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Match 14632 Macbeth (Gargoyles) vs. Steel Serpent

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Posted 21 August 2013 - 05:25 PM

Here's another abbreviated match. Sorry for the brevity but everything's shutting down Saturday.


This is part of an arc; the last installment is in Matches at Vincent vs. Sabretooth


Here is the wrap up for the Question vs. Mysterio.




The Question has just defeated the Chameleon and he and Owen Burnett now move to the storm drain in the villain's warehouse HQ to free the Creeper, who is trapped there. Before they have a chance, Chameleon's partner Mysterio appears and attacks them.


It's a tough battle, but in a warehouse filled with Mysterio's traps and illusions, the good guys ultimately have no chance. He tricks them into a trap that drops them into the storm drain with the unconscious Creeper and activates a level which begins to flood it with water.


About then, the Steel Clan arrives at the building looking for Owen. Realizing he is outgunned, Mysterio takes Chameleon and flees.




Jean-Paul Valley slips away from the clinic where Bruce Wayne had put him to recover from the wounds he sustained fighting Demona and heads back to Gotham.





The Enforcers are kicking back at the Big Sky Billiards Parlor when a news report comes on describing the deaths of a number of men in the attack on Yancy Street. This really bothers Gladiator who says he thought he was signing on to fight heroes, not kill civilians. Montana tells him that he signed on to do as he was told. They argue a bit and Gladiator takes off.


As he leaves, Constantine Drakon and the Russian see him from across the street. They've had their eye on the place, hoping to catch one of the Big Man's lieutenants alone.


On a nearby rooftop, the prowler sees the two men attack the uncostumed Gladiator and thinks he's watching a regular mugging.




Thailog watches as Tala performs a spell on Coldstone. When the spell ends he asks the cyborg gargoyle how he feels. Cold smiles and tells him that the other voices (Othello and Desdemona) in his head are silent. There is only him (Iago) left and he is happy to serve Thailog.




Steel Serpent has split with the League of Assassins because he was not allowed to avenge his defeat at the hands of Batman. He has gone to the office of Dominique Destine to offer her his services in return for a shot at their mutual enemy. He is sitting hin her office discussing this when MacBeth bursts through the window, intent on killing Dominique, who is secretly Demona.


Steel Serpent sees his chance and attacks MacBeth. Dominique grabs her laser rifle but is intrigued by the fight and waits to see who will win before using it.




Steel Serpant is the version who first appeared in Iron Fist. He is an immortal of K'un Lun and a martial arts master whose skill rivals Daniel Rand's. He does not have any magic or chi powers at this time.


MacBeth has his energy pistol and his sword. His goal is to kill Demona. He understands that he will also die because of the curse that binds them together but considers it a fair trade. While he doesn't want to kill anyone else, he will use whatever means necessary to get Steel Serpent out of the way.

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Posted 21 August 2013 - 05:25 PM

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Posted 04 September 2013 - 12:06 PM

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