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Match 14257 Constantine Drakon and Man-Mountain Marko and Warhawk vs. Hammerhead (Marvel) and Tombstone and Copperhead

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#1 Dinsdale Piranha

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Posted 20 June 2013 - 01:57 AM

This is part of an arc. The last chapter is at Vincent (Beauty and the Beast) and Callisto (Marvel) vs. Red Wolf.


Here is the wrap up for Spider-man vs. Man-Bat.


Spider-Man has come to Metropolis trying to find Eddie Brock who is now working at the secret LexCorp genetics lab known as the Zoo. Kirk Langstrom has just escaped from the Zoo using a variant of his Man-Bat formula. The new serum allows him to retain his human mind. Unfortunately his thinking is murky and, when he sees Spider-Man he assumes he's an agent of the Zoo and attacks him.




Spider-man was only several blocks from the hotel where--as Peter Parker--was staying when his spider-sense began to tingle. Something was coming at him from above, and coming fast! He twisted his body and a dark, furry shape shot past. The thing had a bat-like head and its arms doubled as leathery wings. Incongruously, it was clad in a set of tattered pants. The Man-Bat climbed and began to circle back for another pass.


"Hey!" the wall-crawled called. "Are you one of Goliath's people? I'm a friend; there's no need to--"


He was cut-off as, with a shrill shriek, the Man-Bat severed his web-line with a taloned hand.


"Why does diplomacy never work?" Spiderman said. He cast a new web-line to a nearby building and swung to it's mostly glass surface.


The Man Bat dived again. Spider-man prepared to dodge when he heard a scream from behind the glass. Turning his head he saw a roomful of frightened tele-marketers staring at him. Then the Man-Bat hit and the two of them smashed through the glass into the large, cubicvle-filled room.


"Geez, Bat-boy," Spidey said, breaking free of the Man-Bat's grip. "If you don't like the cable package they're offering you can just call and complain. You don't need to come down in person."


Man Bat gave a shriek of rage. Hoisting a heavy steel desk over his head, he hurled it at Spider-Man.


"You've got a point," Spidey said, dodging out of the way. "I really hate toose automated answering systems too."


He leaped at the man-Bat, planting a two-footed hick on it's face and sending it hurling back.


"They give you all these options, but none of them really fit with the reason you're calling about…"


Ducking a wing-strike, he sank a powerful punch into the creature's furry mid-section.


"And when you finally get an option to connect you to a real person, they put you on hold…"


Another punch smashed the Man-Bat through a set of cubicle dividers, scattering the few workers who hadn't already fled.


"And the music! Ugh! Where do they get that stuff?"


Spideyleaped but Man-Bat kicked up with both feet, slamming him into the ceiling. The fluorescent light shattered as he slammed into them. He fell, momentarily stunned and the Man-Bat pounced on him, apparently ready to rend him with it's fangs. Then a look of horror crossed its inhuman face.


"No! Must not… not a monster."


"Glad to hear it, pal," Spidey said. He fired a burst of webbing that covered the Man-Bat's face. the creature tried to tear the sticky threads off but that gave Spidey a chance to web its hands together. Leaping in circles around the Man-Bat he continued to spray it with webbing until it was trapped in a virtual cocoon.


"You sit here, Bats," he said. "I think I hear Metropolis' Finest on their way right now."


"Wait… Help me, please."


Spider-man had turned to go, but the weak voice stopped him.


"I'm all for helping, but you did attack me."


"Mistake," the Man-Bat said. "Mind isn't clear in this form. Thought you were one of them."


"It sounds like you've got a story to tell," Spider-Man said, "and this isn't the place to do it with the cops on the way."


He strapped the web-bundle to his back and leaped out the broken window. Within moments he had made it back to the roof of his hotel, where he tore the webbing loose from the creature's face.


"So, what's the story?"


"Not a monster," the creature said. "Scientist. My name… Langstrom."


"Kirk Langstrom?" Spider said. "The geneticist?"


The Man-Bat nodded and Spider-Man's thoughts raced. This was disturbingly like the situation with Dr. Connors and his Lizard problem. Dr. Conners might be able to help, with his gene-cleanser formula, but Conners had been kidnapped.


