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Match 14469 Cat (Shen Kuei) and Midnight Sun vs. Steel Serpent

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 02:31 AM

This is part of an arc. The last installment is at Constantine Drakon and Man-Mountain Marko and Warhawk vs. Hammerhead (Marvel) and Tombstone and Copperhead.


Here is the wrap up for Vincent (Beauty And The Beast) and Callisto (Marvel) vs. Red Wolf.


Jean Dewolf and Greer Nelson are hunting for Sabertooth, who killed Jean's temporary partner and Greer's husband, Bill Nelson. They are aided by Red Wolf who has already been mauled once by the vicious mutant. Returning to the Labyrinth, where the fight occurred they look for clues and find a trail through a long series of tunnels, eventually stumbling upon the hidden world Below. Vincent and Callisto have been alerted to the intruders and, in one of those classic team up boo boos, the good guys mistakenly begin to fight each other.




"Freeze!" Jean said, raising her pistol. That was exactly the last thing that Callisto needed to hear. She threw one of her switchblades, catching the policewoman in the arm and making her drop the weapon.


That, and possibly the fact that Vincent resembled Sabertooth a little, was more than enough for Red Wolf. With a Cheyenne war cry the wolfskin warrior and Lobo lunged at Callisto. Vincent gave his own battle cry--a leonine roar-- and moved to intercept man and wolf. As they came together, Callisto slipped past.


"Hold it!" Greer shouted, pointing her borrowed gun. Callisto grinned and leaped at her, kicking the gun out of her hand.


"If you're gonna draw a gun, you'd best be prepared to use it," Callisto said, landing a hard punch to Greer's midsection. The young woman doubled over in pain but refused to fall. Then Jean Dewolfe lunged at Callisto, trying to twist her arm behind her back. Callisto laughed and threw the smaller woman to the ground. She dodged Greer's flailing haymaker and knocked her down with a sidekick.


"One's tall and athletic and the other knows how to fight but she's a shrimp," Callisto said. "Put the two of you together and I'd have someone worth fighting. Pity you can't do that." Drawing a second switchblade she advanced on the fallen women.



Lobo reached Vincent first and sprang at him, lunging for his throat. The beast-man twisted and the big wolf only caught his shoulder. Vincent gave a cry more of rage than pain and his powerful arms pulled Lobo free and hurled him to slam into one of the tunnel walls.


Red Wolf lunged in, thrusting the tip of his coup stick into Vincent's solar plexus, then swinging the staff-like weapon at his head. The first blow staggered the lion-man but he brought up an arm to block the second, then swung a backhanded blow that took Red Wolf off his feet and sent the stick flying.


Vincent stalked forward, claws extended and fangs bared and Red Wolf rose to meet him, unarmed. Then Lobo sprang again, catching one of Vincent's arms in his powerful jaws. The beast threw him off again but that gave Red Wolf the time to draw his knife and tomahawk.


"Lobo," he said, "help the women!"



Callisto aimed a stab at Jean, who had risen, but a red-brown form shot at her and she felt powerful jaws close on her wrist. She and Lobo went down in a fierce struggle that strained her strength and ferocity to its limit.



Red Wolf hurled his tomahawk with deadly speed and accuracy only to see Vincent duck aside with inhuman quickness. The beast lunged and caught him by the throat with one clawed hand pressing his back to the wall with irresistible strength. Vincent raised his other hand for the killing blow.


Then their eyes met and something passed between them. The bestial ferocity left his face and his muscles relaxed.


"We should not be fighting," he said softly.


"There's no argument from me," Red Wolf said.


Vincent took a step back and realized that Red Wolf's knife had been poised at his belly.


"It seems we were both close to death," he said.


"Too close," Red Wolf agreed. "Lobo!"


The wolf released Callisto's arm and backed away. She rose, knife still in hand and started to advance but stopped when she saw Vincent was no longer fighting.


"What the hell?" she asked.


