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Match 8597 Skylar Ray vs. Algorithm

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Posted 26 June 2013 - 10:55 AM

The house burned with an almost unnatural flame, which danced with joy as it fed. The two boys, Skylar and Bobby, marveled at the whirls of sparks and cringed at the pops and cracks.


“I liked that house. I wanted to stay.” Bobby said, pouting but still transfixed on the orange glow.


“We couldn’t. More people would come looking for us.”


Bobby conceited quickly, knowing Skylar was right and placed his colorful polo collar in his mouth, biting on it obsessively.


“Now where will we go?”


“I don’t know yet.”


Together they sat and listened to the fire whisper. Oh, it had such great stories. Action scenes, heroes and villains, all plotted together into a fantastical, sensible story. 


The burning coals were falling upon themselves as the sirens came into earshot. Skylar nudged Bobby and they walked on past what was left of the vegetable garden and into the much less trimmed backyard of Khazan.


The boys had found refuge deep in the woods where there were no sirens, but only the rustle of a living forest. They raced each other to no particular destination until Bobby stopped in his tracks. Skylar ran a couple more yards before realizing he was running alone, stopping, and turning to his companion. He stared up into the trees.


"What is it?"


Bobby pointed, "Look!"


And there, about 20 feet off the ground was a tree house built perfectly into a tree. It was a white box with square windows on each side. It sat in the tree with a certain dominance, almost claiming its spot in the forest, among the trees.  


The boys took a few steps closer and saw no ladder led to the little house, but the low branches made a natural stepping way.


Skylar smiled ear to ear and Bobby chewed away at his collar as he watched him climb. Skylar nimbly climbed the branches and arrived below the tree house where there was a trap door. He pushed against it, but it didn't budge. He tried again. It still wouldn't.


He looked down to Bobby who was becoming anxious. Skylar's eyes turned black as he pounded on the trap door, flinging it open and sending the nearby birds off.


Every Door Is A Dimension


He pulled himself up and into the sunlit room. The square house was surprisingly decorated, or cluttered. There was a desk that sat in front of a mirror, and upon the desk were tons of trinkets along with burnt out candles. Skylar absent-mindedly searched the trinkets, fingering the chips on a porcelain horse figurine that lay behind some sort of mother board.


Bobby then finally pulled himself through the square portal.


“Cool.” He said joining Skylar at the desk.


Skylar stepped back, allowing Bobby free range with the trinkets and sat in the wheeling chair which was positioned in the corner, obviously meant for the desk. He sat down and let his head fall, watching the shadows of the leaves dance on the walls. He then realized the numbers etched into the walls. What he thought before was simply ugly wallpaper was in fact thousands of math formulas written over and over again. Trying to decipher them made him dizzy so he closed his eyes.


When his eyes opened Bobby was gone, but there was a presence in the room. He could feel it. He sat up slowly and the energy creature came into view. He was working on something at the desk.


“You do not belong here. You are trespassing.” The mundane voice stated simply, without turning to face him.


“This is a very nice tree house.” Skylar said, unsure of what else to say. “Where is Bobby?”


“There are a plethora of ways that question could be answered. The question is; why are you still here?”


“I’m not leaving without Bobby.” 

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Posted 26 June 2013 - 10:55 AM

Learn More About
Skylar Ray
Origination: Transformation
Alignment: Villain
Team: Solo Villain

Origination: Mental
Alignment: Hero
Team: Solo Hero

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 11:31 AM

Match Final Results
Skylar Ray Won a match against Algorithm
5 to 1
Overpowering Win ... Brutal Loss: Fame points doubled!
Skylar Ray: 50 fame points
Algorithm: -50 fame points

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