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Match 14584 Silver Sable and Silvermane vs. Warhawk

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 03:21 PM

This is part of an arc. The last chapter can be found at The Question vs. Mysterio.


This is the wrap up for Dr. Octopus vs. the Golem of Prague.




The police hunkered behind their cars, knowing that they offered little protection against the powerful arms of Dr. Octopus.


"Oh, Crap," Stan Carter said, peeking over the hood of his unit.


"What is it?" Detective Matt Bluestone asked.


"Now we've got another monster to deal with."


Matt took a look as a massive, stony man-like creature lumbered toward the supervillain. He smiled and ducked back down.


"I think this may be a good thing," he said. "Pass the word not to fire."




Otto Octavius grinned as the defeated officers stopped firing. Puny fools! As if they ever had a chance against his amazing arms. He commanded his limbs to carry him away, but one was stuck. Turning, Octavius saw that his arm was held in the grasp of what looked like a walking statue.


"Let go of me!" he yelled and smashed at the creature with another limb. The blow struck the creature's head with a loud and vaguely musical "pok" but did no evident damage. It responded by using its grip on Octavius' metal arm to hurl him into a storefront across the street. His arms cushioned the impact but the indignity of it rankled.


"You may be strong," he said, "but you can never match the inventive genius of Otto Octavius!"


Doc Ock lashed out with all four mechanical arms, battering the Golem with a series of blows, any of which would have crushed a car. The creature made little attempt to parry them, but strode through the barrage inexorably, reaching for him. At the last moment, Octavius used his arms to climb out of the Golem's reach.


"I see I've been too gentle," he said. A mental command set the blades at the ends of his arms spinning with enough force to cut through sheet metal like cardboard. His first stroke made a gash across the Golem's chest and his second cut deep into the head before grinding to a halt.


Unperturbed, the Golem grabbed the trapped arm and pulled it in two directions, snapping it in a feat of impossible strength. Otto cried out in pain, as one of his real arms had been violently broken.


As the Golem lurched at him again, Dr. Octopus recovered enough to order his arms to carry him away. As he did, he saw the wounds he'd made on the Golem seal themselves, as if an invisible thumbed has smoothed a blemish on a clay sculpture.


"you're powerful, whatever you are," he said, "but power alone will not save you!"


He lifted a parked car and hurled it at the golem, then another, then another. Within seconds the creature was buried beneath half a dozen automobiles. Octopus used his blades to slash open several gas tanks, then struck a spark. The pile of cars was transformed into a nightmarish inferno in seconds and Dr. Octopus backed away, grinning.


A moment later the cars began to shift as they were forced apart by impossible strength. The Golem emerged, its body ablaze, striding through the flames and wreckage as if they were inconsequential.


"Inconcievable!" Octavius said.


He activated his blades again and struck with a berserk fury. This time the Golem caught an arm and used it like a rope to reel Octavius in. In desperation the little scientist began resisting, he grabbed a light post with one of his arms and a fire hydrant with the other, but these tore loose under the slow, steady pressure of the Golem's pull.


"Please, don't do this," Octavius said, his earlier confidence gone from his voice. "Please don't kill me!"


"The Golem continued its relentless pull and, when Octavius was in range, raised a stony fist to crush the life from him.


"Golem, no!"


Octavius sobbed as Max Loew stepped out of a nearby doorway and approached the Golem.


"Don't kill," the young man said, and the Golem froze in position.


"See that?" Max pointed at the round plate in the center of Octavius' harness. "That's the power source for his arms. Remove that and the police can handle him."


The Golem put a huge hand to the plate and gently removed the experimental battery. Dr. Octopus' arms went limp and the little man collapsed into a sobbing, shaking mass.


"Good job," Max said.




Thailog rose from the bed and strode to the window to watch the rising sun. Behind him, Tala stirred. Gathering a bedsheet around her she moved to stand beside him and leaned against him.


