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Match 8606 John D. Strayne vs. Steel Maiden

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 06:48 PM

A Requite for Sollus: Round 2, Fight 4


The Rise of the Supermen


“So by this time, fights were springing up all over Khazan.  It was nuts son.  Heroes were fighting heroes while the real bad guys were running rampant all over town.  Sollus’ archenemies were having their way with the city.  By this time, the incident had national media exposure.  They had completely sealed off Khazan from any incoming civilians.  Due to most of the heroes being subdued, the local military had to try and deal with the major threats of Korgos and his gang.  It wasn’t going well.  Someone had to break the heroes up and organize a strike.  That’s when she showed up.”


“Who pop pop?”


“She was a goddess son.  A real goddess.  Well this Steel Maiden had been talking a lot of junk all over the T.V. for a while now.  She was dead-set on taking out whoever had killed Sollus and she wasn’t letting anybody stand in her way.  And quite honestly, we didn’t think anybody could.  Of course, that was before the man from another time showed up. “


“Another time?”


“Well, I don’t think it was our timeline.  We’re not sure where he came from.  His name was Strayne or something.  This guy… he looked just like Sollus.  Different costume, but the similarities were uncanny.”


“So finally, a team-up to clean up the mess.”


“Not exactly.  Strayne came in and was laying the smack down when suddenly…”


“Let me guess, he got hit by another hero.”


“You got it.  Ha ha!  That Steel Maiden laid into him like D-Day.  Apparently, the girl didn’t take kindly to some guy flying around pretending to be Sollus or at least looking like him.”


“But the city… the bad guys!”


“This was a woman in love son.  One day, you’ll understand.”

#2 Callisto



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Posted 01 July 2013 - 06:48 PM

Learn More About
John D. Strayne
Origination: Elemental
Alignment: Hero
Team: Solo Hero

Steel Maiden
Origination: Physical
Alignment: Hero
Team: The Sentinels of Liberty and Justice

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Posted 04 September 2013 - 01:04 PM

Match Final Results
Steel Maiden Won a match against John D. Strayne
9 to 5
John D. Strayne: -25 fame points
Steel Maiden: 25 fame points

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