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Match 14284 Puck/Owen vs. The Question

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#1 Dinsdale Piranha

Dinsdale Piranha

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Posted 21 June 2013 - 03:04 AM

This is part of an arc. Hammerhead, Tombstone and Copperhead vs. Man Mountain Marko, Constantine Drakon and Warhawk.


Here is the wrap up for Batman and the Green Goblin vs. The Pack.


Bruce Wayne, David Xanatos, Tony Stark (with his bodyguard, Shang Chi), and Norman Osborn have gathered at the Eyrie Building in Manhattan for the monthly poker game. Luthor didn't make this one.


They've taken a break and Norman (who doesn't think the others accept him) just challenged Bruce to an arm wrestling match and beat him (to Bruce's great surprise.) Then, the Pack (currently consisting of Hyena, Jackal, and Coyote) burst in, apparently lured by the prospect of kidnapping four billionaires. They zap Tony before he can put on his armor. Shang Chi keeps them busy with a dazzling display of kung fu while Bruce and Osborn slip away.




"The rich boys have scattered," Hyena said.


"We've got two," Jackal said. "I'd rather get away with a billion in ransom than get caught trying to double it."


"No way," Hyena said. "I want 'em all!"


"Listen to him," Xanatos said. "They've made it downstairs by now, and my security will be here any second."


Coyote strode over to Xanatos and picked him up by the front of the shirt. "Actually," he said, "I've hacked your building systems. This floor is locked down. No one is getting in or out unless I allow it."


"You go, sexy," Hyena said. She started to the doorway when a set of bolos swirled through the room, binding her arms to her side.


The members of the Pack turned to see a cloaked figure standing in the hole they had blown in the wall.


"Batman," Coyote said.


"This should be fun!" Hyena flexed her powerful mechanical arms and the bolas snapped. She flexed her hands and her fingers extended to become razor-sharp claws. Jackal followed suit and the two sprang toward Batman.


He tossed a handful of pellets at the floor and heavy smoke billowed, obscuring him. As he moved he hurled a batarang at one of the light fixtures. The weapon stuck in the socket causing sparks to fly. The next moment the lights went out.


Hyena took a swipe at Batman but mis-judged in the dark and the smoke. He kicked her in the jaw, one of the few mostly human spots she still had and she went down. Jackal moved toward the sound to help his sister. Something he couldn't see caught his arm and flung him across the bar. He hit the mirror and landed in a shower of broken glass.


"Coyote, where is he?" Hyena said.




The big robot's head swiveled and its eyes glowed red as it activated its low light vision.


"I have him," Coyote said, raising its arm blaster and firing.


The blast narrowly missed Batman, who dove away from it, rolled, and threw a pellet at the robot's face. It exploded in a burst of intense light, which blinded the cyborgs and Xanatos and temporarily overloaded Coyote's artificial vision. Batman used the opportunity to throw a razor-edged batarang that sliced through the part of Xanatos' shirt that Coyote held. The billionaire his the grown and sprang away from his captor.


"Jackal, Hyena," Coyote called. "He's trying to rescue Xanatos."


The two cyborgs lunged at the place they thought Batman was but only managed to collide with each other. Batman ducked past the still-disoriented Coyote and grabbed Xanatos by the arm.


"This way," he said.


"No problem!"


Batman led Xanatos in a mad dash to the hole and leaped through, pulling the industrialist with him. The two hurled out into space 130 floors above the street. Batman twisted his body and fired his grapple gun at the parapets of the castle mounted atop the building. The grapple caught and the device pulled them to the castle with amazing speed.


"I'm impressed," Xanatos said.


"Later," Batman said. "Right now you need to find a place to hide."


"Not my style."


"I can't fight them if I'm having to protect you."


"Fine," Xanatos said. "But what about Bruce and Norman."


"We'll have to find them later."


Xanatos ducked into a passage and Batman readied himself. Below him he heard the screech of metal on glass and stone. That would be the cyborgs, climbing the building with their claws. He hadn't prepared for mechanized foes tonight.


With a roar of jets, Coyote rose above the castle. It landed in front of Batman and pointed an arm-blaster.


"Surrender, Batman. There's no need for you to die."


"I don't plan to."


As Coyote triggered his blaster, Batman hurled a batarang, which lodged in the barrel of the canon. When the robot fired, there was a huge explosion which destroyed the end of his arm.


"That was… unexpected," Coyote said, calmly. "No matter. This body has at least fifty times your strength. I'll just beat you to death. Hyena and Jackal made it over the edge of the roof just then and the three began to advance on Batman.


Suddenly, two razor bararangs came from above and behind the Pack and lodged in the roof in front of them.


"What now?" Jackal said, turning.


