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Mr. Destiny

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Posted 22 June 2013 - 09:42 PM

This guy would have been one half of a duo with Dr. Genie (by ThreeDark). But we're nixing it. I'mma gonna stick with Crow-Man. But here is what would have been.



Mr. Destiny

The 1st Wonder of the world is not an "it", but a "he". "He" being our grandfather, the great Mr. Wonder; author, archeologist and all around  adventurer. And of course, the greatest "wonder" of his life, would be our father, Dr. Wonder.

Hi, I'm Frank Vunter. Formerly one half of the once Team Wonder. Guess which one I was. But these days? You can call me Mr. Destiny.

Yeah, so Jeans and I, we broke it off to do our own thing a ways back. She went all goth on us, while me, well, I was in a band for awhile. Did the whole celebrity hero thing, even teamed up with Sollus and Crow-Man a couple of times. After that it was bouncing around with a lot of hush-hush secret organizations and saving the world from the shadows and stuff. Can't tell you who I was with of course, not because I don't want to, but I'm pretty sure I had my memories of them wiped. Whatevs. These days, I'm more of a solo act.

So meet Mr. Destiny. Superman of science, skill and sure, I can even sing. Bad guys beware, 'cause my wonderful personality aside, I'm kinda kick ass.

Well golly gee willickers, seriously, I used to talk like that. That was before the whole pop-rock star and vagrant days. Now, I just talk like me. Frank frikkin' Vunter. International Man of Destiny, just like grandad.

Yeah, I ain't like Jeans... err, that's Dr. Genie to most of you. She took after dad more with the books and the studying and all the other boring things from Dullsville. Me? I'm all action. I might use a lot of tech and I'm pretty savvy with this stuff too, but those are just the tools, I'm the MAN. I gotta get out there. The world's my oyster and I gotta eat it. I'm a great guy, so it's my destiny to do great things. Save the world, that kinda thing.

Call me self-centered, but don't worry, when the chips are down, the balloons are up and you're face to face with a mutant albino tiger named Certain Doom, Mr. Destiny will be there to catch you just in the nick of time. Because at the end of the day, what's greater than the saving a life?

The Enemy of Adventure is Apathy
Weakness: Power Negation
So as awesome as I am now, that hasn't always been the case.

There was a time when Mr. Destiny, for all my heroic pedigree, was just plain ol' Francis. A kid who was born into situations way over his teeny lil' head. Back then, me and Jeans had this total badass named Tanin protecting us. The guy was awesome made into the shape of a man. I can't count the number of times he saved and protected us.

'Cause when you get down to it, eventhough we'd go on to be Team Wonder, in the end, we were still just kids. We weren't born with super powers or anything. It took me years of training so tough, I used to puke from it every day, before I got to be as awesome as I am now. But I did it anyway, and I did it all of my own free will. Because... well, because I just can't stand the idea of ever being as powerless and helpless as I used to be.

I don't EVER want to be "Francis" ever again.

Destiny Suits the Strong
Ultimate Strength - 6
Technically, it's a Density Suit with like, a buncha inertial dampeners and multipliers and other sciency technobabble. Dad made it using alien specs that grandad thought was just mythological mumbo jumbo. I used to just call it a Super Suit. That is, before I had my buddies from the... the err, well, I can't remember where they're from, but they helped me splice in tech from TIAMAT. Yes, "that" TIAMAT. Look, the point is, this baby's clocking a whole lot more horsepower than it used to. It's practically a bonafide Strength Suit. But that's way too underwhelming a name that doesn't even begin to imply how awesome it is.

So now I call it the Suit of Destiny. Because it totally is. And yes, it makes me hella strong.

Unmoving Heart of the Juggernaut
Supreme Juggernaut Momentum
But that's not the only thing that the Suit of Destiny does. Like I've been saying, I'm just a man. A really awesome man, but I'm still just a man. The suit changes that. It gives me the chops to hang in there with the heavy hitters. It's not the most powerful super suit ever, but when you add it's superness to my manliness, I pretty much become an unstoppable force.

Trials of Fire, Burn Their Verdict
Supreme Combat Planning
Your average flying brick is basically just that, a flying brick. All the Suit of Destiny does for me, is turn me into a brick. Not even the hardest brick either. But that doesn't matter, because how many bricks do you know, who know kung fu? Well, if you know me, then you already know one.

I might not have any memories of who I used to work for, but all that combat training and experience didn't just up and disappear. Being in life and death situations ain't something your body will forget like you'd forget the stuff you read in a book. This stuff is ingrained in you.

And kung fu isn't the only way I know to beat a guy senseless. I pretty much know it all. I trained and practiced a boatload of fighting arts, not to mention a whole lot of military hoo-ha. Combat planning, psychological warfare, weapons usage; you name it, I'm still alive to show it. Heck, I even throw a mean boomerang.

Yeah, you can call me Mr. Destiny now, but before, you could call me, the Flying Fox.

Knick Knacks and Tchotchkes and Geegaws Oh My!
Supreme Gadgetry w/ range w/ multi - 8 (10)
So I said they used to call me Flying Fox right? Yeah, that's my code name. It's just about the only thing I can still remember from when I used to be a super spy rather than a super man. Your code name's pretty important, which is apparently why I never let myself forget it. It's a "your words is your bond" kind of thing. What I did, even if I don't remember what they were, it's linked my code name.

But that's all old hat. I mean, sure I got a buncha guns and gadgets from back when I was with 'em, but nowadays, I use gear that's a hybrid of what's in dad's vault and what my tech guys, whom I still don't know, can cobble together from all the schematics and leftover TIAMAT tech I have lying around. Oh, and whatever my man Mack can hook me up with. Oh and double oh! Whatever still works whenever we thwart a scheme from that Moth guy who has it in for dad.

So yeah, bottom line. I have a whole whack of lovely toys, and I know how to use 'em!

Flight of the Superman
Standard Flight - 2 (24)
Two words: Rocket. Pack.

'Nuff said.

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Posted 23 June 2013 - 06:58 AM

I was entertained, but I think Crow-Man was definitely the better choice.

#3 Updatedude


    Don't feed him after midnight

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Posted 23 June 2013 - 07:04 AM

Yeah, which is why Crow's up instead. Although had Dr. Genie also been created, well, mighta gone with this route, despite Crow being the stronger standalone.

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