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Match 14564 X-Men 2099 vs. ED-209

X-Men 2099 ED-209

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Posted 24 July 2013 - 03:03 PM

Darth Caedus didn’t like having so much back up. But operating on a world overflowing with super humans, some who’s power grudgingly rivaled a Sith, the lord of the Dark Side had to swallow his pride  and accept the need for more than his mastery of The Force.

          They had been drawing the mutants of this world to the Dark Side, not accepting them as apprentices but as simply Dark Converts. So far, such beings were quite useful. But Caedus was the first to question what the Sith would do with these mutants once they were no longer needed. The dark council had not yet made any decisions. That worried him.

          Take for instance this group that was with him. 8 mutants. Vagabonds, lowlifes and monsters all of them, even by mutant standards. They were simple enough to lead down the dark path. Their inner anger at the world was like a sinking anchor dragging them deeper and deeper into the pit.

          If all went well, there presence would simply be an appeasement for Darth Vader’s wishes. Their mission was the retrieve the protoculture matrix for their Robotech Master allies.

          When The disguise mercenary Zartan confirmed the presence of the Protoculture Matrix in the military base near Macross Island, he had failed to report intelligence on the security. Sloppy work,

          But Caedus didn’t worry about it. He didn’t even want to punish Zartan for his underperformance. The Sith simply wouldn’t help him when the authorities pursued him.

          A normal looking human, Darth Caedus was proud to have maintained the features of Jacen Solo. Other Sith like Vader, Plagues and Sideous had let the Dark Side disfigure them.

          Caedus was able to walk the streets freely. The dark converts, some of them, at least, would draw attention. Therefore, he had the normal looking mutants Krystalin and Meanstreak accompany him. Desert Ghost, Skullfire and Cerebra would act as a secondary team They would cause distractions and team 1 needed them to. The more obvious mutants, Metalhead, Bloodhawk and La Lunatica stayed hidden. They would act as back up in case things got too out of hand.

          The weak-minded guards were easy to get past.  Meanstreak’s super speed gave them some quick reconnaissance capabilities.

          Caedus could sense the building alert among the Force auras he touched. The Robotech base knew that they had intruders. Into his communicator Darth Caedus gave the order.

          “Team 2. Act.”

          Desert Ghost acknowledged and within the next sixty seconds, a disturbance at the other side of the base occurred. He, Skullfire and Cerebra had been acting as tourists who had gone a little too far into the base than was allowed. When the guards who had politely come to escort them to proper tourist areas suddenly came under mutant attack, more serious security scrambled.

          Skullfire, with is energy blasts, made short work of all of them.

          Team 1 meanwhile, had successfully located and secured the Protoculture Matrix. No larger than a desktop computer, Darth Caedus opted not to burden himself by carrying it, rather using The Force to telekinetically levitate it along side him.

          He and his team joined with team 2 and they began to proceed out of the base.

          Security would have none of that. It was time to stop pussyfooting around with these mutants.

The Robotech Defense Force had purchased several dozen ED-209 units knowing that their robo-technology and protculture energy would be sought after by everyone. Protection of their bases was highly funded.

Coming in from several directions, the gerwalking robots were cut off Caedus and the dark converts escape routes.

Understanding the seriousness of their situation, Skullfire called in the last members of their team.

Blookhawk flew in carrying Metalhead and La Lunatica. Their power was complete and they were ready to face their pursuers.

Still telekinetically carrying the protoculture matrix, Darth Caedus moved away from the group.

“Take care of this.” he said to the mutants.


Fight Parameters


The ED-209’s are designed for heavy police work therefore they will attempt to subdue first and escalate to lethal force as the mutants continue to fight.


There are 5 ED-209’s with 4 more on the way.


The X-Men 2099 are:

Skullfire- fires energy beams from his body

Krystalin- creates crystal constructs out of thin air

Bloodhawk- mutated winged monster (the Wolverine of the team)

Cerebra- master of nerve attacks

La Lunatica- psychic vampire, becomes stronger as she absorbs mutant energy

Meanstreak- super speedster

Desert Ghost- kung fu master, his right had decays things his left hand heals

Metalhead- copies the principles of metals he touches (like Absorbin Man)

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Posted 24 July 2013 - 03:03 PM

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:39 AM

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