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Match 14119 Batman and The Green Goblin vs. The Pack

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 01:23 AM

This is part of an arc. The last chapter is at Talia al Ghul vs. Amanda.


Here is the wrap up for Mercy Graves vs. Dr. Octopus.


Otto Octavius has broken into the LexCorp Tower after hours to steal a power cell for his mechanical arms. He has overpowered the security staff and made his way to Luthor's office. Mercy Graves is the only member of Team Luthor in the building. Rather than call in the rest of the team, she decides to prove her worth to Lex by taking Octopus down by herself.




"Child's play," Doctor Octopus said as his arms ripped away the facade concealing Luthor's safe. "To think, Lex Luthor is supposed to be one of the most brilliant minds on earth, but his intellect is nothing compared to the genius that is Otto Octavius!"


"Do you always rant like this when you're alone?" a voice said. Turning, Octavius saw a woman in some kind of battle armor.


"Ah, I wondered when the vaunted 'Team Luthor' might show up. You'll find that your crude technology is no match for my amazing arms."


"Really? Well, let's see how you handle this." Mercy raised her arm and fired a laser burst which caught Octopus in the chest but failed to pierce his harness. Then his arms shot at her from different directions, each moving as if with a mind of its own. She blocked the first and dodged the second but the third smashed her in the face.


Mercy tried to get back the initiative but it was all she could manage to fight off the relentless arms, and blow after blow slipped through her defenses. Realizing she had to get some distance, Mercy activated her boot jets and rocketed through the window and dropped out of Ock's sight.


He kept an eye on the broken window as his arms applied themselves to ripping the vault door loose. He was making progress when Mercy shot back through the window, hoping to take him by surprise. Unfortunately for her, the mechanical arms worked with greater than human reflexed and lifter Octavius out of the way. Mercy slammed into the vault door at full tilt, deforming it with the impact.


"Thank you, my dear," Octavius said. "You've made my task easier. With a sudden wrench, his arms tore the door free. Mercy rose to her feet and pointed her laser but Doc Ock slammed the steel door down on her with tremendous force.


His foe stunned, Octopus entered the vault and quickly located the power cell and the glowing green crystal that it drew its energy from. He turned as Mercy rose and tossed the heavy door to one side.


"Big mistake, Octopus," she said. "In that little spece, there's no room to dodge this." She used her grenade launcher to fire three small but extremely powerful shells at him. Amazingly, Octopus caught all three and thrust them back at her. Two he flung only to see her dodge them, then he grabbed her ankle and thrust the third grenade against her chest. The blast crippled Mercy's armor but also blew off the end of the arm. Octopus screamed as if his real hand had been blown off and blacked out.


For a moment both combatants lay there, unmoving, then the arms began to move. Acting on their own the three undamaged limbs lifted Dr. Octopus' unconscious form and began the journey to his hideout.




The plane was met by a black SUV at the private airfield. Ubu stepped out first and Christopher Chance--disguised as the Bronze Tiger--followed. They climbed in silently and the driver, an Asian man who moved like a trained fighter, got under way.


"How did your mission go?" the driver asked.


"No better than yours, Steel Serpent," Ubu said. "We have lost Cheshire, Lady Shiva and Razor Fist and Scimitar and have nothing to show for it."


"You talk like an old woman, Ubu," the Steel Serpent said. "Perhaps you are a failure but Merlyn, Tiger and I are more than anough to kill all the Mistress' foes."


Ubu growled but fell silent and Chance wondered what he'd gotten himself involved in. he didn't recognize all the names but those he did were among the world's deadliest assassins. This was going to be his biggest case ever… he only hoped it wouldn't be his last.




"You're missing something," Jean DeWolfe said entering the cabin with several bags of groceries.


"What?" Greer Nelson said, liking up from her newspaper.


"Red Wolf's out there chopping wood with his shirt off," Jean said smiling. "I could watch that all day."


"Yeah," Greer said. "I'm not really up to appreciating it."


Jean winced remembering that Greer's husband Bill, the man who had been her temporary partner, hadn't been in his grave a week yet. There was an awkward silence as the women put away the groceries, broken only when Red Wolf--Thomas Thunderhead in his civilian identity--entered, the huge wolf, Lobo at his heels.


"I've been thinking," he said. "If we're going to find Sabretooth, we should head back to the underground complex where we fought him."


"I'm afraid the old myth about the criminal always returning to the scene of the crime is just that, a myth," Jean said.


"There are others there, like that creature, Fang," Thomas said. "Maybe they know something about him. Of maybe they have something that drew him there in the first place."


"That makes sense," Greer said. "I'm up for that."


"Guys," Jean said. "In the first place, it's a long shot. In the second, I'm the only one here qualified to go investigate a crime scene. No offense to your wolf-spirit, Tom, but the two of you are civilians."


