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Match 14197 Vincent (Beauty And The Beast) and Callisto (Marvel) vs. Red Wolf

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Posted 15 June 2013 - 03:46 PM

This is part of an arc. The last chapter is at Misty Knight and Colleen Wing vs Los Hermanos de la Luna.


Here is the wrap up for Creeper vs Mysterio.


The Creeper has been on the trail of the Chameleon, who stole sensitive information from Wayne Enterprises. After losing the master of disguise in Gotham, he trails him to Manhattan where he is hoping to contact Vic Sage (Sage and Creeper, in his Jack Ryder identity, were classmates at the Ditko School of Journalism.) However, in Manhattan, Jack is confronted by Chameleon's sfx expert, who has just created his own costumed identity: Mysterio.




"Nice Trick!" Creeper said as Mysterio appeared above him. "Can you cut a lady in half?"


"Fool! You dare to mock the thaumaturgic mastery of Mysterio?"


"The only thing more satisfying than punching a magician would be punching a mime," Creeper said, springing at his foe. He nearly reached him when there was a brilliant flash. His punch met only air.


The Creeper blinked his eyes to clear his vision. Before he could a fist collided with his jaw, knocking him down but not especially hurting him.


"You should give up, Mysterio's voice said. "You're outnumbered. Volo quinque pupa gigantum!"


Looking up, Creeper say the green-clad villain shimmer and multiply. The next moment six Mysterios began to pummel him.


"Like to play with math, eh?" Creeper said, lashing out as an image that dissolved into smoke. "Me too, but I'm better at subtraction than multiplication."


He struck another with his fist, kicked one behind him, them leaped over another's head causing it to collide with another. All four Mysterios vanished into smoke leaving only one, standing at the roof's edge.


"All the math in the world can't save you now," Creeper said springing at him. "Not ambition, distraction, uglification or diversion."


"I don't know," Mysterio replied. "I rather like diversion. Vis occursum meum!"


He vanished and Creeper sailed through the space where had been and off the edge of the building.


"It's times like this I with I had a little sign that said, 'HELP!'" he said as he plummeted four stories to the street.


Creeper landed as well as his enhanced strength and agility allowed, which left him battered but not badly hurt. He hoisted himself to his feet and heard a small voice from overhead.


"You should watch your step," it said.


"It's a doozy," said another.


"That darned gravity!" said a third.


"It'll get you every time," said a fourth.


Looking up, the Creeper saw four tiny figures, like little winged devils hovering over him.


"Hot Stuff?" he said. "I used to love your comics."


"Banzai!" yelled the first, diving toward him.








As each shot past him, each spit out a stream of fire that singed the Creeper. As they came around for another pass he launched into a dazzling series of handsprings and flips that kept out of their way. He sacled a streetlight as they came at him again then sprang off as they swooped toward him. This time he was able to catch one in his hands.


"Hah!" he cried.


"Unwelcome touching!" the small creature said, then exploded, hurling the Creeper a dozen feet to land on his back.


"You kids are real brats," he said as he rose. "If you keep this up I won't take you to the ballgame."


"WaaaHooo!" the first yelled as it dove again.


"Don't yield, back SHIELD!"


"We represent the lollypop guild!"


Creeper bounded to the side of the street and ripped loose the flagpole from the front of a shop.


"I changed my mind about the ballgame," he said. He swung the pole like a bat, shattering the first little creature. He tried to hit the second on the back swing but it swooped up, dodging the blow.


"Strike one!" it said.


"Ball one!" the second said, ramming Creeper in the crotch.


He went down and rolled for a moment, but was back on his feet before the creatures could attack. He sprang to the top of the store's awning and ripped one end loose. When they flew at him he leaped up and forward, trailing the awning behind him like a net. The two little robots were caught in it and he whirled them around before slamming them into the sidewalk.


"Kide these days," he said.


"You may have defeated my homunculi, but Mysterio is another matter," the master of illusion said, appearing behind the Creeper. He placed his gauntleted hands on the Creeper's shoulvers. "Viator scriptor scutulata sumis!"


As he spoke the words, electricity surged through his gauntlets, stunning the yellow crimefighter. Creeper fell and Mysterio look down triumphantly for a moment, then Creeper's eyes popped open and he grinned wildly.


"What does it take to keep you down?" Mysterio said, backing away.


"It didn't used to be hard, but I'm on Prozac now." Creeper slammed a fist into Mysterio's helmet, knocking him head over heels. "I like the helmet, by the way," he said. "If I turn you upside down and shake you, will it snow in there?"


"Ego decernentibus rubi, bis!" Mysterio cried and vanished in a burst of smoke and flame as Creeper pounced at him.


"That's so rude," the Creeper said. He glanced around and saw Mysterio reappear on the far side of the street. With a maniacal cackle he tackled his foe to the ground.


"Normaliter esset sperare solvere quatuor centum pupa!" Mysterio shouted, then exploded.


This time the Creeper didn't rise. Mysterio materialized out of the fog and strode over to him.


"Phineas," he said into his helmet microphone. "I have him."


"On my way for pick-up," Phineas Mason replied. "How'd it go?"


"He was tough," Mysterio replied. "He took out four homunculi and one robot double, but it was textbook perfect."




"Who is this?" Goliath asked as Angela and Morbius landed on the roof.


"His name is Morbius," she answered. "He needs our help."


"Oh?" Goliath looked at the pale man curiously.


"It's true," Morbius said. "I am a scientist who was working on a cure for my rare blood disease. Instead it turned me into… this."


"He is a vampire," Angels said.


"Wait a minute!" Broadway said. "The newspaper I picked up said something about a series of vampire murders."


Morbius hung his head.


"You've killed people?" Elisa said, her voice intense.


