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Posted 01 July 2013 - 02:40 AM

You: Hey, can you believe the five of us are the only people on my friends list up right now?

Dayna: Yes, Kirsten.  Yes I can.  It's why you keep me around.

You: Why are you awake anyway?

Dayna: More problems with my mom.

You: OMG, sorry.

Dayna: You didn't know.  We're going to the doctors tomorrow for a couple new tests.  Hopefully we'll hear something good.  

You: Early-onset alzheimer's sucks.

Dayna: Yeah.  My guild's appearently all asleep too, so I'm just watching reality shows so I don't have to think too hard about anything.

You: Can't you guess who's going to win by like episode two?

Dayna: Yes.  Yes I can.

You: Know what?  This is an order.  Get some sleep. It'll look better in the morning.

Dayna: ...Way to surprise me.  kay.  Night, Kirsten.

You: Night




You: You stay up this late on your planet, Elliot?

Elliot: I've told you before, I was sent here very young.  I had a strict bedtime.

You: Right.  Sorry.

Elliot: Actually, it may have been stricter once I got here. ;)

You: lol.  Anyway, what are you doing up?

Elliot: Just getting a midnight snack.

You: This normal snack or weird-transistor-alien snack?

Elliot: Just because you can't absorb the wireless spectrum as sustenance doesn't mean it's weird.  

You: What's that like, anyway

Elliot: Its like drinking a tall milkshake with the whole of your body.  Absorbing a multitude of flavors and feelings all at once.  It's quite the rush, really.

Elliot: Though I guess I should say I also have a bowl of cookies and cream next to the computer.

You: HA!




Haruki: Hey Kirsten.  You  doing latenight crimebusting?

You: Nah, just can't sleep.  What are you doing?

Haruki: Just hanging with some buds at Gennai's.  Great place, the drinks are all named after 80's cartoons and they have the best fuckin poutine ever.  You should come with me to the Land of Wind and Ghosts sometime.

You: They have wifi in the Dreamtime?

Haruki: Course they do.  How else would the jorougumo get their game of thrones fix?

You: Right.

Haruki: Seriously, Kirsten, you should come with me sometime.  You know where the portal in the starbucks is--come hang.  The other shinigami would love to meet you, and even Kristi (the naga) is cool if you don't get her started on her fanfiction.

You: Sometime maybe.  I think Im going to bed soon.




You: Monica?

Monica: Sup bitch?

You: What do you do when the nightmares hit?

Monica: what makes you think I'm pussy enough to get nightmares?

You: Monica you were there.  Web got you same as she got me.  And you were right beside me when alison and nathan died.

Monica: goddammit, kirsten

Monica: look, if i ever got nightmares and i'm not saying i do all i do when i wake up is roll over and grab on hard as i can to the girl sleeping next to me and say its a come on when she wakes up.  two problems solved.

You: That won't exactly work for me.

Monica: we could fix that you know

You: ha ha

Monica: look kirsten, thats just me. and you're a metric fuck-ton stronger than me.  you can deal with anything your punk-ass brain can send out.  got it?

You: :) Thank you.

Monica: get some freaking sleep.  you're depressing me.

You: kay.  Sleep tight.

Monica: i always am tight.

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