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Match 14195 Misty Knight and Colleen Wing vs. Los Hermanos De La Luna

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Posted 14 June 2013 - 09:04 PM

This is part of an arc. The last chapter is at Spider-man vs. Man-Bat.


Here is the wrap up for Talia vs Amanda.


David Xanatos is forcing Amanda to help him in his quest for immortality. Since the Highlander immortality cannot be transferred to mortals, she has convinced him that he needs the legendary Lazarus Pit. Amanda is aware of Talia and has gotten into the woman's office at LexCorp to plant an electric surveillance device on her computer.


Unfortunately, Talia catches her and draws a more-than-decorative scimitar off the wall.




"Spy!" Talia hissed, taking a cut with her curved weapon. Amanda dodged back but the tip of the sword sliced through her jacket and blouse to leave a painful gash across her belly. She rolled across the desk, avoiding a downward slash.


"Fool, you cannot get away that easily," Talia said, circling the desk.


"No?" Amanda rose and Talia paused when she saw the heavy rapier in the woman's hand. "How about I do this, then?"


"No matter," Talia said, "you cannot hope to match my skill with a sword."


She cut again but Amanda parried and her riposte cut Talia's blouse but didn't reach the skin. Talia tried again with a feint at the head that masked a cut to the sword arm. Amanda parried the true attack and Talia had to spring back to avoid another riposte that came for her face.


"Point beats edge," Amanda said with a smirk. "Isn't that what all the fencing manuals say?"


"Perhaps," Talia said, with a tight smile of her own, "but there are many ways an experienced fighter can win with the edge… and you can't imagine how experienced I am."


"Oh, I don't know," Amanda said. "I've got a pretty good imagination."


Amanda went on the attack then, driving her opponent back with a series of thrusts and the occasional cut that Talia was hard pressed to defend. She counter attacked fiercely but Amanda's sword was superior for parrying. It was a lighter weapon, while it couldn't do as much damage as the scimitar, had greater efficiency of motion. Talia soon found herself starting to tire, while her opponent seemed as fresh as ever. That didn't make sense with the kind of bleeding wound she'd sustained, but it looked to Talia as if the gash on Amanda's stomach had already closed.


In desperation, Talia tried a powerful downward attack that would have diagonally severed the blonde woman's torso. Amanda ducked and used her rapier to deflect the blow, just enough so that it sailed past its intended target, overbalancing Talia in the process. Then she brought the point of the rapier up to prick Talia's neck.


"You might want to surrender now," Amanda said.


Talia grabbed the blade with her free hand. The sharp edge cut deeply into her palm but she was able to lever the sword away from her throat while bringing the scimitar up. With her blade trapped, Amanda couldn't parry. The blow was light and quick but sufficient to shear through the bicep of her sword arm, rendering it useless.


Amanda stepped back, clutching her arm and bleeding heavily.


"It's you who should surrender," Talia said. "I had thought to kill you, but now I'm intrigued."


"Good for you," Amanda said, her voice shaking. "But you're going to have to kill me to stop me."


"It will be quick," Talia said. She swung the sword in a horizontal arc that would have taken Amanda's head from her shoulders. It found only air as Amanda ducked and went into a roll. She rose with the rapier in her left hand and Talia smiled grimly.


"You're only prolonging the inevitable," she said.


She lunged with another powerful diagonal cut. Amanda, knowing she wouldn't have the strength for another pass tried something desperate. She dropped into a split and thrust under Talia's attack, running her through the shoulder. The scimitar flew from Talia's hand and lodged in the desk. Clutching her shoulder she staggered back to lean against the wall.


"I am impressed," she said. "I only ask that you grant me a merciful death.


"Yeah," Amanda said, struggling to her feet. "Not so much."


She slammed the pommel of her sword into the side of Talia's head, knocking her unconscious, then slumped in one of the leather-bound visitor's chairs. She breathed deeply as her wounds began to knit.


"I guess it's plan B now," she said. "I just need to figure how to get you out of here with me."




Vic Sage opened the door of his untidy, small apartment. He sighed and spent a few minutes before putting away his groceries. Throwing a TV dinner into the microwave he moved to the desk that doubled as his dinner table and gazed at the bulletin board hanging over it. The board was covered with pictures of people--some famous and some obscure--and newspaper articles of seemingly unconnected events. Strands of differently colored yarn linked the items to each other and to the large symbol in the center of the board--a pyramid with an eye at its apex.


He cut some new strands of yarn and used them to make new connections.


"Xanatos is part of the illuminati…" he muttered, fixing a strand between the central symbol and the billionaire. "Xanatos buys a controlling interest in the Bugle…" another strand connected Xanatos to a photo of J. Jonah Jameson. "Jameson posts a reward for the reporter who confirms existence of gargoyles…"


"What are gargoyles?" he said. "Aliens? Genetic aberrations? Government experiments?"


