put one of his claws against Nomad's face. He would start to lightly move the sharp edge against the biker's skin. "First off, let ‘em know that you mean business," the wolf-man deadpans as he starts to press a bit harder. "You can go ahead and tell ‘em what you’re going to do...." Robert says as he begins to press his claw into the side of Nomad's cheek a bit. Rob had spent the first few weeks after his transformation to get complete control of his strength and feelings as to be delicate as possible when he had to. That was fairly delicate however it was also something Nomad most likely did not know. "Though if that doesn't work...you give him a taste of what you’re planning." Rob said, smirking a bit, as he presses harder into his cheek. Though painful it was just enough to where he would not pierce it completely, and pass into his mouth. "Get the idea?" Rob asks Mary, still eyeing Nomad for a reaction.

Mary would smile with delight as she watches Nomad cringe in pain from Robert’s hairy grasp. The biker would remain in his seat, but would jerk his head back as he felt the claws dig deeper and deeper into his head. “I don’t see how this would be something of a good idea, Mr. Remington.” Dr. Ibermann says as he startles both Mary and Robert turning around to see the good doctor standing right inside the doorway. As Dr. Ibermann enters the condo, he is accompanied by his assistant Stephanie and Remedy, one of the members from the Trackers. “Well then, it would seem that you two have already gotten quite comfortable with Mr. Rosenberg here. Care to explain why that is?”

Rob would turn to see Ibermann. "Hello, Dr. Ibermann. We were waiting for you, my apologies. Nomad was very...difficult to retrieve an-. I’m sorry, what isn't a good idea?" Rob asked, confused about the situation.

Dr. Ibermann shakes his head and walks over to Nomad. He kneels right in front of the biker and pulls the rag from out of his mouth. "The idea of treating our guest like some sort of fish being fillet alive in the baking sun. My apologies, Mr. Rosenberg, he's still new to how we handle our prisoners."

Nomad begins to shake a little bit in shock from just looking at Dr. Ibermann. Apparently it is clear that a nine foot wolf, holding onto his head, does not scare him one bit but a five-foot-ten doctor, wearing a white lab coat, makes him feel very uneasy. "He told me about you. How you could read people's thoughts and bend them to your will. I...I ain't afraid of you, your attack dog, or any of the Metan soldiers that you have at your disposal. So I ain't gonna say shit."

"I don't want you to say 'shit,'" Dr. Ibermann replied, "I want you to tell me the location of Mr. Levingston so we could end this war once and for all." Nomad seals his mouth shut not saying another word to anyone else. Ibermann stands back up feeling a little disappointed. "Very well then, Remedy, take him into the back bedroom." As Remedy nods and begins to escort Nomad into the other room, Dr. Ibermann halts the two before they enter the other. "It's not my soldiers that you should be worried about, Mr. Rosenberg. There are other higher powers at work that want Mr. Levingston were he belongs." Just as Dr. Ibermann finishes his sentence, a sudden breeze flows through the entire living room. The smell of the breeze had a combination of both cheap whiskey and burnt cigarettes. The breeze begins to take a ghostly form and stands right in front of the living room. "Nomad, I would like you too meet Remnants of John. He will be your torturer this evening until you will deliver not only the location of Mr. Levingston, but all of his operations, his contacts, and the number of people guarding him on a nightly basis. So if don't mind..." Dr. Ibermann says as he gestures the two into the next room.

Before the ghostly figure, known as John, could enter the bedroom. He looks over to Dr. Ibermann puffing the lit cigarette in his mouth. "Are you sure about this?"

"Yes, I am sure. The council made a unanimous vote agreeing to this." Dr. Ibermann replied, "Now go do what you do best and get the information out of him." The Remnants nods as he glides into the back room shutting the door behind him. Dr. Ibermann looks back into the living room where Mary, Stephanie, and Robert still in remain in there, "Mr. Remington, would you mind if I talk to you out on the balcony alone?"