"I've never seen it before," Thailog said.


"The sun?"


"The condition I inherited from my 'father.' Stone by day, warrior by night. Now, thanks to you, the day is mine as well."


"Carpe deum, darling," Tala said.


Thailog chuckled.


"So," Tala asked, "what gave you the idea of being human by day and gargoyle by night?"


"Demona. You would know her as Dominique."


"That little redhead who is always playing up to Lex?"


"You sound jealous, my dear."


"No more. I've had enough of that preening egotist." She stretched to loop her arms around Thailog's neck. "How do you like your human form?"


"It is weaker than what I am used to, and more vulnerable, but by human standards it is…" he paused. "What would you say."




Thailog chuckled again.


"I have a second spell I'd like you to cast," he said. "An ally of mine called Coldstone who needs some… peace of mind."




"No," Thailog said, scooping her up in his arms. "Later."




Bruce Wayne woke knowing that something was wrong. He lay there for a moment analyzing everything his senses told him. he was keenly aware of the cool breeze through the window, the warmth of Natasha's body, the even rhythm of her breathing, the faint aroma of her perfume. There wasn't anything wrong that he could tell, but the sense of foreboding wouldn’t go away.


Moving with practiced stealth, he slipped out of the bed without waking her and left the room. He went to his office first and checked the alarms in the manor. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He rang for Alfred but the butler didn't answer.


That never happened.


He cast a regretful glance back at the bedroom. Something was happening that Batman had to handle. He only hoped he could discover what was wrong before Natasha woke up.




Natasha Romanov woke knowing something was wrong. The bed was empty; she didn't understand how Bruce could have slipped away. She had been trained to wake at the slightest disturbance; it bothered to think she might be losing that edge. What they had discovered in their brief time together was magical, and she wondered if it was softening her.


She rose and slipped on a robe, then took a cunningly concealed device from her compact. Using it she scanned the thermal trail Bruce Wayne's body heat had left. She followed the trail to his study where he had looked at a concealed panel. The panel was locked, something sophisticated that would take time to deal with. She made a mental note of the location and moved on.


Bruce's tracks continued to an old style grandfather clock where the train abruptly ended. Natasha frowned. She was familiar with secret passageways, of course, but it troubled her to find one here. She had dared to hope that Fury and that Waller woman had been wrong about him having something to hide.


Of course it made sense that he was. Her luck was never that good.




Jean DeWolfe sat in the darkened tunnel with only a thick candle to give her light. She didn’t hear the bestial man's approach until he was right on top of her. With an oath she drew her service automatic and pointed it at his face. The man didn't react except to tilt his head to the side quizzically.


Jean drew a shuddering breath as she recognized Vincent.


"Did I frighten you?" the beast man asked.


"I thought you were Sabertooth for a moment."


"I suppose there is some resemblance in the shadows."


"No," Jean said. "There really isn't. I've just been on edge. You weren't there when Red Wolf and I fought that monster. We hit him with everything we had and he just kept coming, he killed my partner and I thought he'd killed Red Wolf too. I still have nightmares about that."


"You care for him."


"Red Wolf?" Jean forced a laugh. "He's a good guy, I suppose; as crazy superhero types go anyway. I really think the costumed crowd should just let the police take care of the bad guys."


"Like Sabretooth?" Vincent asked.


"Yes! I mean…" Jean hesitated, uncertain of how to continue. "You know what I mean."


"I think so," Vincent said, sitting next to her. "You don't want to see any more harm come to the people you care about. You want to protect them."


"Yeah," she replied. "I guess that's why I became a cop."


"I understand," Vincent said. "I have the same need to protect my friends. So, I think, does Red Wolf."


"Yeah," Jean said. "I just don't want to see him get hurt."


"You do care for him."


Jean glared at Vincent, then looked down.


"Lotta good it'd do me if I did. He's bound to end up with Greer in the end."


