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Match 14533 Luke Cage and The Gargoyles Clan vs. Team Luthor

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 02:27 PM

This is part of an arc; the last chapter is at Cheetah vs. Tygrus.


This is the wrap up for Midnight and Shen Kuei (Cat) vs. Steel Serpent


In his disguise as the Bronze Tiger, Christopher Chance watched the Steel Serpent prepare as Midnight and Cat circled him. He had been successful in infiltrating Ra's al Ghul's organization, but things were taking a trn he didn't like. Steel Serpent had failed to kill Batman, a job which he had been assigned by Talia. This was a disgrace in his eyes but one which Ra's was not willing to let him atone for. The Serpent had demanded a trial by combat to prove his worth and Ra's had agreed, but with a stipulation. This was to be a two on one fight, and if the Serpent lost, he would die.


He glanced at the others on the terrace with him, overlooking the gym turned arena. Ra's him self, face impassive stood in the center, his giant servant, Ubu and Merlyn the archer flanking him. none of them would blink an eye if the Steel Serpent died, but Chance wasn't that cold-blooded. He didn't douby the man was a murderer who deserved no better, but the thought still bothered him.


Maybe it won't go down like that, he thought. Serpent's bound to be really good. Maybe he can take these guys.


Shen Kuei moved first, launching a leaping kick with the speed agility of the cat he took his name from. The Steel Serpent dodged with equally amazing reflexes and landed a punch as the other man hurled past. Cat landed, rolling with the impact and was ready with a leg sweep as the Serpent tried to follow up with a stamping kick.


The Serpent went down and rolled to his feet as Midnight launched his own flying kick, whichstrck his chest, over his snake tattoo. He staggered back several steps but still managed to parry several of the black-clad man's punches. Midnight did manage a punch to the face but steel serpent trapped his arm and used it to throw him. Then Cat was on him with a spinning heel kick that sent him reeling.


Chance realized that he had been holding his breath. The three were displaying a level of skill he had only seen a few times in his life. They were on a level with the real Bronze Tiger, or the legendary Richard Dragon. Steel Serpent was good enough to hold his own against practically any two martial artists in the world… but not these two. Either of them would have been a close match for him, but nobody could stand up to both.


"Master," he said. "Davos… Steel Serpent's skill is a valuable resource to you. It seems pointless to let him die if he loses."


"These are sentimental words," Ra's al Ghul said. "Can it be you have befriended this man, Bronze Tiger?"


"Of course not, Master. I simple do not wish to see such a valuable agent waster."


"Do you think to question my judgment?"


"Never, Master!"


"Then remain silent, lest you share the Steel Serpent's fate."


Chance turned his attention back to the fight, where the Steel Serpent was faring badly. His defenses were almost flawless, his counter attacks perfectly times, but his opponents' just as much so. They worked together with a precision that seemed almost choreographed, landing three blows to every one he struck.


Finally, Shen Kuei got in a clean kick to the face. it hit with enough force and speed to kill most men. At the same moment, Midnight connected with a kick to the lower back that would have broken a bull's spine. Steel Serpent managed to take the twin impacts without being killed, but they brought him down. He tried to stand and collapsed to his hands and knees.


"Enough!" Ra's al Ghul cried.


Midnight and Cat's eyes turend to their master, then they stepped away from the fallen fighter.


"You have fought well, Davos," Ra's said. "Your death shall be quick and clean."


The master of the League of Assassins made a small gesture and Merlyn stepped forward. With one smooth motion he drew an arrow, nocked it, and drew his powerful bow.


That's when Christopher Chance kicked him in the side of the head.


The archer went down, stunned and arrow went wide of its target. Chance plucked another arrow from Merlyn's quiver and lunged for Ra's. He caught the man off guard and, in a moment was holding him helpless, with the broadhead tip of the arrow at his throat.


"Get out of here Davos!" he shouted. "They won't try to stop you… not if they value their leader's life."


The Steel Serpent glared at in confusion for several moment then gave a short nod. He rose and staggered to the door and left.


"And what is your plan now, Bronze Tiger?" Ra's asked, sounding strangely calm for a man with an arrow at his throat.