Dr. Ibermann looks out into the morning sky with his body leaning up against the ledge. He takes a sigh of the cold morning air and turns around to face Robert. "I know all of this seems confusing to you and have questions that need to be answered. I know this, because that is what you are thinking right now. So anything you want to ask me then feel free, because you deserve the answers."

Rob would think where to start. There would be so many thoughts swirling in his head he had no clue where to start. He started to pace on the balcony until finally coming up with one, "Were you guys always like this?"

"Not exactly," Dr. Ibermann replied, "We were all good friends when we met for the first time. But to understand this, I'll have to start my story at the beginning." Ibermann walks over to the corner of the balcony where he sat in one of the chairs, lights up a cigarette, and begins his story. "The year was 1886, a simpler time with simpler people; I was an accomplished professor at the University of Oxford in the fields of biology, genetics, physics, and engineering. When I was offered the grant to go to America and study a new element of species, I couldn't help but not pass up a rare opportunity like this. When my family and I sailed to the new world, for the first time, we couldn't help but feel excited to the new experiences. After we made land in the Port Isabel of Texas that is when I met them for the first time. Jack Crawford, Nathaniel Raynes, James Daniels, and Jon Levingston were a group of free-grazers, across the Texas region, until a wide spread disease killed their entire herd. Desperate to find a way to earn legitimate money, the university hired them as guides to help me travel along the Rio Grande River. Two days into our expedition, we came across a band of Mexican rebels who robbed us of our weapons, supplies, and even our horses. The rebels left us stranded in the middle of the desert with nothing but the clothes on our backs and a hundred miles from the nearest town. We tried to walk back but, due to the summer heat, we were both exhausted and dehydrated to the point where we were forced to take shelter in an abandoned cave. But when we thought that cave was going to be our tomb, it turned out to be our salvation. Inside the cave, we discovered what appeared to be a tablet. A tablet that is made entirely out of unknown metal and had inscriptions, written all over the stone, from top to bottom. Never had any of us ever laid our eyes on something of absolute beauty. As we laid our hands on the metallic stone, it let out a flash blinding all of us to the ground. As we recovered from the flash, we felt rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to begin our walk back into town. We walked the entire way back to Port Isabel realizing that tablet changed us forever. As the decades passed, the five of us noticed that we remained ageless and our bodies would heal instantly the moment we were inflicted by any damage. When the early seventies brought about computers to the public, Jack Crawford and I began our research on the tablet. As it turns out when the tablet let out that light it created a ripple effect, in a very unique pattern, where it would affect certain people all over the world. Thus making you, me, and over a million people who we are today...Metanaomalies."

Robert would be amazed as he listens to Dr. Ibermann's story. "Wow..." The wolf man simply replied as he finally takes a seat next to the doctor. "But why go after Jon Levingston? What makes him so important in all of this?"

Dr. Ibermann finishes his cigarette, pulls out another one, lights it up while holding it in his mouth. "Twenty years ago, we brought the tablet to The Town for further research. The inscriptions turned out to be Sumerian. An ancient language that was once used in the southern region of Mesopotamia. When we found out about this, we were more than surprised by the realization of its discovery. But not all of us found this to be a blessing."

"You're talking about Levingston, right?" Robert asks with curiosity.

"Indeed I am," Dr. Ibermann replied, "Jon, Nathaniel, and James thought the tablet was an omen. An abomination from Hell that needed to be destroyed. One night, they snuck into the facility and tried to destroy it with a vast amount of explosions. Much to their surprise, their plan backfired as the tablet created a small metric bomb that nearly killed everyone inside our beloved society. But what the tablet did to our people, it also gave us secondary abilities. In the case of Mr. Levingston, he now has the ability to manipulate molecules at will."

"Matter manipulation? You’re shitting me?" Rob states in shock. After a few seconds of staring down the dead-serious expression on Ibermann's face, the wolf-man retracted his statement. "Well I see how he is a threat. Though why is he this determined to wipe your Town off the face of the map, kidnapping Mary, and raising an army? That’s all pretty damn extreme...also I would like to know why I'm such a trump card doctor, because I highly doubt that I'd so much as slow him down, especially after hearing that last part, it’s probably not my physicality you need for this job." Rob states, before getting a bit more serious. "I don't like being used, Ibermann. I got a feeling that’s what’s going on, here."

