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Karnage the Conqueror

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Posted 27 June 2013 - 09:25 AM

This was my first attempt for the Sollus tournament. Rip it apart, laugh at it when you like. This guy eventually gave way to the count.


Deep beneath the water, in the black a pair of eyes opened. Muscles sore from years of disuse pulled themselves back into motion. A mind that had long since lain defunct under the strongest of curses sputtered back to life. It started with noticing. Cold. Dark. Then slowly the mind grew to thinking. Where? Why?
And then deduction. Karnage realized there was only one reason he could be awake. Sollus was dead. With a flexing of his shoulders, Karnage cracked the seabed. Fractures rippled out extended beyond the ends of his eyesight. Then, with room to move, Karnage pulled himself out of the floor. His claws gripped muddy floor and his arms strained until he was free at last.
Karnage began to swim up toward the surface. As he did he chuckled and his chuckle grew to be a maniacal laugh. He splashed out of the water at a cackle and continued ascending until he was standing in the air above Khazan Lake.
"Now who do I have to thank for this," said Karnage aloud to himself. He tapped a finger against his arm thoughtfully and his foot against a ground that wasn't there. The lights of an alive Khazan city twinkled below him. Millions of lives begging to be taken. He could hear the whispering again, faintly in his ear. A slight smile touched his lips. It had been too long.
"Kill them all, Karnage," she whispered. "Turn the city back to dust."
"As you wish my love." Karnage said aloud.
Standard Flight
The city looked so beautiful from above. So peaceful. Karnage liked to fly up high enough that he couldn't see the invdividual people on the streets. The city was just a series of buildings like dominoes and he was there to knock them all down. He kissed a pendant that lay upon his chest and started down toward the city.
He let gravity take him. At first the fall was slow as the acceleration slowly took ahold. But as time passed it sped up until Karnage was falling meteorically toward the water. Just before he hit he turned quickly in the air and started toward the buildings. He went through three without a thought like flying through the air.
The screams of the buildings' inhabitants touched his ears.
Ultimate Body
"I'll save you" yelled a hero.
"No you won't" Karnage responded.
And like that they were fighting. Karnage's mountain shattering blows glanced off the heroes skin. In response, the hero threw punches of his own. As pain flooded his body with every punch, Karnage redirected his thoughts inward to the woman he loved.
She kept him strong. She kept him focused. She was his centre.
Karnage opened his eyes and rejoined the fight with a newfound ferocity.
Ultimate Strength
Karnage grabbed the hero by his legs and whipped him threw a nearby building. He leapt after his target, slamming his large shoulders through drywall as he did. He found the hero in a field miles away. The hero's uniform had started to rip. The kevlar vest he wore was dented from all the punches Karnage had rained down on it. Blood was seeping into the fibers around the corners. Karnage smiled down at the panting man below him.
"Before I kill you," Karnage said "I want to know your name."
"M-my name?" The hero coughed up blood as he spoke. Karnage knelt on the heroes torso, pushing more blood through the poor man's airway and pulled an arm back, preparing for the haymaker of a lifetime.
"Yes, son. I want to know your name."
"M-My name is-" Karnage's fist interrupted the heroes sentence. He wiped shards of skull off his knuckles and then turned to fly away and break more stuff.

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    I don't even read comics.

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Posted 27 June 2013 - 04:24 PM

In a way, I'm a little disappointed the name isn't "Karnage the Konqueror."

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