He took a book off his shelf; its title read Gargoyles by Dr. Mercer Boley. He opened to a dog-eared section where the author spoke about an encounter with living gargoyles in the southwestern United States. He described them as hostile creatures, waiting for a chance to wake and take control of the earth from humanity. He snapped the book shut, frowning.


"Gargoyles seen in Manhattan… possible connection to Xanatos… Now reports of gargoyles in Gotham… connection to bat-creature seen there several years ago? Connection to Batman?"


He shook his head. The strands were coming together but too slowly. He glanced at his land-line and saw that the message light was flashing. He could have gone with a service but he liked the old fashioned way that let him collect tapes of every call he made or got. He pressed the button…


"Hey, Vic," a familiar voice said. "It's Jack Ryder calling again. I'm still trying to track down this Proteus character--calls himself Chameleon now--and I'm in Manhattan. I was hoping I could swing by and run some theories past you. Lemme know."


"Jack Ryder… " Sage muttered. "Rumors say Chameleon working for Xanatos… That means illuminati…"


He put his hat and trenchcoat back on as well as one of his masks, then released the gas that changed the color of his clothes and bonded the mask to his face.


It was time for the Question to look for answers.




"Watch out for this character," Race Bannon said, "he's pretty tricky."


"No problem," Agent Corvin said. "We’ll keep him sedated till we get him to the SHIELD Heli-carrier. They've has a lot of experience with fellows like this."


"I never thought I'd see the day when Intelligence One would be doing errands for SHIELD," Race said.


"Inter-agency co-operation," Corvin said with a wry smile. "It's the guiding light behind everything we do these days."


"Let me know what you get from interrogation," Race said.


"If they tell me," Corbin said.


"Inter-agency cooperation, huh?"


"I've been telling them for years it works better when it runs both ways."


"Well, good luck."


"You too, Race," Corbin said. "I think you could some back-up here."


"I'll talk to the Doc about it.


"Sorry, but it's out of your hands. I'm leaving a man with you, just in case."


At Corbin's signal one of his agents came ashore, a tall black man with an eyepatch.


"Who's this? The winner of the Nick Fury lookalike contest?"


"Aw, man," the newcomer said. "Fury ain't near as pretty as me."


"Race Bannon," Corbin said, "meet Rufus Carter."


"The kickboxing champ?" Race asked, shaking Carter's hand.


"And one of our best agents," Corbin said. "Between the two of you I think Drs. Quest and Conners should be safe.




"Is that something we need to worry about?" Colleen asked.


Misty followed her gaze up the beach to two men who were headed in Fox Xanatos' direction. They were both tall and dark, Mediterranean or possibly Latin American, and they looked identical. The men wore swimming trunks that it would have been difficult, but not impossible, to hide a weapon in.


"Something to watch, anyway," Misty said. "You got your blade?"


"Always," Colleen said.


The men stopped where Fox was sunbathing and started a conversation with her. It looked pleasant at first, then Fox clearly told the men to take off. When they didn't, she rose and started to leave herself. One of the men grabbed her arm and Fox used an aikido throw to dump him on the sand. She kicked the other in the face and he went down.


Neither stayed down. They were both on their feet with the resilience of trained fighters in a second and advanced on the billionaire's wife menacingly.


"Move!" Misty said and started sprinting toward the men. Colleen lingered just long enough to remove the top half of the beach umbrella and draw a Japanese katana from the hollow shaft. Then she followed as fast as she could.




Carlos and Eduardo Lobo are the Spider-man villains.  Since I'm using the Animated Spectacular Spider-man for this arc, the Lobos are scaled down appropriately. They are roughly as strong as Spider-man, which means able to lift about 3 tons.


Colleen and Misty are as they first appeared in Iron Fist many years ago. No magical or chi powers, and the only advantage Misty's bionic arm has is super-strength. Misty is carrying a .357 Magnum, just don't ask me where she was hiding it.

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Posted 14 June 2013 - 09:04 PM

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Misty Knight
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Colleen Wing
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Los Hermanos De La Luna
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Posted 18 June 2013 - 04:30 PM

Another great set-up, Dinsdale. Very good job at continuing the story. You keep figuring out ways to involve new characters!


As for this match, I think Misty and Colleen can pull this out, if barely. The shielding that Misty's arm can provide can protect both women from the Lobos' attacks for a time, and both women could tag them with their skills and weapons when they let their guard down. 

#4 Dark Spider-man

Dark Spider-man

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Posted 19 June 2013 - 01:08 PM

Great set up!  I think the girls lose here.  The fellas are 3ton range in Spectacular Spider-man and they're fighting skills can keep them on par with the girls.  After a fairly good fight, the girls go down. 

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Posted 19 June 2013 - 09:15 PM

Match Final Results
Dark Spider-man gives it a grade of: A
DSkillz gives it a grade of: A Another great chapter here! Keep it up!
Colleen Wing and Misty Knight: 9
Los Hermanos De La Luna: 6
FPA: 4.0

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