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Rumble 14602 Team Avatar (Legend of Korra) vs. Team Avatar

Pro Bending Final

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 12:20 PM

Match Final Results
Team Avatar (Legend of Korra): 2
Team Avatar: 8

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Posted 24 August 2013 - 12:12 PM

Okay, not that I've seen five episodes (all that's available on the Nick site :( ) I'm ready to shoot my mouth off.


Katara vs. Korra - IMO, Korra probably has more raw power than Katara and also has a more aggressive personality. Korra is more of a go-getter and more self-centered while Katara is very much a protector and nurtrer. (That's not saying Katara isn't a good fighter or that Korra can't be tender, this is just the general way their personalities push them.) Despite Korra's greater aptitude, Katara is probably the more skilled water-bender. That doesn't make that much difference here because the skills used in pro-bending are pretty basic and the rules won't let you get too fancy. On balance, I'd guess Korra's the stronger player.


Toph vs. Bolin - Bolin is very good but I think Toph is stronger, faster, and much more aggressive. 


Zuko vs. Mako - I think these two are very close in strength, skill and aggressiveness. In a fight, I'd expect Zuko to be more ruthless and to have a small advantage. In pro-bending, I think Mako will have a slight edge in skill.


Teamwork - When they aren't distracted by teen drama, the Fire Ferrets work very well together, and Mako is a talented captain. I dunno who the captain of the of Team Avatar is but I'm guessing Zuko. He's got a bigger ego and more trust issues than Mako anf that's going to hurt. Katara is a team player but Toph has a bit of an ego and there's likely to be friction on the team. Then there is Toph's blindness. While she has an uncanny sense of where everything and everyone is, she cannot read her teammates body language or communicate with them any way other than verbally.


I'd say, in the end, this comes down to a group of highly talented individuals vs. a well-oiled team. 


Fire Ferrets win.

I wouldn't say Mako has an advantage in skill per se, more like an advantage in Pro-Bending applicable technique.


I honestly don't think that Zuko has that big of an ego at all. Towards the beginning of the series he did, but you could see it going away as he grew throughout the series.


Actually Toph can communicate very well with her teammates. She may not be able to read their body language, but she can detect tonal inflections, heart rate, etc.


 I wouldn't downplay Team Avatar's teamwork. They worked pretty well together in the second half of Season 3.

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