"I assure you that I, or no one else, is using you in any way." Dr. Ibermann replied, "When the tablet killed almost all of our people, it wiped away most of our families as well. Levingston witnessed all of his children, grand children, and great grand children being obliterated by the blast. Since then, he has tried to...start over, but could not perform these actions without reliving those images in his head. This caused him to be completely impotent." He leans in and places his hand on Robert's shoulder. "When we first met, I told you that you are my ace in the hole and I meant it. Mr. Remington, you are the only remaining offspring of Jonathan Francis Levingston and it is crucial that you must stop him. You see, because you are related to him, you have most of his genetic markings in your DNA. Once Jon realizes this, he will not come to grips of killing you at all."

"I certainly hope so, Dr." Rob states, unsure how to react to Ibermann's actions. "I’m not so sure he cares. Nomad made it sound like he was after me as much as you. Does he not know or just not care? Hell you said it yourself, he told Nora he never wanted to see her or her offspring...as long as he lived." Rob sighs, before facing his head down. Brushing his hands through his fur, the flustered wolf-man then nodded. "I don't know what to think. Don't get me wrong. The real reason I agreed to this was so I could meet him face-to-face. But after being told everything I-,ugh, I mean I cant replace his family. His real family...what do you even need me to do? I don't want to kill him or anything. I owe him that much."

Dr. Ibermann lets out a small chuckle, from Robert's response, as he replies back. "Trust me when I say that we're not going to kill him. We are simply going to capture and contain him and in order to do that we must--"

Dr. Iberman's sentence is quickly interrupted as his assistant, Stephanie, walks out onto the balcony. She stands just ten feet away from the two, as she gives out her report. "I'm sorry to interrupt sir, but we have some new development. John got through to Nomad and he is talking right now."

"Ah, splendid." The good doctor replies as he gets out of his chair and looks back at Robert. "You'll have to excuse me, Mr. Remington. I have some personal business to attend to. Stephanie, why don't you serve our good bodyguard a drink while I talk to John." The two begin to walk their separate ways, into the condo, as Mary sits idly by in the living room. As Ibermann places his hand on the doorknob the ghostly remnants, formerly known as John, phases through the door halting the doctor in his tracks. "That bad, huh? Well it's a good thing that I brought Remedy's healing touch along with me. So what did he have to say?"

"A lot of things," John replied in a cold tone. "Since Levingston took over the Hellfire's, he's been recruiting more of your people over to his motorcycle club. He's made a deal with the Syndicate to become the ruling lieutenant in all of west coast in exchange for handing over his people. Whatever that means."

Dr. Ibermann's eyes open wide as he knows what John his talking about. "It means that, with his molecular powers, he can advance the process of metans. Making them evolve from class-one to class-two or three. If Jon hands them over to those self centered pricks, they're going to be the most dominating faction on the entire planet. I cannot allow this, where is he?"

John replies, "He's at an abandoned warehouse at the harbor in Oakland. Also, he says that Levingston is being guarded with over a hundred biker infused metans watching his every move."

“Then I’ll make sure pull out all the stops.” Dr. Ibermann says as he pulls out his cell phone, “I will inform the council that we will have him within twenty-four hours from now.”

“See that you do,” John replied as he begins to leave fading through the walls. “Otherwise, everything that the Fallen has done to rebuild and refund your Town will be taken away.” The remnant of the ghost disappears from the condo, leaving Ibermann all by himself with his thoughts on his next move.

Stephanie reappears onto the balcony, with a drink in hand, and she places the glass on the table next to Robert’s side. “So how are things going for you, Robert? Are you finding the answers that you’re looking for here?”

Rob would eye the drink, but wave it off. "I'm not in the mood." the wolf-man mutters. "I've been getting a lot of answers in general. I know what happened 20 years ago, I know what a metan is, and hell I at least know why Ibermann wants me now. But there are a lot more questions on my mind he either can't or won't answer. Well at least I think...I just don’t know what to think...." Robert sighs, before eyeing Stephanie. "Stephanie how long have you known Dr. Ibermann? Also have you ever met Levingston?"

