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Match 14563 Jake Sully (Avatar) vs. Gyarados

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Posted 24 July 2013 - 02:48 PM

Well it was definitely alien to Pandora but this could not be the fearsome starfish whose mere mention that caused the hearts of the Na’vi to fall, Sully though as he held up his impromptu fishing pole, the little prince Starfy dangling from its line. Long as three pa’li, yet still able to fly like a lonataya? Immune to all weapons forged from steel, wood and fire with breath that lights up the sky even when as dim as it is now and reduces what is breathed on to ash? Hatred for all that moves? It was only now that their Toruk Makto had promised to look into it that this generation had found itself able to overcome the extreme aversion they had not only for the lake this so called starfish resides in but for the entire mountain chain the lake is in. Even then they would not scale a peak with him, content to camp by the mountain’s base and wait for his triumphant return.


Unfortunately for the Na’vi the current Toruk Makto, Jake Sully, was not a leader with much cunning beyond battle and settlement of tribal disputes nor was his education rounded or his imagination very powerful. Most logical hypothesis one could make, that this creature may just be a juvenile starfish, some natural phenomena occurring here that could be mistaken for the wrath of a hostile beast, the possibility of more than one alien taking residence in the lake (Jake himself was technically an alien which meant that was already true), had not yet been made by him but he did suspect the Na’vi might be able to identify what he had caught and explain how he erred. He was convinced Toruk Makto had a reputation to uphold however and was not quite ready to swallow his pride and risk the potential ridicule the sight of his catch may bring.


One more knowledgeable about the various forms of like in the space-time continuum than these Na’vi would recognize Sully’s folly even if they were not the most competent biologist or fisherman. Eywa herself did not know much pertaining to Starfy’s morphological makeup or origin but there were plenty of aquatic creatures well-known to most veteran space travelers that could easily be the subject of the tales Jake was told. In fact, USOA congress is currently facing lobbies to make the study of magikarp 101 material for any would be world colonizers and discovery of the species the direct inspiration for KAALS (Kill All Alien Life Society) of which Colonel Quaritch was a member.


The seemingly fragile and flighty fish that is magikarp belies not only its ability to survive in virtually any kind of water, but gives few hints that magikarp is a larval form of one of the most dangerous creatures in the cosmos. Jake was considering releasing Starfy once he was completely 100% sure it was harmless, and being mildly nonaggressive it kind of is, but most with the knowledge of the terror that is magikarp would shoot it his catch on sight, feeling that it is alien to the environment anyway and it might not be worth seeing later developments in its life cycle.


Occasionally Jake would hear the noise of instruments, songs and shouts of joy, for Toruk Makto would surely put an end to the Starfish, just as he did to the skypeople before, but it was still a little early in the morning for the eastern tribes to be up and about and the current uproar did not sound so jubilant to him. Mixed with it was a roar he was unfamiliar with, that ended and picked back up three syllable intervals.


Without context, here provided by Na’vi screams, the sound is almost soothing but in areas with a strong Magikarp population it provokes instant annoyance at best with if not instant terror. With an inquisitive spirit and somewhat concerned Jake started to descent the mountain with his machine gun firmly gripped. That it could barely deter a palulukan and that he was emphatically told steel was not ideal for dealing with this threat did not stop Jake from feeling brave with carried it, and he kept that confidence even as the commotion sounded to rise along with trails of smoke he could now see rising along with it.


Bright, blue, red eyed and seemingly furious it reminded Jake of the dragons he would see drawn on takeout boxes and it was surreal to see what he still associated with a good meal in such a terrible light. Thankfully for the Na’vi, Pandora’s warm biosphere and atmospheric makeup will ensure it will never have large Gyarados population, unfortunately for them the planet’s low gravity has given this one great mobility and stamina. Mount Mardat Lake was just one of several nesting sight and they had been caught off guard at its decision to revisit it.


A Gyarados’s presence literally suppresses core parts of the nervous system so that even the warriors brave enough to fight it could hardly string their bows but for reasons he would be too dumb to comprehend Jake Sully was unfazed by it, though a little dumbfounded at how it managed to defy gravity, and opened fire on the dragon as soon as it was in range. It is not very effective to empty a puddle by shooting it, even if you do have a semiautomatic and the effect was even less in this case as the dragon erratic movements escaped his aim and put him in the path of the blinding flash of red destruction spewing from its gaping mouth (Aka Hyperbeam).


The rampage was of little consequence to Eywa, it had no way of leaving the planet and was composed of useful elements, it would not be long before the Gyarados’s body was hers and everything it destroyed was replaced.  That the eastern Na’vi tribes had born witness to a fish that descended from the stars and paid it no mind still irked Eywa to an extent, a little trademark Gyarados rampage such as those that routinely plague sky people the Sinnoh region seemed like it would teach her silly children a good lesson.


Still, it would be a shame to see a perfectly good Turok Makto go to waste. He was an idiot in the goddess’s sight, but he was the only one worthy of the position, a position that has a reputation to uphold and so Jake was saved from his deserved hyper beaming by the miraculous arrival of an indigenous dragon, the famed Great Leonopteryx, Turok the last shadown, which is the source of its title, those who are capable of commanding it, Makto. Snatching Jake of the ground its talons, Turok continued to avoid the Gyarados’s ray until it was winded and needed to recharge and during the recharge the Leonopteryx landed so that Jake could properly mount and initiate the bond with it. Well, that was all the help Eywa was giving Jake for now, at least this way if he falls he will do so in honorable fashion that the Na’vi will never forget.

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Posted 24 July 2013 - 02:48 PM

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:39 AM

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