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Match 14551 Deep Space Nine Crew and The Eleventh Doctor vs. The Dominion and The Daleks

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Posted 23 July 2013 - 05:54 AM

Captain Log Stardate 47418.5 – 18 months have passed since war broke out with The Dominion, at first it did look bleak for both the Federation & Klingon Empire that was until the Romulans joined the fight which has made the war enter a stalemate.  But that stalemate may change in favour of The Dominion as Starfleet intelligence has reported that The Dominion may have allied themselves with a yet unknown & potentially powerful species and so we have been ordered to investigate


Captain Sisko: Report!


Ensign Nog: At present speed we will reach our destination in approximately 3 hours


Captain Sisko: Anything new from Starfleet intelligence Major?


Major Kira: Nothing new Captain


Captain Sisko: I will be in my quarters, let me know when we reach our destination


Ensign Nog: Aye sir




Clara Oswald: Anytime now Doctor!


The Doctor: Almost there


Strange creatures getting close to the TARDIS


Clara Oswald: Doctor!


The Doctor: You getting louder is not making me fix the TARDIS any faster Clara


Clara Oswald: Maybe those things will!


Doctor looks on the screen and sees the creatures almost upon the TARDIS, the Doctor ducks away and …


The Doctor: Done!


The Doctor engages the TARDIS which de-materializes moments before the creatures are able to attack the TARDIS


The Doctor: Wasn’t worried for a second


Clara Oswald: Really!


As The Doctor & Clara continue their discussion back on the USS Defiant Chief O’Brien is conducting diagnostics on the warp core when a mysterious blue police box materializes in engineering


Chief O’Brien: Engineering to Sisko you better get down here!


Captain Sisko: What is it Chief?


Chief O’Brien: I’m not entirely sure Captain


Captain Sisko: I’ll be there momentarily Sisko out – Sisko to Odo & Worf meet me with a security detail in engineering


Sisko & his security detail arrive in engineering and see the blue police box and inside The TARDIS The Doctor & Clara see a number of armed personnel surrounding The TARDIS


Clara Oswald: Now what do we do?


The Doctor: I do have an idea … When it comes to me you’ll be the first to know




Captain Sisko: What do we have here Chief?


Chief O’Brien: A real mystery Captain, besides from what we see, I can’t get any readings even with the Defiant scanners and don’t even ask me how this “thing” got pass our shields


Worf enters enginerring and sees the TARDIS


Lt.Comd Worf: Can it be!


Captain Sisko: I take it you know what this “thing” is Commander?


Lt.Comd Worf: Indeed! … (Looks at security staff) lower your phasers … (Looks at The TARDIS) Doctor if you can hear me you may come out now


The Doctor sees Worf on his screens opens the TARDIS and pops his head out


The Doctor: WORF! (Looks around) This isn’t the Enterprise is it?


Lt.Comd Worf: No it is not (looks at Sisko) with your permission Captain perhaps introductions, explanations and as you humans say “some catching up” are in order


Captain Sisko: Agreed!


Worf explains to the senior staff who The Doctor is and how he helped the crew of the Enterprise-D defeat the alliance of The Borg & The Cybermen (comic Doctor Who/Star Trek:TNG crossover) and tells The Doctor that it has been a number of years since they last met


Lt.Comd (Jadzia) Dax: So what brings you to our neck of the galaxy?


The Doctor: My TARDIS of course, but the question is why


Ensigh Nog (audio): Captain we are approaching our destination


Captain Sisko: I’ll be there shortly, Doctor we will have to continue this discussion later


The Doctor: Of course, mind if we tag along?


Captain Sisko: Mr.Worf?