"These people are not our enemies," Vincent said.


"Just like that?"


"Yes," he replied.




"Bats, this is Chance," the man disguised as the Bronze Tiger said into the comm. unit. "I'm onto something big here. Ra's al Ghul himself is here. He says he's going to 'talk' with you, whatever that means. He's also sending some of the League's top guns with him to get Dr. Conners. I don't think Palm Key is safe. I'm in--"


Christopher Chance stopped as he heard the door to his chamber open. Palming the comm. device he turned to see Davos. The Steel Serpent was clad in his K'un-Lun fighting gear. Chance had never heard of the lost city before meeting the man and still wondered if it was a real place.


"Tiger," he said. "Come with me. We need to speak to the Master."


"Why?" Chance asked, perfectly mimicking the Tiger's voice.


"Our assignments. There is a matter of honor at stake."


"Very well," Chance said. He followed Davos out of the room and through the corridors of the league of Assassins safe house until they came to Ra's al Ghul's control center. Their leader was sitting on a throne-like chair flanked by Ubu and the new man, Midnight.


"Master," Steel Serpent said, dropping to one knee. Chance followed suit.


"Speak," Ra's said.


"I request that you take me and the Bronze Tiger with you to confront the Batman," he said.


"You question your orders, Davos?"


"Only because it deprives me of the opportunity to reclaim my honor. If you take me with you I guarantee, I will kill your enemy this time."


"You are a skilled fighter, Steel Serpent," Ra's said, "but you lack insight. The Detective is much more to me than an enemy."


"But we can still serve you better than these two newcomers," Davis said. "Shen Kuei has no history as a member of the League, and Midnight is even less known."


"It is true that they are new to my service," Ra's replied. "But Shen Kuei has been known to me for several years as a man of both skill and integrity. As for Midnight… he was once the premier assassin of my ancient rival, Fu Manchu. When he lost his life to the Devil-Doctor's treacherous son, I undertook it to claim his body and raise him using my Lazarus Pit. The man who owes his very existence to me will not betray me."


"But Master, I still say that we--"


"Enough!" Ra's said and the Steel Serpent fell silent.


"I see that you presume to speak for the Bronze Tiger," Ra's continued. "Tell me, Mr. Turner, do you wish to recover your lost honor as well?"


"Of course, Master," Chance replied.


"Do you resent it that I do not choose to send you after Dr Conners, whom you failed to procure?"


"No, Master. I accept your will in all things."


Davos shot a poisonous glance at Chance.


"This is the attitude of a true servant, Steel Serpent," Ra's said.


"Master, I beg you to let me prove my worth to you," Davos said.


"Very well," Ra's said.




"Master Bruce, as much as I regret disturbing you, there is a matter you should attend to."


"I'm busy just now," Bruce Wayne said. He was at a worktable in the Batcave working on some weapons.


"Is this so urgent?" Alfred said.


"The cyborgs I fought tonight were powerful," Wayne said. "My normal weapons weren't enough."


"I was under the impression that you won that altercation," Alfred said. "And that wasn't tonight, it was last night."


"What time is it?"


"Ten-thirty in the morning."


Wayne shook his head. "I did win, Alfred, but it was too close. I don't like leaving things like that to chance. The pumpkin bombs that green character used were effective so I'm adding an explosive charge to some of my weapons."


He held up a weapon that looked like a batarang.


"This is one of his weapons, by the way."


"My word," Alfred said. "That looks like one of yours."


"It is," Wayne replied, "right down to the special alloy that lets it bite into metal."


"How can that be?"


"I'm certain that glider flying goblin was Norman Osborn."




"The arm wrestling contest cinched it," David Xanatos said. "Norman Osborn has to be that strange goblin creature who helped Batman."


"And you're certain that Bruce Wayne is the Batman?" Owen Burnett asked.