"Three," Morbius said. "The first was an innocent, the nurse who was tending me when I woke. The others were criminals, a rapist and a burglar I caught."


"That doesn't justify killing them!" Elisa said.


"I… I cannot control my hunger. Even now it is taking all my strength to keep from killing one of you."


"He is tormented," Angela said. "Father, we have to find a way to help him."


"He's a killer," Elisa said. "We have to bring him in."


Goliath looked at Morbius, then at his daughter and the woman he loved. "This requires thought," he said.




"I'll see you later, darling," Duncan MacLeod said as he kissed Dominique Destine and the elevator doors closed on her. Mac hated his new lover's work schedule; he never saw her after sunset. He wandered back through the LexCorp Tower lobby and paused at the security desk. Bill was on duty, a forty something ex-cop who Mac had become somewhat acquainted with. He saw the man was wearing a sling and a neck brace.


"What's going on, Bill?" he asked.


"You heard about what happened?"


"I heard there was some sort of break in."


"It was a bona-fide supervillain," Bill said. "He had these crazy arms, like some kind of mechanical octopus or something. I'm lucky to be alive."


Mac listened as the guard told the whole story, or all the details he knew, but was distracted by a feeling. It was the tingle he felt in the presence of another immortal. He turned to see the service elevator open and a slender woman in a janitor's coveralls came out, wneeling her supply cart.


"Will you excuse me, Bill?" he said.




He strode toward the janitor, who say him coming and picked up her pace. It wasn't enough and he caught her arm. She turned to him and he recognized her instantly.


"Hello, Amanda," he said. "Long time. You've got a new career it looks like."


"Let me go," she whispered. "You're going to get me in trouble."


"Because I'm distracting you from your job? Or is it that you're smuggling some LexCorps secrets out in your cart?"


"I'm not a thief anymore, Mac."




"I swear, I'm not stealing anything."


"Then what have you got in the cart?"


Amanda glanced around, anxious that they were drawing attention.


"All right," she said. "I've got a woman in here."


Mac's eyes widened. "Kidnapping?"


"No! Well… sort of, but she tried to kill me."


"I think you'd better tell me about it."


"Not here!"


"No, I think here is pretty good."


"Mac! I don't have a choice!" She grabbed the torc around her neck. "You see this? It's an explosive and it'll take my head off if I don't get out of here, with her, now! You can help me or you can walk away, but if you stop me, it's my life."


Mac's expression grew serious.


"Right, then."




"Looks simple enough," Warhawk said. He was sitting on a 5th Avenue highrise rooftop overlooking East Meadow in Central Park.


"In just about three hours the Mayor's gonna be down there,"Constantine Drakon said. "He's gonna be giving a civic award to our friend, the upstanding citizen, L. Thompson Lincoln."


"And I give the albino spook a little present from Silvermans, right between the eyes," Warhawk said. "No problem."


"Me and Drakon'll make sure nobody bothers you," Man Mountain Marko said. And Sable's got the getaway all set."


"Piece of cake," Warhawk said.




Lobo paused at the tunnel, waiting for the slower humans to catch up. Red Wolf reached him first, moving silently. Jean DeWolfe and Greer Nelson followed close behind, making entirely too much noise, as far as the wolf was concerned.


"What in the world…?" Greer said looking at the great spiral stair that led down into the depths.


"I never knew there was anything like this down here," Jean said.


"Sabertooth's trail is lost here," Red Wolf said, "but Lobo tells me there are people below."


"Lobo tells you?" Jean asked. "He must be great to have around when Timmy falls down the well."


Red Wolf started down the stairs and, after exchanging a glance, the two women followed. They descended a long way, then Lobo led them unerringly through a series of passages and across a suspension bridge over a chasm that seemed to go down forever.


They came to an open grotto and paused there for a moment. Lobo growled.


Following the wolf's gaze, the three saw a large cloaked figure step out of the shadows. It's features were more leonine than human.


"Sabertooth!" Greer gasped, raising her pistol.


A woman with an eyepatch appeared beside the big man and threw a switchblade which caught Greer in the arm. She cried out and dropped the pistol. Then both sides surged forward and the fight began.




Red Wolf is the Thomas Thunderhead version.


Jean DeWolfe is the version seen in Spectacular Spider-man. She is a trained police officer and has a Glock 9mm pistol.


Greer Nelson also has a 9mm, though she just lost it. She has no powers or special training.


Callisto is the version from X-Men Evolution.

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Posted 15 June 2013 - 03:46 PM

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Posted 17 June 2013 - 02:26 PM

Great setup!  I'm leaning toward Team 1. 

#4 Dinsdale Piranha

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Posted 17 June 2013 - 11:41 PM



BTW, if anyone wants to run the Latin through google translate you'll see I borrowed Greg Weiseman's trick of having Mysterio spout some distinctly non-mystical phrases.

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Posted 18 June 2013 - 02:32 PM

Yay! Red Wolf is back!

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Posted 20 June 2013 - 06:15 PM

Match Final Results
Dark Spider-man gives it a grade of: A
Callisto (Marvel) and Vincent (Beauty And The Beast): 6
Red Wolf: 6
FPA: 4.0

#7 Dinsdale Piranha

Dinsdale Piranha

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Posted 20 June 2013 - 07:19 PM

Hah! A tie! 


That makes me very happy!

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Posted 20 June 2013 - 08:37 PM

Gah! Sorry I missed commenting on this one. I read this match over more than once, but I couldn't make up my mind on who would win in time. My vote would've been the tie-breaker, too. 


Aw, well. In the grand scheme of things it wouldn't have mattered who won the vote here. Both sides are good guys/gals, and the fight would have likely broken off before things got too serious.

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