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Match 14539 Ramona Flowers vs. Haruko Haruhara

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 05:58 PM

“Ramonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......” groaned a young male in his 20s as his girlfriend put on her roller skates, getting ready to head out of the door. She had her hair dyed purple and she had her pocketbook with her with a giant star in the middle. She turned and looked back at her boyfriend. “Don’t goooooooooooo.... It would be so boring here without you...” he whined as she shook her head and continued on with what she was doing.


“Scott, it’s just a little get together with my family back in New York. Nothing special. I’ll be back before you know it.” Ramona said as she checked out her wardrobe one last time. Scott just groaned more in response, causing Ramona to roll her eyes once more.


“Oh Scott you are a piece of work, you know that?” Ramona sighed.


“Aw, thank you...”


“That was meant to be a jab at ya, Scott.”


“I know.” Scott retorted. Ramona laughed in response and gave Scott a kiss on the forehead.


“So how long will you be gone?”

“About 5 days. My family’s pretty big...” Ramona answered. Scott was going to moan again before Ramona put a finger on his lips.


“....It’s time for me to go Scott. Take care of Gideon. Spend time with Wallace and the others. But above all else, have your own fun by yourself. See ya!” Ramona said as she put on her goggles and skated out the door, leaving Scott to lay down with their cat. Ramona skated to the nearest Subspace door, about 2 blocks down from their house. Ramona sighed again.


“Well, here we go...” she muttered when she skated inside of the door.




“Haven’t been in Subspace in a while. Forgot it takes this long for me to reach from A to B...”  Ramona thought as she skated through the Subspace Highway. She looked all around her looking for the Subspace door that would place her in New York.


“Still, where the hell is that door? It shouldn’t take this long to go to New York from Toronto. They’re practically right across the street...”  Ramona thought again before she passed a lit up door on her right.  She immediately put on the brakes and skated back to the door. It had a giant neon “Exit” sign on the top of it.


“Finally. A way out of here....” Ramona said rather excitedly as she opened the door and skated out. Finally, she found a way out of Subspace and into....


…..the middle of the road with absolutely no idea where she was. She blinked and looked at her surroundings.


“....Wrong subspace door. Should have guessed.” Ramona said as she closed her eyes and sighed. “No worries. I can just turn around and- Where’s the door?” Ramona said as she turned to face the door. Unfortunately for her, the door disappeared before she could get inside Subspace again.


“That’s just great! I have no idea where I am and the Subspace Door is gone. Now I’m gonna have to wait until Scott falls asleep before I can come home and go to New York from there... Not a problem...” Ramona muttered to herself. Before long, she noticed a couple of people look at her strangely. She just waved hello at them and smiled a sheepish smile. She took off and skated down the street to see where she was and to look for a possible Subspace door.




Ramona sat on the park bench exhausted that she spent the last hour or so looking for a Subspace door out of this place. She however did know where this place is. Japan. She kicked herself multiple times for exiting in the door that lead to Japan. This was something that Scott would have did, not her. She just got up and stretched.  


“This is so uncool.... How did I screw this up...?” she mused. She got on the road and skated down the road some more before she heard a vehicle coming down the road. She turned, squinted her eyes and saw a distant figure with a white smoke trail coming down the road. The figure also had sparks coming from the right side of it. Ramona faced the figure coming down the road and soon made the figure out to be a woman riding a Vespa. She was also holding a guitar with her left hand.


“Alright! Lunch TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!!!!!!!” she shouted as she rode down the road as fast as the thing can go. Ramona pulled out her hammer from her pocketbook and stood by. The pink-haired girl spotted Ramona and her hammer and revved up the Vespa, making it even faster. Ramona took a step back and swung her hammer. Haruko swung her guitar at Ramona. The two weapons clashed, canceled out each other and flew at the sky. Haruko skidded to a halt down the road and grabbed her guitar as it fell down. Ramona grabbed her hammer as it fell down as well


“Agh. My hands. What is the matter with you?!” Ramona shouted as Haruko went off the Vespa. She tilted her head and took her goggles off her eyes. Her eyes gleamed.


“I should ask the same for you. Riding down the road and I saw you pull that hammer out. What’s with that thing?” she asked Ramona.


“I was about to stop that thing. You could have ran me over!” Ramona shouted to Haruko.


“Stop me? By trying to smash my Vespa to bits?” Haruko took a moment then closed her eyes. She aimed the tip of the guitar at Ramona, opened one eye and fired at her. She blocked the shots with her hammer.


“Dude!!” Ramona shouted from behind her hammer.


“What? Want a fight? Got one.” Haruko said as she stopped firing at Ramona and held her guitar like a sword. Ramona growled and held her hammer with her two hands.


“I am SO not gonna enjoy this....” Ramona thought.


“This is gonna be fun.....!” Haruko thought with a smile.


(NOTE: This Ramona is taken from the comics, and does have the Power of Love with her.)

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 05:58 PM

Learn More About
Ramona Flowers
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Official Site: Oni Press Links: Wikipedia Scott Pilgrim wiki comicvine

Haruko Haruhara
Read more about Haruko Haruhara at Wikipedia
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#3 JohnnyChany


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Posted 22 July 2013 - 01:24 AM

Kudos for using two unused characters. I am going with Ramona. I had to read up on Haruko and I'm still a little vague as to her abilities, but I still think Ramona can pull it off.

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Posted 22 July 2013 - 01:54 AM

Wait... This again? I guess it was before the site had to reset back a few days. 


My previous stance stands. Haruko Haruhara is probably more powerful, maybe less skilled, but ultimately a better combatant. 


I'll give you an "A" again, bro. 


EDIT: After doing a bit of research, I realized that this fight isn't as close as I thought it was. Haruko Haruhara is a lot more powerful than Ramona, and has almost Toon Force level invulnerability. Unless there's some feat that I'm not think of that Ramona has, Haruko destroys her relatively easily.

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Posted 22 July 2013 - 03:12 PM

Hey, Mr. Wronkite. Remember the advice I gave about how to alter how text shows on the Dark Skin? Looks like it applies here once again.

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:38 AM

Match Final Results
JohnnyChany gives it a grade of [A] -
Ramona Flowers: 6
Haruko Haruhara: 7
FPA: 4.0

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