"Y'know," Chance muttered, "I hadn't really gotten that far in my planning."




Look at this," Jessie Bannon said gesturing at the canopied forest. "It's so beautiful!"


Robin followed her gaze, enjoying the sights and sounds but clearly not as much as she was. He was a city boy, born and bred. This much… nature was kind of overwhelming. It was probably good training to be in a new environment, he decided. Bruce would certainly approve of him being out of his comfort zone.


Then something happened that pushed him even further out of his comfort zone. Jessie slid her hand into his had offered him a shy smile.


"Um…" he said. "I'm… ah… just glad I could share it with you."


She flushed and Robin could feel his own face heat up. It was simultaneously nice and profoundly uncomfortable and he wondered what he should do next. Before he could decide, he was interrupted by a fierce yapping as Bandit ran up to them, barking furiously. Jessie withdrew her hand as the boys came crashing out of the underbrush.


"Did you guys see that?" Johnny asked, his eyes shining with excitement.


"It was huge!" Hadji said, equally excited.


"What was?" Robin asked.


"A flying monster!" Jonny said. "It must have had a wingspan of twenty feet!"


"A monster?" Robin asked.


"You should not doubt," Hadji said. "The jungle hides many strange things."


"Was it like Turu?" Jessie asked.


"Turu?" Billy Conners asked.


That was the problem, Robin thought. These kids had so much shared history that he felt left out a lot of the time.


"Turu was this big flying dinosaur we found last year," Jonny said.


"Actually, it was a pterosaur," Hadji said.


"Okay, Mr. Technical. Anyway, this wasn't like Turu… it was more like--"


"Like a monster!" Billy interjected.


"Slow down," Jessie said. "Where did you even see this thing? The trees are so thick you can't see the sky."


"There is a small clearingan by the river," Hadji said. "Come, we will show you."


The little group started back  with Hadji in the lead, then there was a flash as the little dog shot past him.


"Bandit!" Jonny yelled.


"He's chasing something," Billy said.


"Yeah," Jonny agreed. "I think it's a coatamundi."


"Actually, it's a yapok," Jessie said.


"Whatever it is, we'd better not let him catch it," Robin said. He took the lead, moving through the dense rain forest that the others were hard pressed to keep up.


As they came into the little clearing by the river, Robin say that Bandit had treed the little animal and was yapping furiously at it while the yapok pelted him with nuts. Abruptly the dog stopped and gave a little whine. Tucking his tail between his legs, he started backing toward them.


"What is it, boy?" Jonny asked, stepping forward. Robin stopped him with a hand on his shoulder as a lithe, powerful pale form stepped out of a clump of ferns and moved toward them.


"Holy crap!" Billy whispered.


"An albino jaguar," Jessie said softly. "He's beautiful!"


"I hope he is well fed," Hadji said.


"Burt," Johnny said, "if you've got any of those fancy weapons…"


Then there was a rustling in the trees and a slender figure dropped at least twenty feet to land lightly in front of the jaguar. It was a girl, blond, beautiful, and wearing a brief animal-skin costume.


"Estar tranquilo, Ghost," she said. "Estas personas son amigos."


Then she turned to then with a dazzling smile.


"You must be the Quest party," she said in perfect English. "My name is Jana. My friends are Ghost and Tiko."


"Um…" Billy said.


"Gosh!" Johnny said.


"Um… y-yes, we are," Hadji said.


"Wow!" Robin said.


Then Jessie stepped on his foot.




The old man brought his withered fist down on the desk with surprising force.


"You just left them?"


"There was no choice, Silvermane," Constantine Drakon said. "It was an ambush; we had already lost."


"Does no one in this world have a sense of honor anymore?"


"Please, papa," Sable Manfredi said. "The doctor said it's bad for you to get angry."


"Fine!" Silvermane said. "Get outta here, Connie, I'll decide what to do about you later."


"Yes, Silvermane." With a little bow, the diminutive gangster left the room.


"We cannot tolerate this!" Silvermane said.


"You did try to have the Big Man killed," Sable said. "You can hardly blame him for fighting back."


