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Battle of the 2009 movie heroines!

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Posted 27 December 2009 - 03:52 PM

Nyota Uhura




Silk Spectre (Laurie Juspeczyk)


Irene Adler


Blair Williams




Silver Fox




Bulma Briefs


Laurie Strode


Holly Cantrell




Tiana (from "The Princess and the Frog")


Coraline Jones


Hermione Granger


Bella Swan

Who would win?

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Posted 27 December 2009 - 11:04 PM

You know I use to think Harry Potter was a joke but after watching the last Harry Potter movie in theaters, Hermione would royally screw all of them with the crazy magic she knows.

Either Hermione or Scarlett who was just badass in the movie.

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Posted 28 December 2009 - 11:11 PM

You know I use to think Harry Potter was a joke but after watching the last Harry Potter movie in theaters, Hermione would royally screw all of them with the crazy magic she knows.

That's what I was thinking.

EDIT: Heh...Zoe SaldaƱa plays both Uhura and Neytiri...interesting...Okay, I'll do a fight analysis.

The match starts off with the contestants entering the arena, measuring over their foes. Instantly, Bella goes into a fit about how Edward isn't there to save her. She runs off to the nearest corner to do some serious weeping. Arcee decides to after the biggest threat. Literally. She charges Ginormic in her cycle form, then abruptly transforms, doing a bunch of kicks and cartwheels. She peppers Ginormica with a series of three-round-bursts.

Silver Fox backs away from the action, and makes toward Bella. Grabbing her by the throat, she tells the tortured teen to run blindly in front of Arcee and Ginormica. Bella does as she's told, and causes Ginormica to pause. It's all the distraction Silver Fox needs. Grabbing Ginormica's ankle, she forces the behemoth to pick her up and place Silver Fox on Ginormica's shoulder. Now in control of Gibnormica, she sets after Arcee, trying to stomp the crazy thing into oblivion.

Neytiri immediatly takes out her big-@$$ bow and shoots Irene Alder dead center in the chest. She breifly strangles in her own blood, before collapsing. Bulma is detained by Hermione, who blasts her away with a powerful stunning spell. Scarlette asses each threat, and goes after the one she can most likely handle: Silk Spectre. The two exhange blows at a frightening rate. Blair also joins in, and knocks Scarlett unconcious with a double-fisted blow to the back of the skull.

Hermione runs smack dab into Holly Cantrell, who's teamed up with Laurie Strode. Despite her surprise, she manages to stun both of them. She proceeds onward, to find that Coraline has been plotting with Princess Tiana. It soon become apparent that magic works on toons as well. She takes the pleasure to turn Tiana into a frog.

It is at this time that Hermione, Neytiri and Arcee have decided to attack the Silver Fox-controlled Ginormica, whose legs are flush with bullet marks. Hermione's stunning spells have little effect on the giant, so she soon begins to lean towards other, more powerful spells, that are of the stunning variety, potent enough to stop a normal human's heart. Ginormica's butt soon becomes a pincushion for Neytiri's arrows. Neytiri, who isn't accustumed to Earth's more powerful gravity field, is restrained in the grace and power she usually displays when in battle. She is nearly stomped on and crushed.

Lucky for her, Silver Fox has to defend herself from Arcee's bullets. However, this also opens her up to Hermione's attack. One simple flick of the wrist does it, and another ensures her safe return to the ground from Ginormica's shoulders. The giant woman, now free from Silver Fox's midn control, takes a moment to back away. She's groggy from Hermione's stunning spells. They begin to take effect. She collapses in a thundering heap.

Now, Hermione, Arcee, and Neytiri face off. Only Hermione is sure of what to do, due to the profound tactical manurerability magic grants her in a fight. She stuns Arcee first, then takes time to halt Neytiri's arrow in midair. Hermione briefly studies Neytiri for a moment or two, and lets her know she means no harm. Neytiri casts her bow over he shoulder, and looks around the battlefield. The yound witch takes advantage of the blue alien's brief lack of attention, and again uses the stunning spell, leaving Neytiri unconcious, but unharmed.

Hermione has won the day.

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