Stephanie lets out a little smile as she leans her back up against the sliding glass door of the condo's balcony. "I've known Dr. Ibermann pretty much all of my life. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here today when he saved as many of us from that explosion Levingston, and his friends, started. Hermann always has a way of being the strong, silent, and mysterious type. Just like any old fashion German scientist would be...before the first two World Wars, I mean. He would always have the answers to everything, but would never speak about it out loud. As for Levingston," Stephanie says as she walks several feet closer to Rob feeling a little bit more comfortable around him. "He was always more of the stern, yet cautious type. Kind of like you. As a little girl, I would always remember him giving out orders first and asking questions second."

Robert would listen intently to the words. Her tone was very different from Ibermann and even Mary.

"Really? And....his family? His real family, I mean. Did you know any of them? I’m sorry, it’s just....I'm borderline obsessed with this guy. I don't even know how a meeting would go...if one ever came. You can ignore me if you want, it's just thinking aloud." Rob says somewhat embarrassed.

"It's ok, Robert," Stephanie replied as she lays her hand on Robert's arm. "You have every right to know all of the answers you're looking for and I respect that." As the assistant begins to lean in closer, she pulls herself away from Robert after looking up to see Dr. Ibermann glaring at her from inside the living room. Ibermann makes his presence known as he enters the balcony with a scorn look on his face and Stephanie pulls out a holographic notepad in front of her. "So what is the next move, sir?"

"Stephanie, call up the Trackers." Ibermann replied, "Mr. Levingston is in Oakland and we must take him down tonight. This twenty year war must end once and for all." Stephanie nods, following through on the plans as Dr. Ibermann looks over to Robert. "Mr. Remington, your services are requested for one more assignment. If that is alright with you, of course."

Rob would think over the question for a few seconds, before nodding. "Provided I know every detail possible about the plan and what’s gonna happen to Levingston after, count me in for this...on two conditions." Rob says evenly after a glance at Stephanie and Mary, before matching a gaze with the Dr. himself.

“Very well Mr. Remington.” Dr. Ibermann replied, “And what are your two conditions?”

The sheer honest tone Dr. Ibermann stated the words with was enough to clear Rob's mixed thoughts for the moment. Satisfied with the agreement, Remington nods. "Condition one is that I get a one-on-one talk with Levingston; no one watching, no time limits, and no interruptions. Anything I want to ask him." Robert says seriously, before glancing into the room Nomad was in. His smirk dropping his tone turned more pleading than demanding. "The second is that I kind of owe this hero Shijin, if you've ever heard of him, Nomad. I had to kind of double-cross him to get the biker here. Though I promised I'd bring him back...alive and relatively capable of being questioned by the police. Is that too much to ask, considering what your little friend did."

"Hmm..." Dr. Ibermann ponders this as he scratches his chin for a minute. "Sounds reasonable, but I'll only give you only one of the two options. I'll let you talk to Mr. Levingston alone, for five minutes, but Mr. Rosenberg will stay with us. A man with that kind of unique power does not need to be released into the general public."

"5 minutes?" Rob growls. That was the last straw; he knew something was up for sure. "Ibermann, those weren't options. They were stipulations. It's that or the highway for me. I thought maybe you could trust me, I’ve been loyal so far, but if you want to pull the rug out from under me like that then I'm leaving this room to handle my own problems as you will yours. I already told you, I don't like being used, and I sure as hell don't like being taken advantage of." Rob states his ultimatum as he begins to head for the door.

As Robert makes his way across the living room, and towards the front door, Dr. Ibermann follows right behind him and shouts out. "Hold on, Mr. Remington!" He walks over to Robert as both Stephanie and Mary look on as the two have a private talk. "I will let you have your chat with Mr. Levingston, with no interruptions, but Mr. Rosenberg stays with me. With the exception that I will pay you an extra two million if tonight goes off without a hitch." The doctor extends out his hand, "It's one of the best offers that you will ever get."