Lt.Comd Worf: I can vouch for them sir


As they make their way to the bridge Worf talks further with The Doctor


Lt.Comd Worf: I see you have a new companion, where are other 2 that were with you before … Amy & Rory I believe their names were


The Doctor shows sadness on his face at Worf question


Lt.Comd Worf: I see, they have fallen in battle


The Doctor: In a manner of speaking


Lt. Comd Worf: I am sorry for you loss


On the bridge Captain Sisko gives the order to come out of warp and to remain cloaked, several hours pass and then a number of Dominion ships come out of warp and orbit the planet that the Defiant had been sent to investigate


Lt.Comd Dax: Picking up transmissions … I can hear The Dominion … Dammit I can only hear 1side of the conversation


The Doctor: With your permission Captain I might be able to help you hear who your Dominion are talking to


Captain Sisko: Do it!


The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver on the Defiant communications systems


The Doctor: That should do it!


Captain Sisko: Let’s hear it


Founder: … and that shall be yours at the conclusion of our victory against the Federation & its allies, so do we have an agreement?


Supreme Dalek: We accept, The Daleks will ally with The Dominion and together we will … EXTERMINATE!, EXTERMINATE!, EXTERMINATE!


The Doctor: NO!


Captain Sisko: You know who The Dominion new ally is Doctor?


The Doctor: Yes I do!, they are called The Daleks they are a powerful race bent on universal conquest and domination, they are utterly without pity, compassion or remorse whose only desire is to purge the universe of all non-Dalek life


Captain Sisko: If they want to rid the universe of all non-Dalek lifeforms, then why ally themselves with The Dominion?


The Doctor: Well the universe is a big place after all Captain


Captain Sisko: Point taken … Ensign Nog get us to the Bajoran wormhole and back to DS9


Ensign Nog: Aye sir! … You should know that The Dominion & The Daleks have a good head start on us


The Doctor: Captain I believe I can get your ship to your space station before The Dominion & Dalek do


Captain Sisko: Do whatever you have to do Doctor!


The Doctor heads to engineering with Chief O’Brien and Lt.Comd Dax and the 3 work on interfacing the TARDIS with the Defiant


Lt.Comd Dax: So what exactly are we doing?


The Doctor: I’m going to make your ship travel like my TARDIS and thereby get to your space station before The Daleks & Dominion do


Chief O’Brien: We’re going to travel that fast


The Doctor: Yes … Hopefully!


Lt.Comd Dax: What do you mean by hopefully?


The Doctor: To be completely honest I haven’t done this before, interfacing my TARDIS with other technology … But I am absolutely, positively confident that this will work


Captain Sisko: Sisko to engineering progress report


Lt.Comd Dax: Ready as we’re ever gonna be Benjamin


Captain Sisko: Acknowledge … Doctor you may proceed!


The Doctor activates the TARDIS and the Defiant begins to dematerializes, but as they travel they are somehow brought into the Bajoran wormhole where Captain Sisko & The Doctor are brought before The Prophets


Captain Sisko: How did we end up here and not at DS9?


The Doctor: I think I know how (looks & sees The Prophets) An impressive feat seizing my TARDIS & bringing my it to you


Prophet #1 (looking like Amy Pond): A feat only accomplished with your TARDIS


The Doctor: (Light bulb goes off) When it was interfaced with the Defiant since The TARDIS doesn’t conform to normal space & time, that’s how you were able to do it


Captain Sisko: But why did you bring us here? We are trying to stop a threat from destroying all life in the universe


Prophet#2 (looking like Worf): This linear threat that could alter The Sisko destiny … For this reason we have brought The Sisko here


Captain Sisko: If that was the case, how is it that you are here Doctor?


The Doctor: I wasn’t brought here by their will, but by my special relationship with time, think of it as an instant & automatic invitation if you will … But I digress, please you must let us leave so that we can stop The Daleks & The Dominion


Prophet#3 (looking like the Clara Oswald) You can leave, but The Sisko must remain here in order to fulfil his destiny


The Doctor: If I can ensure The Sisko survival, will you then let him come with me?


The Prophets look at each other and agree, they surround The Doctor and say something to him to which he nods his head and at that moment The Doctor & Captain Sisko are back on The Defiant which is back at DS9


Captain Sisko: So what did The Prophets want with you?


