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Match 14558 Ling Xiaoyu vs. Pai Chan

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    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 23 July 2013 - 11:47 PM








Chun Li entered Helena Douglas’s office on the Freedom Survivor ship with a smile on her face.

“I may have had some trouble with my intitial recruiting for this mission (REF: LEI FEI VS. YUN, SERGEI DRAGUNOV VS. GUILE) but things are turning around quite nicely,” Chun Li announced.


“What do you mean?” asked Helena.


“After I had Lei Wulong brought in, I took a suggestion from young Eliot and arranged transportation for another fighter from your Dead or Alive tournaments that was not on your itinerary,” said Chun Li.


“Really? Who?”




A female MMA fighter with short red hair entered through the door.


“Mila! So nice to see you again,” said Helena.


“It’s nice to see you too. I hope I’m not crashing the party, I know I was not on the invite list,” stated Mila.


“It was nothing personal, darling. I respect your fighting abilities a great deal. Zack told me that you wouldn’t be interested in helping with this sort of thing, and that pursuing you would be waste of time,” Helena explained.


“Zack overestimates how well he knows me from our brief interactions during the last tournament,” said Mila. “I would love to help in any way I can.”


“Wonderful darling, I’m sure Agent Li would love to show you around the ship and you can meet some of the fighters you don’t already know,” Helena suggested.


“Sure thing. I do have one question though,” Mila stated. “What exactly are we doing on this ship?”


“It serves as a base of operations more than anything else,” Helena answered. “We were traveling to the home of the Manji Clan, and according to intel the location of the ancient sword. But, my DOATEC scouts have informed me that the Manji Clan are no longer there. Most likely they are in hiding from M. Bison, Kazuya Mishima, and Victor Donovan.”


“It has become a race to find out who can find Yoshimitsu first,” added Chun Li.


“Exactly. So I have DOATEC agents looking everywhere and until we turn up the next lead, we wait. But, while we wait, we are strengthening our numbers to take on the villains from all sides,” Helena explained.


“The one advantage we have is that we are not just looking for the sword, but also for the other pursuers of the weapon. We are searching for Bison and Donovan, and I have little doubt in my mind that our paths will cross soon enough,” Chun Li concluded.


“Ok then. Sounds good. I suppose it is time to meet the others,” said Mila.


Mila walked out the door, followed by Chun Li.


“Agent Li, a moment if you please,” Helena called.


Chun Li stopped and turned around.




“I would just like to thank you again for bringing in Detective Lei and now Mila. Perhaps I should have put you in charge of recruiting all of the Dead or Alive fighters. It sure is taking Zack a long time,” Helena remarked.


“Where is Zack now?” Chun Li asked.


“According to our last communication, he, along with Jann Lee and Makoto are on their way to pick up the last fighter, Leifang. However, he also said that Kokoro, Hitomi, and some gentleman named Lucky have split from them and are coming back directly to us here. (REF: KOKORO VS. AOI UMENOKOUJI) So I imagine they should be arriving shortly,” answered Helena.


“That’s good. I think we should be okay as long as no one else decides to mysteriously leave the ship like Paul, Law, and El Fuerte did.” (REF: MARSHALL LAW VS. LAU CHAN) Chun Li turned again to leave.


“One more thing,” said Helena. “While my scouts found no trace of the Manji Clan at their former home they did find things left behind by the Mishima Zaibatsu. (REF: SETSUKA VS. NINA WILLIAMS)  I believe we can officially add Jin Kazama’s name to the ever growing list of people who are after that sword.”


Chun Li shook her head. “I guess it was only a matter of time.”







Paul Phoenix, Marhsall Law, and El Fuerte walked through the streets of Hong Kong. Paul hung up his phone, and slammed it in frustration.


“Man, no one I know can get a line on Lei Wulong or has any idea where he is,” said Paul. “We have to find him.”


Marshall Law looked at his phone and his face dropped. “Uhh buddy, I think I’ve found him.”


“What’s that?” asked Paul.


Law handed his friend the phone. “It’s a message I received from Asuka Kazama.”


Guess what you lying dogs? I know you didn’t leave to pick up Lei Wulong. He is already here, he was brought in by Agent Li. So just what exactly did you guys leave for? Another crazy get rich quick scheme or are you just cowards?!?


Paul placed his palm over his face. “Ahh man, we are in so much trouble.”


“Not necessarily mi amigos,” El Fuerte interjected. “We just need to locate Pai Chan as her father, Lau, suggested. (REF: ZASALAMEL VS. SAGAT) If she is half as skilled as she appears in her movies then those chicas will be muy thrilled to have her on our team and they will just forget about the whole Lei Wulong misunderstanding.”’


“I hope you’re right,” stated Law.


“I am. She is a big star, very big star, all we have to do is find some type of public itinerary and we should be able to locate her, si?”


Paul chimed in. “Let’s do it!”


Unbeknownst to the trio, Pai Chan was just a few blocks away making a public appearance at a famous restaurant. Also in attendance were Mishima High School students Ling Xiaoyu and Miharu Hirano, as well as Xiaoyu’s pet, Panda.


Miharu gave her best friend a pleading look. “Xiao, have I told you lately how bad of an idea this is?”


“Nonsense,” replied Xiaoyu. “When I beat Pai Chan in front of all these cameras, the whole world will see. And more importantly Jin will see it and he will realize how strong I’ve become and that I am the perfect companion to help him in these difficult times.”


“I take back what I said before. This isn’t a bad idea, it is a horrible idea,” Miharu said in protest.


“I’m doing it,” Xiaoyu stated. Without another word, she stood on a nearby platform and pointed a finger in Pai Chan’s direction. “Pai Chan! I challenge you to a fight right here and now!”


The outburst caught Pai Chan off guard. Security immediately made their way toward Xiaoyu and swarmed around her.




Xaoyu’s pet stood on her feet and roared at the frightened security.


Pai Chan’s publicist whispered into her ear. “Beating up some crazed teenage girl fanatic in public would be really bad for your image.”


A security guard made it close to Xiaoyu and was greeted with a thunderous kick that knocked him on his back.


“I don’t want to hurt anyone, I just want to test my skills against the best Hong Kong cinema has to offer,” said Xiaoyu.


“On the other hand, I’ve also heard that there is no such thing as bad press. And now might be an excellent opportunity to show off your new moves before the premiere next week,” said the publicist.


Pai Chan smiled and approached Ling Xiaoyu.










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Posted 23 July 2013 - 11:47 PM

Learn More About
Ling Xiaoyu
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Pai Chan
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Posted 24 July 2013 - 06:36 AM

No clue who wins. The links say a lot about the two fighters' backstories but very little about their fighting abilities :( 

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Posted 24 July 2013 - 09:52 AM

From playing with both characters and from memory this is a close match. I am gone side with Pai Chan because I remember her being slightly more skilled. Plus she trained very hard in the first Virtual Fighter games in a effort to fight her father and did beat Lei Fei who is a great fighter.

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Posted 25 July 2013 - 03:52 PM

Pai seems like she's put in a lot of work to improve. This would be a good match but Pai should win.

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:40 AM

Match Final Results
patrickthekid gives it a grade of [A] -
bigballerju gives it a grade of -

Ling Xiaoyu: 3
Pai Chan: 8
FPA: 3.5

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