Robert would stop, though he did not immediately face Ibermann. He thought long and hard. He had his main wish, though the time limit was a curious point. Still he shrugged it off for the moment. Even though he still owes Shijin. After a few seconds he faced Ibermann once more. "Ibermann, it is a very generous offer. I'm far from strapped for cash. However I accept if you can do something else for my friend Shijin. You can keep Nomad, but perhaps you can hand him some information of sorts Nomad may know? The SLJ are after the Hellfire club as well, and maybe you can use them as a kind of help...if unwittingly. I lost some trust with that man, and that’s not where I want to be." Rob says, having calmed down.

Dr. Ibermann lowers his hand as he grows impatient with Robert’s demands, “I do not have time to make back corner deals with public superheroes. Take some advice from someone who has been around for over a century, never make promises that you can’t keep. Especially with some hero who’s still an intern with a world wide organization.”

“He’s right.” Mary says as she gets up from the couch. “As much as I hate to say it, but my dad’s right. We don’t have time with this sort of thing. If we did, we’ll loose precious time and he’ll be in the wind again. We have to end this war tonight and you’re the only one who could do it.”

Rob sighed. He was outnumbered. He'd have to solve that problem on his own...later of course. "Fine, I'm sorry, let's just get ready for what we have to do. I suppose you can fill me in on the way?"

“Of course, of course.” Dr. Ibermann replied patting Robert on the shoulder. “My assistant will fill you in on all of the details as the four of us make our way to the rest of the team in Oakland. Just let me handle our guest, in the bedroom, and we will go out and make history.” With that said, Dr. Ibermann walks back into the narrow hallway leaving Robert, Mary, and Stephanie all by themselves in the living room.

Stephanie smiles at Robert as Mary walks out of the condo leaving the two alone. "Congratulations, Robert. Not only do you get to see your long lost ancestor, but maybe now you'll find the answers that you are looking for after all these years."


“Sir, sir, can you hear me?” A female voice asks as the Shijin begins to slowly open his eyes. His first image is a female doctor, wearing a white coat, as she smiles at the hero. “Oh good, you’re awake. Do you know where you are right now?”

Shijin looks around as he pulls himself out of the bed. “I’m at a general hospital. An emergency room from the looks of it.” The nurse nods as Shijin was correct with his answer. “Do you mind telling me what happened? I remember being at the university, one minute, and the next I woke up here.”

The doctor grabs his chart and looks it over. “Well, from the looks of it, I’d say you had severe heart attack. Afterwards, you stayed unconscious for over twelve hours. But after watching the video of what caused this, I would say that you won’t receive another episode like that until you’re in your sixties.”

“Wait a sec,” Shijin says as he rubs his head, “What video are you talking about?”

“The one that is posted on the internet last night.” The doctor replied as she shows Shijin on her cell phone. The video shows Shijin arguing with Robert Remington as Mary phases her arm into his back forcing him to collapse. Shijin rubs his head in disappointment as the doctor tries to cheer him up. “Look Mr…Shijin, I want you not to worry about it. We found your Sentinels membership card and contacted them about your condition. They’re going to send someone down to pick you up and—”

“No need.” Shijin says interrupting the doctor’s sentence. “I know it’s for my own good, but I got to get out there and stop these people before there’s any more collateral damage.”

The doctor couldn’t do much as she watches the hero get out of bed. “Very well, then. We have your clothes, staff, and other personal belongings in the closet. I’ll be back in a few minutes to write up some paper work.”

As the doctor leaves the room, Shijin puts his clothes on, grabs his staff, and takes his SLJ membership card from the small plastic box. As he begins to head out the door, a phone rings from within his pockets. Shijin becomes perplexed as he remembers his friend taking his phone from last night. He rummages in his pockets to find the ringing cell phone. It was clear that it was not his as it looks completely different and looks very cheap. The phone continues to ring as Shijin finally answers the phone, “Hello? What do you want? Whoa, wait a minute, he’s in Oakland? What time…Alright, I’ll be there.”

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