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Match 14108 Talia Al Ghul vs. Amanda

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Posted 08 June 2013 - 02:10 AM

   This is part of an arc. The last chapter is at Creeper (Jack Ryder) vs. Mysterio.


Here is the wrap up for Shocker, Fang (Gargoyles), and Gladiator (Melvin Potter) vs. Vincent (Beauty and the Beast), Luke Cage, and the Gargoyles Clan.


Callisto has started rescuing homeless people--especially mutants--and giving them safe haven in the underground world. The Big Man's new Enforcers have cornered Callisto in an alley. Shocker blames her for her part in the death of his partners in the original enforcers. Fortunately for Callisto and her latest foundling, Calliban, Vincent, and the gargoyles Brooklyn and Lexington have arrived independently. As Callisto and Calliban escape into the sewer, the heroes move to intercept them.




"No you don't, Missy!" Shocker said. He fired a vibro-blast at Callisto as she started into the manhole. It stunned her and she dropped into the sewer. Shocker fired another blast at Vincent. The lion-man picked up the manhole cover as a shield but the blast still hurled him back a dozen yards.


"I guess that proves who the bad guys are," Cage said and started toward the Enforcers. He only made it a few steps before Shocker blasted him back. He slammed into a parked car crushing the passenger side and setting off the alarm.


"Cover me," Shocker said. "I'm gonna make sure she's dead."


"You take lion-buy," Fang said to Gladiator, "I'll handle…" he paused as Cage climbed out of the wreckage, looking more angry than hurt."


"On second thought, you take the other guy." He took wing toward Vincent, and a bolt of electricity as he went.


The gargoyle had been circling overhead, observing.


"I've seen enough!" Brooklyn said.


"Me too!" Lexington agreed.


The two swooped down, Brooklyn slamming into the Shocker and hurling him into a bunch of trash cans. Lexington tackled Fang from above and the two tumbled to the ground.


That distracted Gladiator and Cage slammed a steel-hard fist into his helmet, stunning him and throwing him back.


"What is this, some kinda freaks convention?" Shocker said. One of his blasts threw Brooklyn back against the wall and pinned him there. "Keep 'em at a distance, Fang. They ain't got no long range!"


"Yeah, yeah," Fang said as he grabbed Lexington's hand and sent an electrical charge through his body. "All of a sudden you're the expert on fighting gargoyles. I can take care of myself."


As Lexington fell, Fang noticed that Vincent was back on his feet. Before he could react, the beast-man hurled the manhole cover at him like a Frisbee. It caught him in the body, knocking the breath from him.


"Blazes, do I hafta do everything in this outfit?" Shocker turned his blasts on cage but this time the big man was braced for the attack. Shocker's eyes widened as Cage not only withstood the barrage, but actually began advancing on him through it.


"No you don't!" Gladiator said. He had recovered from Cage's punch and slashed one of his wrist blades across his back, leaving a deep gash. Cage cried out and fell to all fours.


Lexington sat up shaking his head and glanced around. Cage has sustained several more cuts and was backing away from the advancing Gladiator. Brooklyn had taken flight again and was busy dodging Shocker's blasts. Vincent had pounced on Fang and the two were going at it, tooth and claw. The lion-man seemed to have gone into a berserk fury and was keeping the mutate too off balance to use his electric attacks. It looked to Lex as if he would kill the mutate and, judging by the panicked look on Fang's face, he thought the same.


Lex spotted the discarded manhole cover. He scooped it up and moved up on the struggling pair. After a few seconds he saw his chance and bashed Fang over the head. The mutate collapsed and Vincent turned toward Lex with a look of bestial rage.


"Not me!" the little gargoyle said and pointed at Gladiator and Cage. "The guy in the metal suit!"


Vincent looked confused for a moment, then focused on the fighting pair. With a deep growl he charged.


Lexington turned his attention back to Brooklyn just as Shocker finally connected with a vibro-blast. The red gargoyle cried out and fell onto a rooftop. Lex raised his two by four and charged at the Shocker. He almost made it but the criminal spotted him at the last moment and activated a vibro-shield that sent Lex flying backward.


The Shocker stalked toward the fallen gargoyle but before he reached it he was tackled by Brooklyn's power-dive.


"I figured out your secret," Brooklyn said as he grasped the villain's wrists. "Your power comes from these fancy gauntlets."


"You figgered that out by yourself, didja?" Shocker said. "Figger out what happens when I do this?"


