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Match 14566 Sarah Kerrigan (Infested) and Queen Chrysalis vs. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna

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Posted 24 July 2013 - 04:46 PM

Please note that this match takes place days after my last match up which was the Changelings vs. the Zerg Swarm.  Which by the way the Zergs did manage to defeat the Changelings 7-4 was the final vote.  So the match continues on.


It was a disaster for Queen Chrysalis.  She was certain her forces would crush these invaders but they had never managed to defeat the invaders whom swarmed over her Changeling Army without any chance of fighting back.  With her forces being bitten in the front by Zerg Zergling, huge snakelike creatures known as Hydralisk backed up the Zergling with their acidic  spines.  To make matters worse, Zerg Mutalisk and Guardians bombarded her forces from afar.  Well the Guardians did but the Mutalisk prety much attacked from the sky as well.  She doesn't see the Zerg's leader till it's too late.  She feels sharp blades peirce her flesh, she turns to see the attacker but couldn't until the attacker uncloaks herself "Who are you?" Queen Chrysalis asked.


Kerrigan answers "The name is Sarah Kerrigan, also known as the Queen of Blades."


She stabs Chrysalis whom is on the ground bleeding from the stabs before grinning "And I'm the leader of the Zerg Swarm.  Prepare to die."


Queen Chrysalis may have been bold and eager to take on Princess Celestia and win but this new alien leader she was paronid and spoke "Please spare my life, I surrender!  You may have every single Changeling I command.  Spare my life!"


Kerrigan eyes Chrysalis as she prepares herself for the kill "I normally don't accept surrender from anyone that leads an army against me.  But you maybe of some use to me."


"W-W-W-What can I do?" Chrysalis asked.


Kerrigan answers "I'm going to keep you alive providing you show me around.  My forces will overrun the planet within days now that we've won our little skirmish."


Chrysalis eyes Kerrigan "What do you need my help for if you will overrun Equestria within days?"


Kerrigan once more answers " I want to know who is in charge of this planet and where can I find them?"


Chrysalis shakes her head but answers "The leaders of Equestria are two Princesses, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.  Both are sisters.  Princess Luna maybe on the moon but for Celestia...She's in Canterlot."


Kerrigan smiles "See? You are already providing use to me.  Anyway now I'll spare the rest of your forces.  But you must join us."


"We will' Chrysalis told her.


Kerrigan turns towards her soldiers ordering them to stop which they did.  Then she eyes Chrysalis "We march upon Canterlot right away."


Chrysalis only nods her head and leads the way to Canterlot with Kerrigan smiling ordering her troops "Besides our Changeling Allies, Zergs, I give you this message, kill anyone that dares to stop you, every man, woman, and child.  It's time 'Equestria' knows how their new soon to be ruler rules over them if they try to stand up against us."


The Zerg Swarm lets out an enourmace amount of roars.


One day later, the Zergs and Changelings approach Canterlot. Queen Chrysalis had to laugh at this because the barrier wasn't up "This would be too easy to try to invade Canterlot again."

"Why do you say that?" Kerrigan asked.


Queen Chrysalis answers "Because they have no barrier.  Nothing to protect them from another attack from my forces."


"Sounds good to me" Kerrigan spoke she turns to the Changelings and Zerg Swarm "Destroy and kill everything you come upon!"


The Zergs and Changelings go on forfilling Kerrigan's order.


Queen Chrysalis turns to join the Changelings and the Zergs but Kerrigan stops her "Oh-no you don't.  While the Princesses's guards deal with our army, we'll be taking them by surprise."


Queen Chrysalis nods following Kerrigan.


Inside the castle both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna whom was visiting that day heard ponies screaming for their lives.  The Guards all ran out to fight what appeared to be at first Changelings attacking only to be over run by the Zergs.  Princess Celestia and Princess Luna waste no time knowing that Canterlot was under siege and race to help the guards but are confronted by Queen Chrysalis.


"Chrysalis!" Princess Celestia spoke "What are you doing here?"


Chrysalis answers evilly " I've come to settle our despute.  Now my force shall be taking over Equestria, all I've got to do is get rid of you."


"AND ME!" Princess Luna shouted.


"Give it up Chrysalis" Princess Celestia warned "You caught me off guard last time because I underestimated your power.  But now with my sister at my side, we shall be the ones to kill you."


Before the three could fight a powerful storm of psychic energy strikes the area.  The two Princesses manage to get out of the way and Chrysalis grins as Kerrigan makes herself visible "Oh, I lied, Sarah Kerrigan here will be Equestria's new ruler.  I'm just helping her."


Kerrigan eyes both Princesses "Hmm, Winged unicorns...Not the exact opposition leaders I was expecting but...Regardless, Queen Chrysalis you and I will deal with these two Princesses.  Then Equestria will belong to the Zergs."


Both Kerrigan and Queen Chrysalis prepare to face off against Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.


Can the two Princesses over come Kerrigan and Chrysalis.  You're votes decide the fate of Equestria.


Also important to know these factors, this version of Sarah Kerrigan is the one in the first Starcraft, which means she has the cloaking ability or to become invisible for a specific amount of time and the Psyonic Storm (Which I misspelled probably) which Kerrigan used as a warning shot.


Queen Chrysalis still has Shining Armor's love for Cadence inside her.


Both Princess Luna and Princess Celestia are prepared to fight to the death to defend Canterlot.

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Posted 24 July 2013 - 04:46 PM

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Posted 25 July 2013 - 10:32 PM

Interesting. The power of Luna/Celestia versus Chrysalis and Kerrigan....

well, from what I know Celestia at 100 % was enough to hold and possibly defeat Chrysalis, albeit the bonus power Chryisi gained from Shining Armor's love for Cadence. So with that said, to combine Celesti and Luna's powers together, I'd wager might just be enough to beat Chrysalis, but I'm not really sure about Kerrigan or either opposing side's army.

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:38 AM

Match Final Results
Venom 2009 gives it a grade of [A] -
Queen Chrysalis and Sarah Kerrigan (Infested): 5
Princess Luna and Princess Celestia: 4
FPA: 4.0

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