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Match 14541 Rita Repulsa vs. The Demon Sorcerers

Rita Repulsa The Demon Sorcerers

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 08:12 PM

Previously: Kazuma Yagami followed up on the trail of a stolen mystical item. He was teamed with mercenary organization Mithrel which encountered and fought with the Russian super hero team Winter Guard.

The Winter Guard defeated Mithrel’s Armed Slave mecha and went inside the base to find Kazuma fighting Red Ghost and his super apes.

The demon sorcerers were released with the Winter Guard standing between them and the world that they wanted to decimate.


          A leap and a roll put Red Guardian out of the path of Tchang Zu’s lighting bolt. He came up beside Darkstar who was just lifting off. Her darkforce powers were reaching out to Bai Tza even while the water demon sorcerer was summoning a spell that would melt the ice outside for her to manipulate.

          “We can’t let these monsters out of here!” Red Guardian affirmed.

          “Sounds like a plan!” Darkstar agreed. The blackness that was her darkforce powers took the form of a giant hand that squeezed Bai Tza. The water serpentine creature slithered out of its grasp and unleashed a turret of ice cold water at her assailant.

          Red Guardian flew across Bai Tza’s path in a flying side kick. The attack missed but it took Bai San’s attention away from Darkstar and onto him. Unfortunately, Dai Gui, too set his sights upon the Russian super soldier. Also, Tchang Zu had never given up his pursuit. If not for his shield, Red Guardian would have been dead already.

          Titanium Man assisted Red Guardian with Tchang Zu using a pulse blast from his gauntlets. Xiao Fung- the wind demon sorcerer- inhaled deeply, his frog cheeks puffing up like a blow fish. When he forced the air out, both Red Guardian and Titanium Man were galled over.

          Nearby, Vanguard used his sickle in a manner more violent than he usually did. Attempting to stab the sky demon sorcerer, Hsi Wu, the winged creature spread its appendages and took to the air. He was met by Crimson Dynamo or more precisely a missile launched by the armored Russian. An easy evasive maneuver and Hsi Wu angrily dove toward his attacker.

          But the moon demon sorcerer, Tso Lau, had a different idea.

          “We waist our time toying with these humans.” He lamented. “Our benefactor awaits.”

          He canceled Crimson Dynamo’s connection to Earth’s gravity and he went flying up. If the ceiling had not been so durable, the armored Russian would have crashed right through and probably would have kept going… forever.

          Nevertheless, Crimson Dynamo was being crushed by the reverse pressure of being pulled into space yet being held on Earth.

          Red Guardian’s shield was holding up against Tzang Su’s lightning bolts but Dai Gui was maneuvering himself to harass them from another angle. With his magic, the earth demon caused the ground to tremble, disturbing Red Guardian’s footing.

          Vanguard was there to assist him pounding Tzang Su with his hammer.

          Then the largest of the demon sorcerers joined the fray. Po Kong, the mountain demon- stood over sixty feet tall. She was shaped just they way her title described, like a mountain, bulbous on the bottom and then ever slimming at the top. A pair of stubby arms and legs squirted from the appropriate locations and one had to wonder how she moved. Her flexibility was amazing as she reached down and snatched Vanguard like a doll.

          The Russian mutant could barely struggle in her grip and she lifted him up to her face. Without a word, without a quip, without consideration for the grossness of it Po Kong bit into the man, his torso and legs still in her hand. She popped the rest of Vanguard’s body into her mouth like a party nut.

          The rest of the Winter Guard was so embedded into the struggle for their own lives that no one had even noticed the atrocity.

          Xiao Fung unleashed another gale of wind but this time, his magic was countered by a gust going the opposite direction.

          Kazuma Yagami, the wind contractor, had pulled away from Red Ghost and his super apes to help contain the demons.

          “Wind magic huh?” the young man commented. “Let’s see who’s better!”

          They locked powers, galling forces that would have torn the building apart if it had not been so controlled. But Kazuma was overcome, not by the enemy in front of him but by the flying Hsi Wu.

          “We are not interested in contests, wind contractor.” The Sky Demon Sorcerer lectured.

          Titanium Man fired another missile and was frustrated to find that Kazuma’s winds were pushing it off course. The wind and sky demon sorcerers focused on the armored Russian and the Japanese wind contractor.

          Beyond the battle Sargent Sousuke Sagara waited impatiently in the cockpit of his Armed Slave mecha. The AS was too big to fit into the corridor in which the Winter Guard had gone to engage the enemy so he stayed put as security, making sure no one escaped.

          A communication came through his radio.

          “Sargent Sagara! We need heavy back up! Force your way in here with your Armed Slave and start shooting!”

          “Roger!” Sosuske acknowledged.

          Less than ten seconds later the Arbalest burst in. A soldier’s first concern when walking into a battle scene was to identify friend from foe.

          “I need targets!” He demanded.

          “Shoot the monsters!” Red Guardian bellowed.

