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Match 14410 Prince Nuada vs. Prince Lotor

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#1 L.I.C. (-Large In Charge-)

L.I.C. (-Large In Charge-)

    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 29 June 2013 - 07:40 PM

After years of battle and defeat of the magical creatures' forces, the master of the goblin blacksmiths offers to build an indestructible mechanical army for the elven King Balor. Influenced by his son Prince Nuada, Balor orders the building of this Golden Army. The humans are devastated by the Golden Army, which mercilessly destroys them. Balor is ridden with guilt, and forms a truce with the humans: Man will keep his cities and the magical creatures will keep their forests. Nuada does not agree with the truce, and leaves in exile. The magical crown controlling the army is broken into three pieces, one piece going to the humans and the other two kept by the elves. Prince Nuada through secret means left the elve's realm of magic through a magic portal and reappeared in the Outworld Realm

     Prince Nuada enters Shao Kahn's throne room and offers his services and the golden army to the dark emperor. Shao Kahn was intrigued by the Prince's offer and so he agrees. Prince was delighted. However Shao Kahn made one demand! Prince Nuada  had to prove his worthiness in Mortal Kombat. Against another and different kind of Prince. Another Prince who was also making a deal and alliance with Shao Kahn. And the other Prince was Prince Lotor!

      Prince Lotor the son of Zarkon and prince of Planet Doom. Through their combine mights they would plot to overthrow his father and Prince Lotor would rule in his place. But Shao Kahn would only help the one worthy Prince.

     Moments later both Prince Lotor and Prince Nuada enter the mortal kombat arena and faced each other.  Prince Nuada draws out his fighting elven telescoping spear. And Prince Lotor draws out his electro-fighting sword.

    And then Shao Kahn says:"Begin!"




#2 Callisto



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Posted 29 June 2013 - 07:40 PM

Learn More About
Prince Nuada
Read more about Prince Nuada at Wikipedia
Official Site: Universal Pictures Links: Wikipedia Hellboy Wiki Villains Wiki

Prince Lotor
Read more about Prince Lotor at Wikipedia
Official Site: Toei Animation Links: Wikipedia Voltron Wikia Wikia

#3 leroypowell3


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Posted 30 June 2013 - 02:03 PM

Man! I just put Lotor in here like yesterday or something. I'll have to research the other prince, but Lotor is a superb fighter.

#4 bigballerju


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Posted 30 June 2013 - 02:43 PM

Good job putting Lotor in the database. From what I saw of him in the Voltron comics I think he may be a better fighter.

#5 Callisto



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Posted 04 July 2013 - 09:15 PM

Match Final Results
leroypowell3 gives it a grade of: B In the story, Lotor is at a disadvantage because he kind of showed up at the last minute. I'm biest because I know Lotor and not Nuada but if I didn't know either, Nuada would probably have my vote.
bigballerju gives it a grade of: C Eh okay setup. Could be better. Great idea for a fight though.
Prince Nuada: 4
Prince Lotor: 7
FPA: 2.5

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