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Match 14532 Cheetah vs. Tygrus

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 02:11 PM

This is part of an arc. The last installment is at The Question vs. the Chameleon.


This the wrap up to Constantine Drakon and Man-Mountain Marko and Warhawk vs. Hammerhead (Marvel) and Tombstone and Copperhead.




"Say goodnight boys," Hammerhead said, opening up with his Tommy-gun.


This proved to be surprisingly ineffective. Drakon dodged out of the way with amazing agility while Marko ducked behind Warhawk, whose steel-hard body easily repulsed the slugs. While he focused on the two big me, Drakon sprinted at him and kicked the weapon out of his hands.


"Traitor!" Drakon practically spit the word out. "You once worked for my family!"


"Yeah, and I still got a lotta respect for Sable and the old man," Hammerhead said. "But you, Connie--you're just a Euro-trash punk." He lowered his head and charged.


Drakon dropped under the attack and shot a foot into Hammerhead's mid-section that catapulted the gangster through the air to land at Warhawk's feet. The steel assassin struck a powerful hammer-fist blow that should have crushed his skull like an over-ripe cantaloupe. Instead, it rebounded with a metallic clang.


"What the hell?"


"Reinforced," Hammerhead said with a smirk. Have a closer look.


He head-butted the bigger man in the jaw, staggering him back several steps.



Copperhead and Drakon moved in a constant blur of high velocity kicks and punches. The little martial arts expert was on the defensive, realizing that the fangs on his opponent's mask were probably much more than decorative.



In the meanwhile, Marko had lunged at the Big Man.


"I been hearin' about you forever," he said. "They say nobody can take you in a fight, but Man Mountain Marko ain't nobody!"


He swung a massive fist, which encountered only air.


"I can't argue with that grammatically challenged statement," Lincoln said, driving a pale fist into Marko's jaw with inhuman speed and power. "You're strong and tough, but you're a punk with no class."


Marko tried to defend himself against the punishing rain of blows but the Big Man was as strong as he was--perhaps stronger--and much faster and more skilled.



"Sucker," Warhawk said, driving a front kick into Hammerhead's belly. "You may have a steel head but I got a steel everything!"


He swept the gangster's feet from under him and, as he rose, sent him reeling with a chop to the ribs.





The assassin turned to see the Big Man standing over a battered Man Mountain Marko.


"Let's see if you're as good as you think you are," Lincoln said.


"I'm better!"


Warhawk charged at his new foe and launched himself into a leaping sidekick. Moving with blinding speed, the BigMan caught his foot and, spinning him around, threw him against one of the cement walls of the parking garage.


"Not bad, Sambo," Warhawk said, rising. "But Warhawk's got all kinds of skills to teach you."


"Since your skill set starts with racial slurs and talking about yourself in the third person," I think I'll pass." Lincoln said.


Warhawk moved in with a series of blindingly fast kicks but the Big Man parried them and responded with a deadly combination of punches, which Warhawk barely managed to counter. The two traded blows for a few moments with neither gaining an obvious advantage.


Man Mountain Marko rose and began moving up on the fighting pair, behind the Big Man's back. He was ready to grab him when he felt a terrible burning pain in his shoulder. He cried out and turned as Copperhead withdrew his fangs and backed away.


"You dirty, piece of…" Marko trailed off his vision blurred. He took three more steps and fell to his knees.


"Snake venom," Copperhead said, "my own special blend.


Marko groaned and toppled to one side.


Warhawk thrust Big Man back with a kick and scanned the room.


"Two o' you against me, huh? No matter, Warhawk's worth more'n a hundred of you."


There was a 'whump' of a powerful silenced rifle, more felt than heard. Warhawk went down, blood spattering from a wound on his forehead.


Big Man and Copperhead turned to see Hammerhead with a big sniper rifle in his arms.


"Two on one, huh?" he said. "Kid may be tough but he can't count."


"Indeed, Hammerhead," Lincoln said. "Where did you find the rifle?"


"It's Warhawk's," Hammerhead said. "What he used to shoot your double.


"Copperhead," what happened to your man?"


"He slipped away," the human serpent said. "I can track him if you like."


"No," the Big Man said. "We should collect this 'Warhawk'  and leave."


"Collect the stiff?" Hammerhead said. He strode over to Warwawk and poked him with his foot. "Well, look at that. Takes a big armor-piercing round in the forehead and all it does is knock him silly."