He activated the gauntlets and sent a vibro-charge directly through Brooklyn's body.


Across the alley, Cage was struggling. He was a good street fighter, but Gladiator was highly trained and hard to hit. That and the fact that his blades could cut Cage's steel-like skin had put him on the defensive. He's pulled a door off of the wrecked car and was using it as a shield… a shield that was getting steadily smaller as his opponent cut chunks of it off.


There was a roar behind Gladiator and Cage's eyes widened as he saw what was coming


Gladiator turned his head just in time to see a berserk Vincent charging him. Cage jumped out of the way as the beast swept the armored warrior up and slammed him into a brick wall. Gladiator struck back with both blades but Vincent's inhumanly quick reflexes let him catch both wrists.


Though his arms were pinned, Gladiator wasn't giving up. He drove his armored head into Vincent's leonine face, stunning him, then put his foot against his chest and thrust him away.


"You're fast," Gladiator said, pointing his gauntlet at Vincent's chest, "Not fast enough." He pressed a switch and the blade flew at the beast. Vincent ducked to the side and the blade shot past to lodge in the opposite wall.


"What kind of freak are you?" Gladiator said.


"Careful what you call people," Cage said. He had moved up from behind without Gladiator hearing him. Now he turned just in time to be doubled over by a punch to the gut that crumpled his armor. Cage lifter the stunned man with one hand then slammed the other fist into his face. Gladiator crashed against the far alley wall and lay still.


"You fellers ain't too bad," Shocker said, "but you ain't good enough."


He stepped across the fallen Brooklyn and fired a double blast at them. Fortunately, by talking first, he gave the heroes enough time to leap behind the body of the abused BMW.


"We cannot shelter here for long," Vincent said. "His weapons will tear the car apart.


"No worries, Aslan," Cage replied. "I've got a plan."


Acting in concert, the two men lifted the vehicle and, holding it as a shield, began to advance on the Shocker.


"You're a real hoss, ain't'cha," Shocker said. "Let's see how you handle my full power."


He started to raise his output when something hit him in the back of the head. He collapsed, unconscious.


"Let's not see," said Lexington, dropping the manhole cover.




A few moments later, Shocker and Gladiator were relieved of their weapons and they and Fang were bound together with wire. The heroes have briefly introduced themselves.


"Y'know," Lexington said, hoisting the manhole cover, "this thing came in really handy. Maybe I should rig up some way to carry one around.


"Right," Brooklyn said. "Crime-fighter with a metal shield. That's just silly."


"Maybe," Lex said, dropping the cover.


"I must go and see my people to safety," Vincent said, "but I am deeply indebted to all of you. I hope I can find a way to repay you someday."


"Everybody bouncing, guess I'd better too," Cage said.


"Those cuts are pretty nasty," Brooklyn said.


"I'll heal."


"Come with us," Lexington said. "Hudson's pretty good at patching up wounds."


"Maybe so," Cage said. "It ain't like I've got somewhere else to go."




A few moments later a fashionable young couple, Brendon Quarters and Margot Yale found the alley empty, except for their ruined car.


"Good Lord," Brenden said. "What kind of vandal does this?"


"Those gargoyles are involved somehow," Margot said. "They always are."




"Mistress," Ubu said, bowing to the image of Talia on the monitor, "I regret to report our failure. The compound was strongly guarded and we were repulsed."


"What of the men?"


"Lost, all but me and the Bronze Tiger. We managed to escape."


"Escape?" Talia's tone barely changed but her anger bled from the word. "Members of the League of Assassins do not 'escape.' They succeed or they die."


"Allow us another chance, Mistress," Ubu said.


"Don’t snivel," she said. "If the other teams had not also failed I would have your head brought to me on a platter. For not just return and I will consider what must come next."


"Yes, Mistress."


Ubu ended the call and Christopher Chance, in his Bronze Tiger disguise, reflected that things were going very well. Now he knew the name of the organization that had tried to abduct Dr. Conners and the face of their leader. Now, if he could just learn who had hired them.




"Dr. Hugo Strange?" the young woman asked.


Strange looked his visitor over. She was young, very pretty, and wore a little black dress that left little to the imagination.


"I’m Strange. Whom do I have the pleasure of addressing."


"My name is Nightshade, Ms. Destine sent me. She was worried about your security after that business at Arkham."


"Very sensible. But… how can you guarantee my security."


"Let me show you." She took his hand and led him outside where a long black limousine waited. The driver, a tall, athletic man with dark hair and a unibrow, moved to open the door for them.


