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Match 14318 Setsuka vs. Nina Williams

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    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 23 June 2013 - 11:35 PM







Crimson Viper and Vanessa fought back and forth for close to twenty minutes. (REF: VANESSA (KING OF FIGHTERS) VS. CRIMSON VIPER) Finally, Viper unleashed a Seismic Hammer attack that lifted Vanessa in the air and followed with a complex combo that put Vanessa down for the count.


Crimson Viper breathed heavily and brushed the hair out of her face. “Sorry sweetheart, but there is no consolation prize for second rate. Nice jab though.”


She returned to Alisa Bosconovitch who she had been previously thawing out before being interrupted by Vanessa.


“Where is your restart button?” Viper wondered. “Looks like I will have to bring you back to the Zaibatsu the hard way. I better hurry though before any other surprises show up.”


With some effort, Crimson Viper carried Alisa and traveled back with her to the Mishima Zaibatsu.


“Was there any trouble in retrieving the android?” Jin asked her upon her return.


“There was one minor obstacle who tried to interfere, but nothing I couldn’t handle,” Viper replied.


“Was this 'obstacle’ the one that put Alisa on ice?” asked Nina Williams.


“Doubtful. She certainly didn’t show that ability when we fought,” answered Viper.


“Well whoever it was that was responsible must be pretty powerful in their own right,” Nina concluded. (REF: KULA DIAMOND VS. ALISA BOSCONOVITCH) “Taking on and shutting down Alisa Bosconovitch is no easy feat. Perhaps we should be aggressive in our approach and crush them now before they have the chance to really gather some power to take us on.”


“They are not a priority,” stated Jin. "At the moment all that matters is stopping Kazuya from obtaining Soul Edge and collecting the sword for myself.”


He glanced over at Crimson Viper “Have Alisa sent to the robotics division so they can take a look at her. I’m sure they can have her functional in a short matter of time."


Crimson Viper nodded and then left the room.


“Alisa being out of commission unfortunately stalls my plans,” said Jin.


“The robotics division should have her at full speed soon enough, you said so yourself,” replied Nina.


“That’s not good enough,” Jin countered. “If we are to win this race, we can’t stop moving.”


“What do you suggest?” Nina wondered.


“I was going to have Alisa scan the Manji clan’s last known location for any useful clue, but since that is no longer an option, I’m sending you instead,” Jin informed.




“I need someone with a keen eye to catch something others may have missed, and I need someone I can trust. That means you,” Jin explained.


“My leaving your side may leave you vulnerable. Especially if that group decides to attack you again (REF: BAYMAN VS. CLARK STILL) and has whomever froze Alisa with them,” said Nina.


Jin chuckled briefly. “I respect your dedication to your job, but I AM the King of the Iron Fist. I am confident that I can handle anything they can dish out.” Jin opened his office door to exit. “Besides Crimson Viper and Bayman will be here to assist me shall I need it.”


“That is part of what concerns me,” Nina whispered.





Many years ago, Setsuka had taken the vow with Siegfried and several others to take in shards of Soul Edge to help weaken the sword and prevent it from reaching full power should it ever resurface. (REF: ROSE VS. VIOLA) The decision had not only extended her life, but also connected her mystically to all those who had also made the pact. Until recently, she had felt nothing. But now the sword was resurfacing, Setsuka could feel it all throughout her body. She had also felt the loss of her connection to some of her former allies. Whether it was from death or magic, she was not sure. (REF: RYO SAKAZAKI VS. AKIRA YUKI) But, all these troubling feelings led Setsuka to travel to the home of Yoshimitsu and the Manji Clan. Unfortunately, all she found was an abandoned temple. Setsuka’s concern that something major and potentially devastating was going down had been confirmed.


Setsuka hoped that Yoshimitsu was safe and was being cautious. She had grown fond of the Yoshimitsu from her time, the one charged with hiding Soul Edge. She was by no means attracted to the unusual ninja, but rather intrigued by his eccentricities. For years, Setsuka had been consumed by vengeance, obsessed with tracking down and killing the wandering swordsman, Heishiro Mitsurugi, for slaying her master. When she finally emerged from her cloud of hatred she found Yoshimitsu’s odd and humorous personality refreshing. If for no other reason then that it was a stark contrast to most people who had crossed her path who were too much like the person she no longer wanted to be. Setsuka had strongly supported the decision that Yoshimitsu not take in a shard of Soul Edge and for him to be the one to hide it. It simply made the most sense, especially with his history of controlling and resisting an evil sword.


Setsuka stayed by the temple for awhile to see who would come by looking for the Manji Clan. She would do her best to protect them from any and all pursuers. From a distance, she witnessed a dark helicopter landing near the temple. Nina Williams and a few Tekken soldiers exited the Mishima Zaibatsu helicopter and began to scope out the area.


“Don’t do anything dumb and don’t touch anything,” Nina instructed. “Who knows what sort of traps Yoshimistu may have left behind.”


Setsuka waited for the group to separate and then went after each of the Tekken soldiers one by one. She disposed of them quickly and quietly. After she had killed the last one, Setsuka approached Nina twirling her umbrella.


“You have no business here and you are not welcome here,” said Setsuka. “You should leave now!”


Nina mistook Setsuka for a local of the nearby village. “Listen, I have a job to do.” Nina pulled out a gun and aimed it directly at Setsuka. “If you wish to continue breathing you will leave me to my work.”


In one quick motion, Setsuka unsheathed her sword from her umbrella and sliced through Nina’s gun. “I must insist.”


Nina looked down at her broken weapon. “An umbrella sword? How interesting. I’m going to have to keep it in mind the next time I have a target in a rainy environment.”


“I have already slain your traveling companions,” Setsuka announced. “I am only keeping you alive because you appear to be the leader of the group so I want you to deliver this message to whomever sent you. Desist in your pursuit of Yoshimitsu and Soul Edge. That wicked sword only brings despair and destruction!”


“The surest way to get Jin Kazama to do something is to tell him not to do it,” Nina replied.


“Do not mock my warning,” said Setsuka.


“Don’t ignore mine. If you wish to continue breathing you will leave me to my work,” Nina repeated.


“How confident in your abilities you must be that you would threaten me when I am the one holding the sword,” Setsuka remarked.


“If you think that gun was the only method I have of killing you then you are gravely mistaken.”


“I will not let you continue this ill fated pursuit!” Setsuka exclaimed.




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Posted 23 June 2013 - 11:35 PM

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    I like it on Omicron Ceti III, Jim

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Posted 24 June 2013 - 01:25 AM

Setsuka was one of the cheapest characters of SC III for a reason. Shes faster than Nina for one, and being able to keep up with Mitsurugi who could manage to outrun a rifle (granted a 16th Century rifle but still). Shes no slouch. Setsuka'll win in the end.

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Posted 24 June 2013 - 12:27 PM

Since this isn't a tournament fight, is Nina carrying any other weapons during this encounter?

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Posted 24 June 2013 - 04:10 PM

I think Setsuka takes Nina. Jin will be very disappointed.

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Posted 29 June 2013 - 12:15 AM

Match Final Results
Sir Exal gives it a grade of: A
leroypowell3 gives it a grade of: A
Setsuka: 6
Nina Williams: 9
FPA: 4.0

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Posted 29 June 2013 - 09:47 AM

I'm glad Nina won. She is very fast too if you watch the Tekken Vengence film and very skilled.

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