"Yes," Lincoln said. "That gives us the opportunity to put him to some useful purpose."




Hugo Strange pressed a bandage against the gargoyle's chest. The creature had a remarkable constitution. He had been mauled by a werewolf and taken three bullets to the chest but was still alive. That wouldn't last for long, though. The gargoyle had lost a lot of blood and the blood that mixed with the sputum his coughing fits ejected showed he was bleeding internally.


"Only a few more minutes to sunrise," Angela said. "Will he make it?"


"Frankly, I didn't expect him to make it this long," Strange said.


"You’d better pray he does," Elisa said. She had holstered her pistol but the mix of rage and concern in her eyes hadn't dimmed.


"Hey!" Broadway said. "Here it comes!"


He took a menacing position on the edge of the building and Angela did the same beside him. the next moment the sun broke the horizon and the gargoyles changed. The warm flesh of Goliath's chest went rigid and cool. At first he thought the creature had died then he realized that Goliath--all the gargoyles--had turned to stone.


"Amazing!" he breathed. He caught a movement out of the corner of his eye and turned. Elisa Maza had drawn her pistol and was staring hate at him.


"Are you going to shoot me now that your friends aren't watching, Detective?" he asked, a touch of mockery in his tone.


"I was thinking about it."


"But you won't," Strange said. "I've read your assessments, Miss Maza. You've much too strong a moral compass, not to mention a sense of duty, to shoot a man in cold blood."


"Not even someone who's done what you have to me?" she asked. "Don't be so sure, Doctor. I won't do it now because I need answers, but later…"


"So, you're going to torture me? Come, come, Elisa. We both know you're bluffing."


"I'm not bluffing," Michael Morbius said.


Strange felt a chill at the vampire's voice. As the sun had risen, Morbius has withdrawn into the shadows and Strange had almost forgotten he was there.


"I don't have a problem with hurting you… not even in cold blood," Morbius said. "If I have to kill someone to slake my unholy thirst, it makes sense that it be a parasite like you."


"You'd kill me," Strange said, swallowing painfully, "but you wouldn't torture me. You couldn't control yourself once blood was shed, could you?"


"Perhaps not, but you'd be too dead to appreciate that."


"Dead men tell no tales," Strange said. "Kill me and you've got nothing."


Morbius eyes blazed with sudden intensity. Strange felt a sudden pressure, as if another mind was trying to exert itself on his.


"Hypnosis?" he said. "Come now, Morbius. I'm a trained psychiatrist and my will is second to none. This will not work."


After several moments, Morbius' eyes dimmed.


"He's right," the living vampire said. "I cannot breach his mental defenses."


"Stalemate, then," Strange said.


"Not really," Elisa said, raising her pistol. "Strange has a mind-reading machine in his office, and he's going to take us there."




Harvey Bullock got out of his unmarked squad car, his teeth firmly clenched around a toothpick. He stepped over to the uniform in charge of the crime scene.


"Whacha got, Montoya?" he said. "The report said somethin' about Batman fighting a bunch of werewolves."


"Maybe," the young woman said, frowning. "Several of the witnesses say they saw Batman, but others say it was some sort of bat-winged monsters. Everyone agrees about the werewolves."


"Huh! An you said there was four nekkid guys trussed up in the car?"


"Yeah," Renee Montoya said. "I sent them down to the station for booking."


"What are you gonna charge em with?" Bullock asked. "Public lycanthropy?"


"I thought we could hold them as material witnesses overnight. I'd like to see what happens…"


"When the moon rises?" Bullock chuckled. "Wouldn't be the weirdest thing I've seen on this job. Dispatch said you've got two bodies?"


Montoya nodded and took him to the first, a slender young African American woman.


"Three gsw to the chest," Montoya said. "Looks like the shooter used a 9 millimeter."


"Tight grouping," Bullock said. "Shooter's good. Who is she?"


"ID says 'Matilda Johnson' 19 years old. She's got a thick file but it's all juvie stuff. We won't know a lot more until we can get a judge to unseal it."


Bullock grunted. They left the Gotham CSI technicians to work with the body and moved to the next. He was a big man, naked, except for the remnants of a pair of pants and his musculature was that of an elite athlete. The cause of death was immediately clear to Bullock, the human neck is not designed so the head can rotate 180 degrees.


