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Match 14497 Captain America and America (Alfred F. Jones) vs. The Tyrant and Nemesis (Resident Evil)

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-Location; England-



 Thundra kicked the door off its hedges and walked to the counter, drinking a pint of beer. Free drinks seemed like a good idea at the time. A couple days passed and she was fortunate, or unfortunate to find someone to fight. Finishing the pint, she looked to the outside and noticed a wolf-like man walking past. A werewolf wasn’t too unusual but what was unusual was that he could obviously smell her. Maybe she had to fight him.


 Curious, the woman left the tavern and walked to the wolfman.


“I take it you can also see me.” The werewolf stated. Thundra raised an eyebrow and nodded.


“And you don’t want to fight?” she asked. He shook his head.


“That’s what this psycho wants. I’m just trying to find a way to get to her. Now move.” Replied the Werewolf. Thundra glared and punched him against the glass.


“Where I come from, a man has no right to order me around. Same goes for you Wolfman!” she warned. The werewolf growled and lunged at her, he was surprisingly quick. Before Thundra could counter, he crouched low and preformed a spinning kick, sending Thundra to the ground.


“I don’t care where you came from woman. I won’t tell you a third time to move!” he barked. Thundra stood and cracked her knuckles, with a sudden sprint, she swung in place, swinging her ball-in-chain at the Werewolf. The wolf took note and blocked the chain with a pair of nunchunks. He glanced up and surrounded himself in a blue aura, with a howl, the aura barreled into Thundra several times, knocking her against the wall. Getting up; Thundra glared and wrapped the chain around her arm and charged at him. Before the werewolf could attack, the two were interrupted by two people crashing against the ground; one was a silver haired woman and another was a shorter woman with blades on her hands and feet. The shorter woman could barely move but barely dodged the silver haired woman’s sword swing. Thundra took notice of the woman.


“X-23?” she asked, surprised. The other woman turned and noticed her.


“Thundra?” the younger woman asked, stopping the fight by turning to the silver-eyed woman and holding her hand up. The woman stopped and placed her sword back on the holder on her back.


“Strange, you seem to be unharmed.” Thundra stated, noticing the fight.


“Clare and I were sparring. Just the other day she and I decided to team up and find Time. Long story.” Laura explained. Clare noticed the werewolf who was just ready to walk past.


“Well, I think you three can help me deal with this throw-rug over here.” Thundra offered. The werewolf turned and prepared to fight.


“I have a better idea. The more people we have on this team the better.” Clare offered. Thundra and X-23 looked at her then back at the wolfman.


“I work better alone. Always have.” He stated, refusing the offer. With that, he continued on his way. Thundra shrugged and turned to her new accomplices.


“Well, we’re on our own.” She stated.


---Washington D.C---



 America laughed as he and his new pal entered the oval office. The laugh quickly turned to surprise as nobody seemed to notice them.


“Looks like even the president doesn’t know we’re here.” Sighed the taller man. America groaned and rubbed his forehead.


“Man that really sucks! My boss doesn’t even know we’re here! Now what dude?” he asked, turning to his ally: the Star-Spangled soldier himself: Captain America.


“We’re on our own then America.” Stated Rogers as he turned and walked. America sighed and followed him.


“Alright so what we have to do is find someone who can help us, right?” America asked, keeping an optimistic view. Steve turned and nodded.


“We’ll find someone who can help. Hopefully an ally.” Right as Steve said that, the two felt an ominous presence before seeing a blonde haired man with a black trench coat exploring.


“Whoa, obvious bad guy there!” America yelled. “Hey you! Why’re you wandering the White House!?” The man took note and glared through his sunglasses. Before America could ask another question, the man disappeared and sent him against the wall. Steve responded by throwing his shield but was kicked away, with the mysterious man grabbing his shield and smacking him across the face with it.


“Well, you two would make useful subjects.” The blonde man said to himself. Steve pulled himself back up and charged at him. The blonde man threw a side punch which Steve responded by blocking it with his elbow and punching the man with a jab. The blonde man didn’t seem fazed and disappeared from sight. Steve couldn’t react in time and was sent to the ground.


“That’s some impressive teleporting pal.” Steve complimented. The man smirked.


“Teleporting? No, I’m just faster.” With that, the man pulled out a gun and fired low. Steve barely rolled out of the way and caught his shield. “Thanks America.” He stated, America smirked and cracked his knuckles.


“Two on one pal! You can’t beat us because we’re Americans! That automatically means we’re heroes!” he yelled. The blonde man peered through his sunglasses and smirked.


“I don’t have time for interferences. Nemesis!” he yelled. The wall next to him exploded with a 7’ monster walking from the debris alongside another monster resembling a pale demon..


“Deal with these pests.” Ordered the blonde man as he vanished. The monsters groaned and turned to his enemies.


“N- no way! Why do the bad guys always have scary monsters!?” America yelled in fright. Steve gripped his shield tightly.


“Don’t be afraid America. Heroes aren’t scared so easily.” He reassured, giving his friend a thumbs up. America slowly felt butterflies in his stomach and quickly reassured himself.


“Got it dude!”


 The monster groaned and aimed its rocket launcher with the other expanding its claws to strike. The two-on-one fight for America begun!




-Nemesis and the Tyrant are backed up by 4 Lickers (RE2 versions), 1 Hunter (RE3), and 2 Bandersnatches.


-America is powered up by modern-day patriotism similar to Uncle Sam.


-Steve is using his shield before it was shattered by Serpent during the events of Fear Itself. He also unaware of the Tyrant and Nemesis.


-The fight is in the Oval Office. Pistols, SMGs, and Grenade Launchers are scattered across the White House. 

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Match Final Results
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America (Alfred F. Jones) and Captain America: 6
The Tyrant and Nemesis (Resident Evil): 2
FPA: 0

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