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Match 14109 Garrus Vakarian and Hepzibah and Captain Rex vs. Falconer Predator and Tracker Predator and Berserker Predator

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Posted 08 June 2013 - 12:01 PM

It was somewhere between a memory and a dream, so many images, Shepherd, Joker, his old squad when he was going by “Archangel” and even his father. So many people that Garrus had known throughout his life and hazy locations they all swirled around his mind like a kaleidoscope.                                                    

The sensation continued for a time and then Garrus Vakarian had the strangest sensation that he was falling in fact the sensation was so strong he could feel the air rushing past his face. Wait he wasn’t imagining that. The Turian opened his eyes to find himself slowly descending to some kind of jungle foliage.


His targeting sight counted off distance to the ground and airspeed. “This is a new one.” He said to himself, “And here I’d thought I’d seen it all.” The former C-SEC agent knew to keep himself calm; he had no idea how he got to where he was but that didn’t matter. Although he was curios how he got to where he was, last thing he remembered was being carried off wounded back to the Normandy, and then he must have passed out, but somehow he was hurtling towards the ground on a parachute. Garrus surveyed the immediate area and could distinguish several other figures falling in parachutes too. “At least I’m not on my own.” He mused to himself before realizing he was close to the ground.


By some miracle Garrus managed to avoid crashing through any trees and made it safely to the ground. As soon as he untangled himself from the parachute Garrus discovered that he was armed with a Viper sniper rifle and a Striker pistol, the weapon selection could definitely be worse.

There was a slight sound to Garrus’s left and he turned bringing the rifle up, a human stood in front of him wearing white and blue armor and also armed with some kind of carbine.


“Who are you?!” The two asked simultaneously.


“That’s a question I’d ask both of you. I’d also ask if either of you knew where we are.” The two men looked up to see a feline woman balanced on a tree branch she had a pistol tucked in her belt. The woman leapt down and landed perfectly on her feet showing a natural grace.


“Allow me to introduce myself, I’m called Hepzibah. And I don’t know how I got here.”


The armored human spoke then, “Captain, Rex 501st Legion.”


Garrus had lowered his rifle, “I’m Garrus Vakarian and this is…. I have no idea where this is actually.”


Just then another man fell to the ground wielding a rifle, “Oh, this is just great man! I’m going batshit!” Every weapon was pointed at the human now.


“Calm down!” Rex ordered him. Something in the authorative tone got the man to relax somewhat, seeing a lapse Rex spoke again, “Identify yourself.” He snapped.


“Private, Hudson. USCMC” The man responded. “Good, private. Now lower your weapon and fall in, keep it together trooper we’re not getting out of this if our head isn’t clear.” Rex spoke to him as he would a shiny trooper who hadn’t seen combat yet.


After a time the four had calmed down and introductions aside they set off into the jungle in search of some clue as to where they were. Further exploration didn’t help them much the skies were entirely unknown to them.


The group continued on deeper into the jungle, suddenly Hepzibah yelled, “Look out!” She said springing away as a spiked tree fell towards the group, Rex and Garrus leapt away, Hudson just froze as he was further back than the others and was in no danger.


Garrus found himself nearly toppling into a pit full of crude spikes, “Don’t worry. I got you.” Captain Rex said as he grabbed the Turians wrist. “Much obliged.” Garrus thanked him as the clone pulled him to safety. Hepzibah and Hudson carefully made their way to them.


“Booby traps.” Hepzibah said. “Booby traps? Who the hell sets booby traps?” Hudson questioned.

Garrus spotted something laying on the ground a few feet away, “Looks like he did.” The group cautiously picked their way to the object Garrus had seen. It was a body, close to the body was various cages, the body was a humanoid with white hair and oddly tinted skin it appeared to be male and had apparently been killed by a blaster shot.


“He’s an Echani. Or he was an Echani at least.” Captain Rex said.


“You know something?” Garrus questioned him.


Rex nodded, “Affirmative, Echani are supposed to be feared warriors especially in mêlée combat.”


Hepzibah knelt beside the fallen warrior she had noticed something laying under the body, leary of it being another booby trap she gingerly moved it ever so slightly before it came free, it was some type of sword.


“Careful with that!” Rex snapped, “That’s a vibroblade it can cut through almost anything. They’re very rare.”


Hepzibah tucked the blade away, it was sure to be useful later on. Just then an odd growling sound filled the air and a pack of four legged beasts covered in spikes was charging them. “Holy Shit!” Hudson shouted as he opened fire with his pulse rifle.


Rex, Garrus and Hepzibah joined in all firing their various weapons at the creatures, a few of the creatures went down but most kept coming even after taking hits. “Fall back!” Garrus yelled. The group ran then, the beasts pursued them Hudson fell. The group could hear his screams and then there was a loud high pitched whistle and the beasts withdrew. “What were those things?” Rex asked.