"His name's--"


"Tony Romulus," Bullock said.


"You know him?"


"He won the Olympic decathlon… must'a been sixteen years ago. What's wrong with you, Montoya? You don't like ESPN or something?"


"It looks like whoever did this did it bare-handed," she said. "They'd have to be inhumanly strong."


"Like that's somethin' new," Bullock said.




"South America?" Robin asked.


"That's right," Dr. Quest said. "There's a newly discovered Inca temple that I've been asked to help excavate."


"Yeah," Race Bannon added. "And it gets us somewere that it's harder for those animal-masked goons to find us."


"And I can still split my time helping Dr. Conners with his 'gene cleaner.'"


Robin nodded. His last message from Batman has told him this was coming. As much as he hated being left out of the crime fighting, he had to admit this assignment was a lot more interesting than he'd imagined. South America was cool, and he was getting some good pointers sparrring with Race and Carter--"Super Midnight--himself! And things were starting to get interesting with Jessie Bannon too. She clearly had a big crush on him, though he wasn't sure just how he felt about her.


"C'mon," race said. "Let's collect the others."


As they headed out to the beach, Robin glanced back at Quest, who was once again absorbed in his test tubes.


"Say, Race…"




"What kind of degree does the Doc have? I mean, is it nuclear physics, or biochemistry, or archaeology or what?"


"He's got a degree in science," Race said, grinning.




"Call for you, Mr. Luthor," Tsukuri said.



Lex Luthor glanced up from his desk, annoyed by the interruption.


"Who is it?"


"He wouldn't give his name, sir. But he says he has some information that will be valuable to you."


"Blast it! I don't have time for every--"


"Information about David Xanatos, sir," Tsukuri said, "and gargoyles."


"Really?" Luthor's tone softened. "Well, that is interesting. I'll take it."



He took the phone and held it to his ear.


"This is Luthor."


"A pleasure to meet you, Lex." The voice on the line was deep, powerful, and reeking with confidence. Luthor decided instantly that he didn't like the man.


"I'm told you have something for me…"


"Yes," the smug voice paused. "I understand you tried to acquire Xanatos' gargoyles recently."


"What if I did?"


"I can tell you where they are."




"I have a small favor to ask in return. You have an employee named Tala, I believe."


"What of it?"


"I'll tell you where the gargoyles are. If it all works out, I'd like the use of her services for two little spells."




After Luthor got off the line, a dark, taloned hand replaced the phone on the desk. A massive winged figure leaned backed in its chair.


A moment later the office door entered and a small gargoyle entered carrying a cup of tea in a saucer.


"Thank you, Brentwood," the seated giant said as he accepted the drink."


"Did call go well?" the little creature asked.


"Oh, indeed," Thailog answered, and he began to laugh.




"What is it?" Eddie Brock asked, staring at the black wad of goo in the glass case.


"It started as a bit of proto-organic matter on a meteorite that fell to earth," the furred woman said. "Luthor collected it and passed the matter on to Sevarius."


"I don't get it, Barb--"


"Cheetah," she said. "Barbara Minerva is a human name and I'm… not human anymore."




"No, I'm sorry, Eddie," she said. "It's just that you're the only one here who still treats me like a human being. Most of the staff is afraid and Milo and Sevarius look at me like I'm a test subject. What were you asking?"


"It just surprised me that Luthor would collect meteorites."


"Luthor collects things that he thinks will give him money," Cheetah said. "This particular meteoroid was partly made of a radioactive crystal that Luthor wanted to use as a powerful energy source."


"Wow," Eddie said. "Do you think that could work?"


"From what I hear it did work," Cheetah said. "He came up with a super battery, but some freak with mechanical arms stole it from him. Anyway, this little blob was irradiated by the meteor and the radiation gave it some really strange properties."


The black lump shifted in its container.


"Geez!" Eddie said. "It's alive!"


"Not really," Cheetah said. "Sevarius introduced some of Spider-man's DNA into it and it started mimicking its genetic properties. But it still doesn't meet all the conditions to qualify as living."


"Then what it is?"


"Sevarius thinks it's a parasite. Attach it to a living organism and it'd form an unbreakable bond. I think it would be more on the order of a symbiote."


Eddie shuddered.


"What?" Cheetah asked.


"Spider-man," he said. "Mixing his DNA with that… and the thing they turned him into."