          That was obvious. Sousuke knew exactly which one to hit first. The mountain demon, Po Kong was the most tantalizing thing in the room to shoot.

          The rounds from the Arbalest hurt her, but Po Kong’s brothers and sister pounced on him like a scrap of food in an empty kitchen.

          “Leave out sister alone!” Tzang Zu’s grip was fizzled with lighting. The Arbalest was tremendously bigger than the demon sorcerer but the Armed Slave’s systems weren’t sufficiently insulated.

          At the same time, Bai Tsa was starting to flood the pilot’s compartment.

          Darkstar had enough. She blacked out the whole room. Her feat was so complete that even sound didn’t penetrate. The mutant couldn’t sustain such a complete blackout for long and she eventually had to let up.

          When light once again was able to penetrate, they- herself and the surviving Winter Guard, Kazuma Yagami and Sousuke Sagara in his Arbalest- were no longer in the same place.



          The blackout was a surprise but the demon sorcerers didn’t panic. In fact, they took the incident as a hint to stop playing with the humans and move on to more serious business. Taking Red Ghost as his Super-Apes with them, they left to meet with their benefactor.

          Seth, the death god of ancient Egypt, opened his arms wide. His missing right hand was capped of with some kind of band. “Welcome my friends!”

          He went up to Red Ghost. “You have done well. As agreed; your payment.”

          The scientist was presented with a chest full of precious stones. Items a museum would pay handsomely to acquire. A broad smile shined on his face. Obviously pleased with his payment, Red Ghost let a servant see him out.

          Back with the demon sorcerers, Seth discussed their alliance. “With the power that is being gathered, we will plunge this universe into a darkness that will crush the light forever.”

          Dai Gui spoke for the Demon Sorcerers.

          “We are grateful for your efforts in releasing us from our prison. But we first wish to restore our brother Shendu.”

          “And to take revenge on the one who vanquished him.” Bai Tza added.

          “Of course.” Seth smiled. “Shendu’s talismans are being retrieved as we speak. There is no need to petty yourselves with that. As for revenge, the sorcerer who defeated your brother has already been destroyed. In fact his killer is a being of interest to us.”

          “Then we will bring him.”


          Rita Repulsa felt alone on her moon base without her husband helping plan their next conquest. They were a devastating team.

The Power Rangers were lucky so far. She and Zedd would defeat them soon or later. Then they would have The Earth.

          When the alarm sounded Rita ignored it. Her putties would handle any intruders. Then she became curious about who could infiltrate her base on the Moon.

          Her answer came when the seven demon sorcerers entered her chamber.

          Astonished, she glared at them wide eyed.

          “What? Who are you?”

          Tso Lau answered. “We are the demons sorcerers.”

          “You mean the eight demon sorcerers that were banished by the immortals of old? What do you want?”

          “We have come to speak with the conqueror Zedd.”

          “Well Zedd isn’t here! Come back later!” Rita’s every word seemed like a shriek.

          “Who are you?” asked Dai Que.

          “I’m Rita Repulsa! Zedd’s wife!”

          The demon sorcerers exchanged glances and began to chuckle.

          “The lord of evil? Married?” said Hsi Wu hissed, hardly able to catch his breath.

          Then the group became serious.

          “Produce Zedd and we will spare you.”

          Rita took a step back offended. “How dare you come into my home and make demands! I don’t know how you got out of your banishment, but I’m going to send you back! Putties! Teach them a lesson!”

          A large group of putties hustled into the chamber. They surrounded the demon sorcerers who formed a defensive circle. Rita stepped in between a pair of puttied and pointed her staff.



Fight Parameters


Rita Repulsa is not fighting the Demon Sorcerers alone. There are forty Putties (regular Putties not the more powerful Z Putties) and a few second rate monsters that Finster had created but were deemed too pathetic to send against the Power Rangers.


So does Rita, with some back up, have the power to defeat the Demon Sorcerers? 


The Demon Sorcerers are:


Bai Tza- water powers


Po Kong- 50 to 100 foot tall Jabba the Hutt looking monster


Tchang Zu- lightning powers


Dai Gui- earth powers


Hsi Wu- flying winged monster


Tso Lau- gravity powers


Xiao Fung- wind magic


again, no Shendu

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 08:12 PM

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Posted 23 July 2013 - 04:17 PM

I can see the Demon Sorcerers winning this. However, if Rita makes herself, the monsters, and the Putties giant size, they could cause trouble for the Demon Sorcerers (and ending up destroying the Moon Palace).

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Posted 24 July 2013 - 12:17 AM

I have no faith in Team Rita as a whole.

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Posted 24 July 2013 - 02:41 PM

Even minus shendu, the demon sorcerers have this.

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:38 AM

Match Final Results
Confession FPT gives it a grade of [A] -
JohnnyChany gives it a grade of [A] -
Venom 2009 gives it a grade of [A] -
Rita Repulsa: 1
The Demon Sorcerers: 14
FPA: 4.0

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