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Match 14468 Zangief vs. Chang Koehan

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    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 02 July 2013 - 11:50 PM







In a small house in Mexico, Cammy White stood next to Armor King and T. Hawk and watched former Bison Dolls, Juni and Juli as they rested.


“It’s unbelievable,” she remarked.


“I am just glad that my search for Julia led to locating Juni for you,” T. Hawk replied.


“I was half way to the Freedom Survivor ship when I received your call that you had retrieved both of my sisters at that G Corporation research facility,” said Cammy. “It is a miracle. I owe you a great debt, Thunder Hawk.”


T. Hawk shook his head and pointed at Armor King. “He is the one you need to thank. It is because of him that Julia and I are here now and he personally carried Juni out of that place.” (REF: BLUE MARY VS. ANNA WILLIAMS)


Cammy hugged Armor King, who blushed a little underneath his mask. A sudden knock at the door put both he and T. Hawk in a state of alert. Cammy pulled out a gun and approached the entrance.


“At ease gentlemen, it’s Guile,” Cammy announced. “He contacted me on my way down here. He wanted to talk about something in person with me.”


Cammy opened the door so that Guile could enter. “Hello, again.”




Guile walked into the house. A confused expression took over his face once he spotted Armor King.


“Guile, this is Armor King, and of course you know Thunder Hawk,” said Cammy. “Armor King, this is Major Guile of the United States Air Force.”


An unimpressed Amor King stood motionless.


“So you two are the ones responsible for rescuing Bison’s old Dolls from a G Corporation research lab?” asked Guile.


“We were able to set free both JULIA and JUNI, yes,” T. Hawk stressed.


“It is an incredible story. They originally fought each other at the facility that they were both trying to raid,” stated Cammy. (REF: T. HAWK VS. ARMOR KING)


“A misunderstanding born from a passion to do what is right,” said T. Hawk. “But now, I realize I have truly found a kindred spirit.”


Armor King roared in agreement.


Cammy looked over to Guile. “I know you didn’t come all the way down here to see them, what is it you wanted to discuss?”


Guile handed her a picture of Sergei Dragunov. “This man attacked me outside of a military base recently. (REF: SERGEI DRAGUNOV VS. GUILE) I believe he is a Russian operative, but he is not talking. (REF: LUCKY GLAUBER VS. ZACK) I was hoping your Delta Red contacts would be able to help me ID him.”


“I can certainly send his picture to headquarters, and see what turns up,” Cammy offered.


“Thanks. Considering this man knew exactly where to find me, I thought it would be too dangerous to discuss the incident over the phone. Someone may be after me,” Guile theorized.


“You should not discount the possibility that it is connected to Chun Li’s case,” said Cammy. “Look at my situation. I thought it just a horrible coincidence that Juni would be captured just as Chun Li needed my help. (REF: CAMMY WHITE VS. BILLY KANE) It turned out she was kidnaped by G Corporation, run by one, Kazuya Mishima, who is currently being investigated by Chun Li and is believed to be in a race for some ancient weapon with M. Bison himself.”


“You think he was trying to use the Dolls as leverage against Bison?” Guile asked.


“It is very likely. I am sure Mr. Mishima would welcome any advantage he can gain in this race,” answered Cammy.


Armor King grabbed the picture and identified the man as Sergei Dragunov.


“You know this guy?” Guile inquired.


Armor King explained about how he had seen Dragunov at the latest King of the Iron Fist tournament. They were both signed up and competed there.


Cammy regarded Armor King with surprise. “You are a King of the Iron Fist fighter? Chun Li has been looking for you guys. Do you know Yoshimitsu?”


Armor King shook his head and roared about how he had only recently joined the King of the Iron Fist to seek vengeance for his brother, the original Armor King. He was not familiar with many of its fighters.


“It looks like you might be right, Cammy,” stated Guile. “Perhaps it is all connected."





Julia Chang was worried. She had tried to contact Lee Chaolan (REF: CHRISTIE VS. LEE CHAOLAN) after she was attacked in Atlanta on the women’s wrestling circuit by Lisa Hamilton. (REF: LISA HAMILTON VS. JULIA CHANG) Yet, she had still not heard back from her friend. She feared something horrible had happened to him. (REF: GEN VS. WANG JINREI) Julia wanted to go to Lee’s company, Violet Systems, to investigate but she was tentative. If both of them were being targeted by Kazuya Mishima in retaliation, as she suspected, that would mean a whole lot of trouble once she arrived. Julia needed back up. She tried to contact Bob from the King of the Iron Fist tournament, but was unable to reach him. She did not know who else she could trust.