"He made me look like a fool, him and his super-powered freaks!" Silvermane said. "That's something I can't afford--and neither can you."


"Do you want me to put Cross on it?"


"Yes!" Silvermane said. "And have him send a couple of boys to the hospital to watch over Marko. That mook is too strong for snake venom to kill but I'm not going to leave him vulnerable while he's on his back."


"Of course, papa."




Matt Bluestone and Max Lowe neither of can afford. Sat at the counter of a Manhattan deli, sharing lunch.


"I feel so useless," Lowe said. "This business with Luthor is nowhere near over yet here I sit, doing nothing."


"What do you think you should do?" Bluestone asked, "break into the offices of one of the most powerful men on earth and force him to tell you what he's up to?"


"I could, you know. There's no force on earth that could stop the Golem."


"Maybe," Bluestone said, "but subtle he's not. Just sit tight, I'm sure there will be bad guys to bash sooner or later."


"I just wish I had more of a purpose," Lowe said. "I want to protect people… to help them. sitting on my hands while the rest of you investigate is driving me crazy."


As he'd spoken, Matt had taken out his cell and scanned a text he'd received. Now he straightened.


"Sorry, Max," he said. "Gotta run. That Octopus character is breaking into Stark Tower."


"Won't Iron Man--"


"Stark's in California right now. this is all on NYPD this time, I'm afraid."


As the detective hurried away, a slow smile spread across Loew's face.


"No, it's not all on the NYPD," he said.




"…former members of the Pack, on board the small craft, appear to have drowned," the newscaster said.


"Hey!" Wolf shouted. "Turn that up!"


The other prisoners in the common area glared, but nobody said anything. Nobody dared.


Wolf sat up. It wasn't the sort of thing that should have been able to do, not while he was still holding the barbell he'd been bench-pressing. It held 900 lbs, nowhere close to his limit but it was all he could fit on the bar.


"To repeat," the newscaster said. "The criminals and former stars of the Pack television show, Hyena and Jackal are believed dead after their small aircraft crashed in New York Harbor--"

"WHO DID IT?" Wolf yelled. One handed, he flung the barbell to the side of the room and strode toward the television. The other prisoners parted like the Red Sea before Moses as he came and remained silent as he watched the rest of the program.


Later that evening, when he had returned to his cell, lay on his bunk, staring at the ceiling. The bars in the maximum security block on Ryker's Island were too thick for even a creature like him to bend, and the block could be filled with knock-out gad in a matter of moments. He's learned that the hard way.


His cellmate, a frail looking man with white hair sat at the build in shelf playing solitaire as a lone guard walked the rounds of the block. Walter Hardy was here because he was an escape artist, not that he'd shown any interest in escaping in over a year.


Something troubled Wolf as he watched the guard. The man was short and slender and moved gracefully. More than that, he smelled wrong. He smelled like a woman.


The guard stopped in front of their and Hardy glanced up, then froze.


"Hi, Daddy," the guard said in a confident feminine voice.


"Felicia? What in the world?"


"Be ready to move," the young woman said. "I've got this all worked out. I'll trigger the door to your cell in a minute and you need to head left to the end of the block--"


"I'm not going," Hardy said.




"No," his voice was quiet but firm. "On my last job I killed a man--Ben Parker was his name. I deserve to be here this time and I'm staying."


"The hell you are!"


Wolf dropped from his bunk and Felicia took a step back.


"This is the cellmate?" she said.


"Wolf; that's me."


"How'd you draw him?"


"It's alphabetical," Hardy said. "Hardy, Hakonssen."


"Yeah, whatever," Wolf said. "Point is, I can help make the escape work, and I can make your old man come… whether he wants to or not."


Felicia looked him over and smirked.


"You've got a deal, shaggy."


"Don't start making cracks."


"Don't get me wrong," she said, peeling out of her guard disguise. "I don't have a problem with people being furry."


Wolf stared at the striking figure in burglar black, trimmed with white fur and white hair.


"Don't just stand there," Felicia said. "We're supposed to be escaping."




