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Match 14225 Tsuna Sawada and Dust vs. Sasuke Uchiha

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-Location – Wu Kingdom; circa 262-

Cars looked around his location; a grassy field and a temple resembling an old Chinese temple. He was familiar with the location thanks to his knowledge of how humanity evolved. Wandering the field, Cars shifted his purple eyes to the side and unleashed a blade from his sleeve. With a single wave, he sliced apart a bullet and noticed the presence behind him. Behind him was a white haired man with a red trench coat. The man smirked and holstered his guns.


“Sorry, I normally don’t do that.” The white haired man said in apology. Cars turned to face the man.


“You are not human, are you?” Cars asked calmly. The man shrugged, a sarcastic smirk on his face.


“Maybe, maybe not pal. I’m just trying to adjust to what just happened.” Replied the man.


“I was in space the last I remember.” Cars thought, he could remember what happened…


 The piece of earth was rising at such intensity; Cars just turned his arms to wings as he mocked his foe.

“I can just turn into a bird and fly away! Farewell forever, JoJo!” mocked the physical God. Before he could move, the severed hand of his enemy impaled his throat, choking him. His enemy; a young man who he was trying to kill for almost an entire day, laughed and said how he planned for it. Cars next found himself in space, however, he was unable to return to Earth and was encased in a form of half-mineral and half-creature. He went into comatose, unable to die.


 Now, he was here. He had the shaking suspicion that the man he was with may be friend or foe.


“Who are you?” Cars asked, patiently waiting for an answer. The white haired man looked at him.


“Names Dante. You?” replied the man. Cars saw the look of distrust in his eyes. Did the man not trust him too?


“Cars.” He simply replied.



LOCATION – Chernobyl, circa 1989


 Urdnot Wrex stepped on the head of a toy doll, crushing it under his massive foot. The clan leader only remembered helping his friend: Commander Shepard.


“You’ve been a friend to Clan Urdnot! And a brother/sister to me! From this day onward, the name “Shepard” will mean “hero!”


 After weeks and possibly a month in human years; Wrex was on Earth, leading a charge on Reaper forces. During this, time seemed to stop and stand still. Next thing he knew, he saw the woman teleport him here. He remembered researching the Chernobyl Disaster when he was heading to Earth. Reminded him too much of his home of Tuchanka. What a sick joke. During his train of thought; he turned and saw a man in a black shirt and pants with grayish-white hair. The man seemed to be a head shorter but was clearly human. The main thing bothering Wrex was that he wasn’t dying from the radiated air. That’s when he realized it. This was merely an imitation.


“Huh. So this ‘Time’ woman is mocking us with a falsified world.” Wrex said out loud to the man. The man walked past and looked outside. He had his hand on his ear, trying to contact someone.


“Yeah, and I can’t contact Amala from here.” Replied the man, not even bothering to turn around. “So, who, or what, are you? Don’t look like any Mutant or generic freak I saw.” He continued. Wrex was even more confused now.


“Don’t recognize a Krogan when you see one?” Wrex asked, folding his arms.


“A what? Sorry, where I come from, theres no such word.” The man stated, turning back to the alien. Wrex stroked his chin curiously.


“Interesting. Well then, we should get going. No use in trying to bash heads in an unknown location. My name is Urdnot Wrex by the way.” Wrex said, introducing himself.


“Jack. That’s all you need to know.” Replied the man. Wrex started to laugh; easily angering the bounty hunter.


“Sorry, I didn’t know Jack could be a man’s name. The last human I met with that name was a woman with a bad attitude.”


“It’s a unisex name.” Jack responded, walking past. “Well, hurry up. That shotgun of yours would come in handy if we run into any trouble. Wrex smirked, he was going to like this human.



-LOCATION: Poland, circa 1939-



 Sooraya ran across the destroyed town of Great Britain. She could hear the sound of bombs falling from the sky and houses around her being destroyed, one landed not too far behind her and sent her crashing against a street post. Looking around, she saw a young man standing not too far rushing to her aid. The young man had brown hair and brown eyes, wore blue jeans and a white high-school shirt. He managed to lift her and get to safety in an already destroyed house.


 Catching his breath, the young man turned to Sooraya. The Sunni young woman looked at him in awe.


“You helped me… Thank you,” she said, making the boy blush.


“Its no problem. I was trying to hide from someone and saw you here. I- I’m Tsunayoshi Sawada.” He introduced.


“Sooraya Qadir.” She replied. Tsuna smiled and held his gloved hand out, shaking her hand.


“By the way, who exactly are you running from?” she asked, wanting to cut to the chase.


“Some madman. He said something about ‘avenging his family’ and I think he mistook me for one of the Nazis. When I tried to talk, he summoned something. A purple monster that protected him. I decided to run for shelter until the bombing stopped and he stopped chasing me.” Tsuna explained. Sooraya didn’t like the sound of it.


“If this is indeed the Blitzkrieg, than we’re in for a long wait. It took a month for Poland to be taken by Germany and the Soviet Union. We have to escape.” Sooraya stated. Tsuna nodded and looked outside.


“We can make a quick run, but—“ before Tsuna could finish his sentence, the wall behind them was smashed in. Turning around, the two saw the attacker: a spikey haired teenager with blood trickling down his eye. He looked absolutely insane.


“That’s the guy who attacked me.” Tsuna gasped, Sooraya quickly turned her arm to sand.


“We have to go.” Sooraya said in a hurry. Tsuna looked at her and could feel his bravery increase. Instead of running, he knew they may have to fight.


“Yeah. We’ll fight if nessicary.” Tsuna said, clenching his fists. He and Sooraya prepared to run.



Tsunayoshi and Sooraya can work together.

This is Post-Timeskip Sasuke after his battle with Danzo.

The fight takes place in Poland. All three must avoid the bombing from the Blitzkrieg during the fight.

Tsuna and Sooraya are working to escape as composed to fighting and will try to lose Sasuke, only fighting if nessicary. If so, they are at 100% and can use everything they know.

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Match Final Results
Venom 2009 gives it a grade of: A
Dark Spider-man gives it a grade of: B
Dust and Tsuna Sawada: 8
Sasuke Uchiha: 7
FPA: 3.5

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