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Match 14530 Tonto vs. Captain Jack Sparrow

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#1 .Big Game James.

.Big Game James.

    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 20 July 2013 - 08:32 AM

Captain Jack Sparrow has finally recieved back his beloved ship, The Black Pearl. While setting out on a new expedition to find Treasure Island and its abundance of riches, Jack and his crew are caught up in a violent storm.

Gibbs: The Pearl is headed straight into the storm Captain! There's nothin we can do to turn her around. What do we do?

Jack: Treasure Island is just in the distance. Batten down the hatchet, it could get messy!

Gibbs: I will tell the others to get ready to dock Cap'n

While Gibbs informs the rest of the crew what is happening, Jack is startled by lightning, throwing his rum into the water and crashing into the side of a giant cliff.

Barbossa: Shiver me timbers! The Pearl is destroyed ye bloody fool.

Jack: At least it's still ours for the time being. (Smiling)

Barbossa: ye should be sharkbait after that. Me beloved pearl, ruined!

Jack: Please forgive me, I'm three sheets to the wind. Give me enough time to open up another bottle of rum and I'll have this place looking shipshape.

As soon as Jack is done speaking he falls straight on his face.

Gibbs: I think he meant to say 4 sheets to the wind.

Barbossa: Splice the mainbrace and all hands off deck. The pearl is going down mates.

Gibbs picks up Jack and throws him over his shoulder as they exit the Black Pearl. While the crew is walking in the darkness they see light and buildings up ahead. Jack then wakes up.

Jack: What happened? Am I dead?

Gibbs: No, you had too much to drink you slack-jawed idiot. Now ye got us walking in the middle of nowhere.

They then walk up to a train sitting still.

Barbossa: Avast ye. Look inside my mates. Be ready for anything.

Suddenly Tonto swings down on a cable grabbing ahold of Jack, taking him on top of another railroad bridge.

Gibbs: Jack, no!

Barbossa: Who be that? Where did Jack go?

switch to Tonto and Jack....

Jack (out of breath): You have a lot of nerve swinging through the air like that mate. You could seriously injure someone.

Tonto: You come here to destroy our land and ruin our town.

Jack then pulls out his sword.

Jack: A pirate's life is for me my feather headed friend. Just passing through. I'll be on my....

Tonto then throws his tomahawk right beside Jack's foot.

Jack: Wow mate. I come in....

Before jack could talk Tonto drop kicks him right off the bridge. While falling Jack grabs ahold of a broken cable wire and swings right back up to the bridge.

Jack: I see we're going to do this the rather hard way. Well before we start let me introduce myself. I am Captain Jack Sparrow. And you are?

Tonto: Me Tonto. Tonto do not like pirates. I make you leave.

Jack: We will see about that scalawag.

TONTO (johnny depp) VS. JACK SPARROW on the top of a train bridge. Night time.

Tonto has his knife, And A six-gun

Jack has his sword and his English pistol

And whatever else they commonly use.

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Posted 20 July 2013 - 08:32 AM

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:40 AM

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