The Doctor: An insurance policy to ensure your survival


Captain Sisko: Doctor what did you do?


The Doctor: Only what needed to be done


Captain Sisko: I hope you know what you’re doing


The Doctor: Me too Captain, me too


Captain Sisko: Mr.Worf Report!


Lt.Comd Worf: The combine fleet of The Dominion & The Daleks will reach DS9 in 8 hours, The first wave of our reinforcements will arrive in 9 hours at maximum warp


Captain Sisko: Then let’s get this station ready!




Captain Sisko: Progress report?


Lt.Comd Dax: Benjamin The Doctor has something to show you


The Doctor: Worf if you will!


Worf deploys The Defiant new ablative generator


Captain Sisko: What exactly have you done?


The Doctor: I’d noticed ablative armour on your ship and so I thought I’d upgrade it to a ablative generator … Oh before I forget (The Doctor speaks Klingon)


And with that General Martok ship IKS Negh'Var cloaks and fires a couple of photon torpedoes


Captain Sisko: (Looks at The Doctor) You truly are a miracle worker!


The Doctor: Best part is that it leaves no tachyon emissions or residual antiprotons, so it will be impossible for them to find General Martok ship also I’ve enhanced the weapons of your station and all your ships to their maximum potential … sorry that it’s nothing flash, creating weapons is not 1 of my specialties


Captain Sisko: Doctor you’ve increased our chances of holding off The Dominion & Daleks by more than what I thought was possible




The first wave of the combined Dalek/Dominion fleet arrive at DS9


Major Kira: Counting 50 ships … We are being hailed


Captain Sisko: On screen – They see the Female Founder, Gul Dukat & The Supreme Dalek


Female Founder: Captain Sisko


Captain Sisko: What do you want?


Gul Dukat: We are merely offering you the chance to surrender gracefully Captain


Captain Sisko: We will not surrender now or ever!




The Doctor: Not if I have anything to say about you won’t


Gul Dukat: And who are you?


The Doctor: I’m The Doctor!


The Daleks & The Dominion commence their attack and find that DS9 & it’s support ships are tougher than expected, but Captain Sisko knows the only to truly hold them off long enough for help to arrive is to have the Dominion/Dalek senior leadership in their custody, The Doctor tells Captain Sisko that he has a way to get them on their ship and with that Captain Sisko organizes a strike team consisting of himself, The Doctor & Clara, Dax, Bashir, Garak, 8 security personnel armed with phaser rifles and 14 Klingon warriors armed with disruptor rifles & Bat'leths


So as Captain Sisko & The Doctor make their way to the flagship, the space battle will consists of DS9 with its weapons & shields enhanced to their maximum potential, USS Defiant & 6 Runabouts with ablative generators & weapons enhanced to their maximum potential and IKS Negh'Var with the ability to fire while cloak ( the cloak leaves no tachyon emissions or residual antiprotons) and it’s weapons & shields have also been enhanced to its maximum potential and they’ll go against 25 Dalek saucers (new & improved 2005 version), 1 Jem’Hadar battleship, 3 Jem’Hadar battle crusiers, 9 Jem’Hadar fighers, 4 (Cardassian) Keldon class crusiers & 8 Galor class crusiers, so who wins?, you tell me!  


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Posted 23 July 2013 - 05:54 AM

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Posted 24 July 2013 - 03:14 PM

Well, the doctor beats Daleks, his presence alone will probably unnerve them and even if it did not them with the dominion cannot be a stable relationship outside of some direwraith influence and maybe not even then. So I am going to say Dr. and Deep space nine.

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Posted 31 July 2013 - 09:48 PM

the doctor will destroy the daleks once again

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:37 AM

Match Final Results
Buzz Line gives it a grade of - I am not a that knowledgeable about Dr. Who, but I not find myself asking a whole lot of questions after the setup.

The Eleventh Doctor and Deep Space Nine Crew: 11
The Daleks and The Dominion: 3
FPA: 3.0

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