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Rumble 14598 Roger Race Bannon and Jezebel Jade and Rufus "Super Midnight" Carter vs. Batroc the Leaper and Red Claw and King Snake

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Dinsdale Piranha

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Posted 06 August 2013 - 12:18 PM

The window of Selina Kyle's hospital room slid open to admit a graceful, black clad form ot of the rainy night. The intruder slid the pane shut but didn't latch it, then moved to the bed.


"Hello, Felicia," Selina said.


"Man!" the younger woman said with a grin. "I never could sneak up on you."


"I didn't hear you, Kitten. It was the draft when you opened the window. That and the smell of the rain."


The Black Cat laughed.


"You've gotten a lot better," Selina said. "Of course, you were just a kid the last time I saw you. What are you up to these days? Besides stealing my gimmick, that is."


"You like?" Felicia said doing a pirouette to show off her outfit. "I call myself the Black Cat. And it's not stealing, it's an homage."


"Nice," Selina said with a smile. "And I hear you've never been caught."


"Almost, once," Felicia said with a touch of a blush. "There's this guy called Spider-man with these amazing powers. Fortunately, I managed to get on his good side."


"You've got a crush on a masked do-gooder?" Selina asked wryly. "Be careful, Kitten. Those things don't go anywhere."


"Well, that's not what I'm here about," Felicia said. "I got Dad out of prison and he and I heard that you were here. What happened?"


"I was fencing some hot ice," Selina said. "My fence got an offer from the original owner and his bodyguards worked me over pretty good."


"Hot ice?"


"The Coyote Diamond," Selina said.


Black Cat whistled softly. "You don't mess around, do you?"


"No, and I don't give up, either. I'm out of here in the morning and I plan to get my property back."


"You'll need some help for that," Black said.


"No offense, Kitten," Senina said, "but Penguin--my fence--is going to ready for me to try something. What I need is serious muscle."


Felicia grinned.


"You should meet Dad's old cellmate," she said. "Muscle doesn't come any more serious than hm."




"Here you go, Mac," the cab driver said. "Wayne Manor. "You want I should ring the gate buzzer?"


"No," the muscular Asian man said. He stepped out of the cab into the rain, then fished several bills from his pocket and handed them to the cabbie.


"Spooky old place," the driver said. "It always looks like a gargoyle crouched on a cliff to me."


"Yes," the passenger said. "I can see why."


The cab moved off into the night. when it had gone the man scaled the gate with uncanny ability. Landing on the other side he smiled grimly.


"Very soon, Detective, my honor will be avenged," he said.




"I'm impressed," the Penguin said. "Both by your resume and your style."


"Thank you," the gaunt man in the long raincoat said.


"I'm expecting trouble soon," Penguin said. "A colleague of mine is of rather... irked at the outcome of a recent business transaction. I don't think it's anything you can't handle, though Mr. Toomes." 


"Please," the gaunt man said, "call me Vulture."




"Was it your people who built the pyramid of Chac IxChel," Dr. Quest asked.


"Perhaps," Montaro said. "But our legends say it was built by the children of Kukulkan."


"Children of who?" Jonny Quest asked.


"Kukulkan," Jessie Bannon said. "He was one of the chief gods of the Mayans."


"Yes," Hadji nd said. "And the pyramid seems also to be named for Mayan gods. Chac is the god of rain and IxChel is the goddess of the moon."


"Okay," Jonny said, "but who are the Childern of Kukulkan?"


"They are powerful spirits," Montaro said. "They protect all of this--the Green." The big warrior gestured with his staff at the surrounding rain-forest.


"This place needs protectors," Dr. Quest said. "At out current rate of deforestation, we could lose the world's rain-forests in a century."


"There was a clear-cutting project in this forest last year," Jana said. "It was a big American company called Cyberbiotics. They pulled out unexpectedly after only a few months."


"Do you think the guardian spirits chased them away?" Billy Connors asked.


"Who knows?" Jana said. "I think we're getting close to the pyramid. I'll scout ahead. Come on, Ghost?"


"The blonde girl went up a tree with an agility that would have done credit to a spider-monkey and used vines and branches to beat a speedy path through the canopy. Her albino jaguar followed along the ground."


"Hey!" Robin shouted. "Wait up!"


He followed Jana into the trees and his gymnastic training allowed him to follow her tree-top route.


"Man!" Jonny said. "Look at *Burt go! I'd like to learn how to do that. Hey, what's the matter, Jessie?"


The red-haired girl was staring after Robin with her hands on her hips and an unhappy expression.


"Boys are so stupid," she said.




Race Bannon had come down to the river to meet the mail-boat. He was astonished to see that it held a passenger--someone he knew very well.


"Jezebel Jade," he said, "as I live and breathe."


"Race!" the pretty Eurasian woman gave Race a Mae West smile as she hopped fromt he boat to the shore. "Where are Dr. Quest and the kids?"


"They're on a little archaeological trip int he forest," he replied, "looking for an old Mayan pyramid."


"That's bad," Jade said, frowning.


"Why?" Race said, his cheerful tone vanishing. "What's up?"


"I came here to warn you," she said. "There's something in the wind about mercenaries being hired to find you. I don't know why, but the man who has the job is good... very good."


"Blast it!" Race said. "Come on! We have to get back to camp!"




"Écoutez, mes enfants!" Georges Batroc's voice rang through the PA systems of both helicopters. "We approach zee targets. Zis is a most auspicious mission and one which will give much honair to Batroc's Brigade. Team une, which I shall lead, will land at zee rivair while team deux will proceed to zee Mayan ruins to find Dr. Quest.


"Remembair, zere is to be no shooting of ze Quest group and especially not of Dr. Connairs and his family. Our employair wants zeem alive and well."




The two helicopters split off. One headed deeper into the rain-forest while the other found a relatively clear spot and dropped rappelling lines.




"What's with the helicopters, babe?" Rufus carter as Race and Jade rushed into the cabin, "and who is this fine lady?"


"Jezebel Jade, meet Rufus 'Super-Midnight' Carter," Race said. "Now shut-up and break out the guns. we've got company coming."


Curt and Martha Connors took shelter in the little room while Race, Carter, and Jade took up positions at the windows. A few moments later submachine guns started firing from the trees and the three returned fire.


"I don't think those dudes are even trying to hit us," Carter said after a moment."


"No," Race replied. "They're just keeping us pinned down. But why?"


There was an explosion overhead creating a ten foot wide hole in the roof through which three figures dropped. One was a tall, powerful looking woman with a streak of white in her dark hair and a claw tattoo on her shoulder, the second was a tal man with his snady hair in a ponytail and the last was a mustachioed man in a purple, masked costume.


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Posted 06 August 2013 - 12:18 PM

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Dinsdale Piranha

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Posted 09 August 2013 - 08:30 PM


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Posted 12 August 2013 - 02:28 PM

Team 2 pretty easily. Batroc alone is too much for any one of them. Probably King Snake too.

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Posted 17 August 2013 - 12:21 PM

Match Final Results
Rufus "Super Midnight" Carter and Jezebel Jade and Roger Race Bannon: 3
Batroc the Leaper and King Snake and Red Claw: 4

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