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Match 14635 Vigilante vs. Merlyn (DC)

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Posted 21 August 2013 - 11:28 PM

This is part of an arc; the last chapter is at Catwoman, Wolf and Black Cat vs. Penguin, Jay Lark and raven, and Vulture.


This is the wrap up for Fox and Moon Knight vs. Kai and Sora vs. Los Hermanos de la Luna and Kyle Abbott.




Moon Knight attacked the werewolves with silver throwing crescents and a grenade that filled the air with powdered silver. He landed among the stunned choking werewolves and began attacking them mercilessly with silver truncheon and silver spiked cestii. When the gargoyles swooped in, Moon Knight mistook them for more attackers, triggering a fierce three way battle.


The gargoyles finished the weakened werewolves but before the fight between them and Moon Knight, Fox was able to let them know that they weren't enemies. She showed them the villains standing victorious over her protectors at the base of the cliff. Moon Knight and the Gargoyles decided to join forces against Whisper A'Daire, Kyodai Ken and the Silver Samurai.




The Steel Clan arrived at the warehouse just in time to rip open the storm drain and rescue Owen Burnett, the Question and the Creeper. Xanatos let the heroes live but left them trapped in the drain while he took Owen home.


They were able to escape a short time later and Question promised to help Creeper pick up the Chameleon's trail again.




Question shared his information about Wayne Enterprises creating bat-themed weaponry with Thailog. The gargoyle decided to learn more about Bruce Wayne and told Chameleon to infiltrate the company again.




Luke Cage and the rest of the Manhattan clan joined Goliath and his group in Metropolis. A short time later, Max Loew and the Golem joined them as well. They discussed a plan to attack the Zoo, defeat Demona's forces, and free her prisoners.


Max told them about a news bulletin he had heard on the way, about a hideous man-spider terrorizing the city. They found a television and saw the report. Lexington pointed out that the creature appeared to be wearing the tattered remains of a Spider-Man costume and they realized it must me him, possibly altered by Demona and Sevarius.




Christopher Chance was caught by half a dozen of Ra's al Ghul's assassins in a Metropolis alley. Wounded and unarmed, Chance was still putting up a good fight when his opponents suddenly began dropping under a barrage of plasma stun bolts. His rescuer was a motorcycle riding cowboy with a red bandanna. 


The two conferred and discovered they were both allies of the Batman. Vigilante took chance back to the old abandoned high school building the League of Assassins was using as a base. They saw that the Metropolis SCU (called by the Steel Serpent after betraying the League) had the place surrounded.


Vigilante and Chance conferred with Maggie Sawyer and Dan Turpin. Chance said that a frontal assault would be suicide because of Merlyn. Maggie confirmed that the deadly archer had already started taking a toll on her men. The group came up with a plan; under cover of a smoke screen, Vigilante would get into the building and take out the archer, then the SCU would attack.


Using his lariet, Vig ascends to a fourth story window and enters. Prowls the floor for several minutes, taking out two of the League's killers. Hearing a slight noise, Vigilante spins around and sees an arrow flying at him. He just manages to shoot it out of the air, then the fight is on. 




Merlyn is the only assassin on this floor but he will use stealth, cover and every trick he knows to kill the hero. 


Vigilante is hte version seen in Justice League Unlimited. He is armed with his lariat and two pistole that resemble old west six-shooters but are actually plasma weapons that fire stun bolts.

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Posted 21 August 2013 - 11:28 PM

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Posted 04 September 2013 - 12:05 PM

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