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Match 14115 Kyo Kusanagi vs. Hun

Kyo Kusanagi Hun

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#1 leroypowell3


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Posted 09 June 2013 - 03:51 PM

Important reminders for readers on relevant previous events:

The human Shredder was betrayed by the Tengu, Utrom and Cyber Shredders. He decided to rebuild a human centric Foot Clan manipulating three Power Rangers and Ayano Kannagi into his ranks.


          Long long ago, a demon named Orochi threatened Japan. Heroes of several families banded together to defeat the threat. All of them had the ability to control fire. Today, they would be called mutants but back then they were branded fire magic users. It’s a designation that they have kept.

After Orochi was vanquished, the families began warring with each other. Having no common enemy to unite against, the fire magic families competed for the highest status in the country.

          When the dust settled, The Kannagi family stood above the others. Their power surpassed the earth, wind and water magic users granting the Kannagi’s respect from the emperor himself.

          Because of this, many of the other families decided to find prosperity abroad.

          The Kusanagi family was one of them. Kyo was a hero of his family. He had gained his relatives honor in the King of Fighters tournaments and had even helped repel a return attempt from Orochi.

          Seeing Kyo’s accomplishments, the Kannagi family felt threatened. That was one of the reasons Juge, the head of the Kannagi’s, sent his daughter, Ayano, to help Oroku Saki build the new The Foot Clan. Juge assumed that Ayano would bring great honor to the family in rebuilding one of the most powerful ninja clans in the world.

          Kyo had heard rumors of the Kannagi’s longstanding contract with The Foot Clan. His family didn’t like the sound of them sending the heir to being head to help Saki rebuild. They wanted him to disrupt the relationship.

          Regardless of his adventures, Kyo had never encountered The Foot. He would have to do some work to even find them.

          There was rumor of one man who had studied under Saki. For some reason he had left The Foot clan and started a crime syndicate, the Purple Dragons.

          This Hun would be easier to locate.

          In just a few nights of disrupting drug sales and prostitution rings, Kyo had acquired Hun’s attention. The man had always been careful to keep a low profile. Being that New York the hub of hubs for costumed viligantes, too big an operation would no doubt attract Spider-Man or Daredevil or one of the others. Heck even the Avengers took it to the streets every once in a while.

          Kyo didn’t try to hide. He let the Purple Dragons find him, confident that he could make sort work of them. He did, and then he forced them to tell them where to find Hun.

          Almost like a challenge Hun welcomed the troublemaker and conceded to meet with him.

        When they were face-to-face, Kyo got right to the point. “How can I find The Foot clan?”

          Hun, a massively massive man, drew back. “What do you want them for?”

          “You trained under Oroku Saki didn’t you? You should know where to find his ninja.”

          Chuckling a bit, Hun suddenly turned serious, angry even. He literally picked up the desk and flung it aside. “Buddy you just found one!”

Fight Parameters

Straight up fight. No holds bars.

#2 Callisto



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Posted 09 June 2013 - 03:52 PM

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#3 JohnnyChany


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Posted 09 June 2013 - 09:27 PM

Nice blended history, Leroy. A KOF/TMNT crossover fight is an inspired choice. I think Hun could hold his own against many of the KOF competitors, but I think he falls to Kyo.

#4 Callisto



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Posted 14 June 2013 - 06:15 PM

Match Final Results
JohnnyChany gives it a grade of: A
Kyo Kusanagi: 8
Hun: 7
FPA: 4.0

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