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Top Best MUGEN Projects

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Posted 10 August 2013 - 01:24 PM

Title says it all. List your favourite or most anticipated MUGEN projects here.


Here's my little list:


1. Card Saga Wars (Made by Orkimides and Ahruon)


A truly massive and ambitious project made by two dedicated video game fans, this project is surely on top of most peoples' lists of most anticipated MUGEN projects. The game gives you an average sized roster made up of familiar video game icons and some unexpected characters, but theat's just the start. The game features over 90 other video game characters as assist characters, and 1000 more as support cards. I was gobsmacked when I saw the whole roster at their website (which isn't used anymore since the creators forgot their passwords or something like that :rolleyes: ). I mean, seriously, you need to check this out!


Not only that, but every character is sprited and coded from scratch, each in the same 16-bit art style, giving the game a sense of uniformity that other projects don't have. All the stages look be-a-utiful, too. The Ocarina of Time stage, the Halo stage and the Jungle Beat stages are my favourites so far. One thing I don't get though is the fact that the creators have said that the game will only feature game characters, yet in the card gallery, there are butt tons of anime, TV, comic and even fanfic and original characters.


A lot of people might mislead you into thinking that the project is dead since it hasn't been updated in so long. This is FALSE. The game may not be updated regularly, but Ahruon has been commenting on the video demos and things recently, explicitly stating that it ISN'T DEAD!


2. Capcom VS The World (Made by Sean Swanson)


Capcom's wide assortment of characters have fought Namco, Sega, Tatsunoko and even Marvel, so I guess it's time that they go up against everyone else! Capcom VS The World is a cool looking project with a neat roster made up of characters from games, comics, movies, anime and even other MUGEN projects. My fav character has to be Superman. His super moves are badass!


The project is simple, but that's why it seems so charming. It's one of the few projects out there that are consistently updated regularly, so I suggest you check it out.


3. Mega Man: Bit of Destiny (Made by O Illusionista)


A cool little (I say 'little') project which features the Blue Bomber fighting against a huge assortment of characters in battle. The catch here, is that every character has to be based on Mega Man sprites, and the fighting system looks like a cross between a regular fighter and a Mega Man game. Anyone can contribute by making sprite sheets of any character of your choice. Literally, anyone. Don't believe me? Dolan is getting in the game. :o GOOBY PLS!!!


It may not be the prettiest MUGEN fighter around, but I'd play it just for humour value, which counts a lot in my book. :D



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