"Not a what, a who?" a strange green and purple creature said. He looked like some sort of grinning demon as he hovered over them on a strange bat-like flying device. "And when that 'who' is the Green Goblin, well, that's all the answer you'll ever need. But where are my manners? Have some get-acquainted gifts."


He tossed a pumpkin at then, then another. The first struck Coyote in the chest with a powerful explosion that sent him reeling backward. The second hit the roof at Jackal's feet. Its explosion sent him flying.


"You freak!" Hyena screamed, launching herself at the Goblin. She tackled him off his glider and they fell to the roof with her on top. She raised a clawed hand to rip his face off but he caught her by the wrists and halted her, in spite of her bionic strength.


"Ah, ah, ah!" Goblin said. "Playtime's over, now it's nappy time."


Electricity coursed through his gauntlets into her wrists, stunning her.


Jackal had come down near Batman and was driving the Dark Knight back with a series of deadly slashes.


"You know you can't beat me, don't you?" he asked, grinning. "You’re just flesh and blood. I'm the upgrade."


Batman didn't reply. He had backed against one of the castle walls and, when Jackal struck, he ducked with perfect timing. Jackal's claws sand deep into a heavy wooden beam. Ducking past, Batman got behind the cyborg and seized his neck in a nerve hold. He was stunned when the cyborg's head rotated 180 degrees to face him and its limbs reversed. With a grin, Hyena plucked Batman off with a cybernetic arm and his artificial eye blazed with light as he prepared to fire his laser.


Before that could happen, Batman palmed a sharpened bararang and jammed it into the artificial eye. Jackal screamed and staggered back.


"My eye!" My eye!"


Something snaked around Batman's body from behind. Hyena's arms had extended three times their normal length to coil around his body like serpents. He struggled but couldn't find any leverage.


"Come-on, sweetie, you'll make me feel rejected," she said and let out a peal of insane laughter.


"Just hold him like that for me," Jackal said. He had recovered and now advanced with one clawed hand upraised. Batman could move his left hand a little. He started fumbling with a pouch on his utility belt but he knew he'd never get it open in time.


A beam of red light blazed through the air, striking Jackal's raised arm and slicing cleanly through it. the metal limb hit the roof with a dull clank and Jackal turned. David Xanatos stood in one of the castle doorways holding a laser rifle.


That was all the chance Batman needed. he pulled a small device, like a miniaturized vaccination gun from his belt, pressed it to Hyena's human midriff, and pulled the trigger.


"What did you do?" she shrieked. Her grip tightened and the Dark felt his ribs bend under the pressure. Then the python-like arms went limp as she collapsed. Batman fell to his knees, struggling to breathe.


"Great!" Jackal said. "Now I've got to haul you out of here. Gathering up his stunned sister, he raced to the far side of the roof, evading Xanatos' laser blasts as he went. He leaped off the roof and a moment later, an air-car of some kind rose with him and Hyena in it. Batman realized that their getaway vehicle must have been there all along.


He turned his attention to the fight overhead. It looked like a stalemate; razor bats and even pumpkin bombs seemed unable to damage the massive robot, but it was so slow to catch the Goblin's agile bat-glider.


Then Goblin maneuvered behind Coyote and fired two globs of adhesive at the robot's jets. The sticky subtstance clogged them completely.


"Have a taste of my 'gob-webs," he shouted.


"Flight systems non-functional," Coyote said as he started to plummet. "This is unfortunate."


"No!" Batman cried. "There could be people down there. If he hits someone…"


"And to think, I won't be there to see it. "Well, it's been fun, Bats, but I gotta fly!" he tossed two pumpkin bombs that sent Batman and Xanatos scrambling for cover.


The men rose and Xanatos stepped over to Batman.


"Good thing I had this cached up here," Xanatos said. "Are you okay?"


"Fine," Batman replied. "You'd better check on your guests, and see to that robot on the street."


"Of course," Xanatos said. He gazed off in the direction the Pack and the Goblin had flown. "Who was that lunatic?"


There was no answer and when Xanatos looked back to batman, he found himself alone on the roof.


"Well," he said with a grin. "That went even better than I planned."




"Evening came and Morbius stirred from his coma-like sleep. He saw the woman, Maza nearby, her back to him as she watched the silhouetted gargoyles against the sunset. He was still amazed at these creatures that had seemingly become stone. He felt a pang of thirst and found himself staring hungrily at Elisa. He could practically hear the blood pumping through her veins, and her skin liked so… delectable.


Then the edge of the sun dipped below the horizon and the statues began to move, throwing off their stony shells to stand revealed as flesh and blood. It was an awe-inspiring sight and, for the moment, drove even his thirst from his mind.