"It's pretty awful," she said, "but he was a danger to the project."


"But… I know him," Eddie said. "When they pulled the mask off, I recognized his face. We used to be friends."


Cheetah's expression softened and she reached out to Eddie, drawing him into a comforting embrace.


"What is this?"


The two turned and saw a massive feline frame filling the door.


"Tygrus," Cheetah hissed. "Get the hell out of here."


"No," the creature snarled. "My father told me to watch this one--that we could not trust him. now I see what he meant."


"What are you talking about?" Cheetah said, moving between Eddie and the cat-man.


"You are my destined mate and this… human wants you for his own."


"Bro, that's not how it is," Eddie said.


"Liar!" Tygrus roared. "I've seen how you look at her!" he shoved Cheetah roughly to the side.


"Hey!" Eddie shouted and launched a powerful haymaker at the beast-man's face.


Tygrus easily dodged and, catching his shirt in clawed hands, flung him across the room. Eddie smashed into the wall and fell, stunned. He struggled to raise his head and was rewarded with the sight of Tygrus, murder in his eyes, stalking him. Then he heard an animalistic scream and Cheetah sprang at the larger cat-creature.




Tygrus is from the Batman, TAS episode "Tyger, Tyger"



Cheetah is the version from the animated series, Justice League.



Eddie Brock is the version seen in Spectacular Spider-man. He will try to help Cheetah but has no powers as yet. 


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Posted 21 July 2013 - 02:11 PM

Learn More About
Read more about Cheetah at Wikipedia
Official Site: DC Comics Links: Wiki entry Spider-Bob entry DC database entry

Read more about Tygrus at Wikipedia
Official Site: DC Comics Links: Wikipedia DC Animated Universe Wikia The World's Finest Online

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 08:07 PM

I'm liking Tygrus for this fight. Cheetah never really did anything in the Justice Leauge cartoon.

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 10:35 PM

Very nice set-up and recap as usual, Dinsdale. I'm just loving all these brilliant criminal minds interacting like this! 


As for the match, Tygrus is screwed. JL's Cheetah can (somewhat) go toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman, who in turn can go toe-to-toe with Superman and the like.

#5 Dinsdale Piranha

Dinsdale Piranha

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Posted 22 July 2013 - 01:56 AM

There are some animated versions of Cheetah that are up at that level of power: Batman: the Brave and the Bold, Wonder Woman and especially Justice League: Doom come to mind (Claudia Black's voice was perfect.) The clip I've attached shows just how powerful she is there; much more than Tygrus.


But those are all appearances in different continuities. In Justice League continuity she seems roughly equal to Copperhead and gives Batman a really hard time. The only time I can find where she fights Wonder Woman is in the early moments of the JLU episode "Kid Stuff." made an impressive showing in Wonder Woman, and was able to hurt Superman in Batman: the Brave and the Bold but those are different universes. 


The only place in the Justice League continuity where I can find her fighting Wonder Woman is in the JL episode "Kid Stuff." Cheetah charges WW with a series of claw strikes. WW deflects them all with her bracelets. Cheetah tries a spinning heel kick and WW catches it with one hand. WW smiles smugly, Cheetah's eyes widen in an "uh-oh" expression and then WW gives her a one-handed toss across the room. Cheetah hits a column, doing some damage to it and collapses, unconscious. The fight takes about 5 seconds.


Sadly, I can't find that video on YouThbe, but here's a little of Cheetah and the Injustice Gang from "Injustice for All."

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Posted 22 July 2013 - 11:56 PM

Eh, Cheetah, Copperhead, and Bats were mainly dodging each other's attacks in those JL eps, and the super-powered bad guys often underestimated Bruce in the series and therefore didn't give their all against him most of the time. Besides that, as I've mentioned in the past, Bruce Timm and Co. were never that great in measuring differing scales of strength in battle.

#7 Dinsdale Piranha

Dinsdale Piranha

    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.

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Posted 23 July 2013 - 12:08 AM

True enough. There's no good measure of Cheetah's strength in the series and they are inconsistent.


FWIW, my assumption in writing the match is that she's more on Spider-man's level than WonderWoman's.

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:39 AM

Match Final Results
Mercenaryblade gives it a grade of [A] -
JohnnyChany gives it a grade of [A] -
leroypowell3 gives it a grade of [A] -
Cheetah: 14
Tygrus: 4
FPA: 4.0

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