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Rumble 14614 Superman and Son Goku vs. Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) and Imperial Guard (Marvel)

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Posted 14 August 2013 - 06:53 PM

Superman and Goku traded punches furiously as the shock-waves in space sent after effects that would be felt by nearby planets. Goku had finally managed to use his chi to create a energy field that enabled him to breath in space. Now with no limits or worries about civilians two of the greatest heroes in the multiverse once again clashed.  Goku once again in another attempt to defeat Superman wanted to fight him in space where Superman was the most powerful. Superman claimed it would be unfair and Goku said fighting him at his most powerful would only make him a better fighter. Every two years both men agreed they would meet each other and battle each other. Superman so far won several years straight with only one tie between the two men. KO or submission was the only way to win. Goku was not only at his Super Saiyan 4 level but had no time limit on how long he could stay in the transformation thanks to Bulma. Goku shot a kamahamaha that blasted Superman through a nearby moon which exploded into a million pieces.
Right now they have been battling for 5 days straight....
Superman grinned as he floated in the debris of a moon that Goku's blast had destroyed. Goku laughed as he saw Superman's costume was damaged slightly.
“ Heh you damaged the costume a bit. You improved and got more powerful.”
Goku nodded as he laughed and disappeared from sight using instant transformation. Superman used his superhuman hearing to listen for the sound he was all too familiar with.
A small sound no human ear could hear was heard by Superman as Goku appeared above him...
Superman yelled in pain from the move as with his x-ray vision and other abilities it gave increased the pain. Goku had used the sun the source of his power against him to temporarily blind him. Goku followed up the move...
“ KA..OI...KEN....TIMES 5!”
Goku jumped up further in power and speed as he attacked Goku first from behind with multiple punches. Then with amazing speed speed blitzed him all over. Superman took in the hits as he recovered from the solar flare and easily increased his speed to match Goku as he snatched him with one hand by the throat then hit Goku with a uppercut that sent him crashing through the debris from the destroyed moon. Goku temporarily stunned from the hit tried to shake off the effects as before he could recover Superman froze him into a block of ice with his super-breath. 
“ Well now. That should hold you long enough for me to do....”
A huge cosmic blast hit Superman and Goku who was encased in ice as it blew them back a good couple of feet. Superman caught Goku who thanked him and told him he was fine as they looked up annoyed at their enemies.
“ Both of you have breached Kree space and have violated the rules of the Kree Empire. Step away from my planet and I will bring you in for questioning.”
Superman and Goku gave each other puzzled looks as they glanced back at Captain Marvel.
“ Okay seriously if their were any planets they only felt minor tremors. Nothing huge or threatening. We will simply move our battle away. Now thank.....”
Another blast of energy hit Superman and Goku from behind as the Imperial Guard appeared behind the two heroes as well.
“ The Shiar Empire's space was violated as well. Both empires have agreed to work together to bring you both in to be questioned.
 Goku looked on angry as his power level shot up. Superman grinned raising a eyebrow as he knew like Goku it was time to get ready for a fight.
“ I don't like people who cheap shot others and I don't like being bullies. I don't know what's going on here. But we weren't disturbing anything. Superman is anymore talking needed or can we skip to the fight already?”
Superman and Goku smiled at each other as they speed blitzed their opponents.
Superman and Goku worked together against their foes as after a few minutes of battle Goku and Superman flew back to back smiling at how much fun they were having fighting on the same team.
“ You guys really made a bad move here. You can't win.”
Marvel and members of the Imperial Guard led by Gladiator looked on in anger as they exploded as they rushed the two men.
“ You two are in for a world of hurt. Between Captain Marvel and the power of the Imperial Guard your outmatched.”
The two sides clashed as Goku spoke.
“ Heh your right definitely outmatched. Not us anyway....”
The real battle began
Superman (New 52)
Goku (Super Saiyan 4. No time limit on how long he can stay in form)
Captain Marvel (Most powerful)
Imperial Guard
Gladiator (100% Confident)
BATTLE IN SPACE. WIN BY ANY MEANS. Planets are away from the fight distance wise and their is a yellow sun.

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Posted 14 August 2013 - 06:53 PM

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Posted 19 August 2013 - 12:16 PM

Great set up, team Gokuman wins

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Posted 04 September 2013 - 12:01 PM

Match Final Results
Superman and Son Goku: 17
Imperial Guard (Marvel) and Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell): 2

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