"Thank you, Anthony," Moonshade said.


They climbed in and Strange noticed another big man in the front of the car and two more in the back.


"I'm sure these men are very capable," he said, "But the creatures that attacked the Asylum… they weren't human."


"Oh, I know that," she said with a little-girl smile. "Don't worry, Anthony and the others are much more than they seem."




"Well! Isn't this cozy!" the Joker said looking around the luxurious apartment. He, Harley Quinn and the Ventriloquist had been given their own accommodations by their mysterious benefactor, a mysterious individual known as the Big Man. His assistant, the gangster Hammerhead was helping them get settled in.


"Glad you like it," Hammer head said.


"Yeah, yeah," Scarface said. "So, who is this Big Man and why'd he spring us?"


"You were sprung by one of the Big Man's business associates," Hammerhead replied.


"The lady who was offering a million clams for that pretty cop's head?"


"That's the one," Hammerhead answered. "See, the Big Man's been having some trouble with the local Maggia and she thought youse could help with that."


"Yes, Scarface, and in the process you get to meet your ling-lost twin brother." Joker gestured flamboyantly at Hammerhead.


"Look, clown---" Scarface and Hammerhead spoke simultaneously, then stopped together.


"I'll give youse the details later," Hammerhead continued. "For now just relaxate a bit."


Joker had been staring at Hammerhead's mouth as he spoke. Now he turned to the Ventriloquist.


"It's amazing," he said. "I can't see your lips move at all when he talks."




"Bruce," David Xanatos said, shaking his guest's hand. "I'm glad you could make it."


"I'd never miss poker night," Bruce Wayne said. He glanced around the room taking in Tony Stark with a young Asian man, presumably a bodyguard. He also noticed another guest, someone he'd never met personally.


"Is Lex joining us?" he asked.


"He sends his apologies," Xanatos said. "However we have a new player. Bruce Wayne, allow me to present Norman Osborne."




How can I help you?" Talia asked.


"I’m here representing Nightstone Enterprises," Amanda replied. "We're a newer concern and were interested in a joint nanotechnology venture."


"That sounds interesting. Could you tell me more about--"


Talia was interrupted by a cry of alarm from the outer office.


"Excuse me, I need to check on this," she said.


She stepped out of the room, just as Amanda had planned when she dropped the tiny firebomb into the secretary's recycling can. The minute she was alone, Amanda moved to her computer, popped open the wireless mouse and inserted the little device Owen Burnett had given her.


"I thought so," said a voice from the door. Amanda turned to see Talia standing there. she stepped inside and closed the door, then pressed the intercom. "Ms. Roget, please hold all my calls, I'm going to be in conference for an indeterminate period of time."


"It's not what it looks like," Amanda said.


"It looks like you're planting a bug in my computer."


"I can see how it might look like that but--"


"Don't," Talia said. She drew a scimitar from its sheath where it was displayed on the wall. Amanda had thought it was a decoration but immediately recognized the sheen of Damascus steel. "You're going to tell me what your after and who sent you. If I like the answers I may even let you live."


"I was afraid you'd say something like that," Amanda said, producing her own sword.




This is Talia from Batman the animated series.

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Posted 08 June 2013 - 02:10 AM

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Posted 08 June 2013 - 11:10 AM

Great setup sir!  People might hate me for this but I am siding with Amanda.  In terns of sword vs sword action I think Amanda will take down Talia.  If it goes hand to hand Talia might take slightly after receiving some serious damage first.  I'll vote for Amanda.

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Posted 08 June 2013 - 12:17 PM

Agree on Amanda. She has a vast experience edge and is likely a superior fighter to most mortals.

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Posted 08 June 2013 - 01:53 PM

I'm going with Amanda

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Posted 12 June 2013 - 11:42 PM

Great set-up, Dinsdale. Besides the usual great recap and side stories, I'm loving the dialogue that involves Scarface and Hammerhead. 


As for the match, I'm not sure if Amanda's more skilled of a swordswoman than Talia, but Amanda's centuries of experience should at least allow her to escape and maybe finish her objective.

#7 Callisto



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Posted 13 June 2013 - 06:15 AM

Match Final Results
Dark Spider-man gives it a grade of: A
Mercenaryblade gives it a grade of: A
DSkillz gives it a grade of: A Another great one here!
Talia Al Ghul: 7
Amanda: 11
FPA: 4.0

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