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Match 14499 Black Adam and Doctor Doom vs. Thor and Hyperion

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Posted 04 July 2013 - 11:12 PM

Secret Wars I:
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Secret Wars VI:
The raged on in  the skies above the future foundation building as Hyperion battled Osiris as the two exchanged blows. Osiris was battered and bloody as Hyperion wasn't nearly as hurt. Blows were exchanged as the force of the punches caused shock waves throughout the air that shook the entire city blow. Hyperion grabbed Osiris by throat in anger.
“ What kind of madmen attacks a place where children reside?! Answer me! What do you want on our planet and what the hell does your leader plan to do?!”
Hyperion choked Osiris as Osiris laughed as he coughed up blood and spit in Hyperion's face. Hyperion looked at Osiris in anger as he came to a decision.
“ Your people came and killed my dearest friends in cold blood. This war is going to end and I'm going to start my sending your allies a message.”
Hyperion snapped Osiris' neck as he fell dead in his arms Hyperion grabbed Osiris's body and threw him as hard as he can off planet toward Mars. 
“ Let those fools know now that the gloves have come off.” 
Hyperion flew back to the future foundation building as within She Hulk and Namor were double teaming Abomination. Abomination yelled in pain as the blows came furious and fast with no remorse. She Hulk held Abomination in a submission as Namor delivered a final uppercut that sent Abomination  crashing through the ceiling out of the future foundation building toward space. Namor and She Hulk smirked at each other at their easy win as the rest of the future foundation struggled with the other Society villains.
“ Yea some help here when you two are done gloating.”
Ant-man yelled as he, Medusa, and Miss Thing battled it out with the remaining villains. Pyro and Electro combined their attacks as it formed a red blast of energy that slammed into all three of the Future Foundation members causing a huge explosion. Smoke and fired covered the area as She Hulk along with Namor came to find the rest of the Society members teleport away with one of Reed's files along with a device of his.
“ Shit they took one of Reed's machines and I have no damn clue which one. He has a million damn things in this place!”
Namor agreed and patted She Hulk on the shoulder. 
“ Don't even bother feeling bad. We knew there was a chance they would succeed here. That's why the rest are back at base preparing for the final battle. You stay here and attend to the Future Foundation. If we need anything we will call. “
Namor took off as he met Hyperion and explained what happened as they left.
Osiris's dead body landed on the moon causing a huge crater right outside the base of Lex Luthor and his army's base. A huge fortress with buildings, bases, different weapons, a army of villains, and more stood. A huge force field dome covered the city overhead. Amanda Waller walked to Lex Luthor who was talking with Norman Osborn and Doom about the battle plans in the main battle room.
“ Osiris is dead like we suspected. Adam is not going to be thrilled. However our guys succeeded in getting the device and Reed's last files on Sentry. We are a go boys.”
Doom, Luthor, and Osborn smiled as they observed the files.
“ Excellent now we can finish the Sentry formula and split the power among us. Each of us combined with all of Sentry's abilities shall be unstoppable. Also having the power split up gets rid of the mentally instability that plagued Bob. Doom you get 25% and have agreed your find with it to not risk any mental instability Osborn for you it's the same since you already have mentally issues from your Osborn formula and me I get 50% of Sentry's power. Now we must quickly gather our forces as the Avengers surely will strike....” 
Bizarro crashed through the walls of the battle room interrupting Lex Luthor knocked out as all three men looked to see the Avengers attacking their fortress. Spiderman traded blows with King Shark as Rogue and Parasite fought as her mutant power had a negative effect on him when he touched her. Red Hulk fought one of Toyman's Doomsdays as the battle began. Thor and Hyperion landed in front of the three men as he had a angry look. 
“ The day of reckoning has for you gentlemen. You the bald one I know is the leader after your comrade Deathstroke spilled his guts to my allies. You and the other men shall die here. War is what your want and it's what your going to....”
Black Adam speed blitzed both men as they flew outwards toward the skies above Mars. Adam landed pissed and burning with rage over his brother in law's death.
“ Which one of those idiots killed Osiris so I can rip them in half.”
Doom smiled as he nodded over to Hyperion come toward Adam as Adam turned and shot forward in the air as he furiously traded blows with Hyperion. Thor shot a lightening blast toward the three men as Doom without moving blocked the move effortlessly as he absorbed it.
“ I'll handle the Asgardian since I already have my portion of the battle. Osborn and Luthor both of you go finish the Senty formula. Together we can then crush the rest of the heroes. “
Both men nodded their heads as they left Doom. Doom and turned to Thor.
“ So we finally do battle on even ground thunder god. Let me once again remind you why Dr. Doom is a foe to never trifle with nor cross paths with. “
Doom flew in the air toward Thor as he shot toward him and attacked. He hit Thor with a yellow energy blast as Thor yelled in pain and looked in horror at Doom who grinned. 
“ Oh yes that look on your face says it all. Fear is exactly what you should feel.  Even with a portion of the power it's enough for me and  Adam to finish you both off.”
Black Adam flew toward Doom's side as Hyperion did the same near Thor.
“ Today Doom is going to kill a god.”
Black Adam ( Pre-Flashpoint but not 52 series powered up Adam.)
Dr.Doom (Has 25% of Sentry's powers. Superhuman strength, Superhuman speed, flight, energy blasts, Invulnerability, energy blasts, telepathy, and molecule manipulation.)
Hyperion (Current you see in the pic)
Thor (Current)
They are battling in space near Mars away from the others. Win by any means. Doom is just fighting to hold off Thor for the rest of the Sentry formula to be completed and Adam is pissed off that Hyperion killed Osiris.

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Posted 04 July 2013 - 11:12 PM

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Posted 05 July 2013 - 12:14 AM

I think team black doom wins easy here.

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Posted 18 July 2013 - 09:07 AM

I wanted to use Black Adam for a fight but glad 2 see he is in this amzing match up. Congrats my friend a great read.

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Posted 19 July 2013 - 10:53 PM

Hmm... second chance to comment and vote on this one... 


Good set-up, baller. If all Doom and Bladam have to do is hold off the good guys, and Doom has a good fraction of Sentry's powers to help do it, then they can almost easily pull this off.

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 12:38 PM

Match Final Results
badpierce gives it a grade of [A] - Good stuff
KibaxHinata gives it a grade of [A] -
Dinsdale Piranha gives it a grade of [A] - Good match the first time I rated it and still good!
DSkillz gives it a grade of [A] - Good story and pretty good match-up. This match is lacking in just enough errors to earn this grade in my book.
Doctor Doom and Black Adam: 9
Thor and Hyperion: 2
FPA: 4.0

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