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Generic RPG: Zombie Survival Template

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#81 He who fights monsters

He who fights monsters

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 01:34 AM

Name:Mike Ghon

Character type:Brave Character/Cannibal



Weight: 180 lbs

Starting point: The Park

Starting weapon: stick of awesome

Past Job: High school English teacher, Afghanistan veteran

Description: He's an asiatic type with south-sea islander roots as well. He wears his hair in a short manner, as he feels this is the most untroubling.

Biography: He was an excitable teacher for his students and occasionally dressed the part for them as well, depending on the book they would study. One day he would come in as a one-legged pirate, the other as a Hatter and twice as mad. He enjoyed the work and liked the kids, it was a fresh lookout on his new life. After he applied in the military and was shipped out, after a period of days he lost his leg to a mine and was subsequently discharged. It galls him slightly, but he'd rather die then admit that fact. He hates pity and strove to establish himself to the full limits of his physical self.

He's not the type to wallow in self-pity for long though and decided to move to Raccoon City to get a fresh start on life. He's been there for a couple of months now, and at the time of this story is currently taking a walk in the park when he suddenly becomes surrounded by zombies. You really have to feel sorry for them......

Skills: Proficient in most firearms and vehicles from his wartime experience, Also is trained in Kendo and Single-stick. Watch out if he gets his hands on a real sword. Also has a calming influence from his time as a teacher and knows instinctively when to talk to someone.

Fails: The loss of his leg prevents him from flat-out sprinting when he really needs it. Also, he wears strong glasses which could be an impediment if he lost them.

OOC: Sorry I've been away for a while guys. Its been crazy up here.

You mights want to check the earlier posts to prevent confusion.

#82 Kinetic War

Kinetic War

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 07:53 AM

Hugo! You're back! Wanna join the adventure I'm starting, or are you going to start one of your own?

The adventure thread I promised is now up: The Death of the Gatekeeper. Anyone who wants to join the fun with their current character is asked to re-post their character template on that thread. I will review them again there. Notice that I made some minor changes:

1) I removed the "zombie type" descriptions from the character types, since everyone will now definitely start off as human.

2) I added Personality + Friends and Family on the character template. This to improve on the role-playing aspect of the game.

Everyone is welcome!

#83 ND7


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Posted 21 January 2010 - 07:46 PM

NameName: Tom Withers

Character type:Brave Character/Cannibal



Weight: 180 lbs

Starting point: Police Station.

Starting weapon: Metal Baseball bat.

Past Job: Fry cook.

Description: Red Hair. Biker jacket and spiked gloves. Tattoo of zombies on his arms

Biography: Tom has been through many jobs and has been fired from nearly all of them. Before the zombie attack he was about to be fired from his job as a fry cook at the Rust Burger. The undead then soon came but to Tom they were a good thing. Mostly,because they ate his boss and he even mangaged to hit something other then baseballs with his bat. The only thing that he hated was that thier was no one left to give him his weekly paycheck.

Personailty: A pevert and hits on girls whenever he can. But gets scared under pressure.

Family and friends: No friends are known and he killed all of his family expect his pet turtle Richie who he keeps with him even now in the middle of a Zombie Acoplayse.

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