"One-hundred per-cent, Owen," Xanatos said. "Batman's appearance tonight plus the files that the Chameleon stole for me from Wayne Enterprises cinch it. The thing I don't understand yet is Osborn's game. He worked with Batman, and used what looked like the same technology, but I didn't get the feeling that they were allies."


"He did seem a little… homicidal for that," Owen replied. "What are you going to do about him?"


"He's not really my problem," Xanatos said, "But it's better to deal with him before he becomes one. Still, I don't want to waste my own time on it."


"Then who?"


"Let's give my new newspaper an exclusive on this," Xanatos said. "We'll give them the tour--before you have the damage repaired, of course--and give Jameson a little nudge. The gargoyles have learned to read so, when the Daily Bugle starts calling this green goblin a menace, that should get their attention.




"I do understand the urgency, Master Bruce, but you're driving yourself even harder than you normally do."


"And you want me to take a lunch meeting with a representative from Stark Industries as a way to relax?" Wayne asked. "Alfred, when has something like that ever been relaxing?"


Despite his reluctance, Bruce had let his butler talk him into coming upstairs and showering for the lunch meeting. Now he slipped into the sport coat that Alfred held out for him.


"I've arranged for a catered lunch for the two of you," Alfred said. "I made it Rene's as a way of apologizing to your guest for your inexcusable tardiness."


"Fine," Wayne said, following Alfred down the stairs. "Let's just get this over with. I don't know what sort of stuffed shirt Tony sent over but…"


Bruce paused as he caught sight of the stunning auburn-haired woman waiting for him. She rose from her chair with a mysterious smile and offered her hand to him.


"Mr. Wayne," she said. "It's an honor to meet you. I'm Natasha Romanov."


"Stuffed shirt indeed," Alfred said under his breath.




The assassins had gathered in the gym of the League safe house. Ra's al Ghul sat in the terrace overlooking the floor, which had been converted into an arena. Merlyn the archer, Ubu, and the disguised Christopher Chance flanked him.


On the floor below the three combatants looked up expectantly. Shen Kuei wore loose trousers and had discarded his shirt to display the cat tattoo in his chest. Midnight stood silently, wrapped in his long cloak. Steel serpent wore the masked uniform of K'un Lun and glared defiantly at the other two.


"You have your chance to redeem yourself," Ra's said. "Defeat my champions and you shall have your chance to face the Detective again… at the hour of my own choosing. But be warned, if you are beaten, I shall have no reason to let you live."


"It is all I ask," the Steel Serpent said.


"Then begin!"




The Steel Serpent is the version who originally appeared in Iron Fist. He has not yet gained any magical or chi powers but is a deadly martial artist. He has no weapons.


Shen Kuei is the version who appeared in Master of Kung Fu as an enemy of Shang Chi. He is unarmed, except for his lethal kung fu skills.


Midnight is the version that fought Shang Chi in Special Marvel Edition. He has shurikens and a dagger hidden on him but will only use them if things start going against him and Shen Kuei.

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 02:31 AM

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#3 Dinsdale Piranha

Dinsdale Piranha

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 12:25 PM



This one was finished and Steel Serpent had lost before the big hacking crisis. Sadly, the results and comments are all gone so I guess it's a restart. Does Davos have a chance this time?

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 04:16 PM

Does Davos have a chance this time?


Heh, I still don't think so. This trio of fighters all look fairly closely skilled, so two-on-one I still think Davros is outmatched. Then and now, though, this is still a great set-up. 

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Posted 18 July 2013 - 03:42 PM

Doing a good job with this muliti universe street level crossover. Steel Serpent loses. The other two seem on par with him so being double teamed, he's not going to be able to beat them both up.

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 12:38 PM

Match Final Results
DSkillz gives it a grade of [A] - Great set-up, continuity, and developments as usual!
leroypowell3 gives it a grade of [A] -
Midnight Sun and Cat (Shen Kuei): 10
Steel Serpent: 1
FPA: 4.0

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