There was one woman that Julia thought of. A woman who had been extremely nice and caring to Julia while she was on the wrestling circuit, and who was also very strong to boot. That woman’s name was Rainbow Mika. Unlike her other friends at the moment, Julia knew exactly where to find R. Mika. She was at a fighting event in Russia featuring her idol, Zangief. Mika had blabbed about her excitement for the spectacle for months on tour.


When she arrived, Julia spotted R. Mika almost immediately. It was quite a feat considering the packed house. Julia maneuvered through bodies to reach the brawny blonde as soon as possible.


R. Mika gasped when she noticed Julia. “Jaycee! What are you doing here?”


“Please, just call me Julia.”


“Did you come here to watch this spectacular fight with me? Were you finally convinced of how epic it will be?” Mika questioned.


“Not exactly.” Julia sighed. “Mika, I was attacked at Phillips Arena by La Mariposa after our show. She was legitimately trying to take me out.”


“That’s horrible,” stated Mika.


“I know. I am okay, but I’m worried it was not a singular event. I fear that my friend, Lee, and I are being targeted by a sadistic man named Kazuya. I have not been able to contact Lee since the assault so I want to go find him. Hopefully. it is not too late,” explained Julia. “I would you like you to come with me. I could really use your help.”


R. Mika beamed. “Of course I will help. What are friends for? We will go as soon as this fight is over.”


“Thank you so much...wait...what?”


“The fight. THE fight,” R. Mika exclaimed. “The next legendary chapter in Zangief’s illustrious career. He has already dominated the wrestling world so much that people don’t even want to see him win anymore, and no one gets to see his fights in the World Warrior Tournament...”


Julia interrupted “Yes, I know. You’ve told me all this before. But, this is serious. We need to...”


R. Mika continued unfazed. “So they set up this unsanctioned street fight for all his adoring fans. His opponent, Chang Koehan, is supposedly a reformed criminal out of Korea and a participant of the King of Fighters tournaments. I guess taking part in lucrative events like this make criminal activities less enticing for him. I promise it won’t be long and then we can go search for your friend together.”


Julia Chang pulled her hair in frustration. She sighed and then resigned herself to her ally’s ridiculous request. The fact remained that she felt she needed Mika.


In the ring, Zangief posed for pictures. Chang Koehan walked toward the ring with his trademark ball and chain.


“That’s the guy?” Julia blurted. “Sure, Zangief is buff, but that guy is pretty big himself. And scary looking. I don’t think this will be as easy and quick as you claim.”


Zangief made a taunting gesture to his opponent. “Go ahead and bring ball and chain into the ring. It makes no difference to the Red Cyclone. You will still be crushed by my awesome power!”





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Posted 02 July 2013 - 11:50 PM

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Chang Koehan
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Posted 03 July 2013 - 05:56 PM

Going with Zangief. I think is the more skilled of the two. It won't be easy though as 'Geif will be giving up some size and reach

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Posted 16 July 2013 - 10:32 AM

Also don't forget that Zangief received Russian government funded training that sent him to Siberia, one the coldest and barren locations on earth, to learn how to wrestle Ussuri brown bears, while Chang Koehan on the other hand was self taught. Zangief wins.

#5 Dinsdale Piranha

Dinsdale Piranha

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Posted 16 July 2013 - 01:37 PM

In the real world, wrestling a big guy like Chang would be easy compared to wrestling one of those ears (they are monsters!) Of course in the real world Zangief would have ended out as 350 lbs of bear chow.


I know Street Fighter only a little and the other game not at all. The links suggest that Chang may have an advantage in pure strength, but not a huge one, and Zangief seems much more skilled.


Besides, he won this match once already :) 

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Posted 19 July 2013 - 02:29 AM

Match and comments, take two! :P


Once again, good set-up and story, JohnnyChany. As mentioned previously, while Chang may be one of the few fighting game characters that has a size and strength advantage over Zangief, the Red Cyclone is very likely too skilled a grappler to lose here.

#7 Callisto



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Posted 21 July 2013 - 12:38 PM

Match Final Results
leroypowell3 gives it a grade of [A] -
Dinsdale Piranha gives it a grade of [A] -
DSkillz gives it a grade of [A] - Good match, story, and match-up.
Zangief: 13
Chang Koehan: 2
FPA: 4.0

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