"And you're a fugitive cop," Greer said. "What's your point?"


Jean's shoulders slumped.


"Okay," she said. "It's better than doing nothing, I suppose."




"It all seems to have worked out," Dr. Dorian said as Barbara Minerva stepped off the testing apparatus. "Your process has given you greatly enhanced strength, speed and stamina without diminishing your intellect one bit. There are the side-effects, of course, but those are negligible."


Barbara looked down at the tawny fur, spotted with black that now covered her body. She wasn't sure how she felt about the new her. Of course, her ideas had been validated, which was the most important thing.


"She is magnificent, father," Tygrus said, reaching out to stroke her fur.


"Hands off," she said, scratching him with her new claws.


"You should not reject me," the cat-man growled. "We are the same now. it only makes sense that we should be mates."


"Now, now, Tygrus," Dorian said. "We must allow Dr. Minerva some time to adjust to her new body."


"Very well, father," Tygrus said and walked away sulkily.


"Keep him away from me, or there's going to be a problem," Barbara said.




"So, Joker and Scarface are in place?" L. Thopmpson Lincoln asked.


"Yeah, boss," Hammerhead answered. "I'm not so sure about this… them guys is crazy."


"As long as we can focus their insanity on my Maggia rivals and not our own organization, that is manageable," Lincoln said.


"You're the boss--" Hammerhead was interrupted by a loud thump from the roof. "What the blazes?" he said.


"Take some men and get up there," Lincoln said.


Hammerhead complied and found the Enforcers, bound together with wire stripped from a cyclone fence, and minus their weapons. The men were unconscious and there was a note pinned to Shocker's chest."


"Stay out of the tunnels!" it said.




In the hidden compound known as the Zoo, Kirk Langstrom filled a syringe from an ampoule and prepared to inject it into a rabbit. Langstrom was alone, except for Dr. Dorian's ape-like servant Garth. He was watched constantly because, unlike the researchers here, he was a captive. Fortunately, Garth wasn't intelligent enough to understand what he was doing.


Moving quickly, Langstrom plunged the needle into his own arm and discharged the contents. Garth snatched it away and threw it against a wall. As the scientist was seized with convulsions, Garth hit the intercom.


"Master!" he cried, "Langstrom has injected himself with something. He's trying to commit suicide."


"Suicide!" Dorian said. "Alright, I'm onmy way. What does he look like?"


"He…" Garth's brutish eyes widened. "Master, he's changing!"


"Restrain him at once!" Dorian shouted. "Seal the lab."


The ape-man threw his long arms around Langstrom, only to be thrown off the next moment by a powerful set of limbs that were as much wings as arms. The transformed Langstrom screeched on him, then leaped from the room and took wing.




"Ms. Destine," Dorian said into the phone, "it's Langstrom. He's become the Man-Bat. We sealed down the facility but not before he escaped."


"That is unfortunate," she replied.


"Shall I dispatch Sabretooth to collect him?"


"No," Dominique said. "I'll see to this myself."




"What the devil?"


John Jamison hadn't been able to sleep so he stepped out onto the terrace just in time to see Spider-man swing past. It would have been an amazing experience at any time, but this was Metropolis, far from the web-slinger's usual haunts. He watched the web-head move among the huge towers and wondered if he should try to follow.


John shook his head. Spider-man was moving too fast. He'd be gone before John could even make it to the lobby… but there was something he could do. Snatching up his NASA issue smart phone he headed to the roof. The thing's camera had state of the art night vision and zoom tech built in. If Spidey headed back this way anytime soon, he could get some photos and maybe even figure what he was doing so far from home.




"Bruce," David Xanatos said, shaking his guest's hand. "I'm glad you could make it."


"I'd never miss poker night," Bruce Wayne said. He glanced around the room taking in Tony Stark with a young Asian man, presumably a bodyguard. He also noticed another guest, someone he'd never met personally.


"Is Lex joining us?" he asked.


"He sends his apologies," Xanatos said. "However we have a new player. Bruce Wayne, allow me to present Norman Osborn."


The two shook hands and sat down around the table, five card draw this evening. Bruce noticed that Tony was playing as if he had something else on his mind. Despite that, it was Norman Osbourne who was losing. The man played as if he was out to prove something and took unreasonable chances. When Bruce won his fourth hand in a row, Osborn glared at him.


"I can't believe it!" Osborn said. "Nobody's that lucky."


"Well," Stark said, "you aren't."


"Maybe poker's not your game, Norman," Xanatos added.


"You don't think there's anything about the way Wayne's been winning?" Osbourne demanded.


"Hey," Bruce said, "We’ve been getting together for quite a while, it's just a little relaxation. None of us has any reason to cheat. Ity's not like we need the money."


