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Match 14383 The Gargoyles Clan and Elisa Maza and Morbius vs. Dr. Hugo Strange and Nightshade (Tilda Johnson) and Anthony Romulus/Lupus

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#1 Dinsdale Piranha

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Posted 28 June 2013 - 02:18 AM

This is part of an arc. The last installment is at Puck (Owen) vs. The Question.


Here is the wrap up for Misty Knight and Colleen Wing vs. Los Hermanos de la Luna.


Fox has gone off to Monaco on vacation while her husband, David Xanatos, carries on his machinations in New York. Xanatos, concerned for his wife's safety has hired Misty Knight and Colleen Wing to bodyguard her without her knowledge. The ladies are on the beach at Monte Carlo when the Lobo brothers show up.




The brothers rose to their feet, clearly surprised by the level of resistance Fox had shown. She had shifted into a karate stance and was waiting for them with a confident smile. The brothers exchanged a look, then smiled themselves and sprang with amazing speed. Fox caught Eduardo's arm and threw him but then Carlos caught her in a bearhug and lifted her off her feet.


"Easy, chica," he said. "I was told to bring you back in one piece. Don't make me hurt you."


"Don't make me hurt you," a woman's said.


Turning, Carlos saw two women one, slender and auburn haired with Asian features, was racing toward him with what looked like a sheathed samurai sword in her hand. The other, a dark-skinned beauty with an impressive afro held a huge revolver pointed at him."


"No way, puta," Eduardo said, grabbing Fox's chin with one hand. "You can't shoot without risking hitting her. Now, drop your gun or I break her neck."


The woman pulled the trigger and Eduardo felt his shoulder explode with pain. His arm went limp and he collapsed to the sand. Fox pulled free and moved away from him.


"Damn fool," the dark woman said. "I tried to warn you."


Carlos sprang to his feet with a growl but the other woman reached him and smashed the pommel of her sword into his solar plexus. He went down to his knees, unable to breathe.


"Let me guess," Fox said, seeming as calm as if this happened to her every day. "David hired you to look after me, didn't he?"


"You know your man pretty well," the woman with the gun said. "I'm Misty Knight, my partner's Colleen Wing."


"I'd say my husband got his money's worth."


"No," Carlos said as his ability to breathe returned. "This is not finished."


"You'd better stand down, eyebrows," Colleen said. "You could end out like your partner."


"Not partner," Carlos said. "Mi hermano, and it is time you learned why we are called los Hermanos de la Luna."


The women backed away as the brothers began to change; their bodies shifted and swelled, fur grew from their skin, and their features shifted from human to lupine.


Misty uttered a soft curse and lined up her pistol on the wolf-men, who now showed no sign of their injuries.


"Col," she said, "You'd best unlimber that pig-sticker. Things are getting strange."


The wolves sprang. Misty fired three shots at Carlos, catching him in the belly, chest and hip with the powerful .357 Magnum slugs. He ignored the wounds and pounced on her, bearing her to the ground beneath him, his fangs seeking her throat. Misty managed to get her arm in the way and his jaws locked around that instead. She fired the remaining two shots into his body, but they had as little effect as the earlier bullets.


Colleen met Eduardo's lunge with a slash across his belly. The wolf-man sprang back and Colleen stared in amazement as the deep gash stopped bleeding and closed in seconds. The wolf-man sprang again and she dropped under his slashing claws and thrust. The point entered his chest and emerged from his back, cleanly transfixing his heart. Colleen lost her grip as Eduardo staggered back, the katana lodged in his body.


Colleen rose and watched her foe, but Eduardo didn't fall. He grasped the handle of the weapon and slowly withdrew it showing no sign of pain or weakness. He cast the sword to one side and advanced on Colleen, teeth bared in a savage grin.


"Great," she said.


Carlos bit down as hard as he could, but Misty's blood didn't flow and her bones didn't break. Letting go, the wolf-man pulled back and saw exposed metal under torn synth-skin.


"That's right, baby," she said. "Misty Knight ain't completely human any more. Too bad for you!" she smashed a back handed blow across his face that threw him off of her and followed with a series of devastating punches with her bionic arm.


