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Match 14517 Lex Luthor and The Cabal vs. The Avengers

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Posted 16 July 2013 - 11:39 PM

Secret Wars The Final Battle 
King Shark swung multiple punches at Spiderman flipped in the air and shot web blasts that covered his face as they battled on the moon. 
“ Hey Jaws aren't you a little far away from ocean?”
All heroes and villains on both sides had been given the means to adapt to Mars's environment by their teammates. In the Avenger's case it was Scarlet Witch and in the villains case Lex Luthor. The battle raged on as two huge battles went on. The Forces of the Avengers and Luthor's army of villains clashed on the ground of Mars. The Second battle being the heavy hitters battling in space way above Mars such as Black Adam and Doctor Doom with a portion of Sentry's powers vs Thor with Hyperion. Rogue traded blows with Parasite who started to feel sick as he tried to absorb Rogue's powers and got a negative side effect he wasn't expecting as Rogue kept draining Parasite's powers to use against him. Ironman blasted away at one of Toy-man's Doomsdays with his energy blasts as it exploded as Red Hulk smashed the Superman robots Toy-man sent toward him Red Hulk picked up two and slammed them together head first as they crumbed to the ground. Toy-man yelled in anger as Ironman and Red Hulk laughed as they continue taking out his robots. Eclipso battled Scarlet Witch as their magical forces clashed with each other as Scarlet kept Eclipso from jumping into one of the heroes bodies. Captain Marvel shot energy beams out her eyes at Zealot who deflected it with her blade as Captain Marvel went to attack Zealot who back-flipped out the way and avoided Marvel who had launched herself like a incoming missile at Zealot.
Back in the headquarters Lex Luthor and Norman Osborn finished the Sentry formula as both men grinned. Lex picked up both formulas as he turned around to see Norman Osborn pointing a gun at him with a evil smile.
“ Who have the nerve to come to our planet and think the rest of us villains would just follow your orders? You think me or Doom would allow you to make yourself the most powerful person in our world? Are you insane? Trust me that's a hell of a question coming from me!”
Luthor shook his head and waves his hands in the air playfully.
“ Oh Osborn I know you idiots wouldn't give anything up without a fight. But the thing is me and Doom already made a deal. You see we had a nice chat and figured we would split the Sentry formula 50/50. We ran tests to see if both of us genius gentlemen could handle 50% of the power and found it to be successful. Neither of us could handle it at 100% and even 75% was a huge risk. You see me and Doom combined will rule this entire galaxy. Doesn't matter who owns this planet. Oh and as far as your villains. Once heroes started dying in this war they jumped to be on the side of the winning team. I yield successful results unlike you with your Dark Avengers. Oh and it helps most of them hate your guts. Sorry but your too unstable...”
5 long metal claws were buried deep in Osborn's skull as Osborn dropped to the floor dead. Lady Deathstrike appeared from the shadows with a smile and walked over to Lex's side as she kissed his cheek. Lex picked up the formula and drank half of it. The power started to grow within him. He smiled as he carried the rest of the formula. 
“ Thank you dear. Now let's go see how our friend Doom is doing and give him his portion. Then we shall kill the remaining heroes.”
Black Adam and Hyperion exchanged punches as the force of their hits created shock-waves in the air. Both men fought furiously as Adam having enough grabbed Hyperion and spun him around as he captured him in a submission hold. Adam held the move tight as Adam whispered in his ear while Hyperion struggled to break free.
“ This is for the death of my son in law that you fools murdered!”
Adam snapped Hyperion's neck as he fell to Mars dead as heroes looked below in anger and sadness at another fallen hero as they battled their opponents. Doom smiled as he battled Thor as at the very moment Luthor came and joined Doom.
“ Thor your death at Doom's hands has been long in the making.”
Luthor threw Doom the rest of formula in the bottle as he drank it through his mask. Both men smiled as they had all their power and together had 100% of Sentry's formula. 
“ Well first things...first....”
A huge blast of magical energy from Thor's hammer slammed into both men causing a huge explosion as it sent them flying backward. Aftershock was felt all the way down on Mars. Both men looked at Thor angrily.
“ Looks like I get to kill as Asgardian today.”
Doom hit Thor with a telepathy assault that stroke his mind and lit it on fire as at the same time Luthor hit with a sun blast powered by the force of 100,000 suns. Thor unleashed a loud roar of anger as he unleashed his power and fought off the attacks. 
“ I'm not Bob Thor. I am not insane don't know how to use this power. Me and Luthor studied it very well before creating it. Your not going to win this battle. Even with the odinforce........”
Ironman appeared as he fired blasts of energy in his god-killer armor at Luthor that pushed him back.
“ Sorry boys Thor isn't doing this battle alone. It's time we kicked your asses and make you pay for all the deaths your caused. “
Thor and Ironman battled the two as the true  battle began in the air. Back on the ground another fight was taking place as the combined might of the Avengers and X-Men battled the villains of two worlds gathered together by Luthor. The villains and heroes that were left battled to the death knowing this was the final battle they waited for. Ironman and Thor fought the two villains as they exchanged words.
“  Stark tell me you have a backup in case we fail. I know you.” 
Stark grinned beneath the armor as they fought Doom and Luthor as huge amounts of energy blasts were traded between both groups of men.
“ You know me Thor. I always have a Plan B.”
Lex Luthor & Dr.Doom's forces:
Lex Luthor (50% of Sentry's powers)
Dr.Doom (50% of Sentry's powers)
Black Adam (Regular power level. No 52 version. Pre-flashpoint)
Eclipso (Regular Power Level. Pre-Flashpoint)
Loki (Regular version we all know)
The Hood
Lady Deathstrike
King Shark
Hobgoblin (Current one with the sonic scream)
Superboy robot Clone created by Toyman (New 52 version powers)
Toyman(Has his usual robots, toys, and stuff)
Dr.Light (Pre-Flashpoint)
Avenger's with the X-Men
Thor (Odinforce)
Ironman (Godkiller Armor)
Rogue (Has DC's Parasite powers as well for the time being.)
Magneto (At full power with no power trouble)
Scarlett Witch (Current)
World War Hulk (Has gotten real angry again with all the heros dying)
Hope Summers
Captain Marvel
Cyclops (No power problems)

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Posted 16 July 2013 - 11:39 PM

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Posted 18 July 2013 - 12:47 PM

Is it just me or do the heroes utterly annihilate the villains? :blink: 

Maybe I'm missing something.

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Posted 23 July 2013 - 03:07 PM

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