"Your friend?" Vincent asked. "I have not seen anything like that between them."


"Maybe, but she's the type who always gets the good guys. She's tall and sweet and model-pretty. I'm just…"


"Your beauty is different from hers, but no less real. And, as you said, you and Red Wolf are very similar in some ways."




"Let us not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments," Vincent said.


"You mean you really think…" Jean trailed off as she realized the beast-man was staring intently into the darkness.


"Vincent?" she said.


"Intruders," he replied. "Make your way back to Father and the others. He and Callisto must get them to safety."


"What about you?"


But Vincent had already vanished into the darkness.




"I don't like this," Silvio Manfredi said. He and his daughter Sable were sitting in one of the large rooms of his Long Island estate.



"What, papa?" Sable asked.



"The hit's a bust, Marko's in the hospital, Connie ran like a little girl, and there's no sign of Warhawk. I'm getting' my head handed to me by that mook, Lincoln, in this war."


"Don't let it get to you," Sable said. "You're ten times the man he is and the tide has to turn soon."


"Silvermane?" came a voice from Manfredi's intercom.


"What is it?" he asked, pressing the button.


"Warhawk's here and asking to see you."


"Warhawk?" Silvermane said softly.


"Don't let him in the gate," Sable said, reaching past her father to press the button. "I'll come out to see him."


"But, he's already at the house," the guard said. "I don't--"


The voice was cut off in a burst of gunfire and a scream followed by the sound of a door smashing.


"What the hell?" Silvermane said.


"It's some kind of trick," Sable said, drawing her pistol. "Hide, papa. The boys and I will deal with this."


"I didn't get to be head of the biggest Maggia family on the East Coast by running form a fight," Silvermane said. "Besides, with my new armor, I'm more than a match for anything Lonnie Lincoln can throw at me."


He pressed a button and silver armor folded out to cover his suit.


Then Warhawk burst through the door, a smoking machine-pistol in each hand and a glassy look in his eyes.




Warhawk is the version who appeared in Iron Fist. He is as invulnerable as Luke Cage originally was (bullets bruise but do not penetrate his flesh) and not quite as strong (lifts about 2.5 tons.) He is a skilled martial arts expert and former special forces sniper. He has an M-16 assault rifle slung over his ack, two MAC-10 pistols, and two hand grenades. He is under Calipso's voodoo spell and is capable of only fairly simple thinking.


Silvermane is the version seen in Spectacular Spider-man. He is wearing his cybernetic battle armor (which, in this arc was provided by LexCorp) which let him hang with Tombstone and Dr. Octopus.



Silver Sable is also in the room and will act to protect her father, Silvermane. She is the version seen in Spectacular Spider-man but is not outfitted for combat. She is wearing civilian clothes and has a pistol.


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Posted 02 August 2013 - 03:21 PM

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Posted 04 August 2013 - 02:23 PM

Being an Iron Fist enemy, I think Warhawk can handle these two.


Are you going to continue your story on the electricferretfreeforums site?

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Posted 05 August 2013 - 12:10 AM

Great set-up as usual, Dinsdale. Nice recap of Octavius vs. the Golem and nice developments with Thailog/Tala and Bruce/Natasha. Also, I see that the Vincent and Morlocks vs. Sabretooth and minions match-up is looming... 


As for this match, I think the Manfredis have this. If the Big Man can hold his own against Warhawk in this arc, SSM's Silvermane can do the same in his hydraulic armor. In SSM, Tombstone, Doc Ock, and Silvermane in said armor fought to a virtual stalemate. Silver Sable can at the very least provide enough of a distraction for her father to land the knockout blow.

#5 Callisto



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Posted 17 August 2013 - 12:22 PM

Match Final Results
DSkillz gives it a grade of [A] - Another great match and good match-up!
leroypowell3 gives it a grade of [A] -
Silvermane and Silver Sable: 9
Warhawk: 3
FPA: 4.0

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