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Match 14343 The Wasp and Torunn and Starfire vs. Rigardo, The Silver-Eyed Lion King and Priscilla and Isley

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Posted 24 June 2013 - 04:20 PM


-Poland, circa 1938-

 Sooraya leaned against the wall, exhausted. She barely escaped that hellish illusion by pinching herself. The sight of her friends dying left her vulnerable. Now, the attacker was trying to regain his balance and Tsuna held his arms out. One was gathering a great amount of flames as the other began to glow orange.


“XX Burner!” Tsuna roared. With that, a hellish large blast of flame reduced what was left of the already destroyed town to nothing; including Sasuke.



 The sight reflected in Sooraya’s terrified eyes. Tsuna was defiantly ticked off. When the sight cleared; nothing was left but a large crater of scorched earth. As the flame on Tsuna’s head dissipated, the teenager dropped his arms and caught his breath. Sooraya staggered towards him.


“What was that? A Mutant power?” she asked, Tsuna just looked at her and shook his head.


“Its hard to explain.” He replied.


-Cairo, Egypt-


 Hermes wandered aimlessly around the city. Fortunately, nobody seemed to see her, allowing him to get away with drinking and eating whenever she pleased. However, it was all too eerie. This world was obviously fake; set up by Time. All she wanted to know was why would she do this? Her questions however, had to wait when he noticed someone who seemed to recognize him.


“You, I saw you at that entrance ceremony thing.” The man stated. He had blue armor, set back hair, and black eyes. He also seemed to carry a futuristic assault rifle.


“Yeah, I think I caught a glimpse of you too.” Hermes replied, she didn’t trust the man in the slightest, but he obviously seemed too much of a nice guy. Plus, the fact he could see her confirmed that the world was artificial. Before the two could converse, everything around them shifted. Holding onto whatever they could, they felt the tremors for what seemed like hours. Eventually, it stopped and they heard a booming voice.


“Everyone, I believe in fun. And, I know the world is too big. Welcome, to your new realm: Pangaea. All the continents are one, and our fights shall go uninterrupted. Also, to make things more entertaining. The list of the defeated are as followed:


Sasuke Uchiha has been defeated by Tsunayoshi Sawada and Sooraya Qadir.


Bulleta has been defeated by Rose Wilson.


Ichigo Kurosaki has been defeated by Diavolo.


Everyone, three victories just cannot do. Please, continue the fights. Enjoy your new friends, enemies, and- oh-ho, I even see lovers here. This will make a dandy tournament indeed.” Time announced. When she finished her speech, her voice seemed to stop altogether. Hermes and fellow companion looked around in confusion.


“Dammit, that womans beginning to get on my nerves.” Hermes hissed. She turned to the man.


“You, just because you look friendly, you’re coming with me, k?” she reported. The man looked, baffled as he tried to speak.


“Hey, I know we’re in a hurry, but you can at least change the tone.” He said sternly. Hermes turned around harshly.


“Or else what?” she asked. Right then, the man lifted his arm and Hermes found herself floating in midair by a blue aura. Shocked, she looked around and back at him.


“Telekinesis? What kind of Stand are you using!?” she asked.


“Stand? These are Biotics.” The man corrected. Right then, they both knew instantly another wrong thing; they weren’t from the same world.


 A few minutes passed since. After discussing their worlds and what was wrong, they decided to team up.


“Hermes Costello.” Hermes introduced.


“Kaidan Alenko. Proud to be of help.” The man responded.



-Italy, circa 2012-


 Janet flew around, checking her communicator for help. Nothing.


“Ugh, nice work Jan. You leave the Avengers Tower for one shopping spree and this happens.” She sighed.


“On the bright side. These clothes look beautiful.” She reassured, chuckling as she stood in front of a mall window. Inside, a blonde girl was looking at the dresses.


“By Asgard, what are these ugly cloths?” she hissed.


As Janet walked in and explored, the girl turned and shrugged.


“You! Mortal with the red hair!” she yelled. Janet turned in surprise, amazed someone noticed her.


“Thank God, I thought nobody could see me.” She said with a smile. The smile was quickly gone when the girl got close.


“Have you any idea where I can find better clothes? I’m the daughter of Thor! I demand better services for the time being if I’m to be trapped here!” she yelled. Jan placed her hands on her hips.


“Thor’s kid? Really? I know he wouldn’t raise someone so unruly. Prove it.” Jan challenged. The girl smirked and held her sword in the air. Outside, the clouds quickly turned gray and it began to rain and thunder. Jan looked in surprise, followed by hearing the girl respond with a ‘told you so.’


 Turning back; Jan immedently asked what was going on.


“Where I come from, Thor didn’t even have a kid. Unless Enchantress or Widow did something—“ she began. The girl interrupted her there.


“Widow? As in the Black Widow?” she asked. Jan nodded.


“Where did you come from?” she asked.


 The girl looked down and sighed.


“It would be an honor to meet the Avengers. From when I was born, only Tony and Hulk were left. Ultron destroyed everyone and…” she began. Jan stopped her there.


“No need to explain. I think I know where you’re going with this. I’m Wasp by the way.” She said, introducing herself. The girl’s eyes lit up as she smiled.


“I am Torunn.” She introduced. The two smiled and decided to take that shopping spree. However, before they could leave the store; a strange man was walking past. His energy alongside his comrades seemed to make the Janet unable to stand.


“Oh dear, it appears one of you can’t stand to me.” He stated. Torunn looked at the man. He had silver hair and silver eyes; donned a cloak, and along him was a strange woman. She didn’t seem to pay them any mind and walked past.


“Who are thou!?” Torunn yelled, readying her sword. The man smirked.


“Well, it wouldn’t matter now would it?” he responded. “Priscilla and I were just going through. It appears her yoki was too much for your friend to handle.


 Torunn glared and charged at him. However, the woman held her arm forward, only for Torunn to slice it in half. As the Asgardian prepared to strike, the woman reappeared before her and kicked her into Jan.


“What? Shes quick…” Torunn hissed, angry. The woman’s arm regrew and she continued to stare.


 The man chuckled. “Priscilla, how about we stop and eat?” he asked. The woman seemed to mutter and right then, a man landed next to them. His appearance was that of a lion with silver eyes.


“Rigardo, any news?” the man asked, turning to him.


“Another one approaches.” Replied the Lion-man. Right then, a woman landed next to Torunn; she had orange skin and green eyes, long red hair, and wore what appeared to be a swimsuit connected to shorts.


“Another?” Torunn hissed, the woman’s fists began to glow green.


“Don’t worry, I’m on your side.” She stated. Torunn looked at her then back at the trio. She didn’t know if she could be trusted; but she had no choice. Helping Jan back on her feet, the three-on-three battle was about to begin.




*This is Jan from Earth Mightiest Heroes post season 2, Pre 52 Koriand’r, and Torunn before the final confrontation against Ultron vs. a full powered Isley, Priscilla, and Rigardo.

*The fight takes place in Italy surrounding a small plaza.

*The fight will go until one team is defeated.

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Match Final Results
Venom 2009 gives it a grade of: A
Starfire and Torunn and The Wasp: 7
Isley and Rigardo, The Silver-Eyed Lion King and Priscilla: 5
FPA: 4.0

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