Elisa moved to Goliath and they embraced.


"I've got good news for you," Elisa said, pulling away. "I was out in the city today--"


"Elisa!" he said. "Was that wise? You are a fugitive."


"It was that or stay all day with our 'new friend' here. Anyway, I did some checking around."




"I know where Hugo Strange is going to be tonight!"




"Anything?" Natasha Romanov asked.


"Yeah," Nick Fury replied. "But even esper division could only get bits and pieces out of Cheshire."


"Did you get why she tried to kill me?"


"She was hired to do it. Probably by Luthor, though we can't prove anything."




"What we did get was that she's part of the Society of Assassins," Fury said. "They're being directed by a LexCorp executive who calls herself Talia Head."


"Ms. Head has been a person of interest for my organization for some time," a woman's voice said.


Natasha turned and was surprised that such a heavy woman had moved so quietly.


"Tasha, meet Amanda Waller," Fury said.


"Our girl, Talia usually stays off the radar," Waller continued. "Several years back she came to the US and was involved with this man."


She tossed a large color photo of a handsome dark-haired man on the conference table.


"Bruce Wayne," Natasha said.


"You know him?"


"Tasha's current assignment is bird-dogging Tony Stark," Fury said. "He and Wayne move in the same circles."


"Well, you're off that now," Waller said. "My analysts tell me that there's something big coming. The Society is only the tip of the iceberg. Whatever it is, Bruce Wayne's name keeps coming up."


"So, what do you want me to do?" Natasha asked.


"I want you involved with Wayne. I need to know everything he does, everyone he talks to, everything he thinks."


"By involved, you mean…"


Waller fixed her with a pitiless stare.


"Ms. Romanov, you know exactly what I mean.




Owen Burnett stared at the faceless man as calmly as if this sort of intrusion happened every day.


"Why do you think I would know anything about this 'Chameleon?'" he asked.


"Fits the pattern," the Question said. "I've seen it coming for a while… the subtle play of money and power… the world manipulated by those in shadow…"


"Conspiracy theories?" Owen said. "Really?"


"You know but you deceive… a trickster to the core…"


Owen stiffened. "I think it's time you left."


"Not until you tell me about Chameleon."


Owen reached for the desk phone but Question ripped the cord out of the wall. He pulled out his cell but the faceless man knocked it out of his hands with a beautifully times kick.


"Well," Owen said sinking into a karate stance, "I speak that language too."




Question is the version from Justice League Unlimited.



Owen is from Gargoyles. I know the header says this is Puck, but it was the only way I could set this up. Owen will not transform into Puck in this fight and will refrain from using any magic at all.


#2 Callisto



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Posted 21 June 2013 - 03:04 AM

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The Question
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Posted 21 June 2013 - 02:00 PM

Without question, the winner is the...Question.

#4 Dinsdale Piranha

Dinsdale Piranha

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Posted 21 June 2013 - 02:08 PM

I don't remember how to advance a video to the right place, but the best scene of Owen in hand to hand combat is at 4:04 of this. From the dialogue it seems that he and Xanatos are roughly equal in skill.


And here is the best Question fight scene, starting at 0:31.

#5 Dark Spider-man

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Posted 21 June 2013 - 02:24 PM

Dinsdale your arc is just phenomenal.  Reading your writing just wants me to improve my writing.  This will be a good fight.  I think they're both equally matched but I have to give this to The Question, in the JLU he has dealt with a lot of heavy stuff that you'd the only human who can would be Batman.  After a good hard fight, The Question will have his answers.

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Posted 21 June 2013 - 04:05 PM

To make up for the confusion over Owen, I just now edited the topic title and Callisto's post.


I'll read this match in a bit.

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Posted 21 June 2013 - 04:26 PM

Awesome match, but I'll have to agree with Dark-spiderman, question takes this after a long hard fight.

#8 DSkillz


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Posted 25 June 2013 - 11:58 PM

Very good recap and story progression, Dinsdale. Coyote must've used subtle Xanatos-like lies and manipulation to convince Hyena and Jackal that he wasn't working with Xanatos. 


As for the match, the Question would probably win a very hard-fought match, but he won't get the answers he needs out of Owen. Owen is staunchly loyal to Xanatos and very clever in his own right. He would very likely give the Question answers meant to misdirect him, and Owen and Xanatos may find a way to use this to their advantage.

#9 Callisto



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Posted 26 June 2013 - 06:15 AM

Match Final Results
kainboa gives it a grade of: A
DSkillz gives it a grade of: A More good stuff with the storytelling!
Dark Spider-man gives it a grade of: A
Puck/Owen: 4
The Question: 13
FPA: 4.0

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