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Match 14438 The Blacker Baron vs. Bishamon

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    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 05:24 PM





 -Location: RED CLIFFS-


 Diavolo caught his breath, the demon hunter and Pillar man he was fighting wouldn’t hold up for a second. Knowing he didn’t have long before they could kill him, the man used King Crimson for a desprenet move: escaping.


 Taking advantage of the cliff; Diavolo jumped down and activated his Stand, managing to escape and hide among the rocks while making it look like he perished. At the top of the cliff; Cars looked down and his arms grew wings. Gaining flight, he swooped down to find the foe as Dante watched. With his arms at the back of his head; he heard the gasping of the orange haired teenager Diavolo was fighting.


“Hey, you’re alive afterall.” He smirked, Ichigo looked at the repaired hole in his stomach; his inner hollow saved him again.


“What happened to Diavolo?” he asked, holding his wound. Dante looked down, seeing Cars search for the man.


“My pal’s hunting him now. He jumped off the cliffs.” Dante responded. Ichigo stood, using his sword as a holder.




--Yamanashi Prefecture—


 Juliet caught her breath as she looked at her enemy. The red-clad assassin named Rin-Rin. They were both unable to continue fighting. Across from them, Fei-Rin was caught between a car and a building, Rosalind was unconscious from the crash. On the rooftops; Ai-Rin and Cordelia were both half-dead, sniper rounds managed to penetrate Ai-Rin’s normally superhuman skin and her nunchunk was stuck in Cordelia’s chest. The last ones left: Juliet and Rin-Rin both collapsed from exhaustion. Maki and Talim investigated the damage and went to help the Starling sisters. Praying; Talim healed Cordelia and Rosalind’s wounds while Maki carried Juliet to the Filipina.


“Think we should leave the other women?” Maki asked. Talim shook her head.


“Yes, they attacked us. But I think we should save them. This was probably a misunderstanding.” Talim responded.



--Gridley Tunnel, Japan- -




 It is said; that Gridley Tunnel is haunted by the spirit of a samurai. The samurai was killed in an ambush and roamed the location out of the humiliation of not dying before battle for his lord. The rumor was known for decades; and Hannya was on his way there.


“Kien, do you smell the blood of the warrior?” asked the armor. After Bishamon separated from them; the cursed armor made a new cope in his place, the reanimated armor and his fellow spirit; the cursed sword, were in the Majigen realm when they were forced out by Time. To them, the other Darkstalkers could be anywhere. But, as long as it can fight, that’s all that mattered.


 Gaining no response from Kien, Hannya glared from its armored eyes and from the apparition’s face.


“Kien? Respond.” Demanded Hannya. Finally, the sword hummed. Communicating in its way.


“Ahh, so you smell fresh blood? Good.” Hannya responded. He turned and noticed his target: a large African-American man in a yellow overcoat and flamed boxing gloves. With him was a beautiful woman in purple. She had glasses on and a belt dangling from her waist.


“Oh? And who are you?” asked the African-American. Hannya turned and smirked.


“Strange, you have an odd sense of blood, mixed with another substance. What are you?” asked Hannya.


“Uh, hey I asked first motha'[censored]!” responded the man. That’s when he noticed something, a call? Amazed, he looked at his accomplice.


“Its Jack. He found us baby.” She responded.


“Aw, so Jack’s here too? Great work Mathilda baby, try to get some coordinates and I’ll talk with this samurai-looking f[censored]er.” Responded the man.


“Great, is that Baron?” asked Jack over the com to Mathilda. The woman laughed as she stepped back.


“Nice to hear ya’ too.” Baron responded sarcastically as he turned to Hannya.


 Before Baron could ask another question, Hannya was sprinting towards him, laughing. Noticing, Baron jumped to the side and evaded a wide sword swing.


“Hey, I thought you samurai types were all ‘lets talk than speak in monologues’ types!” Baron yelled. Hannya jumped forward and aimed to slice Baron in half. With a smirk; Baron activated his killer weapon: “Super Sexy Fists of Fire”.


 With a powerful flaming uppercut, Baron sent Hannya away and prepared to fight.


“I see how you’re doing this! Lets keep this s[censored] one-on-one got it?” Baron ordered. Hannya grinned and sprinted at Baron. The fight was on.




The fight is between Baron and Hannya (Bishamon). Bishamon has all of his abilities from Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3 while Baron has his moves from Anarchy Reigns.


Both are at full power. The fight is at Gridley Tunnel.


Mathilda won’t intervene unless nessicary. 




Everything said about the tunnel is true. Page learned from Shadowlands.net: http://theshadowland...laces/japan.htm

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 05:24 PM

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    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 11:28 PM

Nice setup! I've already changed my mind twice after watching youtube videos. But I think I'm leaning toward Bishamon.

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 12:39 PM

Match Final Results
JohnnyChany gives it a grade of [A] -
leroypowell3 gives it a grade of -

The Blacker Baron: 2
Bishamon: 9
FPA: 3.5

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