"Someone is missing," the regal woman said, her voice carrying the rhythm of the West Indies. "Someone very special to me.


"I assure you, Ms. Calypso, I will do everything in my power to locate him and bring him back to you," L. Thompson Lincoln said. "And I have a great deal of power."


"But you want somethin' from me as well, don't you? Something that takes a different kind of power?"


"Indeed," the Big Man replied. "An enemy has recently tried to assassinate me and I would like to… return his assassin to him."


"This killer," Calypso said. "Does he have a strong mind?"


The Big Man smiled.


"His body is extremely powerful, but I don’t think you'll have much difficulty with his mind. His name is Warhawk."




Luke Cage looked into the mirror and ran a hand across his head.


"Yeah, that 'fro really needed to go a long time ago," he said. "You look pretty good bald, Luke cage. And you sure don't look like Carl Lucas."


The last rays of sunlight came in through the clock tower's narrow window and cage looked outside. As the sun vanished the stature began to move and stretch, their stone-skin shattering and falling away as they did. The gargoyles lived again.


"Christmas!" Cage muttered. "I will never get used to that!"


A moment later the gargoyles strode into the building. Old Hudson cocked his good eye at Cage.


"Luke, is that ye?"


"Wow!" Lexington said. "You look like Shaft!"


"Thanks," Luke said, "but the original shaft had hair."


"It was a remake?"


"I've gotta say, it's a great disguise," Brooklyn said. "Isn't the chain belt a little much, though?"


"Reminds me where I been," Cage said. "Where I ain't never going back to. Besides, I like how it looks."


"It's awesome!" Lexington said. "You look like an action hero. With that and your powers, you'd make a great crime fighter."


"Don't get me wrong," Cage said. "I did the whole 'protect the castle' thing you guys got going on, but if I'm gonna be protecting people and fighting crime, I'm gonna get paid for it. man's gotta eat and pay rent, y'know."


"It dpes seem you humans can't get along without money," Hudson said, reaching down to scratch Bronx's head.


"What about a name?" Brooklyn asked.


"I got a new name: Luke Cage. Now I just got to find someone to help me set up papers to go with it."


"No, he means a super-hero name," Lexington said. "You could call yourself… Power Man."


Luke grunted and shook his head.


"Just say you'll think about it," Lex said.


Bronx stiffened and, growling steadily, stepped out onto the terrace.


"What is it, boy?" Hudson asked.


He and the others followed the gargoyle-beast outside and looked up at the five small figures moving in on their home.



"Four gargoyles spotted," the voice on Corey Mills headset reported. "One human with them, male, appears to be unarmed."


"Right!" Corey broadcast. "Team Luthor, move in. Capture the gargoyles through any means necessary. Do not harm the human."




Luke Cage is the version that first appeared in the comics. He can lift about 3 tons and has steel-like body tissues. Bullets will not penetrate his skin but will bruise him.


The gargoyles present are Hudson, Brooklyn, Lexington, and Bronx.






There are five members of Team Luthor, led by Corey Mills. They are all wearing armor identical to Mills'.


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Posted 21 July 2013 - 02:27 PM

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 07:54 PM

Good stuff man. I think Cage and the Gargoyles can take care of business here.

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Posted 22 July 2013 - 11:31 PM

Great recap and great dynamics all around, Dinsdale. Wolf working with the Hardeski family? The Golem's keeper in Manhattan? And why am I not all that surprised that Xanatos would create the Moon Knight persona in this arc? 
I did see one pretty noticeable error, though: 
Matt Bluestone and Max Lowe neither of can afford. Sat at the counter of a Manhattan deli, sharing lunch. 


Still another great effort, though. As for the match, Luke and the Gargoyles are facing a quintet of soldiers with abilities not too unlike Jackal and Hyena, except these guys are more highly trained and likely smarter.  A member of Luthor's squad will likely go down early after underestimating Cage, but after that, the good guys will have to play a smart game of divide and conquer to have a fighting chance.

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:39 AM

Match Final Results
leroypowell3 gives it a grade of [A] -
The Gargoyles Clan and Luke Cage: 11
Team Luthor: 3
FPA: 4.0

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