“Indigenous wildlife?” Garrus suggested. “I don’t think so, they seemed like they were trained, they turned when they heard the whistle.” Hepzibah said.


There was a cry in the distance, “Help me! Help!” It was Hudson. “He’s alive!” Rex shouted. The group followed the noise and found the marine apparently laying in the middle of a clearing making all kinds of painful noises.


“Let’s go he needs our help.” Rex said. Garrus stopped him. “Wait something doesn’t feel right. This feels too much like an empathy trap. We’ll do a little test.”

Garrus fired his rifle the hot landed right next to Hudson, he didn’t move an inch. “See? He didn’t even flinch. He didn’t cry out for us to stop shooting. It’s a trap!”


The team beat a hasty retreat away from the corpse of their deceased acquaintance. Then they came across tracks, the tracks of the beasts that had chased them earlier. “I say we follow these.” Hepzibah said as she examined the tracks.


The team followed the tracks and found themselves in some kind of encampment, a large creature was tied up to a post and it made a clicking noise at their approach, there also appeared to be some kind of ship nearby. Hepzibah froze, “What is it?” Garrus asked.


“They’re here. I can smell them.” Hepzibah replied, Garrus fired at some spot in front of them, there was the sound of something roaring as the round impacted something. “I knew my target sight wasn’t malfunctioning.” The Turian said.


Rex opened fire blaster bolts flying in all directions, and something fired back with an even more powerful weapon, the clone was nearly blown to bits as a plasma round flew by him. “Ruuun!” He shouted, all three of the companions fled.


Several plasma balls exploded around them causing debris to fly all around them. Finally the barrage stopped. “I think we lost them; for now anyway.” Hepzibah said.


“I think I just figured out what’s going on.” Garrus said, Rex eyed him, “Oh really? And what would that be?”


“We’re being hunted. These creatures think of us as sport.” He replied.


Hepzibah growled, “They’re using us as game? I’m angry now.”


“Save your anger, you’ll need it. We’re going to turn the tables on these hunters one way or another.” Garrus said.


“I think I’m beginning to like you.” Captain Rex said.


“I'm sure I could fly their ship out of here.” Hepzibah said, “I’ve had a lot of experience with various air and space craft.”


Garrus smiled, “We’ve got a plan then, turn the tables and steal their ship.”  





The fight is on; this is basically the plot of Predators but using people from various scifi universes instead. I was going to add a few other people but decided against it.


Garrus is armed with a Viper sniper rifle and a Striker pistol. He has his trademark targeting sight which can pick up fluctuations caused by Predators cloaking devices but it’s not perfect nd they can still hide from him somewhat.


Captain Rex is armed with a DC-15s blaster carbine and his pair of matched blaster pistols, he also has three thermal detonators.


Hepzibah is armed with an Echani vibroblade and a Shiar sidearm and of course her claws and teeth.


The predators are the same ones from the film predators with the same equipment and weapons, there is also a classic style predator tied up at their camp like in the movie. Can the trio escape or defeat the Preds? How is it such a diverse group ended up together? Will they have more adventures? How will they get home? You decide!

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Posted 08 June 2013 - 12:01 PM

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Posted 08 June 2013 - 12:07 PM

Hope y'all like this one, I'm trying to be creative again, which hasn't worked out most of the time.


Please give me some feedback on how you think this is going to go down, depending on the results I might have a few more adventures for this ragtag group.

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Posted 09 June 2013 - 01:35 PM

My money is on Garrus, Rex, and Hepzibah; team predators biggest advantage are their ability to sneak attack their targets, and Garruses targeting sight insures that advantage is out the window, and condidering that his teams guns are much more advance then the guns that the humans from the predator movies use, I'm certain that his team can win this. Also having thermal detonaters and vibroblades definitely helps.

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Posted 09 June 2013 - 09:47 PM

Hepzibah is the only one I know anything about. My knowledge on the others begins and ends with seeing the Star Wars movies and the first Predator movie. With that being said, it was an enjoyable read and I hope you to continue on with it. My money is on your rag tag trio to utilize their training, skills, and experience to survive and escape.

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Posted 13 June 2013 - 02:15 PM

Match Final Results
JohnnyChany gives it a grade of: A
Hepzibah and Captain Rex and Garrus Vakarian: 7
Berserker Predator and Falconer Predator and Tracker Predator: 6
FPA: 4.0

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Posted 13 June 2013 - 08:38 PM

Glad I got a good FPA on this but, I don't think I'll continue this storyline due to lack of interest, two comments and one rating.

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