Suddenly, his spider sense went off. Looking around, Spider-man saw someone lurking in the shadows of the rooftop.


"You!" he said, "come out where I can see you."


A tall man stepped into the light, Spider-Man knew his face instantly.


"John Jameson?"


"Guilty," Jameson said. "Look, I'm sorry I was eaves dropping, but I'm not out to get you."


"Yeah?" Spidey said, "then why is my spider-sense still--"


He stopped as he felt a sharp sting in his neck. He touched it and his hand closed around the kind of dart that an air-rifle fires. He had a vague sense of something bat winged and human shaped settling on the roof beside him, then everything went black.


John Jameson stared in horror at the blue skinned gargoyle woman who had landed on the roof. As she stepped toward Spider-Man, Jameson got between them.


"Back off!" he said.


"Pathetic human!" Demona hit John with a back-handed slap that left him sprawled unconscious. With a touch she activated a comm. unit in her ear.


"Pretorius, this is Destine," she said. "Send a truck for a pick-up. I've recovered out prodigal scientist and acquired two more test specimens as well."




"Why do you call me?" R'as al Ghul said. "You are under my daughters orders."


"Master, Steel Serpent replied, "your daughter has gone missing, taken from the LexCorp building. We do not know who took her."


"I feared this might happen when she accepted Luthor's contract on the Detective," R'as said. "Very well, remain out of sight, I will join you shortly."




"I don't like this," Elisa Maza said. She, the three gargoyles, and Morbius, the Living Vampire stood in the alley behind the butcher shop. Elisa knelt by the back door, working at something with her pocket-knife.


"My thirst," Morbius said.


"Yeah, I know. And because they want to help you, I'm an accessory to breaking and entering."


"You need not have come," Goliath said. "We could easily have broken in ourselves."


"Without me to disable the alarm you'd have had GPD on you before you could get away. That's the last thing we need." She stopped working. "There you go!"


Angela, Broadway and Morbius entered, single file while Goliath and Elisa lingered outside. It only took moments before Morbius' keen nose found what they had been seeking, several large plastic containers of butcher's blood. Morbius pulled the top off of one and took a large swallow, then gagged.


"What's wrong?" Broadway asked.


"It's revolting," Morbius said. "So cold and… lifeless."


"We offered to help keep you alive," Angela said, "not to satisfy your palate. Will this nourish you?"


"I… I think so."


Outside, Elisa scowled at the ground.


"Elisa," Goliath said softly.




"You make a splendid thief."




"Well, my dear," Duncan MacLeod said, depositing the Talia's unconscious body on the bed in Amanda's apartment, "this is another fine mess you've gotten me into."


Amanda scowled.


"It's not my fault," she said. "I just got mixed up with some very powerful, very ruthless people."




"No, but they want to be."


He started to ask more questions but Amanda had her phone out and shushed him. A moment later the party on the other end picked up.


"Mr. Burnett, it's Amanda," she said. "Things didn't go quite the way we planned. Talia caught me planting the bug but now I've got her. What do you want me to do now?"




Owen Burnett put down the phone. Amanda's news was disquieting, but he was nothing if not adaptable, and he would do literally anything to secure his employer the immortality he craved. Hearing a slight noise behind him, he turned.


A cloud of mist had appeared in the corner of his office and not a man stepped out. He wore a ling trench coat and a Fedora but that wasn't what captured Owen's attention.


"You have no face," he remarked calmly.


"Your left hand is made entirely of stone," the Question replied.


Owen raised his hand, which was permantly frozen in the shape of a fist.


"I see your point," he said dryly. "Can I assume you're here because you want something from Mr. Xanatos?"


"Not Xanatos… he is a piece in the larger pattern. No, I need something from you."


"I'll do what I can."


"Need to know how to contact a man…" Question said. "A contractor who works for you sometimes… named Proteus… sometimes goes by Chameleon."


Burnett narrowed his eyes.




Warhawk lined up his sights carefully. Across the street, in a bandstand, a tall man was stepping onto the stage. He was an albino and the underworld knew him as the Big Man, or some still called him Tombstone from his days as an enforcer, but the public knew him as civic-minded entrepreneur, L. Thompson Lincoln.


