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Eddie Riggs vs Ezio Auditoire

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Posted 02 January 2010 - 01:13 AM

okay, I finished playing Brutal Legends and Assassins Creed 2 and both games *vulgarity*in ROCK! but I got bored and started drawing the two in mortal combat, thinking it cool, I then thought "whoa, that'd be an awesome match". so I'd like to hear your oppinions. Eddie Riggs vs Ezio Auditoire.
setting: desert with quite a few huge rocks and lots of space to move, not during a stage battle cuz that gives eddie too much power.
how I think it plays out: Eddie walks through the desert, admiring the badass metal cactus and fauna of the land. Ezio spys the roadie from atop huge ass rock and leaps down on him, staking Eddie with his hidden blades, Eddie knocks Ezio off of him with a elbow shot and returns to his feet. Ezio and Eddie square off, Eddie whips out his battle axe as Ezio draws the sword of Altiar, they charge. Eddie begins swinging, Ezio dodges each swing and then goes in with his own attack, Eddie blocks with his axe and thrustes forward, forcing Ezio to give up ground. Eddie catches Ezio's sword on top of his axe and pins it to the ground, he then hits Ezio with hard left hook, throwing the assassin on the ground. Ezio kicks Eddie in stomach, Eddie stands up to it and grabs the foot before pulling Ezio up into right hook and then follows up with a spine buster. Ezio stabs Eddie in the chest with his left blade and kicks him in the head, Eddie grabs the blade and tears it off before head butting Ezio. Ezio his bleeding badly, Eddie goes in for the kill, but Ezio throws sand in his face and makes a run for his sword while Eddie is blinded. Ezio grabs his sword and slices Eddies left leg, causing him to collapse. Ezio goes for Eddies throat, but Eddie kicks out with both feet, sending Ezio backwards onto his ass. Eddie grabs his axe, Ezio rushes Eddie, Eddie swings and Ezio ducks under the axe before he runs up the wall. Ezio and Eddie take their weapons in both hands, Ezio leaps off the wall as Eddie spins around, they both swing........

....Ezio hits the ground, his sword is seen sticking out of the rock he jumped off of. Something lands off in the distance, it's part of Ezio's sword, Ezio knows he is in shit now. Eddie comes down with an overhead smash, Ezio rolls underneath the swing and runs away from Eddie, Eddie gives chase. Ezio stops and throws some throwing knifes at Eddie, who bats them aside like flies. Ezio slowly backs up to a rock as Eddie closes the distance, Ezio throws a smoke bomb, Eddie loses him. Ezio runs up the rock and hides at the top, Eddie runs out of the cloud and begins spinning around, trying to find Ezio. Ezio loads his gun, takes aim and fires, Eddie takes the shot to the shoulder and drops to one knee. Ezio reloads and prepares to shoot, but he stops when he sees Eddie staring right at him. Ezio tries to hurry up a shot, but Eddie whips out his axe and begins playing, sending 1200 volts up Ezio's ass. Ezio falls and grasp the edge, he doesn't want to have to tangel with Eddie again, Eddie plays a harder tune and blows Ezio off the rock with a small explosion. Ezio staggers to his feet only to see Eddie rushing straight at him. Ezio throws another smoke bomb, Eddie plays the earth quake and gets rid of the smoke, but Ezio manages to get around to Eddie's back and he goes for his chance. Eddie spins around and fakes a swing, Ezio leaps over head, but Eddie swings straight up and severs Ezio's legs from his body. Eddie then ties a chain around Ezio's neck and backs off, Ezio hears Eddie play a longer riff and then hears a loud thud, a chain hooking up to something and then a wierd revving sound. Eddie takes off in the Duece with Ezio in tow, pulling a donut going 200 mph, flaying Ezio before he cuts the chain with hise axe and sends Ezio crashing into a steel cactus. Eddie looks at his handy work and says "sorry cool assassin guy, but I had to waste ya", lights a cigarrette and drives off.
that's my thoughts, what about the rest of you?

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