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Rumble 14633 Robin (Tim Drake) and Jana of The Jungle and Jonny Quest vs. Jade (Gargoyles) and Turquesa (Gargoyles) and Obsidiana (Gargoyles)

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Posted 21 August 2013 - 08:25 PM

This is a part of an arc; the last installment is in matches at Steel Serpent vs. Macbeth.


Here is the wrap up of Roger "Race" Bannon, Rufus "Super Midnight" Carter and Jezebel Jade vs. Batroc the Leaper, Red Claw and King Snake.




Batroc's Brigade has been hired by Demona to kidnap Curt Connors and his family. The team splits, with the main body heading into the jungles of Guatamala to catch Dr. Quest's party and Billy Connors. In the meantime, Batroc and two associates attacked the main camp where Connors and his wife were located.


Red Claw attacked Jade and overpowered her very quickly. Race did surprisingly well against Batroc before the Leaper knocked him out. Rufus Carter did the best of the defenders and had King Snake on the ropes.


Batroc warned his people off, wanting to deal with "zee so-great keekboxing champion" himself. After a fierce battle, Batroc emerged triumphant.


Red Claw and King Snake went into the Connors' tent to get Kurt only to discover he had transformed into the Lizard. Shrugging the two off, he fled into the jungle.


"Mes enfants," Batroc said, "Zis 'as just gotten tres complique."




Eddie Brock slips out of his quarters at the Zoo feeling unusually confident and strong. He moved to the section where the cells were and opened the cage holding Peter Parker. The hideous man-spider slammed him out of the way and fled through the building.


"Good luck, bro," Eddie said. "Now, we need to see about getting ourselves out of here."




Mysterio and Chameleon reach a safe-house they established in in case their HQ was compromised. They come inside to find a big man waiting for them. He says that his name is Alexander Thailog and he has a proposition for them. If they agree to work exclusivelyfor him, he will make them rich.


The two are intrigues, especially when they learn that Thailog has sources of information all over. He lets them know that Tinkerer was murdered by the Joker and they agree to an alliance.




The three Gargoyles are on patrol when they see the Quest group moving through the jungle toward the ruins where they live. Thinking the explorers may be a threat to the rainforest or their home the gargoyles attack.




This is Jade, Turquesa and Obsidiana only; Zafiro is in another part of the forest. This is midday but the gargoyles have special pendants that keep them from turning to stone as long as they wear them. They will not harm the humans if they can help it but will try to capture and disarm them. They will use the least force necessary.


Jonny, Hadji and Jessie have all their skills but aren't carrying weapons. In this canopied forest the ground is clear of undergrowth so they don't even have machetes. Billy is also unharmed and is an active kid but doesn't have the fighting or wilderness skills of the Quests. 


Dr. Quest is a pretty good fighter, though not in Race Bannon's league. He is carrying a hunting rifle in case of dangerous wildlife and has a sheathed machete.


Montero is big (about 6'4") man who is powerful and a skilled fighter. He carries a staff which has the power to create a localized tremor when he strikes the ground. The tremor is potent enough to knock most people in a small area off their feet.


Jana is extremely agile and much stronger than you'd expect from someone her size. She carries no weapons, but can throw her necklace. It is made of a mysterious, super-hard metal and is sharp enough to cut through vines, ropes, etc. It will also boomerang back to her when thrown.


Ghost is an albino jaguar and is completely responsive to Jana's commands. For that manner, Jana can call on any animals in the area to help her.


Tiko and Bandit are loyal but very small animals.


Robin, Jana of the Jungle, and Jonny Quest vs. Zafiro, Jade and Obsidiana

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Posted 21 August 2013 - 08:25 PM

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Posted 04 September 2013 - 12:03 PM

Match Final Results
Jonny Quest and Jana of The Jungle and Robin (Tim Drake): 7
Obsidiana (Gargoyles) and Turquesa (Gargoyles) and Jade (Gargoyles): 3

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