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Match 14567 Rattrap vs. Count Marzo

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Buzz Line

    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 24 July 2013 - 09:06 PM

See the castles, see the graves, the waves, the streams, see spectacle you could not see in your wildest dreams-the postcards read. “Enjoy one of kind dining and the best bedding in the world” said the commercials. Cardiff, a city of attractions, sport, culture and entertainment. Within the few square miles of the city-centre alone, you'll find a wealth of things to do, whatever your tastes, and in the surrounding areas, you'll find everything from abseiling to whisky tasting-Or so the website would have you believe.


“Worst… vacation… ever.” An utterance that was a waste of energy, and breath, but even face down on the cobblestone gagging on rat breath Monet could not help herself. About every five minutes the air would clear enough for her to properly breathe and she would begin to get up. Then the ROUS all would expel their gasses again until the thick cloud of their putrid breath became unbearable, causing her and every other person strong enough to even stay conscious, to collapse again. She had read somewhere that New England’s infamous rat problems had originated from around here but attacks from bull sized, red eyed, knockout gas spewing rodents seems like something that would be hard not to have heard about before.


Suddenly she found strength anew and propelled herself to her feet, then into the air. Perhaps it yet untapped adrenalin was still in the well or maybe it was a benefit from those weird ‘inner science’ exercises Karima suggested but Monet had committed herself to not passing out in a street full of oversized rodents and was determined to fly beyond the gas which was still accumulating but her one fresh breath above the cloud cover was lost in a gasp at the sight, lack of sight. None of Cardiff was visible, all was not obscured by purple fumes, and the clouds still grew, their rising over taking the mutant’s ascent. “Puny Earthlings! Who will save you now?” having the opportunity to say it filled Marzo joy and his cackling from the roof echoed across the obscured skyline.


But the Count soon regained his composure as he felt the fur of one of his rats brushing against him. “You got up here? I know you are hungry but it is still too early feed on them. The time for their king, Mr. Jones, to meet my demands has not yet run out. Whatever the outcome your feast will be such you will not even remember the hunger you have now!” Marzo assured it. Nodding, it seemed to turn away, perhaps to go back the way it came, which Marzo was interested in. He had some trouble himself navigating this strange tower and he had never once seen one of his rats nod with such understanding. Beastman called them stupid, unreliable, Hordak called them a waste of magic but not only were his rats useful, they were getting smarter! Soon he would be… and his thoughts were stopped by sudden surprise as the rat turned back around and lunged at Marzo with enough for to send them both over the roof’s edge and crashing through the wall of an adjacent building.


Such an impact would not be enough to keep a sorcerer as strong as Marzo down long normally but he continued to lie on his back amidst the broken glass, starring at the ceiling, trying to figure out what just happened. What he had just been rammed by, it felt familiar but at the same time completely alien, much too hard for the pet he new, much too heavy for its size and oddly cold for a creature exerting so much energy, he could not put it together.


“Being a spy aint nearly as glamorous as it is in the novels, let me tell you.” At that Marzo sat up. The rat, which had rolled over him when they landed, had arisen more quickly, was talking…and transforming into another creature entirely. “You can spend nine years in the dumps, trying to make your boss’s vision a reality and then some know-nothing doing an Emperor Zerg impression ruins it all in less than five minutes.” Rattrap griped. “What are you?” Marzo stammered. “Wells I guess I’m the galaxy police now, or would this be citizen’s arrest? Technically not my jurisdiction but I’m still arresting you, I’ll look up what law you broke and properly charge you later.”

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Posted 24 July 2013 - 09:06 PM

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:36 AM

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