"Luthor cheats," Tony said. "It's an ego thing, I think."


"Because he's the only one of us with a big ego?" Bruce asked. The others--except Osborn--chuckled at that."


"Maybe Bruce is just the better man, Norman," Xanatos said.


"Better?" Osborn asked, his tone derisive. "In what conceivable way is Wayne better than me?"


"Better poker player," Xanatos said, smiling.


"Better hair, that's for sure," Tony said.


"He's got more money," Xanatos said.


"Better with the ladies," Stark said.


"More athletic," Xanatos said.


"That's enough," Bruce said, mildly. "Norman, I'm sorry. These two have a sense of humor that gets out of control sometimes."


"Don't condescend to me, Wayne," Osborn said. "I'll show you and these two that I'm not to be made light of." He put his elbow on the table and raised his hand."


"Arm wrestling?" Bruce said. "Isn’t that kind of grade school, Norman?"


"It's a truer test of a man than poker," Osborn replied. "And a more honest one as well."


Bruce sighed, not seeing a graceful way out of it. He'd probably have to beat the man, it would be unrealistic to lost to someone as slender as Norman Osborn, but maybe he could make the man look good at least. He put his arm on the table and grasped Osborn's hand.


Norman Osborn slammed Bruce's hand to the table with almost no apparent effort.


"You haven't been taking your vitamins, Bruce," Xanatos said.


"I guess not," Wayne said, rubbing his arm. The truth was, he hadn't held back, Norman Osborn was stronger than and human had a right to be.


That's when the penthouse window blew in and three figures appeared out of the smoke. Bruce recognized two of them as former TV stars turned mercenaries, Hyena and Jackal. He didn't recognize the big robot with him.


Stark reached for his briefcase but the robot shot him with a bolt of electricity that rendered him unconscious. Stark's bodyguard leaped at the three with a dazzling display of martial arts skill. Bruce ducked out of the room and found his way to the roof where he changed into his costume. A moment later he swung in through the window as Batman.


Stark's bodyguard has caught one of the electrical blasts and was unconscious and the three were menacing David Xanatos. They turned when Batman entered.


There was a rush of air at Batman's back and he ducked aside as the Green Goblin zoomed in on his glider.


"Is this a private party, or can anybody crash?" the Goblin said. "Never mind, I don't actually care."




Batman is the version from the Animated Series. He has no prior knowledge of Green Goblin and will work with him to take down the Pack.


Green Goblin is the version from the animated Spectacular Spider-man series.


The Pack consists of Hyena and Jackal (cyborg versions) and Coyote 4.0 (the most advanged form seen in the Gargoyles series. Coyote's voice is disguised so he doesn't sound like Xanatos.

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 01:23 AM

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 08:15 PM

That is some story you got there, Dinsdale. Overall, Batman and Green Goblin win this one hands down.

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Posted 11 June 2013 - 08:51 PM

Great set up and great arc but one nitpick here. Batman is going to realise in two seconds that Gobby is almost as psychotic as  the Joker. I don't imagine they will get along. They still win though but when Norman gets all murderey these two are throwing down.  

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Posted 12 June 2013 - 04:06 AM

Batman should be able to handle the pack. Gobby should'nt have too much trouble taking out coyote. If he can handle sentinels, he should be able to handle this. Gobby has a lot of firepower and maneuverability in that glider of his.

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Dinsdale Piranha

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Posted 12 June 2013 - 07:24 AM

Remember, this is the version of Gobby from Spectacular Spider-man. He's not as powerful as his comic counterpart and has never even seen a Sentinel.

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Posted 12 June 2013 - 09:01 PM

More great stuff, Dinsdale! 


As for the match, a lot of people here are selling the Pack a bit short.


Keep in mind that Jackal and Hyena are super-strong and very flexible cyborgs. They both have an arsenal of weapons that's not limited to lasers and razor-sharp finger-claws that can be fired at enemies. They're both also very maneuverable in the air and either of them usually takes more than one Gargoyle to be taken down. 


Also, Coyote is generally as strong as the combined force of Goliath's clan and also fires lasers. It usually takes a lot of effort on the clan's part and extreme force (i.e., a train running into it or a load of steel beams collapsing on it) to take it out.


So, can Bats and Goblin take down the Pack? If they take advantage of the cyborg twins' lack of cunning and play it smart with Coyote, maybe, but it will be far from easy. Either way, I'm sure Xanatos tipped off the Pack of this meeting for one of his schemes.

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Posted 15 June 2013 - 06:15 AM

Match Final Results
DSkillz gives it a grade of: A Keep up the good recaps and continuity!
badpierce gives it a grade of: B
The Green Goblin and Batman: 13
The Pack: 1
FPA: 3.5

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