Colleen dodged a claw swipe that would have disemboweled her and struck the beast in the throat with a spear-hand thrust that would have disabled or killed a human. Eduardo didn't even seen to feel it. He swung his arm back and caught her in the ribs. He didn't use his claws but the impact was enough to hurl her back a dozen feet and leave her stunned on the sand.


Colleen desperately tried to rise as the monster towered over her, his claws raised to deliver the killing blow. Then there was a flash of polished steel and the wolf-man's severed hand fell to the sand. Colleen and Eduardo stared in stunned surprise at Fox, the katana in her hand.


"Seems like you don't heal from everything, do you?" she asked.


Eduardo lunged at her but Fox pivoted and swung the sword in a deadly arc. The creature's head fell and it's body continued three more steps before collapsing.


With a howl of agony, Carlos kicked Misty away and rose. He stared in shock at his brother's body as it reverted from werewolf to human. Then he turned and fled into the city. Misty and Colleen watched him go, too battered to pursue.




"Bruce!" David Xanatos said. "Where were you?"


"I tried taking the stairs," Bruce Wayne said, stepping into Xanatos' battle-ravaged living quarters. "I'm afraid I got myself a little lost."


"No matter," Xanatos said. "I'm just glad you're okay."


"How's Tony?" Wayne asked.


"Shaken, not stirred," Tony Stark said. "Which, by the way, is a lousy way to make a martini."


"The robot's blast was designed to stun rather than to kill," Shang Chi said.


"Where's Norman?" Bruce asked.


"Vanished," Xanatos said. "I'm having security search the building but I don't think they'll find him."


"Why not?" Bruce said.


"Think about it," Xanatos said with a knowing smile. "Batman didn't appear until after you and Osborn disappeared. Now, after Batman has left, there's no sign of him anywhere."


"You can't be saying that Norman Osborn is Batman," Tony said.


"Why not? You saw how easily he beat Bruce at arm-wrestling, and Bruce is pretty athletic. It would take some one highly conditioned to do that."


"But Osborn's based in New York," Tony protested.


"Which is only a short hop from New York," Xanatos said. "And what better way to deflect suspicion.?"


"You make it sound so… logical," Bruce said.




The private jet landed and the assassins bowed as the tall man in the green cloak stepped out. In his guise as Bronze Tiger, Christopher Chance found himself sweating. The man had to be Ra's al Ghul, the nearly legendary leader of the League of Assassins. Though his name was unknown to the public, Chance knew that he was at the top of the most wanted lists of SHIELD the CIA, and half the intelligence services of the world. He was flanked by two men Chance didn't know, a lean Chinese whose shirt was open to reveal the tattoo of a cat on his chest and a man in a tight fitting black costume that covered every inch of his skin, over which he wore a long cloak and a black fedora.


"Master," Ubu said. "Your daughter's disappearance can only be the work of the Bat-man. Allow me to kill him for you."


"Silence," Ra's said. "It is not the Detective's way to do such a thing."


"But Master--"


A look from Ra's silenced the giant.


"I will speak to the Detective," he said. "As for the rest of you, there are assignments you have not yet completed. The league's honor demands success or death."




Eddie Brock stared in horror as several technicians loaded the unconscious bodies of Spider-man and John Jameson into cells. He recognized Jameson from the papers, and he had seen Spider-man in action.


"What are you doing?" he demanded. "These men aren't homeless or criminals. They're heroes!"


"Really?" Dr. Sevarius said. "Well, in that case they won't object to being used to advance the cause of science. It's really a great honor, you know."


"Doctor, you can't do this! It's madness!"


"You're not the first to make that unkind remark," Sevarius said. "They called me 'mad' at the Academy too. People of limited imagination… I had hoped you were better, Eddie."


"What are you going to do with them?"


"I think I'll pass him on to Milo," the scientist said indicating John. "He claims to have refined his lycanthropy serum and has been waiting for the chance to try the new version. As for the fellow in the colorful suit… I have several ideas. First, we'll take some DNA and see if we can replicate his amazing powers. Then I have something I've been wanting to try. It accelerates thedvelopment of mutagenic tissue, pushing it to its logical extreme. Before I do any of that, though, I think I'll see who he is."


Sevarius pulled off the mask, revealing a face Eddie knew, the face of someone who had once been as close as a brother to him. Peter Parker.




