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Match 14436 Zasalamel vs. Sagat

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    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 30 June 2013 - 10:34 PM








Marshall Law ran through Lau Chan’s kitchen with shouts of exultation.


“I won! I won!” he exclaimed.


Paul Phoenix grabbed his exited friend to try and get a clear explanation from him. “What happened dude? What happened with Lau Chan?”


“In order to gain his wisdom I had to take him on in battle...and I won!” said Law. (REF: MARSHALL LAW VS. LAU CHAN)


“Told you, amigo.” said El Fuerte.


“That is great, man. So he is going to share his chef secrets and stuff?” asked Paul.


“Yeah. Isn’t that great? He said he also wants to show me the Swallowing Tiger Fist. He had another apprentice, but he showed himself to have ulterior motives (REF: LEI FEI VS. YUN) and almost killed Lau Chan,” Law explained.


That’s crazy," said Paul. Then the blonde fighter smiled broadly and hit his friend on the shoulder. “Wow! Congratulations!”


“Si, felicitaciones amigo!” added El Fuerte.


Paul wrapped his arm around Law. “It looks like our luck is finally changing buddy.”


Law deflated a little bit. “The only downside is I sort of feel like took advantage of him. He is on the older side now and it was clear during our fight that he is not in the best health.”


Lau Chan joined the three fighters in his restaurant’s kitchen. “Nonsense. I would never use such things as excuses in battle. I gave it my all and you beat me fair and square. You should take pride in your victory.”


Law bowed. “I meant no disrespect.”


“It is ok,” said Lau. “I do have one request for you though. Do not pass along any of my recipes to El Fuerte until he has earned them in battle.” Lau glanced at the masked wrestler and smiled.


“Hijo de la chingada!” El Fuerte cried.


Lau Chan laughed and patted El Fuerte on the back. He then turned back to Marshall Law. “When would you like to get started Master Law?”


“Oh...right away.... I mean no we can’t right away.” Law appeared distressed. “We still have a job to do. We gave our word to Helena Douglas and Chun Li that we would help them. So we would have to finish our mission with them before I could do anything else,”


“A mission you say?” Lau Chan inquired.


Paul Phoenix stepped in. “Yeah man it’s crazy. Apparently there is this really powerful wicked sword from ancient times called Soul Edge. Right now a bunch of super strong evil dudes are in a race for it including Kazuya Mishima, who used to not be such a bad guy but now he is completely insane.” (REF: LILI ROCHEFORT VS. KARIN KANZUKI)


“We are joining with other fighters to stop them from obtaining the sword,” stated Law.


“Soul Edge? The ancient sword of legend. I remember hearing stories about it as a kid, but that is all I thought they were. How incredible,” Lau Chan marveled.


“If we don’t find Lei Wulong before we go back, we are going to be in mucho trouble,” El Fuerte reminded.


“Who is that?” Lau Chan asked.


“He is a police officer that has experience with Kazuya and Jin from the King of the Iron Fist tournaments. Helena and Chun Li wanted his help for our mission so we told them we could get him. That way we would have an excuse to come meet you,” Law admitted. ”We actually have no idea where he is.”


“You lied to get out of a mission that might effect the entire world just to see me? I am flattered, but you should not have abandoned your allies under false pretenses,” Lau scolded.


“I know. It’s just... if this goes as bad as some people are worried that it will I didn’t want to miss my chance to meet you,” said Law.


Lau Chan’s expression softened. “Since I am somewhat indirectly responsible for your predicament let me offer some help. I would offer my own skills, but I am not in the best condition to travel and might end up a hindrance. Instead, seek out my daughter, Pai. She is a major action star in Hong Kong so she should not be hard to find. I know she would love to be part of such an important endeavor. Her skills have grown tremendously over the past few years, I am certain your group would find her to be a valuable asset.”


“Thank you,” Law replied.


“Good luck finding Officer Wulong and more importantly good luck in the battles ahead,” said Lau.






Zasalamel stood patiently in the shadows of Sagat’s Muay Thai tournament in Thailand. (REF: BRAD BURNS VS. BRUCE IRVIN) Even though he remembered all of his past lives through all his reincarnations, it had been generations since he had been involved in any battle of consequence. Zasalamel had resigned himself to his never ending existence. That is until his last reincarnation, when fate appeared to give him a second chance. The body he had been given was a near exact replica of the one he had during his years dealing with Siegfried and the swords, Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.


This shocking event confused Zasalamel until the day he was approached by a mysterious man. The man asked for Zasalamel’s help in recovering the evil sword, Soul Edge. The man impressed Zasalamel with his vast knowledge of the history of Soul Edge, Soul Calibur, and of Zasalamel himself. He earned Zasalamel’s cooperation when he promised the old soul that he could end his long suffering existence. The only question that remained was if Zasalamel still had it in him to be a force in battle. He was in excellent shape and remembered all of his techniques, but he needed a true fight to be sure.


Zasalamel had stumbled upon a flyer of Sagat’s Muay Thai tournament (REF: JOE HIGASHI VS. ADON) and thought it the perfect place to start. I would not be like taking on knights and samurais in the old days, but certainly a large group of trained, highly skilled fighters would provide a worthy challenge. When he arrived at the tournament’s location, the number of fighters had already dwindled. Many of the losers were not sticking around to see who got a shot at Sagat, yet there was still a decent crowd on hand to see the event through to the end.


Zasalamel watched as everyone’s attention focused on the fight between Brad Burns and Bruce Irvin. Out of respect, Zasalamel allowed them to finish their match before he made his move. However, as soon as Bruce’s arm was raised in victory Zasalamel made his entrance. He picked up his scythe and swiped away two men in front of him with deadly force.


“Who goes there? Sagat demanded.


“I am Zasalamel, and I am looking for battle!”


Sagat looked over the intruder. “You don’t have the look of a Muay Thai fighter. Definitely not one I have ever heard of. This is invitation only, be gone!”


Another Muay Thai fighter approached Zasalamel, but was quickly cut down and disposed of by his scythe.


“What is your deal?” asked Bruce.


“As I said, I am here to battle. I can take you all on at once,” said Zasalamel.


“No!” Sagat shouted. “This is my tournament that you have crashed. Those fighters you have so coldly discarded were here because of my invitation. Their safety is my responsibility. If your desire for a fight is so strong that you would ruin all the hard work I have put into this event, then I will deal with you personally.”


Sagat walked over to Zasalamel and raised his fists.


“Shouldn’t we help him?” Bruce wondered.


“Don’t even think about it,” replied Adon. “If the so called God of Muay Thai can not defeat this clown with the ridiculous outfit then this whole tournament was a sham anyway.”





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Posted 30 June 2013 - 10:34 PM

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Posted 02 July 2013 - 02:01 PM

Sagat doesn't fight too many opponents with a reach advantage over him. Sagat does have ranged attacks that will help even out the fight. I see Sagat winning here and I look forward to Adon's excuses as to how Sagat pulled out the victory.

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Posted 02 July 2013 - 03:37 PM

OH MAN GOOD FIGHT! Magickal said with I was thinking but I don't know who to vote for!  I'd hate to see either of these guys go! Gut says Zasalsamel, but don't kill Sagot!

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 03:23 PM

I love how El Fuerte understands English but responds in Spanish hahahahaha or rather jajajajajajaja

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 12:37 PM

Match Final Results
leroypowell3 gives it a grade of [A] -
Confession FPT gives it a grade of [A] -
Zasalamel: 10
Sagat: 7
FPA: 4.0

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