The mayor handed Lincoln a plaque and shook his hand. That was enough time for Warhawk to put the man's face squarely in the cross-hairs and squeeze the trigger.


The bullet made the expected hole when it hit and splattered matter out the other side of Lincoln's head. There was something wrong, though. The hold closed up instantly and the matter that came loose didn't look like blood or brain tissue, it seemed to have the color and consistency of… mud. It happened so quickly that anyone not watching through a telescopic lens would have thought the bullet missed.


Lincoln moved quickly, tackling the mayor and getting them both off the stage and out of the line of fire. The crowd began to scream and a small army of police began to move into action.


"Aw, hell," Warhawk muttered. He broke down his sniper rifle with cool efficiency and stashed it in a case. Then he hurried down the stairs to where his partners waited.


"What happened," Marko asked.


"He's still alive."


"You missed him?"


"No, somethin' weird happened. I think we been set-up."


"Most astute," a cultured voice said.


The three looked across the room, where three newcomers stood. One was a tall, pale man, the exact double of the man in the park Warhawk had just shot. The second was short and powerfully built. He wore an old-fashioned suit and his head was deformed in a way that left it flat on top. The third was tall and lean and covered in a golden snake costume of some sort. The flat-headed man held a Thompson submachine gun on the three Maggia operatives.


"Lincoln?" Drakon said. "How?"


"The man in the park is a new employee of mine," the Big Man said. "Perhaps you'll meet him soon. Hammerhead, I'm sure you already know. And this is one of my Enforcers, formerly Snake Marston. What name are you using since your enhancements?"


"Copperhead," the golden scaled man said.




Tombstone/Big Man is the version seen in the Spectacular Spider-man cartoon.


Hammerhead is also the version seen in Spectacular Spider-man. He is carrying an old-style tommy-gun and has a .45 automatic pistol in a shoulder holster.


Copperhead is the version seen in the Justice League animated series.


Man Mountain Marko is the version who first appeared in Amazing Spider Man.


Drakon is the version who is an enemy of Green Arrow (Connor Hawke)


Warhawk is the version who first appeared in Iron Fist. He is as bulletproof as the original Luke Cage (bullets bruise but do not penetrate) but not quite as strong (can life about 2 tons to Cage's 3.) He is also a highly trained martial artist.

#2 Callisto



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Posted 20 June 2013 - 01:57 AM

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Posted 20 June 2013 - 07:28 PM

Id never bet against the big man. Also did I read correctly that Hammerhead is wearing an old-fashioned shit. That must turn some heads.

#4 Dinsdale Piranha

Dinsdale Piranha

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Posted 20 June 2013 - 07:34 PM

LOL! Edited.

#5 Dark Spider-man

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Posted 21 June 2013 - 02:36 PM

Great read.  I might have to give it to Team 2.

#6 JohnnyChany


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Posted 24 June 2013 - 12:21 AM

More fine work, Dinsdale. I am really enjoying your use of smaller scale villains. I am a little torn in this battle because I always liked Tombstone and Hammerhead, but from what I read on Team 1 they may have more firepower.


Minor editing note: You have the "hold" closing up instantly in impostor Tombstone's head.

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Posted 24 June 2013 - 03:59 PM

Another great match, Dinsdale. I can see how this is leading into your next set-up. 


As for this one, the hitmen may be a bit much for the Big Man's crew to handle. I think Constantine can at least hold off Copperhead for a while. Hammerhead's guns aren't going to do anything to Marko's or Warhawk's metallic-strength skins, and his body-at-large isn't durable enough to withstand their attacks. Lonnie probably is durable enough to hang for a while, and may be stronger than either Marko or Warhawk, but I don't think he can compete with their skills. Still, Lonnie's mob boss experience and calm-under-fire demeanor may convince the hitmen to at least consider working for his side. 


So, while the Big Man's team may lose the fight, they may actually win the day, if that makes sense.

#8 Callisto



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Posted 25 June 2013 - 06:15 AM

Match Final Results
JohnnyChany gives it a grade of: A Fantastic!
Dark Spider-man gives it a grade of: A
Man-Mountain Marko and Constantine Drakon and Warhawk: 7
Copperhead and Tombstone and Hammerhead (Marvel): 8
FPA: 4.0

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