"There," Elisa Maza said as the black limousine turned down the street below them.


"Are you certain?" Goliath asked.


"Yeah, that's Hugo Strange alright. He's taking precautions. There are four goons in the car following him, and I think the chauffeur is a bodyguard too."


"That's okay," Broadway said. "I've taken care of a lot tougher."


"I don't like this," Morbius said. "It isn't getting me any closer to a cure."


"We'll help you with that when we figure out how," Elisa said. "In the meanwhile, just keep your mouth shut and do as you're told."


"I don't care for your tone," he said.


"And I don't like working with a vampire," Elisa replied.


"Enough!" Goliath said. "Morbius, I have pledged to help you and I shall. I have also pledged to protect the humans, which means we cannot let one as dangerous as you out of our sight."


"Of… of course," Morbius said. "Forgive me. My thirst makes me… edgier than I would like."


Goliath nodded.


"Is everyone ready?" he asked. "Then we go!"


Goliath and Angela tore loose a cornice from the old abandoned Gotham apartment building and hurled it to the street. The limo stopped and, gathering Elisa in his arms, Goliath swooped down on the vehicle and tore the roof open.


"The monsters!" Strange screamed.


"Don't worry, baby," his companion, a pretty young woman, said. "We've got monsters of our own."


The chauffeur's door opened and a tall, athletic man stepped out. The second car stopped and four big men climbed out of it.


"That's our cue," Broadway said and he, Angela, and Morbius swooped down to intercept the men. Then the men changed. Their bodies grew and twisted becoming monstrous hybrid creatures as much wolf as human.


"Kill them!" the girl shouted.




Hugo Strange is the version from Batman: TAS.


Nightshade is as she first appeared way back in Captain America #164. She has a special pheromone which gives her complete control over the werewolves. She is also carrying a handgun.


Anthony Romulus is the version seen in Batman: TAS.


The other werewolves are people who have been afflicted with the same form of lycanthropy as Romulus. They are just as strong, fast, and durable as he is.

#2 Callisto



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Posted 28 June 2013 - 02:18 AM

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Posted 29 June 2013 - 11:35 PM

Another great set-up, Dinsdale. Once again, the recap was very good, and it went in a direction I wasn't quite expecting. Your arc is going is some similar directions that my own Gargoyles/crossover arc may be going, but in a bit more complex way. 


As for the match, this has the potential to be a bit tricky for the heroes. Sure, the gargoyles will have some assistance from Morbius, are at least as strong and tough as the werewolves here and outnumber them four to two, but they may also have to be wary of Morbius's bloodlust, both for themselves and the bad guys. Elisa and Nightshade should have a good MA battle as well, but Elisa may also have to keep an eye on Dr. Strange in the background, one of the werewolves breaking from the gargoyle/Morbius battle, and possibly Morbius himself. 


All in all, a tricky battle, but Team 1 should pull through.

#4 Dinsdale Piranha

Dinsdale Piranha

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Posted 29 June 2013 - 11:50 PM



Five to three, actually. Goliath, Broadway and Angela against Romulus and 4 other werewolves.

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Posted 30 June 2013 - 12:02 AM

Gah, my bad. Once again, reading comprehension FTL. :D


That definitely makes this a tough battle, then. The gargoyles may even have to retreat to keep Elisa safe, while Morbius will probably end up being captured.

#6 JohnnyChany


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Posted 30 June 2013 - 01:28 PM

Another outstanding entry, Dinsdale. Goliath, Angela, and Broadway will have to use some inventive teamwork to win this but I think they can. Morbius is an obvious wildcard as DSkillz suggested but I'm sure he wouldn't have a problem taking out his frustrations on werewolves. Elisa might be the key. If she takes out Nightshade would it disorient the werewolves for a crucial few moments?

#7 Callisto



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Posted 03 July 2013 - 06:15 AM

Match Final Results
DSkillz gives it a grade of: A Very interesting turns this arc is taking!
JohnnyChany gives it a grade of: A
Morbius and Elisa Maza and The Gargoyles Clan: 10
Nightshade (Tilda Johnson) and Dr. Hugo Strange and Anthony Romulus/Lupus: 1
FPA: 4.0

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